30 April 2024

Higher education institutions focus on Angola-Cuba cooperation

Angola and Cuba are set to deepen collaboration in higher education. A signed agreement allows universities in both countries to partner directly on research and faculty exchange, aiming to boost Angola’s pool of graduate-level educators. More


31 March 2024

As Fulbright Specialist, School of Education professor helps Angola transform education model

Indiana University’s Prof. Roberto Swazo, a Fulbright Specialist in school counseling, partnered with Angola’s Óscar Ribas University. Swazo introduced Angolan educators to new concepts in education. The collaboration resulted in a university partnership offering student/faculty exchange and an online master’s degree for Angolan students. More


31 October 2023

Lecture on Angola, The First Country in a Series of Relay Lectures by …

The first country in a series of relay lectures by Ambassadors of the Southern African Development Community began with a lecture by Mr. Cabral LAUREANO NETO/Counsellor at the Embassy of the Republic of Angola in Japan. This was the first face-to-face lecture in three years since the Covid-19 pandemic. Read more


30 September 2023

Higher Education: Classes Officially Starts Next Week

Higher education classes are scheduled to start on September 28th, the day on which the solemn opening of the new academic year (2023/2024) will take place. Read more

Student Organization to Protest in Luanda Sept. 9

Student organization to protest against poor state of public universities in Luanda, Angola, 10:00 Sept. 9. Possible localized disruptions. Read more


31 August 2023

Governments Should Value the Teaching Profession

The education sector on the African continent faces various challenges, some of which always recur. They include funding, strikes and protests, poor education systems (the leading challenge), weak education policies and socio-economic issues. Read more

Heat, Humidity Postpones Trine Fest …

“With excessive heat in the forecast, we believe it’s best to postpone until the weather returns to a level that allows this celebration to be safe and comfortable for everyone,” said Jennifer LaRose, executive director of camps, conferences and events at Trine. Read more

Kuwait And Algeria Offer Scholarships Opportunities to Sierra Leonean Students

Sierra Leone’s Ministry of Technical and Higher Education has announced scholarships offered by the Governments of Kuwait and Algeria to qualified Sierra Leoneans who want to pursue studies in these countries for the 2023/2024 academic year. Read more

Mandela Washington Fellowship Program Now Open

The Mandela Washington Fellowship exchange program is an initiative to support young African leaders. This program was launched in 2010 and brings 700 young African leaders to the United States for six weeks which include academic courses and leadership training at local universities, as well as a closing Summit in Washington, D.C. Read more

WHO and the Private University of Angola Sign MOU to Strengthen Public Health Research

The World Health Organization (WHO) has signed a landmark Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Private University of Angola (UPRA) aimed at fostering health research, promoting information sharing, and conducting health activities to improve health outcomes in Angola. Read more


31 July 2023

Higher Education to Get Funding from World Bank

Angolan higher education is to receive a World Bank funding going from 150 million to 200 million US dollars for its development, the incumbent minister of the sector, Maria do Rosário Bragança, said Tuesday. Read more


30 April 2023

Cuba and Angola Sign Agreements at Intergovernmental Commission

Havana, Apr 8 (Prensa Latina) Representatives of Cuba and Angola signed two memorandums of understanding and the minutes of the fifteenth session of the intergovernmental Commission for economic and scientific-technical cooperation between both countries. Read more

Minister Highlights Progress in Higher Education

Angolan minister of Higher Education, Science, Technology, and Innovation Maria do Rosário Bragança Friday highlighted the progress achieved by the sector over the last 21 years, but she acknowledged that the schooling rate was still not satisfactory. Read more

New Stable Isotope Map of Angola Helps Archaeologists Trace Individual Life Histories Across the African Diaspora

Archaeologists at UC Santa Cruz used predictive modeling to map strontium isotope ratios across all modern-day Angola, a region in Southwest Africa that was once a major hub for the transatlantic slave trade.  Read more

Student Union Plans Series of Nationwide Weekly Protests Through Mid-May

The Angolan Students’ Movement (MEA) plans to hold five weekly nationwide protests through mid-May to demand the reopening of universities. Public tertiary education establishments have been closed since a teacher’s strike led by the National Union of Higher Education Teachers (SINPES)… Read more

TU Establishes Partnership with ISPTEC in Angola

The University of Tulsa welcomed a delegation from the Polytechnic Institute of Technology and Sciences (ISPTEC) in Angola on April 10 and 11, 2023. The delegation, led by President João Manuel, visited TU to develop global partnerships that aim to build ISPTEC’s academic capacity. Read more


31 March 2023

Higher Education Students in Solidarity with Teachers on Strike

The Angolan Students Movement (MEA) this Thursday expressed solidarity with higher education teachers, who have been on strike since February 27, and called for a “resolution of the problem”. Read more

Higher Education Teachers on Strike Complain of Coercion

Teachers from public higher education institutions, who resumed their strike last week, repudiated this Monday a guardianship circular, which guides the marking of absences to strikers, considering the measure as “coercion” and “flagrant violation of the law”. Read more

Spreading Israeli Model of Innovation Education to Angola

Angola’s Minister of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation Maria do Rosario Braganca led a delegation to Israel last week. Her goal was to gather contacts and ideas to further her five-year plan to strengthen innovation and high-tech education in Angolan higher education. Read more

Student Mobility from Sub-Saharan Africa Could Double by 2050

Students from Sub-Saharan Africa are being recruited in their numbers and the competition is increasing, with indicators predicting that the region’s 430,000 outward mobile students will swell and double by 2050. Read more

UNESCO-AU Report Places Equity at the Centre of Policy

Africa continues to suffer from wealth and gender disparities when it comes to tertiary education. This is evident from the “highly variable quality” of private tertiary education institutions along with low levels of investment. Read more


28 February 2023

Minister of Higher Education Makes a Working Visit to Israel

The Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Maria do Rosario Braganca, is in Israel, where she is leading a delegation from her sector to that country in a working visit. Read more


31 January 2023

Higher Education Problems in Angola

Higher education has extreme importance in the countries’ economic, political, and social development. Since it has a fundamental role in a country’s development construction in all its aspects and provides political and strategical support that a country requires for its development. Read more

Open Access Publishing Deal for Low-, Middle-Income Countries

Academics based in 70 low- and middle-income countries, including those in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, will be able to have their primary research published Gold Open Access by Nature – at no cost – thus enabling their scientific work to be permanently and freely available online for anyone to read. Read more

RUFORUM Annual General Meetings Agreed upon and 14 New Member Universities Admitted

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) brings together leaders of RUFORUM Member Universities, Governance organs, and other actors, especially Agriculture and Education, Science, Technology, and Innovation sectors from within and outside Africa. Read more

The Role of the Angola Academy of Science in Nurturing Science-Based Sustainable Development

The UN Technology Bank for the Least Developed Countries and The Network of African Science Academies partnered to strengthen and establish academies of sciences in African least developed countries (LDCs). Read more


31 December 2022

Twenty (20) Winners of RUFORUM Young African Entrepreneurs Competition 2022…

The Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) is pleased to announce the 20 winners of the 2022 RUFORUM Young African Entrepreneurs Competition. The competition attracted 136 applications from 16 countries in Africa. Read more


30 November 2022

Higher Education Teachers’ Strike Proves “Failure of National Training Policy” …

The political party UNITA, in a note from its Parliamentary Group sent to the Kianda’s mail, said that he has been following the strike of public higher education teachers in Angola with great concern. Read more

Twenty (20) winners of RUFORUM Young African Entrepreneurs Competition 2022…

The Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) is pleased to announce the 20 winners of the 2022 RUFORUM Young African Entrepreneurs Competition. The competition attracted 136 applications from 16 countries in Africa… Read more

University Professors Suspend Strike Until February 2023

The National Union of Higher Education Teachers (SINPES) announced this Tuesday afternoon the suspension of the teachers’ strike, which had been going on since October 24. Read more


31 October 2022

Angola Wants to Widen Scientific Cooperation

Angola wants to extend the institutional and scientific cooperation through partnerships with foreign leading international universities aiming to improve higher education and technological quality. Read more

Benin Web TV

Le 03 Octobre 2022, c’est la date retenue par l’administration de l’Ecole Supérieure de Management (ESM-BENIN) pour la rentrée académique 2022-2023. Enseignants et étudiants vont reprendre les activités pédagogiques dans la prestigieuse université Lire la suite

Journée Mondiale de l’Enseignant (JME) : Une Edition célébrée sous le Signe de l’Engagement

Célébrée depuis 1994, la 29ème Journée Mondiale de l’Enseignant a été commémorée le mercredi 05 octobre 2022 dans la commune de Lokossa (département du Mono). Le 05 octobre de chaque année, une date qui commémore l’anniversaire de la signature Lire la suite

La Rentrée Académique 2022-2023 Officiellement lancée à Kétou

Lire la suite

Minister Announces HE Priorities for Next Five Years

At the opening session of the 2022-23 university year, the Angolan Minister for Social Affairs, Dalva Ringote Allen, announced plans for higher education and research, to raise the quality of higher education and technological innovation, including greater cooperation with institutions abroad. Read more

Minister of Finance Advises Students to Have Critical Thinking

The minister of Finance, Vera Daves, exhorted students this Saturday to develop critical thinking, in order to face fallacious arguments in social media or in any other circumstance in life. Read more

Minister of Higher Education Points Out Planning as Development Factor

The minister of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Maria Bragança Sambo, considered in Malanje Province, the strategic planning, the accountability, … Read more

Qualité des Formations dans l’Enseignement Supérieur au Bénin: Le Gouvernement entend lutter contre le Plagiat

Le gouvernement s’est réuni au Palais de la Marina pour le conseil des ministres. Plusieurs décisions, mesures et nomination ont été prises au cours de la séance de ce mercredi, 12 octobre 2022. Lire la suite

Twenty (20) Winners of RUFORUM Young African Entrepreneurs Competition…

The Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) is pleased to announce the 20 winners of the 2022 RUFORUM Young African Entrepreneurs Competition. The competition attracted 136 applications from 16 countries in Africa… Read more


30 September 2022

Testament to African Scientists’ Genomics Surveillance

The rapid expansion of genomics surveillance through a wide-ranging scientific collaborative network has enabled African scientists and public health institutions to illustrate how the SARS-CoV-2 variants reached and spread across the African continent in real time during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a study published in the journal Science. Read more


31 August 2022

Angolan University Students Take Part in Electoral Debate

A university forum on the sociopolitical and economic situation in Angola and the participation of young people in the next general elections will gather more than a thousand delegates in the capital. Read more


31 July 2022

Angola and Venezuela Establish Cooperation on Higher Education

The Republics of Angola and Venezuela have recently established cooperation in academic and scientific field, said Marcos Barrica, general director of the Venâncio de Moura Diplomatic Academy, in Luanda. Read more

Brexit, COVID, Ukraine War Drive Student Mobility to France

African countries have become key drivers of student mobility to France, according to datasets published by Campus France, the national agency that promotes French higher education internationally and welcomes foreign students and researchers in the country. Read more


30 June 2022

36 African Universities Represented on U-Multirank List

A total of 36 universities in Africa were among the 2,202 universities in 96 countries globally that had their performances assessed by U-Multirank, a ranking index that routinely analyses higher education institutions in terms of teaching and learning, research, knowledge transfer, international orientation and regional engagement. Read more

… A Survey Among Higher Education Institutions

Open access (OA) to research publications is of global relevance, both in terms of provision and consumption of scholarly content. However, much of the research, practice, and models surrounding OA have been centered around the Global North. Read more

… A Survey Among Higher Education Institutions. Scientometrics, (2022).

This study investigates how and to what degree higher education institutions in Angola interact with the concept of Open Access to journal publications through their policies and practices, a country where the end of the civil war in 2002 marked a new start for growth in teaching and research. Read more

Higher Education’s Role in Securing a Sustainable Future

Three conference days in Barcelona at the UNESCO World Higher Education Conference (WHEC22) have passed. The delegation from the International Association of Universities (IAU), including our Member and Partner networks, engaged at the conference on site, online and on the sidelines. Read more

Post-Study Work Opportunities Drive Student Mobility

The long-time attraction of international students from Sub-Saharan Africa to quality universities in European Union member states and their counterparts in the United States and Canada includes an appetite for getting jobs in host countries, according to ICEF Monitor, a market intelligence firm for international student recruitment. Read more

Spain Plans to Recruit More Students from Sub-Saharan Africa

Spain has embarked on an ambitious plan to attract international students and highly skilled workers from Africa as part of its new strategy, Focus Africa 2023, which aims to establish stronger academic, economic and diplomatic ties with African countries, especially those in Sub-Saharan Africa. Read more


31 May 2022

Sao Tome President visits Agostinho Neto University Campus in Luanda 

Sao Tome and Principe President Carlos Manuel Vila Nova visited Agostinho Neto University (UAN) campus in Luanda on Monday.Carlos Vila Nova met with the institution’s Rector, Pedro Magalhes, and the Secretary of State for Higher Education Eugenio Adolfo Alves da Silva. Read more


31 March 2022

Evacuation of Africa’s Students from Ukraine Continues

While 17 African countries were among the 35 states that abstained from voting on a United Nations resolution on Wednesday 2 March demanding that Russia “immediately, completely and unconditionally withdraw all of its military forces from the territory of Ukraine”…Read more

Huawei Launches ICT Star Program in Angola

Huawei and Angola’s Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation (MESCTI) launched the “Angola National ICT Star” program on Monday, during the National Ecological Forum of Talents. Read more

Mamdani Talks About his Research Legacy and Work at Makerere

Professor Mahmood Mamdani was the executive director of the Makerere Institute of Social Research at Makerere University, Uganda, from 2010 to the end of February 2022. During this time, he has revamped the institution’s mission and established a robust PhD programme. Read more

SADC Education for Sustainable Development Framework on the Horizon

The dialogue is one of UNESCO’s responses to the aspirations enunciated in the Regional Indicative Strategic Development Plan (RISDP) 2020–2030 of SADC, that is to develop and implement programmes, in order to improve human capacities for socio-economic development… Read more

Space Science Capabilities Depend on Quality Education

In December 2019, Ethiopia became the 11th African country to have launched a 72kg remote sensing microsatellite (ETRSS-1) into space, joining the ranks of Algeria, Angola, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa and Sudan. In East Africa, Ethiopia was third after Kenya and Rwanda. Read more


28 February 2022

Academic Year with New Curricula Plans

According to the Government official, who was speaking to the press at the end of a workshop on curricular harmonisation, it is not a matter of curricular standardisation, but rather harmonising the courses so that there are no more disparities between the same courses. Read more

Administrator Wants University Answer to Problems

The municipal administrator of Moxico (headquarters of the province with the same name) urged, Friday (4), in Luena, university students “to develop academic attitudes that serve as scientific solutions to the social challenges” of the district. Read more

Angola to Focus Investments in Higher Education

The Minister of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation (MESCTI), Maria do Rosário Sambo, last week pointed out financial investment in infrastructures and human resources as one of the factors for the increase of quality of the higher education sub-system in the country. Read more

Demand for Places Fuels Expansion in Public, Private Sectors

The Angolan government has been pushing ahead with efforts to expand the country’s higher education services, with initiatives progressing this year in its public and private sectors. Read more

University Students March for Return to School

Society University students march for the return to classes More than 100 students marched, this Saturday, in Luanda, for the return to classes in public universities, paralyzed for more than a month due to the teachers’ strike. Read more

World Bank Supports Educational Project in Angola

Angola presented today an educational project that will favor the empowerment of girls and the fight against poverty in learning, which will have 250 million dollars from the World Bank (WB). Read more


31 December 2021

Omicron: Academics Voice Their Dismay Over Travel Ban

African academics have expressed dismay at the move by the United States, the European Union, the United Kingdom and other countries to block flights from several African countries following the sequencing of a new, potentially more transmissible variant of COVID-19. Read more

Report Warns that Space for Free Flow of Ideas is Shrinking

Several African governments are restricting and curtailing the freedom of movement of academics and students through targeted actions, policies and practices that have frustrated the free flow of ideas,… Read more


30 November 2021

Angola and Hungary Cooperate in Higher Education, Science, Technology

The agreement was signed by the Minister for Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Maria do Rosário Bragança, who travelled to Budapest, Hungary, on 30 October, and by her counterpart, László Palkovics. Read more

Angola has 13 Ministers of Education and Higher Education in 46 Years of Independence

Angola celebrates 46 years of independence from the Portuguese colonial yoke, a feat that happened precisely in the dawn of November 11, 1975. The fact was the culmination of an arduous struggle waged by “fearless” children of the land, whether or not associated with the movements of release. Read more

Lunda Norte Gains University Campus 

The province of Lunda Norte will gain in 2022, a university campus to meet the demand of the current framework of training needs in the region. Read more

N$170m Climate-Change Windfall for SADC

To achieve this goal, Namibia has established a graduate school on integrated water resources management at the Namibia University of Science and Technology (Nust), which is expected to be transformed into a Centre of Excellence for the SADC region. Read more


31 October 2021

Angolan President Inaugurates University Campus in Cuito 

Angolan president Joao Lourenço inaugurated Tuesday in Cuito, Bié province, the International University of Cuanza (UNIC), which starts operating this academic year (2021/2022). Read more

COVID-19 Affects Curriculum Harmonisation

Angola’s minister of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation Maria do Rosário Bragança Sambo said Tuesday that the process of curricular harmonisation could only end this academic year. Read more

Minister Holds Talks with Private University Students 

The Minister of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Maria Bragança Sambo, Wednesday consulted the members of the Association of Students of the Private Universities of Angola (AEUPA). Read more

President Committed to Quality of Teaching Subsystems

Angolan president of the Republic João Lourenço Tuesday in Cuito, central Bié province, that the Executive will continue to invest in improving the quality of the country’s education subsystems, particularly in higher education. Read more

Rethinking the Role of TVET in Future Work and Lifelong Learning, in Light of Digitalization and the 4IR

The report demonstrates that TVET has not been given sufficient recognition by African countries despite their declared commitment and some consequential progress. Read more


30 September 2021

Virtual Lab Helps Create Leaders in Social Entrepreneurship

African students have been benefiting from an informal innovative online initiative helping them find jobs after they graduate. The iDEASlab has enabled higher education students to also launch business ideas after graduation. Read more


31 August 2021

Higher Education with Close to 145,000 “Authorized Places for Academic Year 2020/2021

About 145,000 places, of the 186,670 requested, are available and authorized for higher education institutions, public and private, …Read more

Students Contest 14 Average Requirement for Higher Teacher Education

The Angolan Student Movement (MEA) considered the requirement of an average of 14 points as a requirement for admission to higher education courses for teachers to be “discriminatory”, requesting the “improvement or total repeal” of the norm. Read more


31 July 2021

Angolan Higher Education Institutions Lay Off Over 13,500 Employees

The Association of Private Higher Education Institutions of Angola has suspended the employment contract of more than 13,500 employees amid the financial distress caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, it said Monday in a statement. Read more

Critical Systemic Reforms Starting, but Experts are Skeptical

The Angolan government has been implementing several measures to improve the negative reputation of its higher education system, such as stricter accreditation and assessment laws, but experts say these changes need to be implemented more comprehensively. Read more

First Lady Points Out Education as Main Vehicle for Sustainable Development

The Angolan First Lady, Ana Dias Lourenço, considered this Tuesday, in Luanda, education as the main vehicle to promote sustainable development, for being an elementary right and a basic need of the citizens. Read more

MPLA Vice President Wants Bet on Education

The Vice President of the ruling MPLA, Luísa Damião, pointed out this Thursday the need to intensify the mobilisation for education and capacity building of women, according to the party’s ideals, principles and guidelines. Read more


30 June 2021

Malanje Hosts First International Cassava Congress

The event will bring together agribusiness entrepreneurs, farmers, international organisations and personalities linked to the academic world. Read more


31 May 2021

Addressing Equity and Resilience in the Wake of COVID-19

Last year, roughly 222 million students were enrolled in formal post-secondary education around the world, more than doubling the 100 million student enrolment figure from 2000. Read more

Government Highlights Higher Education in Diversifying Economy

The Minister of State for Social Affairs, Carolina Cerqueira, said Thursday in Luanda that diversification of the national economy had a strong foundation in higher education, as it provided trained staff, as an effective way of generating human capital. Read more


30 April 2021

198 Nouvelles Revues Scientifiques agréées pour les Publications des Enseignants Chercheurs

La décision intervient dans le cadre des travaux de la conférence régionale des universités de l’Ouest, tenue les 4 et 5 avril en cours à Oran, en réponse aux préoccupations de cette catégorie d’universitaires, soulevées au cours de plusieurs rencontres cycliques organisées Lire la suite

Secretary of State Reaffirms Commitment to Quality Education System

According to the official, who spoke on the topic “Higher Education in Angola: challenges, perspectives and its inclusion in the World”, during the first edition of the Summer University Summit, the Ministry wants to adapt the academic curricula, with the aim of including more useful and relevant courses. Read more


31 January 2021

New Residence Hall to Honor Fabiani Family Legacy at Trine University

Trine University’s new 96-bed residence facility will be named Fabiani Hall to honor the many contributions made by members of the Fabiani family to the university. Read more


31 December 2020

Leaving No One Behind by Fostering Digital Technical and Vocational Education…
How can people acquire the skills needed to digitize work to take on new tasks? What must Technical Vocational and Educational Training (TVET) strategies look like to bring technology closer to learners, teachers and managers? Read more

30 November 2020

COVID-19: Angolan Taxi Drivers Create Special Service for University Students

The “Taxi Universitario” was created by the taxi drivers’ association of Angola. Drivers take students to campus and bring them back home for a fixed monthly fee. Read more


31 October 2020

Minister Defends Universities-Health Sector Contacts

Angolan Minister of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation Maria do Rosário Bragança has defended the need for contacts between the university institutions and the local health units to ensure a better response in cases of suspected COVID-19. Read more


30 September 2020

Angolan Students in Petroleum Industry to Train in France

Ministry of Mineral Resources and Petroleum and Embassy of France in Angola sign Memorandum of Understanding in Luanda; 50 students have been selected to attend universities in France, co-financed by the French and Angolan governments. Read more

Minister Recognises Higher Education Institution Difficulties

Lubango – The Minister of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Maria Bragança Sambo, Friday in Lubango pointed out the lack of financial and technical capacity to guarantee the “full” biosafety conditions in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)… Read more


30 August 2020

Angola Community Provides Food, Welcome to Trine International Students

While the COVID-19 outbreak forced all Trine University students to make sudden adjustments, none were more impacted than its international students. Read more

Angola Mayor Welcomes Trine Students to Campus

The City of Angola is excited to welcome back all of our returning students as well as welcoming our new students to the campus of Trine University and the City of Angola. Read more

Covid-19: Cash-Strapped Private Education Suspends More Than 140,000 Contracts

At least 141,000 employment contracts involving teachers and administrative staff have been suspended in several private education institutions in Angola until this month. Read more

Leadership Guru Sends Parting Advice to Trine MSOL Class

With her Master of Science in Organizational Leadership students, the first to graduate from Trine University’s program, nearing the end of their capstone course, TrineOnline adjunct faculty member Anne Johnson wanted to give them a special send-off. Read more

More Than 99% of Trine Student-Athletes Test Negative for COVID-19

Following guidance from the NCAA, along with state and local health authorities, 1,142 Trine University student-athletes were tested for COVID-19 during the move-in process last weekend. Read more


31 July 2020

African Development Bank Commits $1.04 Million Towards Two COVID-19 Research Projects in Angola

The Science and Technology Development Project which is being executed by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, aims to contribute to Angola’s economic diversification through scientific and technological research… Read more

Angolan Higher Education Institutions Lay Off Over 13,500 Employees

The Association of Private Higher Education Institutions of Angola has suspended the employment contract of more than 13,500 employees amid the financial distress caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, it said Monday in a statement. Read more


30 June 2020

Trine Looking Ahead to 2021 Concert Season After COVD-19 Forces Cancellations

Trine University will focus on an expanded lineup for 2021 after cancelling or postponing concerts at the T. Furth Center for Performing Arts for the remainder of the calendar year due to COVID-19 concerns. Read more


31 May 2020

Egypt Offers Scholarships to Angolans

Egypt offered to Angola five annual scholarships at graduate and postgraduate levels in medicine and nursing, agronomic engineering, information and communication technologies, law and trade. Read more

Situation of Students Abroad Clarified

Banking procedures are in progress to ensure the payment of scholarships for Angolan students abroad… Read more


30 April 2020

Former Student is Nominated “Super Minister” in Angola

One of our alumni students Adjany Da Silva Freitas was appointed Minister of Culture, Environment and Tourism on Monday April 6 by Angolan President João Lourenço. This “super ministry” with three portfolios is a great responsibility on the shoulders of a young explorer accustomed to field work. Read more

ISPT to Teach Through Radio and Social Network

Luanda – The Tocoista Higher Polytechnic Institute (ISPT) will teach as from the next Tuesday 21, lessons through social media, radio and television of the main subjects of the various courses which are taught in this teaching institute. Read more


31 March 2020

African Development Bank to Fund 191 Research Projects

The African Development Bank is to fund 191 scientific research projects in several Angolan higher education institutions, Maria do Rosário Bragança Sambo, minister for higher education, science, technology and innovation, has announced. Read more


31 January 2020

ANPG and BP to Finance Internship for University Finalists

Luanda – The National Oil, Gas and Biofuels Agency (ANPG) and the oil company BP are financing a professional internship programme that plans to benefit 95 university pre-finalists and finalists, budgeted in USD 371,000. Read more

Bié Set to Get Post-Graduate University

Angola’s central Bié province will have a private higher education institution called ¨Universidade Internacional do Cuanz¨ International Cuanza University, the minister of Higher Education, Technology and Innovation. Read more

Faculty of Arts to Bave Brazilian Teacher-Reader

Luanda – The Faculty of Arts of the Agostinho Neto University (UAN) will have a Brazilian teacher-reader who for two years will teach the Portuguese Language and Brazilian history subject as a result of an agreement signed (Monday), in Luanda, between the Embassy of Brazil and the UAN university. Read more


30 November 2019

Higher Education Ministry Certifies Debt to Staff

Angola’s Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Innovation and Technology owes an overall 2.2 billion kwanzas to its staff, accumulated over the last 10 years.


30 September 2019

Minister Points to Education as Crucial to Peace

Angola’s minister of Education Maria Cândida Teixeira has stressed the role of education sector in underpinning the peace and sustainable development of the societies. Read more


31 July 2019

Angolans Graduate in Cuba as Part of University Program for Global South

30 Angolan students have concluded their studies at the University of Ciego de Avila “Maximo Gomez Baez” in Cuba, as part of an ongoing program that the island maintains to promote and train students from countries of the global South. Read more

At Least 1,700 Angolans Attend Academic Training in Cuba

At least 1,700 Angolan citizens are attending graduation, Master’s and Doctorate courses in the Republic of Cuba, the Angolan minister of Higher Education, Maria do Rosário Sambo, has said. Read more

National Bank of Angola Promotes the Creation of Business Incubators

A memorandum of understanding aimed at promoting the creation of business incubators based on the digitization of payment services was signed on Monday in Luanda between the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation and the National Bank of Angola (BNA), which is intended to contribute to the emergence of innovative companies in the country. Read more

Portuguese University Offers Scholarships to Angolans

The Lusofona University of Humanities and Technologies has 130 scholarships available for citizens of the Community of Portuguese-speaking Countries (CPLP) for the academic year 2019/2020, of which 25 are reserved for Angolans. Read more


31 May 2019

Angola Needs More Than 10,000 Full-Time Teachers

In an interview, the minister said that the country currently has less than 3,000 full-time teachers for a universe of 79 higher education institutions, of which 24 are public and 55 are private. Read more

Roma University Promotes Course on Angolan Culture

The University of Rome is carrying out the fifth course on Angolan culture, in a promotion of the Department of Foreign Languages, Literature and Culture. Read more


31 March 2019

Angola Needs More Than 10,000 Full-Time Teachers

This is the number needed to meet the minimum requirements of the higher education system, said minister, Maria do Rosário Sambo. In an interview, the minister said that the country currently has less than 3,000 full-time teachers for a universe of 79 higher education institutions, of which 24 are public and 55 are private. Read more


30 November 2018

Angola and Unesco Draw Up Plans for Cooperation in Higher Education

The Republic of Angola and UNESCO have discussed the implementation of a cooperation agreement concerning 140 scholarships for doctoral and postdoctoral courses. Read more

Angolan President Encourages Business Sector to Invest in Higher Education

The Head of State, who has encouraged companies to support young people as part of their social responsibility, said the aim is to contribute to the higher education training of young talented Angolans. Read more


30 August 2018

Angola, Netherlands Discuss Higher Education Cooperation

Angolan minister of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation Maria do Rosario Sambo and the Netherlands ambassador to Angola, Anne Van Leeuwe, discussed Tuesday the cooperation in the field of training and science and agriculture. Read more


31 August 2018

Bie: Government Wants Skilled Staff

Cuito – The training of personnel with required expertise is among the priorities of the government of central Bie province, said Monday the Vice Governor for the Political, Social and Economic Sector of Bié. Read more

Governor Calls for Opening of New Courses in Higher School

Soyo – The need for the opening of new undergraduate courses at the Polytechnic School of Zaire to diversify the academic training of students was defended Tuesday in the municipality of Soyo by the provincial governor, José Joanes André. Read more

State Secretary Reassures Support to Oil Institute

Sumbe – The Secretary of State for Geology and Mines, Jânio da Rosa Corrêa Victor, reiterated on Wednesday in sumbe city, central Cuanza Sul province, the continued support of his Ministry to the National Oil Institute (INP) to secure the future of the oil industry. Read more


30 June 2018

Francistown College of Programming (FCP) has Affiliated to the UK-Based Associate of Business Management Association (ABMA).

This latest development in FCP’s short but impressive history was revealed by the college’s Director, Goitsemang Majaga, in an exclusive interview with Voice Money this week. Read more

Lusophone Universities Plan Network Functioning

Principals of 123 universities within the Portuguese Speaking Countries Community (CPLP) will meet this week in Praia City, Cape Verde, to plan an integrated network functioning of their institutions. Read more


31 May 2018

Higher education institutions role highlighted

The higher education institutions in Angola, which are committed to cater for the society, must play the role of creating a social conscience that is crucial for any sustained project, said the Secretary of State for sector, Eugénio da Silva.


30 December 2017

Angola at 3rd Forum on Sciences in South Africa

According to a press release from the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation sent to ANGOP on Wednesday, the event aims at seeking contributions to enrich the development and scientific debates in the world, to serve as a platform for the strengthening of old partnerships and development, as efforts can be made to put science and technology at the service of societies. Read more

MESCTI Wants Angolan Students in World Best Universities

The MESCTI has until March to structure the program, despite the various constraints, including from a financial point of view. Read more

Minister Recommends Hard Work to End Disparity in Science Sector

Angola’s minister Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation (MESCTI) spoke of the need to work hard in order to do away with the existing gap between the policies on Science, Technology and Innovation (CTI) ) and its implementation. Read more

Tocoist Higher Education Institute with 2,250 Vacancies For 2018

The Tocoist Polytechnic Higher Education Institute (ISPT) has available 2, 250 vacancies for the 2018 academic year. Read more


30 October 2017

Academics Call For Promotion of Indigenous Languages

Universities should promote the recognition of indigenous languages to support the cultural identities of people in the regions. Read more

Dean Stresses University Extension

Lueji A’Nkonde University (ULAN) Dean, highlighted Friday the importance of the university extension process, in what he described as a mechanism that allows greater involvement of students in the communities. Read more

Government Gears Up For Education System Reform

The country’s education system, will undergo a short-term system reform to correct the negative aspects in the current education reform. Read more

Ministry Vows to Fight Illegal Practices in Higher Education

The Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology of Innovation has as one of the bets the fight of illegal practices in the higher education system and promote merit. Read more

University Students Called To Support Community Life

The Provincial Governor of Lunda Sul, Ernesto in the city of Saurimo appealed for more intervention of university students in solving problems affecting the community. Read more

Tocoist Church Institute Launches Scientific Magazine

The Higher Polytechnic Institute (ISPT) of the Tocoist Church launched its first scientific magazine, which is entitled “Tetembwa” and is intended to have an international scope, with articles by different university lecturers in various areas. Read more


15 October 2017

Academic Fair Provides Juridical, Medical Counselling

Juridical counselling and dental care sessions are being conducted by university lecturers and students of five higher education institutions in Luanda, at the First Academic University Fair promoted by the ABC Alfabetizar association, in partnership with the Firme e Forte group. Read more

Higher Education Minister Prioritizes Staff’s Capacity Building

The minister of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Maria do Rosário Bragança Sambo, pointed out as priority of her management the capacity building of human resources, with view to improving the sector. Read more

Official Defends Transformation Of Universities Into Centers Of Excellence

The Higher education institutions must become centers of excellence that provide the labour market with qualified and skilled staff. Read more

U.S.A Might Open Universities For Angolan Military Students

The possibility of American universities to cater for higher education training of Angolan military is to be decided by January 2018. Read more


30 September 2017

Deputy Governor Advises Young People To Attend University

Malanje’s deputy governor for political and social affairs, said that universities are the centers of knowledge, so it seems important and responsible the attendance of young people in the universities. Read more

Maria Sambo, New Minister Of Higher Education

Maria do Rosário Bragança Sambo, currently the Principal of the state-owned Agostinho Neto University (UAN), was appointed Minister of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation. Read more

Over 2,000 Staff Receive Training In Last Two Years

At least 2, 453, amongst private individuals and from companies, benefitted from training over the last two years to improve their techniques. Read more


15 September 2017

Higher Education Ministry Reiterates Commitment to Training cadres

The Government has as one of the bets the training of the staff of the education sector to improve the quality of higher education in the country. Read more

New Institute of Health Inaugurated in Sumbe

A new institute of health with capacity to train nearly 2,000 students in nursing and laboratory work has been inaugurated in Sumbe. Read more


31 August 2017

Angolan Students Return after Being Graduated In Cuba

At least 254 Angolan students returned to the country after completing their graduation in Cuba. Read more


15 August 2017

Higher Education Ministry Wants to Standardize Curricula

The public and private institutions of higher education in Angola may soon observe a standardization to characterize the courses lectured, providing improvement in the quality of lecturing and mobility of professors and students. Read more

Importance of Assessment and Accreditation System in Education Highlighted

The legal tool for the assessment and accreditation of the higher education system is of paramount importance for the country, since it is expected to bring about another dynamics into higher education institutions. Read more

Over 120 Applications Await Approval in Higher Education Ministry

More than 120 applications for the opening of higher education institutions await approval in the respective ministry. Read more

University Students Urged to Promote Culture of Merit

The secretary of State for Higher Education spoke of the need for university students to tirelessly continue promoting the culture of merit in order to reach excellence in their training and contribute to the country’s development. Read more


15 July 2017

Arts Faculty with 50 New Masters, Over 200 Graduates

At least 50 masters and 293 higher education graduates received their diplomas from the Faculty of Arts of the state-owned Agostinho Neto University (UAN), after completing the training period. Read more

Catholic University Puts Out More Than 500 Graduates

The Angolan Catholic University (UCAN), officially awarded the diplomas of 557 of its new higher education graduates. Read more

Namibe’s Fisheries Academy Unveiled

The country’s first Academy of Fisheries and Sciences of the Sea was inaugurated on Monday morning in Moçamedes City, south-western Namibe Province. Read more

Poland to Release USD 60 Million for Fisheries Academy 3rd Phase

The Polish government will avail USD 60 million for the conclusion of the third phase of the Academy of Fisheries and Sciences of the Sea project in the south-west Namibe province. Read more

Vice-President Hands Over Laptops to Students

The Angolan Vice-president, Manuel Vicente, handed over buses and laptops to students and coordinators of the course of the Namibe’s Academy of Fisheries and Sciences of the Sea, which he inaugurated on behalf of the President of the Republic, José Eduardo dos Santos. Read more


30 June 2017

Angola Prepares Internal Scholarships for Scientific Research

Angolan students who choose to graduate and conduct scientific research will already be able to apply for internal scholarships, similar to what happens with graduates. Read more

Basic Law on Education System Covers Vocational-Technical Education

The Basic Law on the Education System, in force in the country, will become more comprehensive and allow, along with general education schools, to open school institutions focused on professional and technical education. Read more

Higher Education Ministry Presents Studies on Costs of Sector

The costs and funding of Higher Education and the implication of the private sector in Higher Education and scientific research will be presented at a workshop in Luanda. Read more

Ministry Recognizes Importance of Private Education

The Secretary of State for Innovation in Higher Education, Maria Augusta Martins, reiterated Wednesday that private education is an important partner of the State for the quality of education in the country. Read more

Ministry of Science and Technology Opens Six Media Libraries in July

The Ministry of Science and Technology recently announced in Lubango (Huíla), the launch of six mobile multimedia libraries next July in the provinces of Uige. Read more

Opposition CASA-CE Coalition Pledges Strong Vocational Training

The Convergência Ampla de Salvação de Angola-Coligação Eleitoral (CASA-CE) has pledged to revitilise vocational training of Angolan youths, seeking their easier access to jobs in the event of winning the forthcoming 23 August election. Read more

Private University Students Discuss Elections and Citizenship

Students from various Angolan private universities last Saturday in the northern Cabinda Province’s capital were gathered making an analysis of pertinent socio-political topics like the education system, elections and citizenship. Read more


15 June 2017

Brazilian Senate Approves Agreement on Education Sector with Angola

The Foreign Affairs Committee of the Brazilian Federal Senate Friday approved a cooperation agreement in the field of Non-Higher Education and training between Brazil and Angola, signed between the two countries. Read more

Education and Teaching System Amendment Draft Analyzed

An ad hoc amendment draft to the Basic Law on the Education and Teaching System was considered on Tuesday in Luanda during the 4th ordinary session of the Commission for Social Policy of the Cabinet Council. Read more

Education Ministry Admits Over 9.000 Teachers in Education in Angola

At least 9.222 teachers were admitted this year in various levels of the education subsystem countrywide, out of the 45.000 needed to strengthen the sector. Read more

European Union to Support Banking and Trade

The European Union (EU) intends to increase cooperation with Angola in the near future by prioritizing banking, trade and higher education to help the development of the most productive sectors in order to compete with their counterparts in other African economies. Read more

ISTM Trains Physicians and Engineers

Forty-seven members who attended course in speciality of medicine and 117 other in computer engineering, civil construction/fortifications and electronics have completed training at Higher Military Technical Institute (ISTM) in Luanda. Read more

University Students Hold Conference on Elections

The northern Cabinda province hosts a conference sponsored by Association of Students of Private Universities of Angola (AEUPA), in partnership with the local Higher Polytechnic Institute. Read more


15 May 2017

Brazilian Augusto Cury expected in Angola for a lecture

The Brazilian writer, Augusto Cury, is expected in Angola to give a talk on emotional health in a joint initiative by Omnen Intellegenda and the Higher Metropolitan Polytechnic Institute of Angola (IMETRO). Read more

Creation of Nine Private Higher Education Institutions Approved

The Government approved   the creation of nine new private higher education institutions, according to a press released reached Angop. Read more

Culture Ministry Projects Partnership with Art Schools in Portugal

The interchange and exchange of experience in the areas of artistic training and management, inspired by the models of the School of Music and Arts of the Spectacle (ESMAE) and the School of Media Arts and Design (ESMAD), aroused the interest of the Angolan Culture minister, during her visit paid to the two institutions of artistic training of the city of Oporto, Portugal. Read more

INAGBE Extends Deadline for Submission of Scholarship Applications

The National Institute of Scholarship Management (INAGBE) has extended the deadline for submitting applications for internal scholarships for the academic year 2017, for one more week. Read more

State Secretary Hails Conference on University Expansion

The Secretary of State for Innovation of the Ministry of Higher Education, praised the first International Conference on University Expansion, taking place in Caxito city, northern Bengo province. Read more

Scientific Events Contribute to Spread Knowledge

The scientific events are an “excellent” opportunity to present results of academic research and dissemination of knowledge, said, the Minister of Science and Technology. Read more


30 April 2017

Academy for Marine Sciences Due to Open

An academy of halieutic and marine sciences is due to open this year in Moçâmedes, initially with places for 540 students who will follow a variety of courses. Read more

Higher Education Expansion Deemed Gain of Peace

The Interim minister of Higher Education, in Ndalatando, capital of the northern Cuanza Norte province, that the expansion and consolidation of university education is one of the gains of peace. Read more


15 March 2017

Angola Needs Trained Cadres with Quality and Rigor – Says Minister

The Angolan Higher Education Minister, António André, said Monday in Luanda that the country needs trained cadres with quality and rigor to contribute to the country’s development. Read more

Angola President Creates Training Institutions Network

The Angolan President, José Eduardo dos Santos, approved by Presidential Decree this Monday the creation of the Network of Public Administration Training Institutions (RIFAP). Read more

Commission for Social Policy Assesses Higher Education Courses

The progress process of regularization of higher education courses was discussed in Luanda at the session of the Cabinet councils Committee on Social Policy. Read more

Higher Education Represents Development Factor

Angola’s Vice President of Republic said that strategically the Higher Education is a factor of human development. Read more

Official Calls for Higher Education Institutions Increase

The governor of the northern Bengo province recommended the completion of the works of the future Higher Technological Institute of the provincial capital. Read more

President Sacks Higher Education Minister

Angolan head of State fired the Minister of Higher Education. Read more

Tocoist Church Inaugurates Higher Polytechnic Institute

The Higher Polytechnic Institute of the Simão Toco Church (Tocoist Church) was inaugurated, in Luanda, during a ceremony chaired by the acting minister for Higher Education. Read more

Vice President Calls on University Students to Actively Participate in Electoral Registration

The Angolan Vice President urged the academic community and partners to participate actively in the electoral registration process, in order to be able to exercise the right to vote. Read more

Vice President Recommends Hard Work in Higher Education

Actors in the subsystem of higher education must adopt a culture of hard and permanent work in which the incentive to development, growth, innovation, modernisation and competitiveness is a reality. Read more


15 February 2017

Conference Analyzes Higher Education

The sectors of higher education, labour and social security and the national youth plan was debated in the conference of the 15th National University Students Camping (CANFEU), taking place under the motto “United, solidarity and patriotic young university students”. Read more


31 January 2017

Entrepreneurial Boost Institute launches traineeship programme

A programme dubbed “Estágios Profissionais” (Professional Traineeships) designed to provide work experience for recent university graduates will be launched this Friday, in Luanda, in an initiative from the Economy Ministry, through the Entrepreneurial Boost Institute. Read more

Science Ministry Needs To Invest In Youth’s Training

The Ministry of Science and Technology (MINCT) needs to “urgently” invest in young people who can continue with scientific research in the country. Read more


15 November 2016

20 Congolese Students Injured in Clashes with Kinshasa Police During Protest

Twenty students were injured in clashes with Congolese police during a demonstration in Kinshasa against an increase in exchange rates for payment of university fees. Read more

Governor Reiterates Priority for Province Development

The governor of the northern Lunda Norte province, pointed out the training of staff, construction and repair of roads and electricity as among his government’s priorities in the region. Read more

Minister Attends ISCED Scientific Meeting

The minister of Higher Education on a two-day working visit to the central Huambo province, where among other issues he is attending the third scientific meeting of the local Higher Education Teaching Methodology Institute (ISCED). Read more

Minister Deems Education Development Factor

Education minister reiterated that education is a factor that contributes to the development of the country, reason why the Angolan state continues to support this sector even though it has scant financial resources to better invest in this area. Read more


31 October 2016

Higher Institute Holds Second Scientific Events

The second Scientific and Technological Gatherings of the Higher Polytechnic Institute of Technologies and Sciences (ISPETC) happen in Luanda on 19-22 October, this year, under the theme “Scientific research, technological development and innovation in Angola, a challenge to higher education institutions”. Read more

ISPI Discusses Education Role in Economic Diversification

The 3rd scientific-pedagogical events of the Higher Independent Polytechnic Institute (ISPI) starting Wednesday in Lubango, southern Huila province, are set to discuss the role of education in economic diversification. Read more

Students Quality Crucial to Higher Education

Angola’s minister of Higher Education said that the reaffirmation of higher education, the concept of quality and value of work done by students are among the important conditions to improve education subsystem of the sector. Read more


15 September 2016

Confucius Institute Strengthens Angola-China Cultural Ties

The opening of Confucius Institute at Agostinho Neto University (UAN) will strengthen cultural and linguistic relations between Angola and China. Read more

Higher Education Ministry Committed To Teachers Training

The Ministry of Higher Education has been giving priority to the training of university lecturers, with a view to securing good teaching quality. Read more

Major Efficiency of Higher Education Institutions Defended

The chairman of the Sagrada Esperança Foundation, defended the need for major efficiency and efficacy of managers and administrative cadres of higher education institutions. Read more

Over 57 Youths in China for Scholarship

At least 57 Angolan youths arrived in China over the weekend for a five to six-year training programme furthering their education in various higher education institutions of the Asian country. Read more

State Funding For Education Is a Way of Distributing Wealth

Angolan minister of Higher Education Adão do Nascimento said Thursday in Luanda that the funding provided by State for Education and Teaching is one of the privileged ways of redistribution of national wealth and combat poverty. Read more


31 July 2016

Governor Wants Higher Education in Municipalities

The creation of higher education centers in the districts of Andulo and Camacupa was presented, in Kuito, by the governor of Bié, in order to ensure the training of cadres in the localities of origin and therefore the progress of the region. Read more

Human Capital Crucial to Development of Continent

The minister said that the investment in human capital is crucial to a system that demands sustained investment in higher education to ensure development of science, technology, research, innovation and the elimination of gender inequalities. Read more

Minister Considers Education a Driving Force behind Human Development

The minister of Higher Education, considered education as the driving force behind human development and the key to catalyse the development of the African continent. Read more


15 July 2016

Government Analyses New Admissions in Health and Education Sectors

The processes of new admissions in the health, education and higher education sectors dominate the agenda of the meeting of the Commission on Social Policy of the Cabinet Council. Read more


30 June 2016

Cooperation Protocol Allows More Staff Train In Tourism Sector

Our country has great potential in the sector, that is why we want to invest in the training of national staff to raise the number of nationals in the sector. Read more

Higher Education Minister Praises Unipiaget for Its Scientific Plans

The Minister of Higher Education, praised Viana municipality in Luanda Jean Piaget University Angola for its particularity concerning scientific plans. Read more


15 June 2016

Language Laboratory to Contribute To Stronger Training of Diplomats

Language Laboratory at Higher Institute of International Relations set to start later this year will boost the training and upgrading in language skills of Angolan diplomats. Read more

University Students Outline Strategies for Improving Education

At least one hundred and eighty students of the various courses in the higher pedagogical school of Namibia devised the strategic plan for improving teaching and learning at the end of the third student scientific events. Read more


15 May 2016

Police Present Ant-Crime Plan in Higher Education Institutions

The general command of the National Police (PN) presented on Wednesday, in Luanda, the “The General Measures Plan for Preventing and Combating Crime in Higher Education Institutions”, to improve security in the student community. Read more


30 April 2016

Brazilian University Starts Angolan Indigenous Languages Course

An Angolan indigenous course was introduced officially this year in the Federal University of Espírito Santo (UFES), in Brazil, in an initiative of the Association of Angolans Residing in Espirito State (AANGESB). Read more

Government Initiative to Increase Number of Lecturers

Higher Education Minister has announced the introduction of a training and retraining initiative to increase the number of higher education lecturers in Angola. Read more

Ministry of Higher Education Gives Priority to Quality Education

The Ministry of Higher Education has as a top priority to raise the quality in academic institutions under its control. Read more

Scholarship Students’ Situation to Be Addressed At a Press Conference

The existence of higher education institutions and courses that operate outside the law, and the situation of Angolan scholarship students abroad are some of the concerns of the Ministry of Higher Education. Read more

University Students Urged to Contribute to Development

The university students in Uíge city were over the last weekend urged to contribute to the development of the province and the country in general so as to ensure the welfare of families. Read more

University Role in Historical, Social Research Highlighted

The chancellor of Agostinho Neto University (UAN) stressed the role of the university in historical and social research. Read more


15 April 2016

Higher Education Adopts Teacher Training Plan

Ministry of Higher Education (MES) is implementing this year a teacher-training and upgrading programme to increase the number of qualified staff in the country’s higher institutions. Read more

Higher Education Minister Checks Functioning of Polytechnic School

The minister of Higher Education, is assessing the functioning of the Higher Education Polytechnic School of Luena, linked to José Eduardo dos Santos University (UJES). Read more

Higher Education Ministry Monitors Universities Fees

The Ministry of Higher Education will continue monitoring the tuition fees charged by the country’s universities. Read more

Over 1000 Graduate from UJES

According to the official, the number of graduates is significant, but is still far from responding to the needs. Read more


1 April 2016

The Principal of the Angolan Independent University (UNIA), recognised that his institution is facing difficulties to begin the 2016 academic year, due to the current economic and financial crisis. Read more

Private University Intends to Contribute to Media Work Improvement

The Universidade Independente de Angola (UNIA) private university intends to contribute actively to the improvement of the work of media institutions countrywide, keeping pace with the new techniques and technologies used in this area. Read more


15 March 2016

Private University Intends to Contribute to Media Work Improvement

The Universidade Independente de Angola (UNIA) private university intends to contribute actively to the improvement of the work of media institutions countrywide, keeping pace with the new techniques and technologies used in this area. Read more

University Principal Recognises Difficulties in Beginning Academic Year

The Principal of the Angolan Independent University (UNIA), recognised that his institution is facing difficulties to begin the 2016 academic year, due to the current economic and financial crisis. Read more


29 February 2016

Angola Committed to Permanent Improvement of Higher Education Conditions

Angolan government remains committed to improve higher education conditions to ensure technical, scientific and pedagogical skills that contribute to economic, social, culture and sports development of the country. Read more

Angola/US University Cooperation Defended

Angolan minister of Higher Education has defended the creation of conditions for cooperation between Angolan and US universities in scientific field. Read more

Fourth Scientific Council Meeting Deemed Research Opportunity

The Angolan minister of Science and Technology, deemed the Fourth International Scientific Council Meeting on the Ninth General History of Africa a superb opportunity for a constructive scientific research, aiming at continuing the quest for the true African history. Read more

Lunda Sul: Governor Highlights Holiday Camp

The governor of the eastern Lunda Sul province has described the University Students Holiday Camp (CANFEU) a privileged site to promote citizenship, patriotism, unity, democracy and conveying moral culture and civic values. Read more

San Lorenzo University Awards Excellent Mark To Angolan Official

The San Lorenzo University, one of the most renowned higher education institutions of Paraguay, awarded the Excellent mark to the Angolan Secretary of State for Human Rights, as a result of his Doctor’s degree thesis on Administration and Organisational Management. Read more

Tocoista Higher Institute Enrolment Online

Registration for higher education courses at Tocoista Institute will soon be done online, said, the bishop of the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the World. Read more


15 February 2016

Angolan Students to Attend Harvard University

Angolan students may benefit soon from master’s and doctor’s degrees at the Harvard University, United States of America (USA), guaranteed. Read more

Commission Assesses Creation of Social Sciences Academy

The proposals to create a Social Sciences Academy and a Higher Polytechnic Institute of the Tocoist church are under analysis, in Luanda, at a meeting of the Social Policy Commission of the Cabinet Council. Read more

University Ready to Support Angosat 1 Satellite Installation

The state-owned José Eduardo dos Santos University (UJES) is ready to support the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technologies in the project of installing the Angosat 1 satellite in the country. Read more

US Ambassador Visits University Campus

The ambassador of the United States of America (USA) to Angola, is visiting the university campus of Agostinho Neto University (UAN), along with a delegation of American Harvard University. Read more

January 2015

Foreign Education Ministries Sign Training Agreement

The ministries of Foreign Affairs (Mirex) and Higher Education (MES) Friday in Luanda signed a cooperation accord for training in diplomacy and international relations in the higher education subsistence. Read more

Tocoist Institute Starts This Year with Five Courses

The Tocoist Higher Education Institute of Angola will start its activities this year, with the courses of Civil Engineering, Sociology, Accounting, Architecture and Electronics. Read more

University Access Tests Start February 01

The tests for access to the state-owned Agostinho Neto University (UAN), for the 2016 academic year, are scheduled to start on February 01 with 29,952 applicants registered in different courses, the institution has announced. Read more


December 2015

Angola to Have Teachers Specialized In Engineering Subjects

Information was released, by the head of the Mathematics of the UAN’s Department of the Faculty of Sciences, stating that the program aims to improve the quality of education in engineering in the country. Read more

Staff Training With Special Attention In 2015

We need to systematically initiate a series of measures, taking into account not only the quantity but also the quality of training. Read more


October 2015

More Than 500 Former Combatants Join School The end of the working visit was marked by delivery of household appliances, building equipment and motorbikes to the local former combatants. Read more


September 2015

Higher Education Steps Up Efforts to Assess Legality of Courses Higher Education Ministry is working on interacting with the various universities in the country with a view to regularising the courses run by these education institutions. Read more

Polytechnic School Puts 80 Graduated in Labor Market At least eighty technicians trained at the Polytechnic School will be allocated this year in the labor market after completion of training, in order to contribute to improving the quality of services provided by state and private institutions in the province. Read more

Scientific Production in Angola Grows 18.8 Per Cent The performance of Angola in terms of scientific production recorded an increase of 18.8 per cent from 1995 to the year 2013. Read more

State Secretary Announces Creation of Course of Aquaculture The State secretary for Aquaculture announced in central Huambo province, the creation of an aquaculture course so that this practice can be made with environmentally sustainable and accountability in relation to the diversification of the economy. Read more


August 2015

11 de Novembro University Graduates Over 1000 Technicians 11 de Novembro University has already graduated 1.742 senior technicians, since its foundation in 2008. Read more

Cabinet Approves Draft Education Basic Law This update also aims to adjust the Basic Law of Education System in place in the country to development trends of the various educational systems in the world. Read more

Cuito Cuanavale University Governing Body Members Presented Members of governing body of Cuito Cuanavale University, assigned to VIII academic region, were presented, in a ceremony chaired by the Minister of Higher Education. Read more

Government Reiterates Support to Higher Education Institutions The provincial government of Bié reiterated, its support to the public institutions of higher education, so that they can better fulfill their role of training staff able to contribute to the social and economic development of the region and the country in general. Read more

Higher Education Minister Wants Innovative Results in UAN The minister of Higher Education, called on new rectorship college of the Agostinho Neto University results that represent innovative solutions to the different problems facing the institutions. Read more

School Security Brigade Adopts New Strategy Action The school security brigade of the National Police is implementing this year of 2015 in the central Huambo province, new strategy actions to better protect students and the teaching infrastructures.Read more

ISRI Trains Over 600 Experts The Higher Institute of International Relations (ISRI) has trained since its foundation in 1998, at least 651 experts, including 104 diplomatic attachés, 115 diplomats in technical and professional upgrading courses and other areas of consular practices. Read more


July 2015

Angolan Online Faculty Works Out of Law- Ministry of Higher Education The National Institute for Evaluation, Accreditation and Recognition of Higher Education Study (INAAREES) warned Wednesday, in Luanda, the Angolan student community about the illegal functioning of the Angolan Online Faculty. Read more

France to Support Higher Education Technology in Angola France will support the curriculum development and improvement of higher education technology in Angola for a three-year period, as part of co-funding agreement signed. Read more

Vice President Swears in University Chancellors At least eight principals and 32 vice chancellors of the Angolan public institutions were sworn in Wednesday, in Luanda, in a ceremony chaired by the Vice-President of the Republic, Manuel Vicente. Read more


June 2015

Education Minister Wants Citizens Equipped With Knowledge, Financial Skills The well-trained young people will be more at ease in decision-making in a large and complex financial environment, related to everyday life. Read more

Troops Appealed to Keep Investing in Technical, Professional Training “This is what the Angolan Armed Forces expect from the military cadres”, at a ceremony that marked the handover of diplomas to junior officers who attended a military school. Read more

Cabinet Recommends Measures for Teacher’s Admission According to a communiqué, the commission recommended the creation of incentives for the establishment of national cadres in rural and peri-urban areas, allowing a gradual reduction of the shortage of these professionals in the various parts of the country. Read more


April 2015

Minister Counts on New Cadres to Help Boost Development The Minister of Higher Education said that the first 136 higher education technicians trained in Economics, Medicine and Law at the public Mandume Ya Ndemufayo University will contribute significantly to Angola’s development, in general, and the country’s southern region, in particular. Read more

Regulation of Scientific Research Institutions Approved The Council of Ministers approved the General Regulations of the Scientific Councils of Scientific Research Institutions, Technological Development and Innovation. Read more

Council of Ministers Analyses Higher Education Subsystem Reform The Council of Ministers (CM) analysed a set of policies and measures for reform, betterment of management and quality of higher education subsystem by 2020. Read more


March 2015

Higher Education, Bar Association Sign Cooperation Deal The Bar Association of Angola (OAA) signed a cooperation agreement with three polytechnic institutes of higher education to ensure the regular and systematic actions in legal training. Read more

Higher Education Ministry, Lunda Norte Sign Accord According to the signatories, the memorandum is meant to establish a permanent institutional cooperation framework between the Higher Education Ministry and the Government of Lunda Norte. Read more

Higher Education Ministry to Build Pre-Fabricated Infrastructure The construction of infrastructures for the higher education sector is a national responsibility to address the difficult situation facing several provinces of the country. Read more

Foreign Ministry to Build Higher International Relations Education Institute The construction works of the Higher Institute of International Relations Education could begin later this year. Read more

Ministry of Science Gathers Data on Scientific Research The Ministry of Science and Technology has among the priority for 2015 the completion of data gathering campaigns on scientific research and experimental development indicators, as well as the development of indicators for innovation. Read more

National Police Get More Higher Education Technicians The Angolan National Police have since last Friday five new cadres trained in Police Sciences in Mozambique. Read more

Police, Criminal Science Institute Academic Year Opens The 2015 academic year at the Higher Institute of Police and Criminal Sciences officially opened on Tuesday in Luanda. Read more

Inauguration of Medical Simulation Lab A medical simulation laboratory was inaugurated Thursday at Faculty of Medicine of Agostinho Neto University. Read more

Government of Chile Grants Scholarships to Angola The Government of Chile has made available for the academic year of 2015 vacancies for Angolan students in the Chilean higher education institutions for training in areas such as Medicine, Engineering and Social Sciences. Read more

Moxico Government, Higher Education Ministry Sign Memorandu The Government of eastern Moxico province and the Ministry of Higher Education (MES) Monday in Luena signed a memo for consolidation and expansion of higher education in the region. Read more

INAGBE Avails 8,000 Internal Scholarships for 2015 School Year The National Institute for Scholarship Management (INAGBE) will avail as from Monday 8,000 new internal scholarships for 2015 academic year, to be distributed in the country’s 18 provinces. Read more



Higher Education Grants Over Nine Thousand Scholarships At least 9,200 scholarships are guaranteed for higher educationin this Academic Year, reads a statement from the Commission on Social Policy of the Council of Ministers. Read more

Angola to Have Over 260,000 University Students This Year Over 260,000 students are enrolled in public higher education institutions for the 2015 academic year. Read more

Luanda Governor Wants Order in Higher Education Governor of Luanda said that there is a need for an institutional and continued effort against the trend of trivializing and discrediting higher education in Angola. Read more

Reform of Higher Education Must Contribute to Its Reaffirmation as Development Factor The ongoing reform of the higher education in the country should gain new impetus, with the overall strategic objective of reaffirming it as a factor of development of citizens, professionals, organizations, institutions, society and the Angolan state. Read more

University Students Take to CANFEU Cultural Symbols of Region The student delegation of the southern Huila province, which is participating in the National University Holidays Campus (CANFEU), takes attractive aspects of the rituals of the Nyaneka Humbi, Nganguela and Umbundo cultures. Read more

Postgraduates in Local Administration Receive Diplomas At least thirty-one finalist postgraduates in the courses of local government and public administration received their diplomas in an act held in this city. Read more

Professor Adérito Correia Pointed Out as Example, Pillar of Law Education The university lecturer Adérito Belmiro Correia, considered as a relevant example for the teaching of law, as a result of his active and successful participation in the training process of the Angolans. Read more

Angola and Portugal Discuss Reinforcement of Co-operation in Higher Education The reinforcement of co-operation at the level of the higher education sector was discussed last Monday in Luanda by the Angolan incumbent minister of this sector. Read more



Higher Education War School Closes 2014 Academic Year The Higher education war school ended its academic year after a series of training that aimed at updating, upgrading and improving the performance of the tasks of command, management and headquarters of the Angolan Armed Forces. Read more

Official Praises Importance of Higher Education Statistics Directory The drafting of the statistics directory of Ministry of Higher Education is a key tool in the administration and management of the academic institutions of the sector in the country. Read more

Officials Calls on Young People to Invest More in Training Officials said higher education is important, but it is necessary that people increase the professional knowledge because professional training is fundamental to perform any activity. Read more

Minister Points Out Challenges to Higher Education Minister of higher education pointed to the adoption of strategies for teaching activity and strengthening of institutional capacity-building as necessary challenges to the continued growth of university education in the country. Read more

Kangonjo Higher Polytechnique Institute Gets More Classrooms The construction of infrastructure is part of a programme designed to improve accommodation of the students and reduce the shortage of education facilities, says an official. Read more


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