Past Chronicles

As one of the initiatives to promote the scope of higher education research, policy dialogue and communication in Africa, we have just launched an e-bulletin called the Chronicle of African Higher Education. The Chronicle of African Higher Education, an initiative of the International Network for Higher Education in Africa (INHEA), is being hosted at the Higher Education Training and Development (HETD), at the University of Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa.

The Chronicle articles, solicited on invitation, are commissioned to key higher education players on the continent and beyond. The articles will feature topical issues and are expected to appear every month. The articles, c. 1,200 words long, will be concise, analytical and critical.

 A Country of Crises, Contrasts and Hope Prof. Malegapuru W. Makgoba November 2015
Network Innovations: Building the Next Generation of Agricultural Scientists in Africa Joyce Lewinger Moock, Ph.D. November 2015
Spurring Economic Growth in Africa: The Role of Higher Education David E. Bloom, David Canning, Kevin Chan, and Dara Lee Luca December 2014
Confronting the Challenges of Graduate Education in Sub-Saharan Africa and Prospects for the Future Fred M. Hayward and Daniel J. Ncayiyana March 2014
Quality Regimes in Africa: The Reality and the Aspirations Juma Shabani March 2014
Governance Reforms in African Higher Education: The Missing Link N.V. Varghese March 2013
Partnership and collaboration with African Institutions: a perspective from the North Ad Boeren February 2013
Harmonization—Academic Process for Political End? Olusola Oyewole January 2013