30 April 2024

The Association of Somalia Universities Dataspace is created!

The Federation of Somalia Universities (FESU) created national accreditation data page and claims to be one of the leading universities dataspaces in Somalia. More


31 March 2024

The Governmental System in Somalia Needs Academic Representation Not Religious and Race Aspect

The Federation of Somalia Universities (FESU) believes that “uninarative geoeducation engagement” is necessary due to Somalia’s history since 1990. The organization hopes to achieve this by working with universities from different regions and monitoring development plans. More


30 November 2023

Africa’s Top-Brass Universities Empowered By 5G Tech Spaces …

Africa’s most renowned universities are keen to be at the forefront of Research, Innovation, and Outreach (RIO) of technologies, products, services, and operating models that reduce CO2 emissions and help attain Net Zero Emissions (NZE). Read more

Attacks on Academic Freedom Recorded Across Africa

War-torn Sudan is one of the 30% of countries in the world with the lowest levels of academic freedom, where scholars and university students frequently face pervasive attacks and universities are denied autonomy, according to Scholars at Risk (SAR), a global network that campaigns for the right of academics – and students – to think and express ideas without fear. Read more

Building an Entrepreneurial University in Somalia

Somalian incubator SIMAD iLab has undergone an upgrade and expanded its offering after making a serious impact on the local startup ecosystem in the five years since its launch. Founded in 1999, SIMAD University is a private university based in the Somali capital of Mogadishu. Read more

SIMAD University Launches the Institute of Climate and Environment (ICE Institute) in Somalia

The event was filled with vibrant colors and excitement as the university unveiled its latest initiative to address the most pressing issue of climate change and environmental degradation in Somalia. Read more


31 October 2023

Refugee HE Enrolment Rises Almost Halfway to 2030 Target

Global enrolment of refugees in higher education increased from 1% in 2019 to 7% in 2023, almost reaching the halfway mark towards the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) target of at least 15% enrolment by 2030 (the ‘15by30’ target). Read more

Somalia’s High Unemployment, Challenges for Recent Graduates

In Somalia, young graduates are feeling the brunt of lack of jobs, due to rampant corruption and nepotism, say labour experts. In addition to the country lacking sufficient job prospects, the few available positions – whether they are in the public sector, non-governmental organisations or UN agencies – are filled through favouritism and rather than merit. Read more


31 August 2023

Africa is Home to the Oldest and Youngest Universities

The African continent is home to four of the world’s oldest universities and also to some of the planet’s youngest, first-ever universities in a given country, with some countries having established their first institutions less than 10 years ago. Read more

Egypt, Somalia Review Higher Education, Research Cooperation

Minister of Higher Education Ayman Ashour underlined the depth of Egyptian-Somali relations, especially in the fields of higher education and scientific research. He made the remarks during a meeting with Somali Minister of Education, Culture and Higher Education Farah Sheikh Abdulqadir. Read more

Sub-Saharan Africa Leads Enrolments in Professional Courses

The Sub-Saharan African region has the highest year-on-year average growth rate in the world in the number of people enrolling for professional certificate courses, a new study by a global trainer has found. Read more


31 July 2023

A New Milestone in Education and Innovation in Somalia…

… the Benadir University Innovation Hub was officially launched, marking a new milestone in the development of Somalia’s Education and innovation. Read more

Graduation Ceremony for the First Bachelor Cohort on Social Work Degree Program

UNICEF had a joint graduation ceremony with 64 students who completed their 4yrs degree program at Somali National University, among 285 (55% girls) who graduated from 6 Universities across Somalia and Somaliland for the year 2022/2023. Read more

(Hello Africa) Somali Woman Defies Hurdles to Pursue Higher Education

The education journey for Najma Abdullahi Qarey, a 24-year-old Somali woman, is intriguing and inspiring at the same time. Read more


30 April 2023

Growing Concern About Impact on Society, HE

Dozens of deaths and a growing number of injuries have been reported in Sudan, which is also affecting the academic community as part of the country’s civil society. Read more

“Hormuud Telecom and Hormuud University: Driving Technological Development and Education in Somalia

Hormuud Telecom also runs Hormuud University, a private university in Mogadishu, Somalia. The university was founded in 2014 with the goal of providing high-quality education to Somali students, particularly in the fields of engineering and technology. Read more

International Students Among Trapped in Sudan

Thousands of foreign students from Africa, Middle East and Asia have been left stranded across Sudan, as factional fighting has begun in the country. Read more

Renowned NLP Master Practitioner Herdiana Dewi Nurfika Successfully Conducts Online Emotional Intelligence

The program aimed to help educators develop their own emotional intelligence and improve their ability to support students. Read more

Tertiary Institution Helping Youth Realize Future Dreams

From a distance, the Skillful International College in Adado town, central Somalia, looks like an ordinary tertiary institution, but upon interacting with the managers and students, its prestigious status comes to the fore. Read more


31 March 2023

Diaspora Academics are Returning to Develop Universities

A desire to contribute to nation-building and improve the standards of universities within Somalia is luring Somali intellectuals to return home to work in academia. Read more

President Mohamud Unveils Ambitious Plan to Train 10,000 Teachers

Somalia’s Education Ministry organized a national conference at the Afisyoni tent in Mogadishu on Monday to gather practical ideas and recommendations for improving access to quality education in Somalia. Read more


28 February 2023

Mogadishu University Organizes Special Sessions of Prayer and Quarn Recitation in the Memory of Earthquake Victims in Turkiye and Syria

In solidarity with the brotherly Turkish and Syrian people affected by the earthquake, Mogadishu University has organized on Saturday a special session attended by lecturers, administration and students in the memory of earthquake victims in Turkiye and Syria’s devastating quake. Read more

Somaliland Intellectuals Condemn the Violence in Las Anod

Hargeisa Feb 26, 2023 (SD) -Fifty-five individuals from various sectors of Somaliland society, including poets, writers, community activists, and professionals such as university professors, doctors, teachers, and engineers, have issued a joint statement regarding the situation in Laascaanood. Read more


31 January 2023

Open Access Publishing Deal for Low-, Middle-Income Countries

Academics based in 70 low- and middle-income countries, including those in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, will be able to have their primary research published Gold Open Access by Nature – at no cost – thus enabling their scientific work to be permanently and freely available online for anyone to read. Read more

RUFORUM Annual General Meetings Agreed upon and 14 New Member Universities Admitted

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) brings together leaders of RUFORUM Member Universities, Governance organs, and other actors, especially Agriculture and Education, Science, Technology, and Innovation sectors from within and outside Africa. Read more


31 December 2022

PhD Awarded to Somali President for Study on State-Building

The President of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, was included in a group of 166 students who have been awarded postgraduate degrees by the Somali branch of the United Nations-mandated University for Peace. Read more


30 November 2022

2023 YALI East Africa Regional Leadership Program Cohorts 49, 50 & 51 for Young Leaders in East & Central Africa …

The Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) was launched by former President of the United States Barack Obama as a signature effort to invest in the next generation of African Leaders. Read more 

MUST Welcomes Occasional Students from Somali International University (SIU)

On 9th November 2022, Mbarara University of Science and Technology welcomed the 9th cohort of 21 students from Somali International University (SIU) for a one-year placement. Read more

New Observatory an Asset for Mitigating Climate Change

The Regional Research Observatory on the Environment and Climate (RROEC) has been inaugurated in Djibouti in a bid to produce data and climate models to inform political decisions on climate adaptation and resilience for the country and across the East African region. Read more

Planetary Health is a Roadmap to Transdisciplinary Action

Higher education institutions and their researchers can advance Planetary Health as a transdisciplinary solutions-oriented approach to tackle global challenges such as the consequences of climate change and health crises. Read more


31 October 2022

Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia and Mali top List of Countries Where Education Systems Most at Risk of Collapse

The education of nearly 49 million children in Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia and Mali is at extreme risk of collapse, according to new analysis by Save the Children on how COVID-19 combined with conflict, climate change, displacement, and lack of digital connectivity to derail children’s learning. Read more

Megacities and the Challenge of Inclusive Higher Education

Ever since the first humans migrated out of Africa many years ago, humanity has been on the move and humans have been migrating on a global scale ever since. Read more

Terms of Reference for Independent Appraisal of the Education Sector Strategic Plan (ESSP) 2022-2026,

The major challenges experienced in the education sector in Puntland are related to the weak institutional capacity of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MoEHE); lack of sufficient funding to the sector; limited-service provision; … Read more


30 September 2022

Somaliland Government Rejects Scholarships Linked to Somalia

Deputy Minister of Education of Somaliland, Abdihakin Saeed Muse Bustale, who spoke to state media, said that Somaliland and Somalia are two independent states, describing the scholarship as political. Read more


31 August 2022

Fulham Refugee from Somalia Who Spoke no English When She Fled Civil War Wins Place at Dream University

A Somali refugee now living in Fulham has secured a place at her dream university, 11 years after fleeing the civil war in her birth country. Nagma Abdi, who arrived in the UK with her family when she was seven, has secured a spot at her first choice of university,… Read more

Ministry of Education Signs MoU with Key Messages Communications

Somalia’s Ministry of Education, Culture and Higher Education has signed a technical Memorandum of Understanding with Mogadishu based Key Messages Communications. Read more


30 June 2022

Police, Military Central in State Assaults on Students

Of 28 profiled countries in Education Under Attack 2022, half are in Africa. The highest number of incidents on the continent were recorded in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Mali. The study reports more than 5,000 attacks on education facilities, students and educators, or military incidents, globally in the past two years. Read more

Terror Groups Often Behind Attacks on Education Sector

Most governments in Africa have been unable to shield schools, universities, students, teachers and academics within their borders from attacks by terrorist organisations and other non-state armed groups, according to findings from the Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack (GCPEA). Read more


31 May 2022

Report Shows How Conflict Stymies Research and Innovation

Among other responsibilities, higher education institutions are mandated to teach and to conduct research to generate evidence-based solutions to societal challenges. But conducting research can be daunting for academics in higher education institutions in conflict-ridden areas in Africa. Read more


31 March 2022

Continent-Relevant Solutions Needed to Improve Use of AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been identified globally as one of the biggest phenomena of the 21st century and a powerful tool in combating some of the debilitating effects of climate variability and change. Read more

Universities Reach Out to African Students Who Escaped Ukraine

Egyptian students who were studying at Ukrainian universities and have managed to escape the war-torn country will be able to resume their studies in their homeland if they meet the entry requirements of private and national universities. Read more

Youths from Africa and the Arab World Commit to Advancing Cooperation in agriculture…

The Afro-Arab Youth Council (AAYC) in partnership with the Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) organized a youth dialogue under the theme, “Enhancing food security through innovations and planetary health: the role of youth.Read more


28 February 2022

Fleeing from War-Torn Somalia

As part of Husson’s annual celebration of Black History Month, the University will be hosting a presentation by Yarmouth resident Abdi Nor Iftin in Peabody Hall’s Kominsky Auditorium… Read more

Somali Graduates of Turkish Scholarship Program Give Back to Their Country

Since Turkiye and Somalia established their special relationship in 2011, thousands of Somalis have benefited from Turkiye’s scholarship program, realizing their dream of obtaining a degree. Read more

Somalia makes history by hosting its first ever health research conference in Garowe

The COVID-19 pandemic has accentuated the importance of health research in finding solutions to health challenges. To address the most urgent health priorities using evidence-based solutions… Read more


31 January 2022

A Ranking System for Arab Universities to be Developed

The use of blockchain technology to combat counterfeit higher education qualifications, quality assurance guidelines for the use of artificial intelligence in learning, teaching and research and an Arab-specific university ranking system are part of wide-ranging initiatives… Read more


30 November 2021

Ministry of Education and Federal Member States’ Ministries of Education Provide Grants …

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Higher Education of Somalia (MOECHE), in collaboration with the Federal Member States’ Ministries of Education, is providing grants to 616 primary schools to support the enrolment of 25,000 out-of-school children. Read more

Women Face Many Recruitment and Retention Hindrances

Somalia’s universities are developing innovative ways to attract and retain women in their higher education sector either as students, administrators or as part of the teaching staff. Read more


30 September 2021

Consultancy Services in Curriculum and Syllabus Development for IWRM Academic Education in Somalia

Each year the country spends large sums on sending students abroad for higher studies, or witnesses how short-term seminars and workshops are being organized to address long-term learning needs. Read more

International Students Accuse Universities of Indifference

International students travelling to start or resume their studies in Northern Cyprus have been facing a host of challenges while trying to gain entry into the occupied country following new central quarantine measures put in place to manage COVID-19. Read more


31 August 2021

Introduction to Research Writing and Analysis Training Course… 

The Somalia Gender Hub will be organising an 8-week Introductory Research Writing for 20 Somali women in higher education, research and academia. Read more


31 May 2021

RUFORUM Hosts African Government Technical Experts

The Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) hosted a virtual dialogue for Africa Government Technical Experts towards the UN Food Systems Summit 2021 under the theme “Transforming food systems is crucial for delivering all the Sustainable Development Goals”. Read more

Somalia Celebrates International Museum Day 2021

Following the historic re-opening of the National Museum of Somalia in 2020, UNESCO partnered with the Somali Ministry of Education, Culture and Higher Education in collaboration with the African Union Commission and the International Council of Museums to organize a national celebration of International Museum Day in Somalia… Read more 


30 April 2021

Somalia’s COVID-19 Response: A Shift to Online Learning in Somali Higher Education

Like the rest of Somalia’s higher education institutions, the university – with more than four thousand students and one hundred and seventy (170) people on the teaching faculties – is now off-limits in the wake of government directives on the response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Read more


31 January 2021

Nationwide Quality Assessment a Victory for Students

Somalian education officials are moving ahead with a comprehensive assessment of the country’s universities and colleges to ensure the quality of higher education does not fall below acceptable standards. Read more

TİKA Supports Higher Education in Somalia

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) provided educational materials to the East Africa University, which carries out its educational activities under difficult conditions in the city of Buuhoodle in Somalia. Read more


30 September 2020

Growing Concern Over Higher Education-Industry Disconnect

Consensus is growing about the need for Somalia’s tertiary education sector to be better aligned with the country’s developing labour market demands as its economy emerges from years of conflict. Read more

Somalia Offers Cheapest Internet in Region, Kenya Lags on Low Investment

Somalia has the most affordable mobile internet in Africa and seventh worldwide this year, beating its eastern Africa neighbours including Kenya a new study has revealed. Read more


30 August 2020

Tackling the Spinoffs of Online Learning – Inequality, Cheating

The halting of physical access to universities as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic is widening socio-economic inequalities in Somalia, a country slowly emerging from a long civil war, a new study argues. Read more


31 July 2020

Keeping Students Connected in Somalia

To help contain the pandemic, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Higher Education (MOECHE) decided to suspend all classes, as overcrowded classrooms present an obvious health risk, at least until the situation improves. Read more


30 June 2020

New Approach to Somalian University Sports Activities

The Somalia University Sports Federation is the body mandated to run university sports in the country and it is the only organisation in the country that connects students at both, academic and athletic level. Read more


30 April 2020

Somalia’s COVID-19 Response: A Shift to Online Learning in Somali Higher Education

Like the rest of Somalia’s higher education institutions, the university – with more than four thousand students and one hundred and seventy (170) people on the teaching faculties – is now off-limits in the wake of government directives on the response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Read more

Still in Recovery Mode, Universities Rise to New Challenges

Somalia’s universities, slowly recovering from decades of civil war, are now having to resort to online teaching to ensure the continuation of teaching and learning in an age of COVID-19. Read more


31 March 2020

The Federal Republic of Somalia Has Appreciated Ethiopia’s Support in its Capacity-Building Programs

His Excellency Mr. Abdullahi Godah Barre, Minister of Education, Culture and Higher Education of the Federal Republic of Somalia have acknowledged the contribution of the Government of Ethiopia on the Higher Education Sector. Read more


31 January 2020

Mogadishu Bombing Took the Lives of the ‘Best and the Brightest’

In the Dec. 28 attack, 16 of the dead and 18 others who were critically injured were students at Benadir University — most of them young women studying sciences in a country where precious few women have access to higher education.


31 December 2019

Unisa Extends African Footprint with Book Donation to the Somali National University

The University of South Africa (Unisa) donated more than 30 000 books to the Somali National Library and the Somali National University (SNU). Read more


30 November 2019

Curriculum Review & Road Manual Development Somalia/Somaliland

The TVET and Higher Education for Boosting Road Infrastructure Development and Growth of Energy Services (THE BRIDGES) project aims to support the Government of Somalia/Somaliland plans to enhance inclusive economic growth and reduce poverty. Read more


31 July 2019

Somalia Launches Program to Boost Education Opportunities in Somalia

Somalia and two international agencies on Thursday launched a program to boost education opportunities for children and youth impacted by ongoing crises in Somalia. Read more


30 June 2019

First Graduation in 30 Years Signals Peace and Progress

The Somali National University (SNU) this week held its first graduation and convocation ceremony since the breakout 30 years ago of the civil war that wracked Somalia. Read more

Higher Education Blueprint – A Race Against Time

The implementation of Somalia’s much-vaunted Education Sector Strategic Plan 2018-2020 (ESSP) is in danger of being derailed cause of a failure to engage education actors, weak leadership and a general lack of commitment, Somali higher education experts warn. Read more


31 March 2019

Car Bomb Kills University Lecturer, Injures 3 Mogadishu

A car bomb has killed a university lecturer and critically injured three others in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu on Monday morning. Read more


28 February 2019

Somalia’s Minister of Education, Culture and Higher Education and Delegation Visit VUT

In his welcoming speech, Professor Gordon Zide, Vice-Chancellor and Principal of the VUT, reiterated the theme, “The audacity and tenacity of the unshakeable hope”. He had used this theme for his 2019 academic opening address, which he delivered on Friday, 8 February. He informed the meeting of the need to find ways of developing the African continent together as institutions of higher learning. To this end, the VUT has taken the lead in community engagement. Read more


31 January 2019

Using Digital Libraries to Overcome Information Famine

With the demise of the central government of Somalia in 1990, its education provision collapsed and its national and only university closed. Read more


30 November 2018

Global Partnership for Education Launches US$17.9 Million Grant for the Federal Government of Somalia

The Global Partnership for Education (GPE) is pleased to announce a US$17.9 million grant for the Federal Government of Somalia. The grant will be implemented by the Federal Ministry of Education, Culture and Higher Education to address crucial education needs and priorities identified in the Education Sector Strategic Plan (ESSP) 2018-2020. Read more


31 October 2018

Higher Education Sub-Sector in Somalia Cries out for Reforms

A university should be an idyllic space where top-level academic brains leverage on cutting-edge research technology to advanced knowledge for a better universe.  A good university should be the cauldron in which hitherto unknown ideas are boiled through scientific inquiry to provide solutions to seemingly intractable problems that humanity has grappled with for ages. Read more


15 March 2017

Call To Ensure More Women Access Higher Education

The president of the Somali National Commission for UNESCO and former Somalia education minister has called on her country’s fledgling national government and growing tertiary education sector to redouble its efforts to boost the presence of women in Somali higher education. Read more


30 September 2016

Proliferation of Universities Brings Mixed Fortunes

As guns continue to fall silent in Somalia’s waning civil conflict, exponential growth has been witnessed in the higher education sector. But there are mixed reviews of the quality of education offered by the country’s new independent universities. Read more


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