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Past Editorials

COVID-19 – A vindictive messenger for multilateralism Damtew Teferra April 2020
From ‘dumb’ decolonisation to ‘smart’ internationalisation Damtew Teferra March 2020
Internationalisation – The search for a definition continues Damtew Teferra September 2019
Defining internationalisation – Intention versus coercion Damtew Teferra July 2019
The publish-and-perish epidemic – Counting the costs Damtew Teferra April 2019
The Advent of a New Ministry: The Long Journey to Its Birth Damtew Teferra October 2018
Government-University Relations: A Troubled Matrimony Wondwosen Tamrat and Damtew Teferra October 2018
A Degree Requirement: Compulsory for Aspirant Parliamentarians? Damtew Teferra Ph.D. August 2018
Unleashing the Forces of the Ethiopian Intellectual Diaspora Damtew Teferra Ph.D. July 2018
‘Abiy’s Fellows’ – A new frontier to advance excellence Damtew Teferra Ph.D. June 2018
CESA, not SDG4 – A guide for the continent’s aspirations Damtew Teferra Ph.D. May 2018
Confronting Bigoted Obscenity and Flawed Discourse: The Role of African Intellectuals Damtew Teferra Ph.D. January 2018
Tempest in the Rankings Teapot Damtew Teferra Ph.D. June 2017
INHEA and AAU to Implement CESA 2016-2025 Damtew Teferra Ph.D. June 2017
Early Career Academics in Africa—Induction into Teaching* Damtew Teferra Ph.D. February 2017
African Higher Education: A Voyage of Bankruptcy and Championship Damtew Teferra Ph.D. January 2017
In the Twilight of Global (Dis)Engagement—and the Dawn of Marshall Plan for Africa Damtew Teferra Ph.D. November 2016
Tuition in South Africa: A Conflation of Economics, Politics, and “Naïve” Defiance Damtew Teferra Ph.D. September 2016
The Free Education Folly in Unequal Society: #FeesMustNotFall4All Damtew Teferra Ph.D. February 2016
Déficits révélateurs dans les Objectifs de Développement Durable (ODD) : A la Recherche d’Alternatives à Renforcer Damtew Teferra Ph.D. January 2016
African Flagship Universities: Enrollment Typology and Graduate Projections Damtew Teferra Ph.D. December 2015
Revealing Deficits in SDGs: The Quest for Bolstering the Alternatives Damtew Teferra Ph.D. November 2015
Declaring Innovation and Transformation to Mask Mediocrity is Manipulative—A Rejoinder to Unisa’s Havenga Damtew Teferra Ph.D. October 2015
Yearning for Outrage: “Unisa Take-Home Exam” Recipe for Disaster Damtew Teferra Ph.D. September 2015
Global Credentials, National Currencies and Contemptuous Ambitions Damtew Teferra Ph.D. July 2015
Higher Education: The Lobby-less Sector Among the Privileged Cousins Damtew Teferra Ph.D. May 2015
“Organized Anarchy” : The Enduring Paradigm of University Management Damtew Teferra Ph.D. July 2014
Rejecting Tainted Recognitions—Honoring Academic Citadels Damtew Teferra Ph.D. October 2012
Pan African University: Rescuing the Vision Damtew Teferra Ph.D. June 2012
Diamonds Are Not Forever: Botswana at the Crossroads Damtew Teferra Ph.D. May 2012
The Three Million Dollars’ Fiasco: Humble Inquiries for UNESCO Board and President Obiang Damtew Teferra Ph.D. April 2012
NORAD’s New Policy: The Need for an Amendment Damtew Teferra Ph.D. March 2012
Harmonization and Tuning: Integrating the African Higher Education Space Karola Hahn and Damtew Teferra* January 2012
Harmonization of Development Agencies in Higher Education: The Plausible and the Improbable Damtew Teferra Ph.D. December 2011
The Troubling Quest Seeking and Conferring Legitimacy at Academic Citadels: An African Experience Damtew Teferra Ph.D. July 2011
Graduate Un(der)employment and the Sparking of a Revolution in Africa Damtew Teferra Ph.D. April 2011
The Market Place of Higher Education Partnerships: Re-Engaging Africa in the New Era of Internationalization Damtew Teferra Ph.D. January 2011
Higher Education and Science & Technology in Africa: Tenuous Links, Emerging Trends and Neglected Initiatives? Damtew Teferra Ph.D. August 2010
Policy Discourse vs. “Private” Opinions: The Urgent Need for African Higher Education Think Tanks Damtew Teferra Ph.D. March 2010
Mobilizing Multinational Corporations to Advance Higher Education and Research in Africa Damtew Teferra Ph.D. December 2009
Building Capacity in Africa: The Need for Coherent Policy and Informed Action Damtew Teferra Ph.D. November 2009
The Sino-African Frontiers of Aid and Partnership in Higher Education Damtew Teferra Ph.D. October 2009
Higher Education in Africa post-WCHE: Liberation, Affirmation, and Consolidation Damtew Teferra Ph.D. August 2009
African Higher Education in the Era of Bailouts and Stimulus Packages—Good Intentions, Vanishing Resources, and Persistent Gaps Damtew Teferra Ph.D. April 2009
Accelerating Catch-up—Mopping up the Last Barricades Damtew Teferra Ph.D. December 2008
African Higher Education: Capturing the Recent Past, Projecting the Future Damtew Teferra Ph.D. February 2008