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Weaving Success Weaving Success: Voices of Change in African Higher Education
Megan Lindow
© 2011 Institute of International Education.
ISBN: 978-0-87206-342-6
EffectsOfMassification The Effects of Massification on Higher Education in Africa
Goolam Mohamedbhai
© 2008 Association of African Universities, Accra-North, Ghana, 92 pages.
ISBN: 9780-99-8858-941-7
 HigherEducationInAfrica Higher Education in Africa: The International Dimension
Damtew Teferra and Jane Knight, Editors
© 2008 Center for International Higher Education, Boston College, USA and Association of African Universities, Accra, Ghana, 584 pages.
ISBN: 978-99-8858-940-9
 AfricanHigherEducation African Higher Education: An International Reference Handbook
Damtew Teferra and Philip G. Altbach, Editors
© 2003 Indiana University Press, 864 pages.
ISBN: 0-253-34186-8
OriginsJourneysAndReturns Origins, Journeys and Returns: Social Justice in Higher Education
Toby Alice Volkman, Editor with Joan Dassin and Mary Zurbuchen
© 2009 Social Science Research Council, New York, USA, 268 pages.
ISBN: 978-0-9790772-8-9
ChangeAndTransformationInGhana Change & Transformation in Ghana’s Publicly Funded Universities
Tarkyiwaa Manuh, Sulley Gariba, and Joseph Budu
© 2007 Carnegie Corporation of New York, Ford Foundation, The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and The Rockefeller Foundation, 175 pages.
ISBN: 978-0-85255-171-4
PublicAndPrivateUniversitiesInKenya Public & Private Universities in Kenya
Kilemi Mwiria, Njuguna Ng’ethe, Charles Ngome, Douglas Ouma-Odero, Violet Wawire, and Daneil Wesonga
© 2007 Partnership for Higher Education in Africa, James Currey, Oxford, United Kingdom and East African Educational Publishers, Nairobi, Kenya, 199? pages.
ISBN: 978-0-85255-442-5
GenderInTheMakingOfTheNigerianUniversitySystem Gender in the Making of the Nigerian University System
Charmaine Pereira
© 2007 Partnership for Higher Education in Africa, James Currey, Oxford, United Kingdom and Heinemann Educational Books, Ibadan, Nigeria, 195 pages.
ISBN: 978-0-85255-172-1
PerspectivesAndReflectionsOnNigerianHigherEducation Perspectives and Reflections on Nigerian Higher Education
Munzali Jibril, Editor
© 2005 Spectrum Books Limited, Ibadan, Nigeria, 584 pages.
ISBN: 978-029-538-0
BecomingAnAfricanUniversity Becoming an African University: Makerere 1922-2000
Carl Sicherman
© 2005 Africa World Press, Trenton, NJ, 416 pages
ISBN: 978-1-59221-288-0
AHistoryOfAfricanHigherEducation A History of African Higher Education From Antiquity to the Present
Y. G-M. Lulat
© 2005 Praeger Publishers, Westport, CT, 624 pages.
ISBN: 0-313-32061-6