30 April 2024

Benefits of Digital Library in Vocational Education

A technical school in Eritrea is developing its own digital library to  provide students and teachers with easier access to learning materials.  This initiative comes alongside a national program, Rora Digital Library, which offers vocational schools video demonstrations and other resources. Both programs aim to bridge the gap in educational resources, especially for students in remote areas. More


31 March 2024

National School Leaving Examination Underway

Eritrea’s National School Leaving Examination began on March 18th, 2024. The nationwide exams cover 12 fields of study and will be administered over one week. This year’s exam sees a significant rise in participation with 30,779 students taking the test, a 45% increase from last year. More


31 January 2024

Call For Reinforced Participation in Teaching-Learning Process

Keren, 18 January 2023- Ambassador Abdellas Musa, Governor of Anseba Region, called for reinforced participation and contribution of the community in the development of teaching-learning process. Read more

International Day of Education: Highlighting How Education is a Key Element in Transforming Lives and Communities

Every year, on a number of different days across the calendar, the international community comes together to observe international days. As declared by the United Nations (UN), international days are “occasions to educate the public on issues of concern, to mobilize political will and resources to address global problems, and to celebrate and reinforce achievements of humanity.” Read more


30 November 2023

Orotta College Of Medicine and Health Science Graduates 252 Students

Orotta College of Medicine and Health Science today, 11 November, graduated 252 students including 130 females in degree and diploma programs in various fields of study. Read more


30 April 2023

Eritrea will Host National Organic Fertilizer Conference

The Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) and the Ministry of Marine Resources (MoMR) jointly will host a National Organic Fertilizer Conference under the theme – ‘Organic Fertilizers to Boost Safe & Nutritious Food Production!’… Read more

Gender Equality in Higher Education

Higher education in Eritrea has expanded dramatically in the last two decades, and the enrolment of students in tertiary education has increased significantly. Read more

Higher Education Institutions Graduate …

The Higher Education Institutions since their establishment in 2008 have graduated 29,772 in Masters, first degree and diploma including 256 in Medical Doctorate. Read more


31 March 2023

Academic Freedom in Decline in 22 Countries Worldwide

Over the past decade, academic freedom has declined in more than 22 countries representing more than half of the world’s population, four billion people, says the Academic Freedom Index: Update 2023 (AFI), a new study, produced by researchers at the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Institute of Political Science (FAUIPS, Erlangen-Nuremberg), Germany, and the V-Dem Institute in Gothenburg, Sweden. Read more


Neapolitan Meetings of Eritrean and Ethiopian Studies 1

Alessandro Bausi and Denis Nosnitsin take part in the First Conference in the Cycle “Neapolitan Meetings of Eritrean and Ethiopian Studies” entitled From Aksum to Lalibäla: The myth of the “dark age” of Eritrean and Ethiopian history (7th-13th cent.). Read more


28 February 2023

Asmara College of Education Graduates Students

According to Dr. Yonas Mesfun, Acting Dean of the Collage, the graduates include 18 in Social Science, 30 in Pedagogy and 9 in English Language. Read more

Assessment Meeting of Eritrean Center of Institutional Excellence

The Eritrean Center of Institutional Excellence organized activity assessment meeting of 2022 and plan of action for 2023 today, 25 February at the National Confederation of Eritrean Workers conference hall. Read more


31 January 2023

Open Access Publishing Deal for Low-, Middle-Income Countries

Academics based in 70 low- and middle-income countries, including those in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, will be able to have their primary research published Gold Open Access by Nature – at no cost – thus enabling their scientific work to be permanently and freely available online for anyone to read. Read more


30 November 2022

2023 YALI East Africa Regional Leadership Program Cohorts 49, 50 & 51 for Young Leaders in East & Central Africa …

The Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) was launched by former President of the United States Barack Obama as a signature effort to invest in the next generation of African Leaders. Read more

Planetary Health is a Roadmap to Transdisciplinary Action

Higher education institutions and their researchers can advance Planetary Health as a transdisciplinary solutions-oriented approach to tackle global challenges such as the consequences of climate change and health crises. Read more


31 October 2022

Education Basic in Ensuring Social Justice

Mr. Musa Hussein, Director General of General Education at the Ministry of Education said that education is one of the basic components in the effort to ensure social justice and called on students to take advantage of the opportunity being provided. Read more

Working Towards Capacity Building and Assessment

In cooperation with the Regional Center for Mapping of Resources for Development (RCMRD) under the umbrella of the Global Monitoring for Environment and Security and Africa (GMES & Africa), the MLWE conducted a needs assessment workshop at Crystal Hotel this week. Read more

Workshop Focusing on Cervical Cancer Vaccination Program

The Ministry of Health branch in the Central Region organized workshop on 21 October aimed at designing action plan for the Cervical Cancer vaccination program… Read more


30 September 2022

Eritrea Seizes Control of Catholic-Owned College

The Hagaz Agro-Technical School (*) is run by the LaSalle Brothers organisation and has been providing training in farm machinery, rearing of crops and animals, as well as soil conservation for the last 23 years. Read more

Welcome to Prof. Aaron Michael Butts

The Hiob Ludolf Centre for Ethiopian and Eritrean Studies is happy to welcome Professor Aaron Michael Butts. Read more


31 July 2022

Hamelmalo College of Agriculture Graduates 349 Students

Indicating that education and human resources development is significantly important in the effort to develop the traditional way of farming and livestock breeding into a modern one, Prof. Woldeamlak said that the college is earnestly working to that effect. Read more


31 January 2022

The Chronicle of John of Nikiu: Text-Critical Edition and Digital Research Platform

The Chronicle of John of Nikiu is a unique historiographical work and an essential source for historians dealing with Late Antiquity. It was composed by a Coptic bishop John in the seventh century in Egypt, in the city of Nikiu in the Nile Delta, in the period of the conquest of Egypt by the Arabs. Read more


30 September 2021

Project Unlocks Understanding of Miracle of Mary Texts

Whatever is human belongs to all human beings” said Mehari Worku, deacon in the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, when asked whether he had concerns about this work being organised and housed by an American university. Read more


31 July 2021

Eritrean Resilience in Education

Currently, there are 1,147 educational institutions, including ten vocational schools and six colleges, with a total enrollment of over 800 thousand students. Read more


30 June 2021

Bishops Criticise the Nationalisation of Catholic Schools

Catholic Bishops in Eritrea say that the Church is not in competition with the State by running health and educational services. Read more

Partnership with Ministry of Higher Education

Ministry of Higher Education this morning has thanked its cooperating partner, Astria Learning for its unwavering support in Education Management. … Astria Learning Founder and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Jeff Bordes donated One Million face masks to be distributed to all Higher Education Institutions. Read more

Workshop on Cultural Heritage and National identity

The Adi-Keih College of Business and Social Sciences in cooperation with the National Union of Eritrean Youth and Students organized a workshop focusing on cultural heritage and national identity. Read more


31 August 2019

Higher Education Institutions Graduate…

Eritrea provides FREE education to its citizens in all levels of education. Read more

GMU Students Learn About Development During Two-Week Visit

Challenging Narratives of Development in Post Conflict Settings” program was the first study abroad trip to Eritrea undertaken by any university. Read more


31 July 2019

College of Adi-Keih Business and Social Science Graduates 523 Students

Indicating that education is the basis of development of all sectors, Ms. Askalu Menkorios, Minister of Tourism, said that the Government as part of ensuring social justice is providing education free of charge to the level of higher education and that is registering praiseworthy result. Read more


15 October 2017

Asmara Community College Graduates 130 Teachers

130 teachers who had been attending a 2-year Diploma course on management and pedagogy at Asmara Community College have graduated. Read more

Training For Members Of The Eritrean Navy

In a bid to equip staff members with modern naval skills, the Eritrean Navy provided 213 of its members with marine- sciences and various naval skills. Read more


30 September 2017

Praiseworthy Achievement In Developing Teaching Profession

Owing to the relentless effort exerted on the part of the Ministry of Education and the Eritrean Teachers Association, praiseworthy achievements have been registered in developing the teaching profession. Read more

15 September 2017

Training For Members of Eritrean Navy

The Eritrean Navy organized training program for 28 of its members aimed at upgrading their skills. Read more


31 August 2017

Capacity Upgrading Training

The Asmara College of Health is providing higher diploma course with a view to upgrade the capacity of Assistant Nurses. Read more


15 August 2017

Ministry of Education Conducts Assessment Meeting

The Central region branch of the Ministry of Education has conducted an assessment meeting focusing on maintaining the achievements registered and learn from the shortcomings encountered. Read more

Workshop on Sharing Experiences

A workshop aimed at sharing experiences among health professionals in the Northern Red Sea region was organized in the port city of Massawa. Read more

15 July 2017

500 Graduate from Asmara Community College

Asmara Community College has graduated 500 students including 58 females in Certificate. Read more

Handing Over Ceremony of Newly Constructed Science College

The handing over of the newly constructed Science College at Mai Nefhi by the Chinese Civil Engineering Construction Corporation at a cost of 25 million dollars was conducted on 27 July. Read more

Women’s Success in Tertiary Education

The number of female students graduating from institutions of higher education in the last 10 years has witnessed a remarkable growth. Read more


30 June 2017

Research Theme Identification Workshop

The Halhale College of Business and Economics organized a workshop aimed at identifying research theme. Read more

Skill Upgrading Training for Healthcare Professionals

The Health Ministry’s branch in the Gash-Barka region, has offered one-month training at Barentu Referral Hospital to staff members in a bid to upgrade their skills. Read more

Wina Technical School Graduates 144 Students

Wina Technical School has   graduated a total of 144 students that included 33 females who studied a 2 year-long theoretical and practical education at a certificate level. Read more


15 June 2017

College of Marine Science and Technology Graduates 131 Students

A total of 131 students of whom 49 of them are females graduated from the Massawa College of Marine Science and Technology with degree and diploma. Read more

Graduates Pledge to Boost Contribution in Nation Building

The graduates from the College of Marine Science reiterated readiness to make due contribution in the nation building process through practical implementation of the knowledge they have acquired during their stay in the college. Read more

Hagaz Technical and Agricultural School Graduates 99 Students

A total of 99 students graduate with certificate from Hagaz Technical and Agricultural School out of whom 42 are females. Read more


30 April 2017

For Improvement of Student Competence

The Minister of Education, said that efforts are being exerted to improve the competence of students. He made the remarks at a meeting he conducted in Mendefera with stakeholders. Read more


15 March 2017

Community College: Striving to Produce Qualified Teachers

The Asmara Community College that was established in 2015 is striving to produce qualified teachers. The comment was made by Mr. Alem Gebrekal, the director of the college. Read more

New Building for Confucius Institute

Confucius Institute, School of Chinese Language and Culture in Eritrea, has launched the construction of a new building. Read more

Youth Trained in Various Professions

85 youth in Dekemhare sub-zone, who have been trained in wood and metal works, computer science and graphics as well as in beauty salon have graduated on 3rd March. Read more


15 November 2016

Training Staff Members

The branch office of the Ministry of Education in the Southern Red Sea region has graduated on 2 November 22 of its staff members who had been attending computer based course. Read more

Varied Programs to Nurture Skilled Youth

The NUEYS Southern region branch in collaboration with stakeholders has mapped out various programs to equip youth with different skills. Read more

Vocational Training for Needy Citizens

In line with its ongoing efforts to assist needy citizens throughout the country, the Ministry of Labor and Human welfare has offered a vocational training to over 1,200 children of martyrs and needy citizens. Read more


30 September 2016

Executive Director of NCHE Participates At International Education Conference

Executive Director of the Commission of Higher Education in Eritrea, participated at the 28th Annual European Association for International Education that took place in Liverpool, the UK. Read more

Seminar on Education Service in Eritrea

The Diversity Resources International (DRI) a UK based leadership, management and research center organized a seminar in partnership with the Halhale College of Business and Economics and the University of Brighton, the UK, on Eritrea’s Education Challenges and Opportunities in general and that of higher education in particular. Read more

Training for Members of NUEW

The National Union of Eritrean Women organized a training program at the Embatkala Eritrean Center for Organizational Excellence aimed at upgrade the capacity of its members. Read more


31 July 2016

National Secondary School Leaving Examination Results Announced

According to the report from the Commission for Higher Education Testing Center, 11% of the participants of the national secondary school leaving examination scored results for degree program. Read more

Statement by Minister of Information of the State of Eritrea, At the International Conference on Eritrean Studies

Let me first applaud the timely initiative that the Commission of Higher Education, the Center for Strategic Studies and the Research and Documentation Center have jointly taken. Read more


30 June 2016

Over 200 Students Graduate From Mai Habar Technical School

More than 200 students have graduated from the Mai Habar Technical School. Read more


15 June 2016

A Future Abundant of Intellectuals: Eritrean Institutions of Higher Education

Eritrea has strongly relied on the resource of its people since the first arising steps of its history. Read more

Confucius School of Language and Culture Staged Educational and Cultural Shows

The Chinese Confucius School of Language and Culture staged educational and art shows. Read more


15 May 2016

Higher Education Institutions Graduate Over 23 Thousand Students

According to the office of the National Commission for Higher Education the students graduated with diploma, first degree, masters as well as MD. 420 graduates were also offered scholarship opportunities abroad. Read more

Workshop on Institutional Cooperation

The Eritrean Center of Institutional Excellence in partnership with the Halhale College of Business and Economics conducted a workshop. Read more


1 April 2016

Institutions of Higher Education Conduct Festival

The 7th festival of the Institutions of Higher Education was launched on 24 March at the premises of the Eritrean Institution of Technology at Mai-Nefhi. Read more


January 2016

72 Students Acquire Scholarship in UAE

In line with the agreement concluded between Eritrea and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the field of education, a total of 72 students including 13 females from the Eritrean Institute of Higher Education have secured scholarship. Read more


December 2015

Research activities in Hagaz Agricultural and Technical School

Research activities by students of Hagaz Agricultural and Technical School are witnessing encouraging outcome. Read more

SMAP Institute Holds Its 9th Commencement

SMAP Institute of Training, Education, Research and Consultancy, held its 9th commencement, 535 students graduated with diplomas in 8 educational fields. Read more

Strengthening Higher Education in a Time of Peace

Eritrea has in recent months recruited foreign academics and signed international higher education agreements. Read more


October 2015

Eritrea’s Institutions of Higher Education: Ongoing Efforts Towards Educational Excellence Part I Eritrea continues to offer tuition free access in all levels of education. As a result, a number of students have been joining the seven institutions of higher education. Read more

Eritrea’s Institutions of Higher Education: Ongoing Efforts Towards Educational Excellence Part II Any success in Eritrea’s educational sector is mainly a result of a sound policy, which gives an easy access to every national willing to get educated and thereby reach a higher realm of excellence provided that a student meets the qualification standards set by the institutions of higher education. Read more

Ongoing Efforts to Bolster Higher Education Institutions Executive Director of the Commission of Higher Education, described the vigorous efforts that are being exerted to strengthen the institutions of Higher Education in the county to ensure provision of quality education as well as enhance their research capabilities. Read more


September 2015

Towards Making Eritel Services More User-Friendly In Eritrea, colleges are made with purposes that go far beyond ‘just delivering education’ the biggest achievement each student attains is the chance to share ideas with fellow students. Read more


August 2015

Hamelmalo Agricultural College on Steady Progress Hamelmalo Agricultural College has been in a week of festivity. Read more


July 2015

410 Students Graduate from Hamelmalo College of Agriculture A total of 410 students have graduated from the Hamelmalo College of Agriculture with Master of Science and Bachelor of Science Degrees as well as Diplomas. The event coincided with the 10th anniversary of the opening of the College. Read more

Asmara Community College Graduates 440 Candidate Teachers Asmara Community College today graduated more than 400 candidate teachers with Diploma and Certificate out of whom 326 are females. Read more

Adi-Keih College of Art and Social Sciences Graduates 350 Students A total of 350 students from Adi-Keih College of Arts and Social Sciences graduated on the 2nd of July with 1st Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates. Read more

Geez-Tigrigna Dictionary Published A Geez-Tigrigna dictionary was launched this week. The 357-page dictionary comprises ten thousand words. Read more

Over 1,200 Students Graduate from EIT A total of 1,283 students from the Eritrean Institute of Technology (EIT) graduated today with Masters, Bachelor Degree and Diploma in the fields of Engineering, Science and Education. Read more


June 2015

21 Students Graduate From Halai Technical School The Asmara-based Halai Technical School graduated 21 students with Certificate. They pursued a 2-year course in General Metal Works. Read more

Asmara College of Health Science Graduates 416 Students A total of 416 students, 40% of whom are females, graduated from Asmara College of Health Science with Degree and Diploma. They pursued studies in patient care, pharmacy, public health and health assistance. Read more

Technology to Enhance Education in Eritrea The investment, to both the extension of access to education and enrichment of its content to an acceptable quality, is a priority. Read more


MAY 2015

Eritrean Institute of Technology Organizes Research Workshop The Eritrean Institute of Technology in Mai Nefhi has organized a research workshop which is the first of its kind in terms of research undertaking. Read more

Police Commander Calls for Active Role of Higher Education Students in Upholding Nation’s Cultural Values The Commander of the Eritrean Police Force, Col. Mehari Tsegai has called for active role of students in higher institutions of learning in upholding cultural values. Read more


April 2015

Commander of Police Force Holds Seminar for Students of Halhale College of Business and Economics Commander of the Eritrean Police Force, has conducted seminar for students of Halahale College of Business and Economics pertaining to the enhancement of the role of higher education institutions in the prevention of crime. Read more

Promoting Research and Knowledge According to anthropologists, any society is said to be civilized by virtue of having a culture. Since culture is a means through which humans make life easy and comfortable, their definition can be simply proved to be right, since this preoccupation has been a natural hallmark of any given society. Read more


March 2015

Festivals of Higher Education Institutions Would Have Significant Contribution in Strengthening Competence of Students The participants of the 6th Festival of Higher Education Institutions explained that the festival would have significant contribution in strengthening the competence of students. Read more



Education Ministry Looking Back and Forward for Better Accomplishment The Minister of Education has made it clear that exerting extensive effort towards achieving a better educational access to nationals is what is expected to be carried out in this year. Read more

Workshop Underway in Asmara College of Health Science With a View to Developing Capacity Regarding Research Activities The current workshop is aimed at creating conducive ground for enhancing research activities through open discussion with a view to developing capacity as regards scientific research activities. Read more



Conference on Enhancing Research and Study The pace of research and the future plans of a college were the subject of conversation. Read more



Strong Private sector, Qualified Workforce, International Integration Needed AFDB stresses that Eritrea could benefit from strengthened cooperation with international community because its lack of qualified, trained and experienced human resource undermines its international competitiveness. Read more

81 Teachers Graduate with Diploma in Education Management from Asmara Community College A total of 81 teachers, directors and supervisors who have been attending a 2-year course on education management have graduated. Read more

Eritrea Institute of Technology Inaugurates First Journal of Science and Engineering The first journal of science and technology would be published twice a year with a view to motivate students pursue masters degree and raise their capacity. Read more


September 2014

Cornerstone Laid for Science College at Eritrean Institute of Technology The cornerstone for the first phase construction of a Science College at the Eritrean Institute of Technology was laid in line with the cooperation agreement concluded between the Governments of Eritrea and the People’s Republic of China. Read more

My Plan in Eritrea is to Create a Center for Nanotechnology Part I Establishing a center for nanotechnology is his long term plan. He has a vision to broaden an access to a multidisciplinary center where Eritrean students could have hands on experience in different disciplines. Read more

August 2014

High Level Eritrean Delegation Led by Foreign Minister Conducts Working Visit to Finland High level Eritrean delegation led by, Foreign Minister, conducted working visit to Finland. Read more

Asmara Community College of Education Graduates 284 Teachers In line with the endeavors being made to raise the capacity of teachers, a total of 284 of those accomplishing duty in remote areas of nomadic pattern of living graduated from Asmara Community College of Education with Certificate. Read more


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