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30 April 2024

Africa’s PhDs – Study Shows How to Develop Strong Graduates Who Want to Make a Difference

A new study finds transformative ways to nurture Africa’s PhD graduates.  Researchers have identified a successful approach to developing strong, well-rounded graduates focused on making a positive impact on their communities and institutions. The Consortium for Advanced Research Training in Africa (CARTA) utilizes innovative methods, including interactive and peer-based learning, to produce empowered thinkers and change agents.  This approach could have widespread implications for universities seeking to create graduates ready to take on the world’s challenges. More

Warning on Africa’s ‘immature’ educational research landscape

African education research is booming, but faces challenges. A report finds a rapid increase in research publications in the last two decades, but also highlights that 90% of research is self-funded, which hinders quality. Additionally, female researchers face challenges due to funding disparity. More

Concerns over US visa rejections for African students

International education stakeholders are calling out alarmingly high US visa rejection rates for African students.  These denials have skyrocketed, disproportionately impacting Africans compared to other regions. The situation is denying talented students a chance at a US education and could discourage future applicants. Experts advocate for policy changes, better student preparation, and collaboration between governments to address the crisis. More

African Education Ministers converge in Nairobi for key summit

African education ministers gather in Nairobi for a pivotal summit on developing the continent’s skilled workforce.  The focus lies on preparing for Africa’s industrial future, harnessing technical training, and shaping higher education to propel a green economy.  Ministers will collaborate with academia and industry leaders to strategize skill development and innovation across the continent. More

Japan-backed science hub to involve 10 African universities

Japan-backed science initiative transforms Kenyan university into an African innovation hub.  A Kenyan university is rising as a regional leader in science and technology, thanks to the AFRICA-ai-JAPAN project. This collaborative effort, backed by Japan, is strengthening research in agriculture, engineering, and ICT across the continent. Building partnerships with 10 African nations, the project aims to boost skills, innovation, and create solutions tailored to Africa’s unique challenges. More

Subject rankings: Africa performs in field of medicine

South African and Egyptian universities lead in QS World University Rankings by Subject 2024 for Africa, with strong performances in medicine and agriculture. Concerns arise as 25% of subject areas had no African universities ranked. More

What rankings ignore about African-based medical education

Despite global rankings, African medical schools are producing skilled, adaptable doctors uniquely prepared to tackle the continent’s health crises. South African doctor Amy Paterson argues that these institutions deserve recognition for training clinicians in resource-limited settings.  They teach practical skills, cultural competency, and critical awareness of healthcare disparities. While challenges exist, African medical graduates are filling a vital need, and their training models hold valuable lessons for the world. More

African governments urged to re-examine positions on migration

African nations are urged to rethink the exodus of highly skilled workers. The African Union and UN Migration warn of a “brain drain,” as professionals leave in search of better opportunities. This raises questions about the role of African education and fuels a debate: can the continent stem the tide of skilled workers departing amidst persistent poverty, conflict, and climate risks? More

Students from Africa remain dominant in French universities

African students remain the dominant force in French universities, surpassing those from other global regions. This is due to factors like shared language, affordable costs, and France’s focus on quality education. To further diversify, France actively recruits from English-speaking African nations, highlighting its increasing English-language programs. More

Leaders told to replicate Africa’s successes in science

African leaders and scientists seek a prosperous future powered by science and technology. They call for increased investment in research and education to transform agriculture, industry, and eradicate poverty. Emphasis is placed on STEM education and empowering women and youth to become tech innovators and entrepreneurs. More

Decolonisation of African universities ‘could reduce brain drain’

Colonial-era educational models persist in Africa, fueling “brain drain” as graduates seek jobs matching their training.  Experts argue decolonizing African universities is critical. By focusing on localized needs and knowledge, African economies could better utilize their burgeoning youth populations and retain top talent. More

Millions for Africa in its ‘Year of Education’

The European Union commits €245 million to boost education in Africa with programs supporting girls’ education, academic mobility, vocational training, youth leadership, and research initiatives. More

Education research growing in Africa, despite little funding

African education research shows promising growth but faces severe funding hurdles. Determined researchers push forward, but limited resources hold back quality and impact. A new study highlights the urgent need for collaboration between funders, governments, and researchers to bridge the gap and make education research a driving force for change. More

How being part of research consortia can benefit PhD students

A new study shows belonging to research consortia offers access to better equipment, professional networks, and a supportive learning environment. These programs are a vital part of strengthening the research landscape in Sub-Saharan Africa. More

Shisha smoking on the rise in student communities across Africa

Shisha use is skyrocketing among university students across Sub-Saharan Africa. Lured by social media campaigns and trendy flavors, students are drawn to this ‘fashionable’ habit. But experts warn of serious harm: cancer, addiction, and other health risks often ignored by those seeking cool. More

Project focuses on enhancing impactful societal research

SARUA spearheads a bold initiative to transform research in Southern Africa. The project seeks to identify and remove obstacles, fueling research that directly tackles the region’s most urgent challenges. Backed by the Canadian International Development Research Centre, this effort aims to reshape how research is rewarded and conducted. Universities and stakeholders are invited to join and shape a future where research makes a tangible difference. More

Universities slow to dispose of hazardous asbestos buildings

Decades-old buildings on African campuses often contain asbestos, a known carcinogen. Kenyan researchers revealed alarmingly high exposure levels among university maintenance workers, despite bans on the hazardous material in some countries.  Safety precautions remain inadequate, potentially putting students and staff families at risk. More


31 March 2024

Project aims at developing science capacity in agro-ecology

An EU-funded project aims to boost Sub-Saharan Africa’s research capacity in agro-ecology. New research centers will be set up to improve sustainable farming practices through research, knowledge sharing, and training. This project strengthens collaboration between African institutions in agriculture, education, and innovation. More

University of Nottingham Launches African Universities Europe Office

The Association of African Universities (AAU) has opened a new European office at the University of Nottingham’s Jubilee Campus. This signifies a five-year commitment between the AAU and the University of Nottingham to improve education and research collaboration between Africa and Europe. The new office will serve as a central location for coordinating these efforts, with a focus on research partnerships, student exchange programs, and knowledge sharing. More

Attacks on education in West and Central Africa on the rise

UNESCO reports a surge in attacks on education in West & Central Africa. Boko Haram and other armed groups target universities, with closures, violence, and abductions reported. UNESCO urges governments to protect schools and follow guidelines to prevent violence and military use of educational facilities. More

University of Glasgow Recognizes Prof. Ernest Aryeetey with Prestigious Honorary Degree

Prof. Ernest Aryeetey, the Secretary-General of the African Research Universities Alliance, will receive an honorary Doctor of Science (DSc) degree from the University of Glasgow. This prestigious recognition is one of several being awarded by the University to celebrate individuals with outstanding achievements. The ceremony will be held on June 12, 2024, at the University’s Commemoration Day. More


FARA and RUFORUM inaugurate the Regional Multi-Actor Research Network on Agroecology to Support Regional Centres of Excellence related to the Green Transition.

In a bid to promote sustainable agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa, FARA and RUFORUM launched a new project. The Regional Multi-Actor Research Network on Agroecology (RMRN) aims to improve research capacities in agroecology and support the development of sustainable food systems. Funded by the European Union, the 36-month project will see collaboration between various research institutions, farmer organizations, and policymakers. More

Research to increase food production – researchers told

Researchers should focus on practical solutions for smallholder farmers, emphasizing yield improvement over just production increase. This highlights a need for research to better address farmer needs and for improved methods of getting new technologies to them. More

Association of African Universities (AAU)

Unveiling the Future of Online Education in Africa: AAU-eLearnAfricaLMS to host Inaugural Edition of e-Learning Summit

The Association of African Universities (AAU) and eLearnAfrica are launching the first-ever e-Learning Summit on April 18th to discuss the future of online education in Africa. This virtual event will feature key figures in the field and highlight the AAU-eLearnAfricaLMS project, which expands online learning opportunities to millions of African students. More

Celebrating Professor Olusola Oyewole’s Prestigious Appointment to the International Academy of Food Science and Technology

Professor Olusola Bandele Oyewole, head of the Association of African Universities (AAU), was elected to the International Academy of Food Science and Technology (IAFoST). This honor recognizes his accomplishments in food science research, education, and development in Africa. The ceremony will be held at the World Congress of Food Science and Technology in Italy. More


31 January 2024

African Institute of International Law to Sign an MOU With Scores of African Universities

The African Institute of International Law (AIIL), based in Tanzania, has started concluding a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with a few African universities to conduct joint programmes per its mission. Read more

Climate Education Needed to Support Youth Ecopreneurs (Africa).

Education institutions and policy-makers are crucial for scaling up youth-led entrepreneurship and innovation for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through skills development and lifelong learning for young people. Read more

Crop Research and Innovation for Agricultural Transformation, Resilience, and Inclusion

The African Crop Science Society (ACSS) is organizing its 13th Conference which will be hosted by Eduardo Mondlane University in collaboration with the National Agriculture Research Institute (IIAM) and other higher education institutions in Mozambique. Read more 

Extract of Press News on Higher Education in Africa

Universities must transform to ensure no one is left behind in the era of AI (Global).  As leaders of two pre-eminent global universities, we find ourselves at the crossroads where academic tradition intersects with rapid digital innovation. Read more

HE Systems Are Out of Sync with Africa’s Human Capital Needs

The gap between Africa and the rest of the world in the development of job skills is widening and the challenge is that universities and other tertiary education institutions on the continent are not producing enough graduates with the knowledge and skills required by their regional economies, according to the Addis Ababa-based United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA). Read more

Science Visas for African Researchers Could Promote Mobility

The time is ripe for African countries to consider designating a new category of travel visas dedicated to scientists and researchers to facilitate scientific development on the continent. Such a scientific visa would help ease mobility within the continent and beyond and facilitate research collaboration between African researchers and their foreign counterparts. Read more

Views on Africanising Tech Integration in Higher Education

Research on technology integration in higher education in Africa seems to be gathering some momentum, although the primary focus is on exploring how particular technological tools are used to support certain course activities. Read more

What Challenges Will the HE Sector in Africa Face in 2024?

The African Union (AU) has named 2024 as the Year of Education – a reminder to member states to keep pursuing the goals of the Continental Education Strategy for Africa (CESA) and Sustainable Development Goal 4, which aims to ensure inclusive, equitable quality education and lifelong learning for all. Read more

WSU Bolsters Relationships with African Universities

Washington State University is expanding its relationships with universities in central and western Africa as part of ongoing efforts to further scholarly exchange and leverage expertise to address some of the world’s most pressing challenges. Read more


30 November 2023

30 Women Honoured for Their Impactful Research in Africa

The winners of this year’s L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Young Talents Sub-Saharan Africa Awards included 25 PhD candidates and five post-doctoral researchers, who are spread across multiple research fields to tackle major challenges to improve the quality of life in Africa and worldwide. Read more

40% Of Students Have Used AI in Their Studies – Survey

Up to 40% of students who participated in a global survey say they have used generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) in their studies – a practice that appears to be more popular in Kenya than any other of the 15 countries included in the report by the impact, research and advocacy arm of the edtech company Chegg. Read more

Africa’s Article Output Grows, But R&D Funding is Lacking

Low public and private investment levels in research and development (R&D) remain a trend in most African countries. Still, this bleak narrative contrasts with knowledge production patterns by African nations as bibliometric studies of articles authored or co-authored by scientists and scholars over the past two decades …Read more

Africa’s Top-Brass Universities Empowered By 5G Tech Spaces …

Africa’s most renowned universities are keen to be at the forefront of Research, Innovation, and Outreach (RIO) of technologies, products, services, and operating models that reduce CO2 emissions and help attain Net Zero Emissions (NZE). Read more

Attacks on Academic Freedom Recorded Across Africa

War-torn Sudan is one of the 30% of countries in the world with the lowest levels of academic freedom, where scholars and university students frequently face pervasive attacks and universities are denied autonomy, according to Scholars at Risk (SAR), a global network that campaigns for the right of academics – and students – to think and express ideas without fear. Read more

AU Calls for Investment in Education, Skills Development in Africa

The African Union (AU) has called for further investments in education and skills development in Africa by applying a new form of social contract. The call was made by Mohamed Belhocine, the AU commissioner for education, science, technology, and innovation, addressing the fifth Session of the Committee on Social Policy, on Social Policy, Poverty and Gender, … Read more

Biodiversity Researchers Need Confidence, Writing Skills

African biodiversity conservation and ecology researchers in Sub-Saharan Africa are under-represented in high-impact factor journals, although a third of primary authors in those fields are based in institutions in the region, according to a study published in the October issue of Conservation Science and Practice, a journal of the Society for Conservation Biology in Washington, DC. Read more

Climate Science in Africa Needs More Funding, Says Professor

Despite the important work African researchers are doing to provide knowledge and understanding about climate science to society and policy-makers, the continent’s climate scientists lack visibility on the international stage because there are just not enough resources to build the sustainable institutions required. Read more

Dire Need for Free Access To Agricultural Repository

The Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) and the West and Central African Research and Education Network (WACREN) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to enhance scientific and scholarly communication in Africa. Read more

‘Disconnect’ Between Agriculture and Nutrition in Focus

Africa’s Green Revolution “has let us down”, not because agriculture on the continent is delivering insufficient quantities of food, but because, overall, the food that is being produced is not diverse and nutritious enough, a leading expert told a recent gathering at Stellenbosch University (SU) in South Africa. Read more

Education Leaders Have to Stimulate Critical Climate Debates

The University of the Free State (UFS) in South Africa is leading a new consortium which aims to strengthen the capacity of universities in Africa to contribute towards climate-resilient food systems. Read more

Education Should Play its Role at COP28, Climate Expert Says

The role universities play as centres of learning and bearers of knowledge allows institutions to lead research on climate science and use that knowledge to inform policy-making and practice in both climate adaptation and mitigation, according to Dr Bob Manteaw, … Read more

Engineering Emerges as an Area of Strength in Subject Rankings

A total of 112 universities in 17 African countries have been ranked in the 20th edition of the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings by subject 2024, an index that each year lists institutions’ performance in academic fields across 11 selected subject areas. Read more

‘Faculty Champions’ Can Help to Mentor New Lecturers – Book

Lack of support for new faculty members – usually PhD holders who lack teaching qualifications and experience – has been cited as one of the factors hampering quality education in institutions of higher education in Africa. Read more

France Eyes Students Outside Traditional African Markets

Some of the French universities that are recruiting students in Africa will accept them based purely on merit, irrespective of the region they come from or the international language they speak back at home. Read more

High Study Visa Refusals: is the Recruitment Model to Blame?

The high study permit refusal rate for African students seeking to study in Canada can be blamed on increases in the volume of applications as a result of a recruitment model that invites mass applications and, in Africa, often relies on inexperienced downstream recruitment agents, … Read more

Historic Memorandum of Understanding Signed …

In a groundbreaking collaboration, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development [MINADER] in Cameroon has inked a Memorandum of Understanding [MoU] with the University of Bamenda. Read more

Industrialised Nations Urged to Up Climate Adaptation Finance

Young scientists, researchers, and civil society activists from across Africa have called on leaders from around the globe to urgently scale up adaptation finance and include young people in adaptation decisions and actions to drive the fight against climate change. Read more

Invest in Techno Capacity to Avoid ‘Data Colonialism’ in AI

African universities need to invest in technical capacity for artificial intelligence (AI) if they are to avoid the risk of ‘data colonialism’’– whereby they are reduced to being mere consumers of data they do not own or control. Read more

Mental Health Research Initiative Grows Pool of Scientists

Six universities in Africa are continuing an African Mental Health Research Initiative (AMARI) to strengthen a network of researchers whose scientific work focuses on mental, neurological and substance use disorders (MNS). Read more

More Intra-Africa University Collaborations Are Needed

As a university in Africa and a university in the Global South, my own university, the University of Johanneburg in South Africa, strives to be at the forefront of finding solutions and applying knowledge to local and global challenges – and we are not alone. Read more

Pan African University Needs Funding to Keep Its Momentum

The Pan African University (PAU) is facing a myriad of challenges, and its rector has implored Africa’s business sector and other regional partners to assist the institution, which was established in 2011 as part of the African Union’s Plan of Action for the Second Decade of Education in Africa. Read more

Report Outlines Skills Needs in Africa’s Fashion Industry

Countries in Africa struggle to reach their full potential in a fast-developing fashion industry due to limited educational and training systems, a persistent lack of investment and infrastructure in the sector, and insufficient intellectual property protection. Read more

Skills Development for Nuclear Energy Management in Africa

Thirteen member states were represented at this year’s Nuclear Energy Management school, hosted by the South African Nuclear Energy Corporation (Necsa). Read more

Students from Africa Have Expectations and Doubts About COP28

During preparatory events ahead of COP28, youth perspectives have been deliberately sought and are expected to be amplified by the 2023 presidency which intends to “centre youth perspectives in international climate policy-making, setting a model for future COPs”, … Read more

Study Identifies Leaders in AI-Driven Healthcare Research

Although South Africa is in the third position of the top 10 productive countries in the world regarding artificial intelligence (AI) for healthcare research in Africa after the United Kingdom and the United States, it has only one university – the University of Cape Town – included in the list of the top 10 institutions in the world. Read more

The 19th RUFORUM AGM Calls for Consolidated Efforts Towards Transforming Higher Agricultural and Tertiary Education in Africa

…the 19th RUFORUM Annual General Meeting in Yaoundé  provided a platform for participants to deliberate on key strategies for transforming higher agricultural and tertiary education to contribute to national, continental and global development as well as building consensus among key stakeholders in agriculture and higher education… Read more

The Battles of Sub-Saharan African Women Scientists Continue

Only a third of scientists in Africa are women – and, while gender equality in African research is gradually progressing, women scientists in most countries continue to describe their careers as an ‘obstacle course’. Read more

The Power Politics of English in Global Higher Education

Reports over the summer of universities in the United Kingdom withdrawing their offers after Pearson revoked some of its online English-language results due to alleged suspicion of cheating have raised some questions within international education. Read more

The Right to HE is not Yet a Reality in Africa

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has urged African countries to make the right to higher education a reality on the continent by reducing the cost of studying, expanding access, providing quality education and erasing gender inequalities. Read more

Universities a Key Part of The EU’s Global Gateway

Exactly one week after coming into office, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen went on her first foreign trip to Addis Ababa, signaling that a strategic partnership with the African Union (AU), based in the Ethiopian capital, was a key priority. Read more 

Universities Have Frontline Role to Play in Food Production

Stronger collaboration between stakeholders in the agriculture value chain to improve food production as well as fight against hunger and climate change in Africa is critical. Read more


31 October 2023

Africa-Europe Clusters of Research Excellence Total 20

Three new Africa-Europe Clusters of Research Excellence (CoRE) were launched by the African Research Universities Alliance (ARUA) and the Guild of European Research-Intensive Universities (the Guild) on 25 September, bringing the total to 20. Read more

Africa-Europe Collaboration: A New Era in Research Excellence

The recent launch of 20 joint Clusters of Research Excellence (CoREs) by the African Research Universities Alliance (ARUA) and The Guild of European Research-Intensive Universities (The Guild) marks by far the largest and most important research collaboration agreement ever with African universities. Read more

A Groundbreaking South-North Research Pact Has Taken Off

When the African Research Universities Alliance (ARUA) was formed in March 2015, one of its objectives was to strengthen ‘South-South cooperation’ through a purposeful collaboration among its members. Read more

AI In HE: ‘The End Game Must Be a More Equitable Society’

The ethics surrounding research and data usage are particularly pertinent in social science, given its focus on putting people first: what is the impact of any product on its user, and are there more equitable benefits than drawbacks? Read more

AU’s Clinical Research Center in Partnership with Bremen University Spearheads Research into Non-Communicable Diseases and Their Prevention in Africa

The Africa University Clinical Research Center (AUCRC) in partnership with Bremen University in Germany held the Manicaland Cohort Medical Observational study known as the MACOMO Project at the AU Main campus on the 1st of September 2023  in fulfillment of an ongoing MOU signed in 2016 between the two universities. Read more

Beyond BRICS: The Shaping of New Development Narratives

Efforts by both China and India to deepen cooperation with Africa in the higher education and research space are evident in several recent high-profile initiatives that reveal more about the countries’ geopolitical goals and engagement style. Read more

Colonialism Shaped Modern Universities in Africa

Colonialism profoundly shaped modern universities in Africa. It implanted institutions on African soil that were largely replicas of European universities rather than organically African. Read more

Dire Need to Foster Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in HE

There is a need to enhance diversity, equity and inclusion in higher education institutions across Africa to create a sense of belonging for every student and to advance transformation. Read more

‘Diversify and Decolonise Africa’s Higher Education Systems’

The African higher education system urgently needs diversification and differentiation if it is to meet human resource needs and generate the knowledge necessary to create employment for millions of youth – and spur development. Read more

Equity In Research Collaboration: From Vision to Practice

The Guild of European Research-Intensive Universities (The Guild) has developed, together with the African Research Universities Alliance (ARUA), a collaborative venture that is without equality in the global higher education sector. Read more

In Search of a Pan-African Homeland and Education

Everywhere we look in our global village, we find the Chinese being educated to be Chinese, Americans to be American, and Europeans to be Europeans, and so we can go on. On the other hand, the African has been and is still being educated to be Arabic, European, or European American. Read more

No Solutions Yet to Funding The ‘New’ African University

Funding crises have been among the most intractable problems facing African universities during post-independence. While the new agenda proposing a ‘new African university’ has focused on identity, potential missions, and philosophical standpoints, few ideas on financing these institutions have been offered. Read more

‘Policy Entrepreneurs’ Acknowledged For HE Reform Efforts

Higher Education Reform Experts South Africa (HERESA), a three-year pilot that will come to an end in November, was “a success with tangible impact”, project coordinator Dr. Sershen Naidoo told University World News at the end of the initiative’s final workshop in Johannesburg from 2-4 October. Read more

Priorities of New ‘African University’ Lack Substance

There has been an explosion of new universities on the African continent in the past 20 years. During this time, Ethiopia, alone, established 60 new universities. Read more

Rectors Strengthen Friendships with Francophone Association

Rectors of universities in North Africa and higher education institution members of the Francophone University Association (Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie), or AUF, have agreed to enhance partnerships to use scientific diplomacy to advance the economic, social and cultural development of these countries and the region. Read more

Refugee HE Enrolment Rises Almost Halfway to the 2030 Target

Global enrolment of refugees in higher education increased from 1% in 2019 to 7% in 2023, almost reaching the halfway mark towards the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) target of at least 15% enrolment by 2030 (the ‘15by30’ target). Read more

RUFORUM-WACREN Open Science Initiative: Policy Brief

The UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science (OS) advocates a set of principles and practices as an international standard for sharing and advancing scientific discoveries at significantly reduced or no costs while maintaining transparency and credibility. Read more

School to Teach Skills in Sustainable Energy Regulation

A meeting of African energy and transport ministers has endorsed the African School of Regulation (ASR) which has since received a US$1 million seed grant from the Rockefeller Foundation. Read more

Scientists Call For Accessibility To Traditional Medicines

African university scientists have expressed the urgent need to collaborate to strengthen the human resource capacity of researchers and other experts in traditional medicine and primary healthcare. Traditional remedies are a key to unlocking health challenges in Africa, hence the need for reinforcement to ensure quality control and accessibility to the needy population. Read more

Sexual Harassment Victims in Nigerian Universities are Being Blamed …

Sexual harassment encompasses a wide range of inappropriate behaviour, from ogling, touching and commenting about body parts, to sexual proposition, coercion, assault and rape. In other words, it is any form of unsolicited and unwanted sexual attention. Read more

Strategies Needed to Promote Effective, Ethical Data Sharing

Despite the benefits of data sharing, many researchers and scientists remain reluctant to share their data because of privacy or intellectual property concerns, the historical misuse of data, and worries about data being scooped. Read more

Strengthening Leadership Capacity Will Drive Vital Change in HE

The need to strengthen the capacity of leaders in higher education so that they can drive much-needed change in the sector was high on the agenda at a three-day workshop of Higher Education Reform Experts South Africa (HERESA) held in Johannesburg from 2-4 October. Read more

Students in Africa Are Among the Most Dissatisfied Globally

African universities score poorly on all metrics of student satisfaction save for online classroom experience where South African institutions scored higher than the global average, according to the 2023 Global Student Satisfaction Awards report just released. Read more

The Need for a ‘Reflexive Humanising Pedagogy’ in HE

A humanising pedagogy is based on Paulo Freire’s pedagogy of the oppressed, love, justice, restitution, and transformation. Such a pedagogy embeds the university’s curriculum, research, and social engagement with the critical agency to change people’s living circumstances. Read more

Transdisciplinary Entrepreneurial Ecosystems Can Support SDGs

The role of universities has continuously evolved in response to stimuli such as technological advancements, industrial needs, and economic conditions. Read more

WHO Approves Malaria Vaccine, Millions in Africa to Benefit

The World Health Organization (WHO) has approved a new vaccine that scientists argue will be a game-changer in the fight against malaria, which kills half a million people in Africa each year. Read more


30 September 2023

Academics Call for Greater Role of Media in Social Justice

Media practitioners and communicators have been challenged to actively promote social justice through their work. Read more

AFJRD Call for Papers: Community Engagement to foster Rural Transformation

The African Journal of Rural Development (AFJRD) has dedicated a Supplementary Issue to research, research for development processes, and related works on “Community Engagement that fosters Rural Transformation” in an effort to promote the dissemination of information to various stakeholders. Read more

Africa Should Focus Research on Population Growth Challenges

Africa should increase investment in research and education to develop the much-needed human capital and knowledge economy that will help solve the challenges associated with rapid population growth that could surpass the current projections,… Read more

AI is the Future. There’s No Time for Academic Laggards

As we continue to advance in the 21st century, we see ourselves already living in the era of artificial intelligence (AI) which defines and is arguably the future. Read more

Book Interrogates Pathways to Address Challenges in HE

A new thrust towards the search for the identity of African universities has been undertaken by 16 scholars, who have been probing how African academia could construct a progressive future that would address rampant challenges within the sector. Read more

Climate Conference Calls for African-Funded Research Council

The 11th Climate Change and Development in Africa Conference has resolved that the African Union should lead efforts to establish an African-funded research council and ensure that the continent’s education and training systems are responsive to climate change. Read more

How to Create a ‘New’ Type of University for Africa

The landscape of higher education in Africa has been shaped by historical contexts, current challenges and future aspirations – an ongoing dialogue between the past, present and future that is influencing policy processes and reforms. Read more

How to Lead International HE in a Volatile, Uncertain World

The Global Leadership Summit held on 22 August in Durban, South Africa, brought together leaders of international education from numerous countries around the world to discuss the most pressing issues currently facing international higher education in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world. Read more

More HE Students Seek Private Tutoring – Is It a Problem?

While significant attention has been given to private supplementary tutoring (PST) in pre-university education, private tutoring in higher education has received little attention in the academic literature, despite it becoming more common in North African countries. Read more

Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso Feel Impact of France’s Visa Call

France has suspended student mobility with Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso and told new students from those countries who were about to start studies in France that they may not come after all. Current scholarship students without valid visas will also not be able to travel to France. Read more

Researchers Highlight Benefits of Clean Cooking Technologies

The important role of academic institutions in ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all under SDG 7 was underscored during the Africa Climate Summit held in Nairobi, Kenya, from 4-6 September 2023. Read more

Research Has to Change the Lives of End Users, Experts Say

As calls grow louder for Africa to produce a critical mass of PhDs to help find local solutions to the challenges affecting the continent, there should also be a sharper focus on how the research and innovations produced by scientists get to the end users and improve their lives. Read more

Some Strides to Include Climate Change in Curricula

“We call for a comprehensive and systemic response to the incipient debt crisis outside default frameworks to create the fiscal space that all developing countries need to finance development and climate action,” African leaders said in the Nairobi Declaration on Climate Change and Call to Action adopted at the conclusion of the Africa Climate Summit… Read more

Study Points to Benefits of Getting to Grips with Plagiarism

A recent study argues that the quality of teaching, learning, and research in Sub-Saharan African universities will improve if the key forms of plagiarism and factors or conditions that open opportunities for plagiarism among students and academics are resolved. Read more

Support Needed to Drive Congo Basin’s Sustainable Development

Collaboration among research institutions and increased funding have been identified as key factors in driving conservation and sustainable development action in the Congo Basin, also known as the ‘lungs of Africa’. Read more


31 August 2023

Africa is Home to the Oldest and Youngest Universities

The African continent is home to four of the world’s oldest universities and also to some of the planet’s youngest, first-ever universities in a given country, with some countries having established their first institutions less than 10 years ago. Read more

Africa Is Missing Out On Open-Access Publishing Opportunities

Despite the huge untapped potential for a knowledge-driven economy, the African academic and research community is missing out on the numerous opportunities that come with the open-access publishing of books. Read more

Africa-Russia HE Cooperation Plan Reflects Geopolitical Tussles

Africa and Russia are planning to cooperate more closely in the higher education and scientific research spheres, including formulating joint research and educational projects in nuclear, space, and digital technologies along with artificial intelligence, networking among Russian and African universities, and enhancing student and academic mobility. Read more

Aviation University Graduates More Than 1,550 Professionals

Ethiopian Aviation University, the largest aviation university in Africa, graduated today with 1,551 professionals, about 100 from other African countries. The university graduated 160 pilots, 458 aircraft maintenance technicians, 702 cabin crews, 69 hotel operation professionals, and customer service agents. Read more

Aware, Connect, Empower: An Approach to North-South relations

International education practitioners and researchers in Africa are calling for new approaches to North-South collaborations, noting that the time has come for developing new best practices for mutually beneficial partnerships. Read more

Big Data Research Poses New Challenges to Ethics Committees

A new study highlights the need for the training of research ethics committees tasked with reviewing data-intense research protocols where data protection and data sharing are important. This is to handle better the ethical, legal, and social implications of big data-related research, which are inadequately supported by legislative and enforcement frameworks. Read more

Dire Shortage of Student Housing Needs Smarter Solutions

The massive growth in student numbers has exacerbated a dire shortage of quality, affordable student housing in Africa. It has become one of the major challenges facing the higher education sector on the continent. Read more

Find Innovative Solutions to the Housing Crisis, Says AAU Head

African universities need to be innovative to find sustainable ways to finance infrastructure projects on their campuses, as the lack of structures to support the admission of more students is denying many students who qualify the opportunity to enter tertiary education institutions, …  Read more

Governments Should Value the Teaching Profession

The education sector on the African continent faces various challenges, some of which always recur. They include funding, strikes and protests, poor education systems (the leading challenge), weak education policies, and socio-economic issues. Read more

Green Buildings: A Sustainable Path to Student Housing?

The increase in African urbanisation and shortage of campus accommodation due to the growth of the student population are making the adoption of green building practices an environmentally friendly and sustainable path to resilient, affordable housing. Read more

International Educators Cannot Evade the Needs of The Future

My talk will focus on what keeps me up at night – and I would argue must keep us up at night as scholars, educators, practitioners, and supporters who are committed to equitable and quality education. Read more

Kick-Off Meeting for AgrGROW Project

The Climate-Smart agropreneurship Education for Livelihood and Sustainability in Eastern and Southern Africa project (AgrGROW), funded by the European Union through its Erasmus+ programme will officially be launched during a week-long meeting of project partners … Read more

Leaders Agree to Develop Human Capital to Stop Crisis

African leaders have agreed to prioritise investing in people as a core driver of productivity, resilience, and economic growth through raising the quality of education, enhancing skills development, and strengthening research and innovation as well as promoting job creation, among other measures. Read more

Natural Resources A ‘Curse’ for the Research Sector

As natural resources in Africa such as minerals, forests, and oil, delay more scientific performance, African countries should develop strategies to transfer resources from the extractive sectors to the research sector which requires equipping universities with the appropriate infrastructure and regulating the research sector. Read more

Portal To Focus on The Collection of Quality Data About TVET

A newly launched monitoring portal for collecting, analysing and sharing real-time data among technical and vocational education and training (TVET) institutions in East Africa will help close quality and data collection gaps in the region. Read more

RUFORUM Executive Assistant and Head of Partnerships Paid a Courtesy Visit to Benin’s Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research

In a significant step towards strengthening education and research in Benin and the broader West Africa region, the Executive Assistant to the Executive Secretary (EAES), Dr. Sokona Dagnako, held a crucial meeting with the esteemed Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research (HESR), Prof Eléonore Yayi Ladekan. Read more

Scheme Helps Women Scientists to Juggle Work and Family

Phoebe Kalelwa Murunga, a masters student in environmental studies at Kenyatta University in Kenya, had to interrupt her postgraduate studies for about a year after she fell pregnant and had her baby. Read more

Sub-Saharan Africa Leads Enrolments in Professional Courses

The Sub-Saharan African region has the highest year-on-year average growth rate in the world in the number of people enrolling for professional certificate courses, a new study by a global trainer has found. Read more

The Western Ph.D. Model is Not Entirely Suitable for Africa

Never in the contemporary period has the Doctor of Philosophy degree (Ph.D.) become an imperative discourse in African development. In his recent article in University World News Elias Ngalame states that among African governments, policy experts, politicians, academics, and international development agencies there is agreement about the need for African universities to produce more PhDs. Read more

TVET Tutors Win Post-Graduate Scholarships

Some 20 lecturers and tutors from Kenya, Ethiopia and Tanzania who work in technical and vocational education and training (TVET) institutes have received scholarships for post-graduate studies at top universities in China, part of a wider project by partners to boost skills in the region. Read more

Ubuntu Can Advance the Global Citizenship Education Paradigm

Universities in Africa seemed to have succumbed to neoliberalism by focusing on managerialist practices that enhance performativity, or work for profit, at these institutions. Considering that performativity became associated with universities’ performance on the African continent, it is not surprising that they nowadays focus on increased outputs that can ensure monetary gains. Read more

Universities Pursue Green Built Environment Practices

Universities as institutions of learning, research and engagement are strategically placed to drive sustainability issues through the evolution of green campuses and the adoption of sustainable built environment practices. Read more

‘Vice-Chancellors Need to be Out There’

The advancement portfolio at universities is undervalued by the executive management. It is viewed as a secondary function and tends to have inappropriate reporting lines, while staff in this portfolio are usually not involved in strategic planning at the highest levels. Read more

What are the Ideal Features of Modern Student Housing?

Alexander Astin, in his 1993 book, What Matters in College? Four critical years revisited, elaborated on key aspects of student development. Read more

Women Still ‘Grossly’ Under-Represented as Academic Leaders

Despite making great strides in various spheres of socio-economic life, African women remain grossly under-represented in academic leadership positions. Less than three out of every 100 universities are led by women vice-chancellors. Read more

Women Student Leaders Plead for Mentorship Opportunities

Women university student union leaders in Africa are pleading for mentorship opportunities from successful women leaders inside and outside academia, lamenting that they were playing second fiddle to their male colleagues, despite more of them getting elected to lead the unions. Read more


31 July 2023

22nd AAU COREVIP Sets Stage for Advancing Excellence in African Higher Education

The biennial Conference for Rectors, Vice Chancellors, and Presidents of African Universities (COREVIP) is underway in Windhoek, Namibia, under the theme: Advancing Excellence in African Higher Education”. Read more

54% Of African Student Visa Applications Denied by the US

African students who apply to study at universities and colleges in the United States experience the highest visa refusal rates of all international students applying to study in the US with more than half of all applicants rejected in 2022. Read more

Africa’s HIV Research Output Not Matching Infection Burden

Despite Africa’s contribution to the global Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) research output, which has increased over the past 35 years since the epidemic first became a cause for concern, only a modest improvement in scholarly work compared to the continent’s burden of infection has been seen, a study has found. Read more

Africa’s Academic Leaders Agree on Charter for Collaboration

African university heads, research bodies, and senior role-players in higher education have agreed on a charter that outlines key principles for fostering transformative research collaborations across the continent. Read more

AI Can Help HE, But Guidelines for Ethical Usage Are Needed

Higher education institutions should be prepared to adopt, absorb, and utilise artificial intelligence (AI). This is according to Rwanda’s Minister of Education, Dr. Valentine Uwamariya, who spoke during the 14th Inter-University Council for East Africa (IUCEA) Annual Conference and Meeting in Kigali that ended on 28 June. Read more

Centre of Excellence in Agri-Food Systems and Nutrition

The Regional Centre of Excellence in Agri-Food Systems and Nutrition (CE-AFSN) at Eduardo Mondlane University is implementing the African Centers of Excellence project, phase II, Additional financing (ACE II AF) for the East and Southern Africa funded by the World Bank. Read more

Decolonisation: Admit Weaknesses, Forge Home-Grown Solutions

With the current conditions of weakened institutions of care, research and higher education, Africa needs to ‘self-decolonise’ and mutually reinforce ‘egalitarian and inclusive’ partnership models for capacity-building that best fit the African context. Read more

Dr. Anshu Padayachee: Tributes Pour in for HE Trailblazer

The death of Dr. Anshu Padayachee, a former colleague and confidante of South African Minister of Higher Education, Science, and Innovation, Dr. Blade Nzimande, has deprived the tertiary education landscape of an outspoken teacher, researcher, and administrator who has been involved in the sector for decades. Read more

HE Leaders Divided Over Rankings at High-Level Meeting

Senior academics were divided about the value of ranking universities in Africa during the ongoing Conference of Rectors, Vice-chancellors and Presidents of African Universities, or COREVIP 2023, organised by the Association of African Universities (AAU) in Windhoek, Namibia. Read more

Higher Education Experts in Sub-Saharan Africa Sought for THE’s Sub-Saharan Africa University Rankings Advisory Board

Times Higher Education (THE) is looking for people passionately committed to improving higher education in Sub-Saharan Africa to join its newly created Sub-Saharan Africa University Rankings advisory board. Read more

ICBA RUFORUM Collaboration

The International Center for Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA) in collaboration with the Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) organized a four-day regional training workshop on “Improved land and water management practices and use of simulation models for increasing agricultural production in Sub-Sahara Africa”, … Read more

Increase Research Support for The Social Sciences

A new study has suggested that Africa needs a dedicated research platform to mobilise and coordinate individual and institutional research support for social sciences, humanities, and the arts (SSHA) to enhance research leadership capacity and minimise research inequalities in Africa. Read more

Is Racism Behind Denial of Visas to African Students?

In the five years between 2018 and 30 April 2023, officials at Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada reportedly rejected 59% of the visa applications from English-speaking Africans and 74% from French-speaking Africans seeking to study in Canada’s colleges and universities. Read more

Quality Assurance Efforts in Africa Bolstered by HAQAA3

The implementation of the recently approved third phase of the Harmonisation of African Higher Education Quality Assurance and Accreditation (HAQAA3) initiative has started, following a meeting at the beginning of July to help drive the five-year project. Read more

…Quality Assurance workshop on the Links Between External Quality Assurance (EQA) and Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) …

The network’s mission is to help, guarantee, maintain, develop, and improve the quality of higher education and research in French-speaking Africa by strengthening the work of national quality assurance agencies and other organisations with similar objectives. Read more

RUFORUM Executive Assistant and Head of Partnerships paid a courtesy visit to Benin’s Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research

The meeting served as a platform to discuss the establishment of the Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) regional node for West Africa in Benin. Read more

Strengthening the Partnership for Higher Education in Africa: UNESCO and CAMES Envisioning the Future

To bolster high-level policy discussions and partnership synergies in higher education in Africa, UNESCO took part in the 40th session of the Council of Ministers of the African and Malagasy Council for Higher Education (CAMES) held in Niamey, Republic of Niger from May 23-27. Read more

The Future of Higher Education in Africa

Africa is the world’s youngest continent with 70% of its population under 30 years of age. Sixty percent of the young people are under 25yrs old and therefore are with the higher and tertiary education demographic. Many African countries have responded by increasing the number of higher education institutions. Read more

The Incoming 2023/24 Student Representative Council Officially Handed Leadership…

Friday 14 July 2023 marked the official end of the term of service of the outgoing Student Representative Council (SRC) leadership led by Mr. Amos Dobyo from Nigeria, as they handed over stewardship of the student body to the incoming executive. Read more

Transformation and Relevance of Higher Education in Africa

We must transform how we train the next generation given that 80% must be their job and wealth creators. Read more


31 May 2023

VOICES of IMPACT “Touching Lives, Creating Opportunities”

As a community development graduate from Egerton University supported through RUFORUM and Mastercard Foundation Scholarship, I am passionate about driving positive change in communities across Africa to achieve the continent’s Agenda 2063.  Read more


30 April 2023

Academics Challenged to Open Up Transformational Knowledge

Academics across the globe have been challenged to open up the discussion about transformational knowledge, which includes a holistic focus on higher education systems as well as decolonisation. Read more

ADEA, EU Parliament Set for Conference on Education Policies on Foundational Learning

The Association for the Development of Education in Africa (ADEA) and the European Union (EU) Parliament RENEWPAC group have concluded plans for a conference on education policies in Africa, focusing on foundational learning. Read more

Africa Needs More PhDs, But They Must Be of High Quality

In a recent article by Maina Waruru, he reiterated the World Bank recommendation that African universities should produce as many as 100,000 PhDs over a 10-year period. Read more

Africa Strives to Revamp Its Universities

When Victoria Afua Dautey took up studies at the prestigious University of Ghana in Accra, it was a dream come true. It has now been 10 years since she completed her studies. Read more

Africa’s Universities Are Surging in the World Rankings

Ten years ago, the then-head of the University of Cape Town, Max Price, made a powerful case for Africa to compete against the best in the world in the global university rankings. Read more

Agricultural Technical and Vocational Education and Training (ATVET) in Sub-Saharan Africa…

This report looks at efforts in the region to develop and implement agricultural, technical, and vocational education and training (ATVET). It does this by reviewing TVET and ATVET policies, the institutional landscape and experience in the region and selected countries in Sub-Saharan Africa… Read more

Call for Degree Seeking Mobility, Cohort III

Intra-Africa Mobility to Train Agribusiness and Food System Scientists for African Agriculture (TAFSA) is funded by the European Union (EU). The program is run by 5 African Universities…Read more 

Central African Community Accelerates Regional HE Integration

The Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa (CEMAC) has embraced higher education and economic reforms geared at accelerating regional integration, promoting economic growth, and fighting poverty. Read more

COVID-19 Hit Examination Integrity and Research Hard

Most universities in East Africa struggled to uphold the integrity of examinations that were administered online during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a survey conducted by Education Sub-Saharan Africa (ESSA), a lobby group that uses research to improve education in African countries, in collaboration with the Inter-University Council of East Africa (IUCEA). Read more

Data Project Helps ARUA Universities Evaluate Research Efforts

Despite challenges encountered in their quest to transform into research and postgraduate training institutions, the African Research Universities Alliance, or ARUA, has reported that, in terms of research citation impact, some members have achieved the global average, in some cases exceeding the world score. Read more

Diversity is the Key to International Recruitment Success

Today there are nearly five times as many non-EU students as EU students enrolled in UK higher education. China, India, and Nigeria are primarily responsible for the increased growth. Prior to Brexit there were 66,680 EU students studying in the UK. In 2021, the number was just 31,000. Read more

Driving the Digital Workforce of the Future in Africa

A group of innovative universities in Sub-Saharan Africa are working on a common problem. How can they bring economic opportunities to the world’s youngest and fastest-growing population? Their solutions to upscale training in digital skills could make all the difference to the continent’s future. Read more 

EA’s Struggle for Shrinking Funds Choking Higher Education

Unpaid or delayed salaries and unremitted statutory dues continue to define the harsh financial times at public universities in East Africa as many struggles to fund higher education and are considering passing on the burden to the students. Read more

European Commission Announces Funding Opportunity for Academic Mobility in Africa

The European Commission has opened a €27 million call for proposals for higher education institutions to provide international learning mobility opportunities for African students, trainees and university staff under the Intra-Africa Academic Mobility Scheme 2022–2027. Read more

Framing Transformation of Higher Education for Africa’s Competitiveness

As Africa grapples with the need to grow its economy faster and sustainably to meet contemporary needs and exploit emergent and future opportunities across political, social, and economic domains, there is an immense challenge for the universities to offer solutions and guidance for shaping the continent’s future. Read more

Global Research Integrity Statement Calls for Fairness and Equity

Bias in research and its benefits, power imbalances, and other inequities has long plagued scientific collaboration. Now ethics experts from around the world have published the Cape Town Statement on Fostering Research Integrity through Fairness and Equity, with 20 recommendations to guide all stakeholders in achieving more just research practice. Read more

Honorary Doctorate for First African to Head the WHO

South Africa’s University of Pretoria (UP) has conferred an honorary doctorate on the first person from Africa to head the World Health Organization (WHO) as director-general, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, in recognition of his work as a global health expert and scholar. Read more

How to Place Internationalisation at the Heart of HE

Given the myriad of challenges and changes to higher education, not least in the wake of the COVID pandemic, creating a new ecosystem for the internationalisation of higher education has become more important than ever. Read more 

Humanising and Decolonising International Higher Education

Higher education internationally is seeing a decline in its commitment to humanising and decolonising the higher education environment. Read more

Inbound and outbound student trends for South Africa, Egypt, and Morocco

Universities and colleges in the West and Eastern Europe are competing intensely for students in Africa to further diversify their campuses. Outbound mobility is soaring in Nigeria and increasing steadily in countries such as Morocco, Egypt, Cameroon, Zimbabwe, and Ghana. Read more

Inspiring Youth Leadership in Tackling Environmental Challenges in Kenya

We partnered with German Imaging Technologies (GIT), the County Government of Kakamega, the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA), and Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST) in an effort to improve rural, school, and urban environmental conditions and to educate and empower local communities on environmental concerns. Read more

Joint Universal Acceptance Project Includes Local Languages

A project aimed at strengthening internet access across Africa by making e-mail mailbox names and other communication platforms of higher education institutions ready for universal acceptance (UA) and e-mail address internationalisation (EAI) through the use of characters in local languages and scripts was launched in Accra, Ghana, on 13 April 2023. Read more

Leaders Must Transform Universities into Healthy Workspaces

Universities should make staff well-being a strategic priority in order to counter the epidemic of burnout that is on the rise in higher education, Dr. Tessie Herbst of the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) told university leaders. Read more

Muslim Students in Paris, Far from Their Families, Gather for Iftar

Muslim students living in Paris, far from their families, gathered earlier this week for iftar, the fast-breaking dinner, Anadolu News Agency reports. Read more

Network’s Industry Partnerships Secure Jobs for Graduates

University graduates from a pan-African private higher education network have defied the odds in Africa, a continent suffering high graduate unemployment rates, by crafting partnerships involving universities as well as the private and public sectors to increase job placements which, in some instances, are securing a 90% employment rate. Read more

New Biomedical Institute a ‘Game Changer’ for Healthcare

The cutting-edge Biomedical Research Institute (BMRI) unveiled by Stellenbosch University (SU) near Cape Town shows that the African continent is perfectly willing and able to help, not just itself, but the rest of humanity as well, says Professor Nico Gey van Pittius, the vice dean of research and internationalisation at SU’s faculty of medicine and health sciences (FMHS). Read more

New Stable Isotope Map of Angola Helps Archaeologists Trace Individual Life Histories Across the African Diaspora

Archaeologists at UC Santa Cruz used predictive modeling to map strontium isotope ratios across all modern-day Angola, a region in Southwest Africa that was once a major hub for the transatlantic slave trade.  Read more

Non-White Scientists Spend More Time Under Review – PNAS

The study also found that even in Asia, Africa and South America, where the majority of the population is non-white, there are fewer non-white editors than would be expected relative to their share of authorship. Read more

Oxford University ‘Rewarding Slavery Twice’ by Repatriating Benin Bronzes

Oxford University has been told not to “reward slavery twice” by returning Benin Bronzes to Africa as it emerged that its repatriation plans have stalled. The university has been waiting for the Charity Commission to sign off its proposals to return the artefacts to Nigeria, but the process has been delayed. Read more

Programme is Targeting Early-Career Scientists in Africa

Early-career researchers from African countries which have limited scientific capacity are set to benefit from a US$5 million research initiative fronted by the World Academy of Sciences (TWAS), a UNESCO programme unit, with funding from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Read more

Reflections on the Establishment and Implementation of an Agribusiness Incubation Hub

Establishing and implementing an agribusiness incubation hub at a higher education institution may seem simple, but it is a complex undertaking requiring careful planning and collaboration. Read more

Research Contribution on Cardiovascular Disease Remains Low

Cardiovascular research output from African researchers over the past 50 years remains low, despite marked progress. The annual number of journal articles increased from four publications in 1971 to 3,867 in 2020, according to a study that scanned Web of Science and other sources and retrieved data of publications related to African authorship. Read more

Students Want HE Institutions to Wake Up to Climate Change

Students who are members of the Climate Students Movement (CSM) have been working across country and regional borders to create awareness about climate change, in particular during April, which they observe as Sustainability Month. Read more

Sub-Saharan Africa University Rankings 2023

The Times Higher Education Sub-Saharan Africa University Rankings are a new university ranking developed specifically to address the challenges faced by higher education institutions in sub-Saharan Africa. Read more

Tailored Policy Needed to Boost International Collaboration

Localised measures based on needs, priorities, and conditions are the effective and realistic way forward to promote international research collaboration (IRC) in Africa because the African context differs in many aspects from other regions of the world. Read more

The Launches New Africa-Focused Ranking Partnership

Times Higher Education has launched a new ranking for universities in sub-Saharan Africa intended to capture the diversity and impact of education across the region. Read more

Twenty-Seven (27) RUFORUM Member Universities Ranked Among the Top 100 Universities in Africa.

Times Higher Education remains the common league table for universities globally.  The ranking rates university performance using 13 indicators measuring teaching, research, research impact, innovation and international outlook. Read more

Universities in Six Countries Feature in Subject Rankings

Seventeen departments in African universities are among the world’s top-100 places to study the subjects that they offer, according to the 13th edition of the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2023 that were released in March. Read more

‘Window of Opportunity’ is Beckoning for HE in Africa

African universities should make the most of their current ‘window of opportunity’ to access part of the €150 billion (US$163 billion) that the European Union (EU) agreed to invest in the continent last year, … Read more 

Work-Integrated Learning Part of Climate Change Degree

“Learning is not just theoretical, especially for this qualification. It is about ensuring that the knowledge and content that’s selected will translate into useful applications to solve the problems of the world. Read more


31 March 2023

4 Nouveaux Etablissements Membres en Afrique Centrale et Grands Lacs !

L’Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie en Afrique centrale et Grands Lacs accueille quatre nouveaux membres du Burundi, du Cameroun et de la République Démocratique du Congo. Lire la suite

#8 Mars 2023 Portraits de Femmes engagées dans la Francophonie Scientifique

À l’occasion de la Journée internationale des femmes, nous vous proposons de (re)découvrir les portraits innovants de doctorantes, de chercheures, d’enseignantes, de dirigeantes, d’entrepreneuses et d’écrivaines de tout l’espace francophone. Lire la suite

Academic Discourse Must Have a Practical Community Impact

A key feature of the academe is the sophistication of its discourse. It is often marked by the use of coded language, pompous jargon, and the use of rituals to maintain exclusivity and, I believe, shut out the other. Read more

Academic Freedom in Decline in 22 Countries Worldwide

Over the past decade, academic freedom has declined in more than 22 countries representing more than half of the world’s population, four billion people, says the Academic Freedom Index: Update 2023 (AFI), a new study, produced by researchers at the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Institute of Political Science (FAUIPS, Erlangen-Nuremberg), Germany, and the V-Dem Institute in Gothenburg, Sweden. Read more

Addressing Gender Disparities in Scientific Publication

Scientific research is a crucial component of the modern knowledge economy and societal development, and academic publications serve as essential channels for the dissemination of research findings to the global scientific community. Read more

Africa Could Benefit from the Dynamics of Russian Education

On March 20, Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke at the International Parliamentary Conference Russia – Africa in a Multipolar World, held in Moscow under the auspices of the State Duma of the Russian Federal Assembly. Read more

Africa Should Take Math more Seriously, Say, Researchers

Many African universities still do not acknowledge the role of mathematics as a foundation stone of modern society and a model for rational inquiry and creativity in human development. Read more

African Students Who Fled Ukraine Appeal for Support

African students who were studying in Ukraine have appealed for a support package and scholarships after their studies were disrupted by the war in Ukraine. Read more

A Mutually Beneficial STI Cooperation Agenda

To enhance the impact of Africa-Europe science, technology and innovation (STI) cooperation, it is necessary to focus on building capacities for long-term win-win partnerships that are co-founded, co-managed, co-owned and co-financed with an understanding of institutional and country contexts, along with respect for local knowledge and needs. Read more

Appel à Candidatures : 2ème Edition du Concours Inter-Régional « Mon Idée, mon Entreprise »

Dans le but de promouvoir et de susciter l’esprit d’entrepreneuriat en milieu universitaire, les Directions régionales Afrique australe et Océan indien, Afrique centrale et Grands Lacs, et Afrique de l’Ouest de l’AUF s’associent pour organiser la 2ème édition du concours  Lire la suite

Are Political Science Departments Failing to Aid Democracy?

In his book, African Religions in Western Scholarship, published in 1970 in Nairobi by the East African Literature Bureau, the late Ugandan scholar Okot p’Bitek faulted departments of social anthropology at universities in Africa as camping grounds for Western anthropologists who perpetuated colonial myths of African cultures as primitive. Read more

AU Declaration on Israel’s Observer Status Draws Support

The African Union’s condemnation of Israel’s “colonial” practices against Palestine, its suspension of Israel’s observer status, and its request that its 55 member states cut scientific and cultural ties with Israel have drawn vocal support from the academic community in North Africa which also, alongside South Africa, in 2021 protested loudly when Israel received observer status at the pan-African body.

Bold New Charter Aims for Balance in North-South Partnerships

Imagine a world in which African universities dominate scientific research focused on communities in North America or Europe. It sounds absurd and skewed, and yet a simple reversal of that scenario captures the present-day reality of much of the global research ecosystem. Read more

COREVIP to Unravel Knowledge Dissemination Barriers

The 2nd Conference of Rectors, Vice-Chancellors and Presidents of African Universities (COREVIP) of the Association of African Universities (AAU), organised jointly by the AAU, the Republic of Namibia and the University of Namibia, will take place from 4-7 July 2023, the AAU said in a statement. Read more

Campuses in Africa ‘Re-Centered’ as Terrains of Struggle

Campus protests should be recognized as a critical method for “seizing, disrupting, subverting and transforming the space and imagination of the university and society, which it has historically been and continues to be”, the authors of a study interrogating campus protests over two decades in Africa have said. Read more

Do Universities in the Sub-Sahara Serve the Public Good?

To what extent can higher education in Sub-Saharan Africa promote the public good? This was the theme that the Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (CODESRIA) chose for a special issue of the Journal of Higher Education in Africa. Read more

Extreme Heat is Taking Its Toll on Students and Institutions

Extreme climatic events such as heatwaves and flash floods have resulted in major disruptions and challenges for universities across Africa. Extreme heat events, due to global warming, have been associated with low student turnout, low academic performance, and health risks for academic staff and students. Read more

Global Research Integrity Statement Calls for Fairness and Equity

Biases in research and its benefits, power imbalances and other inequities have long plagued scientific collaboration. Now ethics experts from around the world have published the Cape Town Statement on Fostering Research Integrity through Fairness and Equity, with 20 recommendations to guide all stakeholders in achieving more just research practice. Read more

Inauguration de l’Académie Internationale de la Francophonie Scientifique

L’Académie Internationale de la Francophonie Scientifique (AIFS) a été inaugurée le 21 mars 2023 à Rabat (Maroc) en présence du Président de l’AUF, Prof. Sorin Mihai CÎMPEANU, du Recteur, Prof. Slim KHALBOUS, du ministre de l’Enseignement supérieur,  Lire la suite

Initiative Promises Stronger Open-Science Ecosystem in Africa

The African Library and Information Associations and Institutions (AfLIA) in cooperation with the online open-access repository Figshare has launched a new initiative to support awareness of open science and data repositories as well as support the research and education communities in Africa. Read more

In Search of Models that Work for the Many

There seems to be wide agreement on the part of faculty and university administrators around the world about the value of student mobility when it comes to nurturing global citizens, but ensuring that the opportunity for mobility is available to everyone is still a challenge – and, at least when it comes to physical mobility, this challenge includes the very real issue of student visas. Read more

Israa HOSS : Formulatrice Cosmétique et Chercheuse Industrielle

Actuellement je travaille en tant que formulatrice cosmétique et chercheuse industrielle, responsable des projets innovants et durables dans l’industrie Beesline International. Je suis diplômée d’une licence en biochimie de l’Université Libanaise, Lire la suite

Lack of Africa-Specific Datasets Challenge AI in Education

While there is a lot of local data, there is a dearth of huge and accessible African datasets and challenges around local languages. However, broadband connectivity, 5G, the internet of things and smart electrical grids are spreading and will make data collection in centralised spaces for powerful AI analytics in education in Africa possible. Read more

« L’AUF déploie ses Elles » Journée Internationale des Droits des Femmes

Officialisée en 1977, dans la foulée de l’Année internationale de la femme (1975) proclamée par l’Assemblée générale de l’ONU, la Journée internationale des droits des femmes est pourtant apparue bien plus tôt dans le contexte des mouvements sociaux Lire la suite

LDC Youth Seek Better Access to Education, Food Security

Young people from the world’s 46 least-developed countries (LDCs) have called upon member states, development partners and the global community to enhance their access to education and decent employment and entrepreneurship. They also asked for support for youth movements, human rights and global citizenship education training. Read more

Leaders Must Transform Universities into Healthy Workspaces

Universities should make staff well-being a strategic priority in order to counter the epidemic of burnout that is on the rise in higher education, Dr Tessie Herbst of Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) told university leaders. Read more

Métiers du Numérique : L’AUF Côte d’Ivoire ambitionne de former 200 Femmes à Bouaké

En accord avec la mairie de Bouaké, l’Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie et Top Innovation, Organisation de jeunesse spécialisée en éducation/formation se sont données pour ambition de former,  Lire la suite

Ministers Hear Africa has Made Limited Progress Towards SDGs

African countries have been urged to harness science, innovation, and state-of-the-art emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence in the coming 10 years to achieve the objectives of sustainable development. Read more

Online Learning has Taken Root. Now, Let Us Turn to Quality

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, which brought greater awareness of the benefits of blended tuition in Africa and beyond, the focus is turning away from the technical stability of learning management systems (LMSs) to concerns about how to support people to get the most out of these ed-tech platforms and enhance the quality of teaching and learning. Read more

Open Science Drive Gets Buy-in From University Leaders

A greater understanding of open science appears to be taking root among university leaders in North and East Africa, with many of them keen to take proactive steps to support efforts for the adoption thereof within their institutions. Read more

Philanthropic Funding Can be a Risky Game for Universities

The University of Oxford’s relationship to the tainted Sackler family’s charitable trusts speaks to the challenge of donor risk management across a complex institution which is both a world-class research university and a treasured United Kingdom institution. Read more

Post-Harvest Handling of Seed Potato training and extension held in Amboni, Mweiga, Kieni West, Nyeri

Egerton University, in line with its mission and mandate on extension training and outreach, has established a series of local and international partnerships and linkages in research, teaching, and industry. Read more

Project is Advancing HE Network Connectivity on Continent

The funding support that the European Union (EU) has given to creating, consolidating and interconnecting educational networks in Africa is yielding results, among others, through efforts to advance open science. Read more

Programme Aims to Train a Pipeline of Ocean Scientists

Universities in Africa must train a pipeline of interdisciplinary ocean scientists with the knowledge, skills and expertise to meet the growing needs of the Blue Economy and to tackle challenges emerging from global warming as well as overfishing…Read more

Résultats de la Présélection Suite à l’Avis à Manifestation d’Intérêt N° 2023-001/CAMES/SG/DAAF du 3 Février 2023 Relatif au Recrutement d’un Cabinet d’Expertise Comptable en Vue de l’Audit Financier et Comptable du CAMES

La Commission ad hoc — mise en place par Arrêté du Secrétaire Général du CAMES — s’est réunie du 09 au 11 mars 2023, dans la salle AMITA de l’hôtel BRAVIA de Ouagadougou, sous la présidence de Monsieur Issoufou SOULAMA, Directeur des Affaires Administratives Lire la suite

Safflower CARP Collaborator Wins National Research Excellence Award in Botswana

On 7th March 2023, Dr. Onkgolotse G. Moatshe-Mashiqa (PhD), a collaborator in the BUAN RUFORUM CARP safflower project titled ‘Enhancing Safflower Production and Product Development for Food Security and Improving Income of Small-Scale Farmers in Botswana’, was awarded the National Research Excellence Award in Agriculture in Botswana. Read more

Students Rethink Higher Education

University students on the African continent face enormous challenges that are not – for the most part – experienced by their peers in the Global North. Students in Africa are constrained by a lack of access to resources, and currently less than 10% of youth on this continent receive higher education. Read more

St. Mary’s University 21th International Conference on Private Higher Education in Africa St. Mary’s University in collaboration with the Association of African Universities, International Network for Higher Education in Africa, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Ethiopian Ministry of Education and African Union Commission will hold the 21 International Conference on Private Higher Education in Africa … Read more

Student Mobility from Sub-Saharan Africa Could Double by 2050

Students from Sub-Saharan Africa are being recruited in their numbers and the competition is increasing, with indicators predicting that the region’s 430,000 outward mobile students will swell and double by 2050. Read more

Tackling the Global North’s Bibliometric Coloniality

A new book about academic research, knowledge production and academic publishing in Ghana, titled Who Counts? Ghanaian academic publishing and global science, highlights the challenges faced by African higher education systems, institutions and academics… Read more

The Arduous Journey to Establish a Successful Journal

The International Journal of African Higher Education (IJAHE) published its first issue in 2014. A few years later, in 2018, the journal published by the International Network for Higher Education in Africa, based at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, received recognition from the South African Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET), and was then registered by African Journals OnLine in 2022. In March, 2023, it received recognition from Scopus – one of the most authoritative scholarly databases in the world. Read more

The Exploitation of Female Students: Be Part of the Answer

A recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention survey found that 18% of teenagers in high school in the United States had experienced sexual assault in the previous year. A BBC documentary called #SexForGrades found widespread evidence of young women being pressured into sex by lecturers in universities in Nigeria and Ghana. Read more

The Magnificent Experience at the 18th RUFORUM Annual General Meeting

My visit to the RUFORUM meeting was part of the HAMK-coordinated PBL-BioAfrica project that strengthens Kenya’s and Zambia’s higher education by promoting problem-based learning (PBL) and providing real-life based learning experiences to students. Read more

UNESCO-AU Report Places Equity at the Centre of Policy

Africa continues to suffer from wealth and gender disparities when it comes to tertiary education. This is evident from the “highly variable quality” of private tertiary education institutions along with low levels of investment. Read more

University of Johannesburg Holds Chinese Medicine Promotion Event

Students practice Baduanjin (literally meaning “eight steps to healthy living”) at the University of Johannesburg in Johannesburg, South Africa, March 17, 2023. Read more

Well-Maintained Digital Repositories Can Bolster Research

Universities in Africa should establish digital research data repositories to archive important information gathered over time for posterity purposes, an important tool that can serve as an alternative to and complement open-access publishing. Read more


28 February 2023

AAU Secretary General Asks HE to Work on Academic Excellence

Just over a year ago, Professor Olusola Bandele Oyewole took over as the secretary general of the Association of African Universities (AAU), based in Accra, Ghana. Read more

African Universities Struggle for Research Funding

Significant disparities persist in access to research funding between higher and lower-income Commonwealth countries, a survey has found. The Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) report also revealed gender inequalities in research appointments. Read more

A Sweet, Rich, and Alluring Tale of a Vanilla Farmer in Central Uganda

This involvement fueled his desire to invest in agriculture, propelling him from providing farmers with extension services to launching his Vanilla trading business. Kawooya, a recent Gulu University graduate under the TAGDev scholarship, founded the Divine Vanilla Enterprise in Bukasa village, Wakiso District, Uganda. Read more

Bourses de Recherche Doctorale et Postdoctorale «Eugen Ionescu» Roumanie – Résultats de l’Appel 2022-2023

Dans le cadre du programme de bourses de recherche doctorale et postdoctorale «Eugen Ionescu» Roumanie, la Commission nationale de sélection a attribué 100 bourses : 63 de doctorat, 37 de postdoctorat. Lire la suite

Brazzaville abritera la Réunion Extraordinaire du CCG-CAMES

Le Comité Consultatif Général (CCG) du CAMES se réunira en session extraordinaire, du 27 février au 1er mars 2023 à Brazzaville, sous la présidence du Pr Ahmadou Aly MBAYE, Recteur de l’Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar. Lire la suite

Découvrez les Finalistes Jeu du Dictionnaire des Francophones

Dans le cadre de la Semaine internationale de la langue française et de la Francophonie qui se tiendra du 18 au 26 mars 2023, l’Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF) organise un quiz issu du Dictionnaire des francophones en partenariat avec la Bibliothèque Lire la suite

Echanges Universitaires entre l’Afrique et l’Europe : L’UE octroie un Budget de 524,7 Milliards de Francs CFA

L’Union européenne va allouer 800 millions d’euros, soit 524,7 milliards de francs CFA, aux pays africains pour permettre à leurs enseignants et étudiants d’effectuer des stages en Europe ou ailleurs dans le monde, entre 2021 et 2027, a-t-on appris mardi  Lire la suite

Escaping ‘Bibliometric Coloniality’, ‘Epistemic Inequality’

Africa’s scholarly journals compete on an unequal playing field because of a lack of funding and the struggle to sustain academic credibility. Read more

Embrace It or Reject It? Academics Disagree About ChatGPT

From suggestions to ban ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot, to adjusting curricula and assessment formats, the academic community in North Africa, as in other parts of the world, disagrees about how the higher education sector should respond to the latest text tool. Read more

Equal Partnerships? Questions About US$35 Million Project

A consortium of nine American and European universities led by the United Kingdom’s University of Cambridge has won a US$35 million grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for research work in Africa – an initiative that is raising eyebrows over the level of participation of local collaborators. Read more

Escaping ‘Bibliometric Coloniality’, ‘Epistemic Inequality’

Africa’s scholarly journals compete on an unequal playing field because of a lack of funding and the struggle to sustain academic credibility. Read more

Espoir MASAMANKI IZIRI « Cette Mobilité m’a permis de terminer la Rédaction de ma Thèse de Doctorat »

Doctorant en Droit public et Chef de Travaux à la Faculté de droit à l’Université de Kinshasa (République démocratique du Congo), Espoir MASAMANKI IZIRI a bénéficié d’une bourse de mobilité qui lui a permis d’effectuer un séjour de recherche à l’Institut des sciences Lire la suite

Fostering Long-term Agricultural Supply Chains for Smallholder Farmers

Finding the right market for grains at the right price is difficult, especially in farming communities in Northern Uganda. Meet Robine Okello, a TAGDev scholar who studied Agri Enterprise Development at the Master’s level at Gulu University. Read more

How Can Educators, Researchers and Practitioners Use Digital Technologies to Enable Learning and SupportCchange?

The world woke up to online learning during the pandemic, but for the last 10 years we’ve been quietly developing our digital expertise. Read more

How Climate Change is Affecting Life on a Campus in Yaoundé

Mekin Anatole, a first-year economics student at the University of Yaoundé 1, Yaoundé, Cameroon’s capital, happily prepares for his classes in the early morning hours. Read more

International Student Recruitment – For Soft Power or Hard Cash?

It may seem idealistic but internationalisation should strive to deliver a levelling up agenda that frees the world from a bigoted and exploitative past while forging a collaborative and socially just future. Read more

Intervention du Secrétaire Général du CAMES au Conseil de Cabinet du MESRI du Burkina Faso

Université Thomas Sankara, vendredi 17 février 2023 : Sur invitation du Pr Adjima THIOMBIANO, Ministre de l’Enseignement supérieur, de la Recherche et de l’Innovation du Burkina Faso, le Secrétaire Général du CAMES a présenté, en Conseil de cabinet Lire la suite

It is Possible to Finish a PhD in Three Years at Makerere University!

I am a Liberian and a Lecturer at the College of Agriculture and Forestry in the University of Liberia. I began my PhD Journey in February of 2020 as a RUFORUM Graduate Teaching Assistant at Makerere University. Read more

Lancement de la 9ème Edition du Concours International MT180

L’Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF), membre du Comité d’organisation du Concours international MT180 lance la 9ème édition dans 33 pays francophones majoritairement du Sud. Lire la suite

La Ministre Delphine Édith EMMANUEL reçoit une Délégation du CAMES en Prélude à la Réunion Extraordinaire du CCG

En marge de la cérémonie d’installation de la nouvelle équipe dirigeante du CAMES, la Ministre de l’Enseignement Supérieur, de la Recherche Scientifique et de l’Innovation du Congo, Professeure Delphine Édith EMMANUEL, a eu une séance de travail Lire la suite

Lancement Officiel de la Chaire Internationale « Environnement, Énergie et Développement Durable »

Le 15 février 2023, le Secrétaire Général du CAMES, Pr Souleymane KONATÉ a été l’invité spécial de la cérémonie officielle de lancement de la Chaire internationale « Environnement, Énergie et Développement Durable », Lire la suite

L’AUF Afrique du Nord lance une Nouvelle Edition du Guide du Doctorant.e. – Entrepreneur.e.

Dans une logique de partage de bonnes pratiques, de pérennisation et d’essaimage, l’AUF Afrique du Nord a organisé un événement de lancement de la nouvelle édition du Guide Doctorant-e- Entrepreneur-e édition 2022. Lire la suite 

Le Directeur Général du CAMPC reçu en Audience au CAMES

Ce vendredi 10 février 2023, le Secrétaire Général du CAMES, Pr Souleymane KONATÉ, a reçu en audience le Directeur Général du Centre Africain de Management et de Perfectionnement des Cadres (CAMPC), Pr Joseph KAUDJHIS, en visite de travail au Burkina Faso. Lire la suite

Le Président du RIDEPES reçu en Audience au CAMES

Ce mardi 31 janvier 2023, le Secrétaire Général du CAMES a reçu en audience le Président du Réseau international des établissements privés de l’enseignement supérieur de l’espace CAMES (RIDEPES), M. Isidore KINI, en présence des deux Directeurs de programmes Lire la suite

L’Equipe Dirigeante du CAMES reçue en Audience par le Ministre de l’Enseignement Supérieur, de la Recherche et de l’Innovation du Burkina Faso

Le Ministre de l’Enseignement supérieur, de la Recherche et de l’Innovation du Burkina Faso, Pr Adjima THIOMBIANO, a reçu en audience le vendredi 3 février 2023, la nouvelle équipe dirigeante du CAMES, Lire la suite 

Lundi CAMES No 428 – Semaine du 30 Janvier au 5 Février 2023

Lire la suite

Lundi CAMES No 429 – Semaine du 6 au 12 Février 2023

Lire la suite

Lundi CAMES No 430 – Semaine du 13 au 19 Février 2023

Lire la suite

Lundi CAMES No 431 Semaine du 20 au 26 Février 2023

Lire la suite

Making Wine from Fruits – A One-Stop Shop for Refreshments in Gulu

Ochama is a former TAGDev scholar who says the program helped her get her Master’s degree at Gulu University while also supporting her with tuition and research. She acknowledges that the program helped shape her into the businesswoman she is today. Read more

Ouverture du 21e Concours d’Agrégation des Sciences Juridiques, Politiques, Économiques et de Gestion (SJPEG)

Le 21e Concours d’Agrégation des Sciences Juridiques, Politiques, Économiques et de Gestion (SJPEG) se tiendra du 06 au 15 novembre 2023 à Niamey (Niger). Les modalités d’organisation des épreuves de cette session (mode présentiel ou bimodal) vous seront précisées ultérieurement. Lire la suite

Providing Clean Water for Rural Communities to Fight Diarrhea

In Burundi, Olivier Nihimbazwe is walking the walk. Olivier is a 28-year-old former Gulu University student who participated in the TAGDev project. He completed a Master’s degree in Food Security and Community Nutrition in 2021. During their orientation training at Egerton University… Read more

Reaping the Benefits of the Untapped Fashion Market

“RK Beauty Shop” is strategically located across from the Gulu University Main Gate. A women’s clothing boutique opened four years ago to meet the increasing student demand for fashionable and affordable clothing. Read more

Research Ethics Project for Benin, the Gambia, Ivory Coast

Three West African countries – Benin, the Gambia and Ivory Coast – with the support of the South Africa-based ethical research non-governmental organisation EthiXpert – have secured a €1.5 million (about US$1.62 million) grant that will be used to build the capacity of research ethics committees, or RECs, in these countries. Read more

Réunion du Comité d’Organisation de la Session Extraordinaire du CCG-CAMES

Le Comité d’organisation de la réunion extraordinaire du Comité Consultatif Général (CCG) s’est réuni le mercredi 15 février 2023, par visioconférence, sous la présidence de Madame la Ministre de l’Enseignement supérieur, Lire la suite

Scholars Share African Perspective in Literacy Conversation

With a new grant of CA$700,000 (US$527,000) from Global Affairs Canada, Context Matters is set to begin its second half-decade of studying literacy in Africa. Context Matters (CM) is a programme created by CODE, a Canadian NGO that focuses on early-grade literacy in Africa with special concern for girls’ literacy and gender equality. Read more

Strengthening Science, Technology, and Innovation Systems for Sustainable Development in Africa (Sstissda) Project

Namibia is part of the 195 UNESCO Member States that adopted the UNESCO 2017 Recommendation on Science and Scientific Researchers (RSSR). Read more

Students Create Content About Africa in Local Languages

An initiative that has been creating an enabler platform for university students in Africa to create content about the continent on Wikipedia in African languages to widen access to information about the region, has already yielded 200 articles in at least nine local languages,… Read more

The Future of Science is Women

…Celebration of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science (IDWGIS), a day that reminds us to work towards improving access for women and girls to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education and research, and creating a conducive and favorable environment for female scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians. Read more

The i5 Hub Hult Prize Challenge: Redesigning Fashion

Africa University’s i5 Hub is currently trying to encourage solutions to this critical global problem through participating in this year’s Hult Prize competition themed, “Redesigning Fashion”. Read more

The Hope Africa University, a Pioneer in New Practices in Higher Education, …

The Director of the Hope Africa University (UEA), Dr. Victor Barantota, hosted on Friday, February 18th 2022, a press conference on the achievements of UEA since 2000. Read more

The Journey was Long and Enriching, and It is Still not Coming to an End!

It was a maelstrom of thoughts flying through my already fatigued small head, torn between the need to return home and the exhilaration of grasping a golden opportunity for career growth. Read more

The Magnificent Experience at the 18th RUFORUM Annual General Meeting

lorence Chambabulele, final year student of Agribusiness Management at Mulungushi University As an agribusiness student, I experienced a life-changing learning event as a problem-based learning advocate. Read more

Trends for African Students Seeking Education Abroad

A new report from Campus France highlights how African students leave their home countries due to limited capacity in domestic higher education systems. By 2050, the college-aged population is expected to double, but only 9% are currently enrolled in higher education. Read more

Turning Organic Mangoes into Marmalade

Rose Moyoo set out to make mango consumption more nutritious and tastier with her organic Mango Marmalade jam. She started this initiative as part of Gulu University’s student Agribusiness incubation system, which was funded by the TAGDev Program. Read more

UB Employees Down Tools on Monday

Following failure to settle a remuneration dispute relating to the 2022-2023 salary increment, the University of Botswana Academic and Support Staff Union (UBASSU) has resolved to go on strike. Read more

Universities are Waking Up to the ‘Diaspora Advantage’

International mobility of students and faculty has transformed the demography of higher education institutions in many parts of the world, leading to transnational networks becoming a key feature of their internationalisation policies. Read more

Vertical Farming Comes to the Aid of Refugee Families

As a beneficiary of the TAGDev program, Sognigbehopes hopes to become a Regional Manager for Africa at her current job within the next five years and to establish a scholar’s training center for vulnerable young women as her life mission. Read more

Visite de Courtoisie du SGA et du DG de l’Enseignement du Niger

Le Secrétaire Général du CAMES, Pr Souleymane KONATÉ a reçu, le 30 janvier 2023, une délégation nigérienne composée du Secrétaire Général adjoint du Ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche, Monsieur Alio MAHAMAN, Lire la suite

Visite de Dr. Danielle PAILLER Directrice Régionale AUF – Afrique du Nord à Nouakchott

Mme Aichetou Mohamed Abdallahi ELHASSEN, Chargée de mission du MESRS, Dr. Danielle PAILLER, Directrice Régionale AUF – Afrique du Nord, S.E.M. Mohamed Lemine Ould Aboye Cheikh HADRAMI, Ministre de l’enseignement supérieur et de la recherche scientifique, Lire la suite


31 January 2023

African Varsities Engage in Agro-Food Systems

A grouping of major African universities, the Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) is set to engage governments on strengthening Africa’s agri-food systems in the Post Covid-19 era at their 18th annual meeting set for today. Read more

Appel à Candidatures pour le Programme de Bourses de formation UE-CEDEAO sur l’Energie Durable

(Agence Ecofin) – Après le programme de bourses lancé en septembre dernier, l’UE et la CEDEAO ont annoncé de nouvelles bourses d’études dans le secteur de l’énergie durable. Lire la suite

AU’s ‘Neocolonial Entanglement’ Undermines HE Policies

To regain legitimacy as a leading continental organisation, the African Union (AU) needs to decolonise itself and rely more on its member states to refocus its regional higher education policy processes towards African issues instead of excessive financial dependency on external actors which could manipulate policy processes towards donor interests. Read more

Calls to Re-Energise the African Crop Science Society

The research community, in general, and agricultural scientists and institutions, in particular, have been called upon to join efforts in revitalising one of the most critical local research associations, the 30-year-old African Crop Science Society (ACSS). Read more

Celebrations of the World Philosophy Day 2022 in East Africa

In Kenya, the UNESCO Chair on Bioethics at Egerton University organized a Bioethics Café jointly with the Bioethics Society of Kenya and UNESCO Regional Office for Eastern Africa, on 23 November 2022, under the thought-provoking theme: “Decolonizing Bioethics in Africa“. Read more

Complex Systems Summer School

Complex Systems Summer School (CSSS) offers an intensive four-week introduction to complex behavior in mathematical, physical, living, and social systems. CSSS brings together graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and professionals to transcend disciplinary boundaries, take intellectual risks, and ask big questions about complex systems. Read more

Connecting Agricultural Extension Services to Farming Communities

Riding under the scorching sun on a bumpy road in Pader district, Okelokoko Nobert ponders on his life journey from staying in an internally displaced person camp to pursuing a Master’s degree at Gulu University. Read more

It is Imperative to Build Open Science Capabilities in MENA

Universities and higher education institutions in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) are starting to join the open science movement, recognising its potential to enhance the accessibility, inclusivity, and sustainability of higher education systems and research communities. But there are many challenges. Read more

Jacob Mbaihondoum : « Les Expériences acquises durant ce Stage contribueront à améliorer la Lutte contre la Dracunculose»

Originaire du Tchad, Jacob MBAIHONDOUM est doctorant en sociologie à l’Université de Yaoundé 1 (Cameroun). Après avoir été l’un des 35 lauréats du collège doctoral régional « humanités et sociétés » édition 2021 – 2022, il a bénéficié d’une bourse de mobilité  Lire la suite

L’AUF vous souhaite de Belles Fêtes de Fin d’Année

Lire la suite

Le CAMES a un Nouveau Secrétaire Général, Pr Souleymane KONATÉ

« Nous devons rester debout, ensemble, pour faire face aux nombreux défis de développement de l’Afrique et aux enjeux multiformes de nos systèmes d’enseignement supérieur et de recherche. En ce sens, nous devons faire nôtre cette mise en garde du Professeur Joseph Ki Zerbo, Lire la suite

Le Directeur Général du WACREN en Visite de Courtoisie au CAMES

Le Directeur Général du Réseau d’éducation et de recherche de l’Afrique de l’Ouest et du Centre (WACREN), Dr Boubakar Barry, a rendu une visite de courtoisie au Secrétaire Général, pour le féliciter pour sa prise de fonctions et prospecter les pistes d’une collaboration Lire la suite

Le Spécialiste de l’IA DeepMind et l’AIMS lancent une Formation pour les Etudiants Africains

(Agence Ecofin) – Alors que l’utilisation de l’intelligence artificielle est devenue indispensable dans plusieurs domaines, DeepMind et l’AIMS veulent préparer les jeunes Africains à développer des compétences et à s’impliquer dans ce domaine. Lire la suite

Lundi CAMES n° 426 Semaine du 16 au 22 Janvier 2023

Afin de permettre une diffusion plus fluide, au sein de nos communautés utilisatrices des réseaux sociaux, le Service de la Communication du CAMES a opté pour un changement de maquette de votre lettre d’information hebdomadaire « Lundi CAMES ». Lire la suite

Open Access Publishing Deal for Low-, Middle-Income Countries

Academics based in 70 low- and middle-income countries, including those in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, will be able to have their primary research published Gold Open Access by Nature – at no cost – thus enabling their scientific work to be permanently and freely available online for anyone to read. Read more

Overqualification: A Symptom of Qualification-Job Mismatch

According to UNESCO’s International Institute for Educational Planning, countries in Sub-Saharan Africa are severely affected by qualifications and skills mismatches, making it hard for employers to find suitable job applicants, or develop the ability to forecast potential skills imbalances. Read more

Private Education ‘Space’ Aims to Develop Academic Pool

Nine private universities and higher education institutions from eight African countries have joined forces to form the Network for the Scientific Mobility of South-South Students (RAMSESS). Read more 

Professor Ernest Aryeetey: ‘Get Politics Out of Universities’

Professor Ernest Aryeetey, a consummate academic, researcher, lecturer, and former vice-chancellor, believes there is a need to get politics out of universities. The secretary general of the African Research Universities Alliance (ARUA) also hopes that universities, through their research, will increasingly persuade governments to see them as partners in policy-making. Read more

RUFORUM Annual General Meetings Agreed upon and 14 New Member Universities Admitted

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) brings together leaders of RUFORUM Member Universities, Governance organs, and other actors, especially Agriculture and Education, Science, Technology, and Innovation sectors from within and outside Africa. Read more

Society-Centred Institutions Require Cultural Shift in HE

Universities must focus on equipping their students with leadership as well as technical skills and foster collaborative and experimental forms of learning and knowledge-production that can provide practical solutions to development challenges at scale, according to Arturo Condo, … Read more

Structural HE Reforms Required to Balance Knowledge, Skills

If universities are to offer knowledge that is of actual use on a genuinely democratic basis, they must overhaul their processes of admission and assessment so that the learning capacity of all prospective students is recognised and fostered, according to Chris Bradford, co-founder of the African Leadership Academy and the African Leadership University (ALU), and of the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program. Read more

Une Délégation de WASCAL en Visite de Courtoisie au CAMES

Le Secrétaire Général du CAMES a reçu en audience une délégation de WASCAL (West african science service centre on climate change and adapted land use) conduite par le Pr Kehinde Olufunso OGUNJOBI, Directeur de la Recherche au Centre de Compétences de WASCAL. Lire la suite

…Youth brainstorming About the Region’s Science, Technology and Innovation Initiatives

The First East Africa Youth Innovation Forum brought together various innovation stakeholders including young researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs, finance actors, academia, and public policymakers from Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda. Read more


31 December 2022

Academia Set to Benefit from Two New Digital Initiatives

Two new initiatives are expected to enable the African academic community to access the internet using their own languages and scripts while also facilitating knowledge exchanges between a range of African and European digital actors, including academia. Read more

Action Urgent to Eliminate Bottlenecks to Self-Employment

Africa needs to adopt a holistic approach if it is to build a strong culture of youth entrepreneurship and help tackle the current youth unemployment crisis gripping many countries on the continent. Read more

African Scholars and Their Impact Need to be More Visible

“Agroecological intensification; reducing chemical inputs while building soil health and microorganisms; fostering diversification, alongside social and political transformations needed to guarantee equity in food systems, must be ramped up urgently to create resilient food systems…Read more

Africa’s Appetite for Transnational Education is Growing

Prestige and a strong affinity for the United Kingdom’s world-class and cutting-edge university education is increasingly attracting transnational education students from Africa who have been looking for life-changing career opportunities without having to travel out of the continent. Read more

Are Humour Studies Emerging in African Universities?

Are humour studies emerging in African universities? I answer quickly, somehow, perhaps! But, I shall also add, not in a pronounced way. Which ‘Africa’ is implied by this question and why, one may ask? In this article, my focus is on Sub-Saharan Africa, from the Cape to the Coast, better called ‘Bantu Africa.’ Read more

Collaboration on Early Detection Could Foil Next Pandemic

After years of pandemic disruption since the outbreak of COVID-19 in late 2019, governments are keen on research that will help with early detection, including the origins of infectious diseases that jump from animals to humans, known as zoonosis – the leading theory behind the evolution of the virus causing COVID-19. Read more

Comedy in Africa Used to ‘Get Even’ with Political Elite…

In the Western academic tradition, the study of humour has developed from the time Plato (428-348 BCE) taught students in Athens how to inject irony into political debate into a subject that through the centuries has attracted the attention of scholars in anthropology, film production, literature, political science, philosophy, psychology, religion and sociology. Read more

Common Mental Disorders an ‘Enormous’ Burden on Students

To what extent are common mental disorders among university students in Sub-Saharan Africa contributing to academic failure, effectively leading to skills shortages and mismatches in human resources and capacity with the labour market needs in the region? Read more

Community Service and the Problem of Undefined Obligations

Some African researchers and scholars posit that African public universities have three broad obligations: meeting local or regional needs, fulfilling national aspirations, and satisfying international standards. Read more

HE Should Beef up Efforts to Produce Indigenous Coaches

For the first time in the 92-year history of the FIFA World Cup, the five African teams participating at World Cup Qatar 2022 – Morocco, Tunisia, Senegal, Cameroon and Ghana – are each led by an indigenous coach, a welcome break from soccer federations’ habit of hiring foreign coaches. Read more

How can we Measure Universities’ Contribution to Society?

The challenge of assessing the impact of university social responsibility programmes came under the spotlight at the recent University Social Responsibility (USR) Summit, on ‘Education and Action for a Sustainable Future’, with speakers highlighting the need for greater emphasis on measuring universities’ contribution to the public good. Read more

Institutions that are Leaders in Energy Regulation

The African School of Regulation (ASR), launched in January 2022, is calling on academic institutions or international organisations based in Africa to host the school as a pan-African centre of excellence in the field of sustainable energy and climate change.

Internships, Job Shadowing Enhance Graduates’ Employability

Four universities in Africa are among the 250 universities globally that have been ranked by the Global Employability University Ranking and Survey 2022, or GEURS for producing employable graduates, … Read more

New Initiative Puts Cities at Frontline of Climate Change

A unique multi-level governance initiative that taps the research, innovation and engagement capacity of universities to help cities cope with climate change has been welcomed. However, some African experts say its success will depend on sufficient investment in universities, …Read more

Professor Adipala Ekwamu: A Science Ambassador of Note

Professor Adipala Ekwamu is one of the most influential figures in higher education in Africa today, having founded the Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) and serving as its executive secretary for nearly two decades. Read more

Quality Assurance Networks Should Work Towards Harmonisation

The need to harmonise higher education systems, including quality assurance, to support the sustainability of the continent’s developmental transformation was emphasised by Ghana’s Deputy Minister for Education, … Read more

Report Shows Better Research Profiles and Ongoing Challenges

Despite making notable progress in their quest to become research-oriented institutions over the past seven years, universities allied to the African Research Universities Alliance, or ARUA, largely remain undergraduate universities, in what could be a reflection of the general state of institutions across the continent. Read more

Specialist Training of Health Workers is Urgent

Some universities in Eastern and Southern African countries have programmes for health workers offering advanced degrees that are not accredited by professional bodies, a situation that is misleading to potential candidates who would want to be recognised as specialists in their fields. Read more

Strong Policies are Needed to Mitigate Climate Change

Universities in Africa struggle to offer the academic background required to contribute effectively to the climate change discourse and activities aimed at addressing climate change, which is why many postgraduate students seek climate change expertise, … Read more

Students’ Low Condom Use Continues to Drive HIV Infections

Are sexual relationships with older partners, who are more likely to insist on having sex without the use of condoms, one of the high-risk drivers that promote and encourage the transmission of human immunodeficiency virus, or HIV, among university students across Sub-Saharan Africa? Read more

The 18th RUFORUM Annual General Meeting 2022 – Harare, Zimbabwe

The 2022 edition of the Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Africa, (RUFORUM) is underway in Harare, Zimbabwe with the session on “Building a Movement of Change makers in Africa”, being the highlight of the continent’s blue riband academic and research event… Read more

The Battle Against Predatory Academic Journals Continues

In 2018, Euclides Sacomboio had two papers published in different predatory journals, one of which was an Indian outfit on infectious diseases. A medicine graduate, who now lectures at Agostinho Neto University, the largest public university in Angola, Sacomboio wanted to get published in a high-impact journal where he would get decent citations. Read more

Twenty (20) Winners of RUFORUM Young African Entrepreneurs Competition 2022…

The Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) is pleased to announce the 20 winners of the 2022 RUFORUM Young African Entrepreneurs Competition. The competition attracted 136 applications from 16 countries in Africa. Read more


30 November 2022

21ème Concours d’Agrégation en Science de la Santé du CAMES : Bonne Moisson pour la Côte d’Ivoire, 60 Candidats admis sur 63

Débuté le 07 novembre 2022, ce concours a mis aux prises 388 candidats venus de 13 pays de l’espace CAMES. Lire la suite

1,750 Institutions to Contribute to Global Climate Hub

An estimated 1,750 global institutional members of the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network (UN SDSN), including universities and research centres, are to contribute expertise to a Global Climate Hub set up earlier this year. Read more

2023 YALI East Africa Regional Leadership Program Cohorts 49, 50 & 51 for Young Leaders in East & Central Africa …

The Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) was launched by former President of the United States Barack Obama as a signature effort to invest in the next generation of African Leaders. Read more

Academic Freedom Remains Under Threat in Africa

Attacks on scholars, students, academic freedom and tertiary education institutions remain pervasive in Africa, with a high frequency of incidents undermining higher education in countries such as Egypt, Ethiopia and Nigeria, according to Scholars at Risk (SAR), a network that provides sanctuary to threatened academics around the world and campaigns for freedom to think. Read more

Advances in the Health Sciences Noted

A total of 96 universities in 17 African countries have been ranked in the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings 2023 by Subject that lists achievements in academic fields across 11 selected major subject areas. Read more

Africa Digital Campus Aims to Support Distance Education

An Africa Digital Campus (ADC) project has been launched in Benin to strengthen cooperation in distance education and network infrastructure in West Africa. Read more

‘Africa Needs Digitised Open Universities and Dual Education’

Ivory-tower African universities are alienating the populations and students they are meant to serve when they should be leading development efforts, creating relevant knowledge and meeting local employment needs, according to Ndungu Kahihu, the head of a Kenyan training programme that seeks to empower youth and match them to jobs. Read more

African Ministers of Higher Education and Key Stakeholders Meet in Banjul…

Stakeholders of the Africa Higher Education Centers of Excellence for Development Impact (ACE Impact) project will be convening in Banjul, … Read more

All PhD Degrees Do not and Cannot Lead to Jobs in Academia

As universities in Africa desperately strive to increase their output of PhD graduates to meet the needs of academia and research, some scholars are pointing out the need to rethink PhD education in order to build alternative career pathways for doctoral candidates. Read more

Atelier III de Formation sur l’Assurance Qualité Interne (TrainIQA) 2022 dans les États Membres du CAMES

L’Office allemand d’échanges universitaires (DAAD), la Conférence des recteurs d’universités d’Allemagne (HRK), le Conseil africain et malgache pour l’enseignement supérieur (CAMES) et l’Université de Potsdam (Allemagne) co-organisent la formation DIES Lire la suite

Benefits of a Rights-Based Approach to Higher Education

Higher education needs a rights-based approach “more than ever” in the context of successive world crises, an international conference held to mark World Access to Higher Education Day (WAHED) was told. Read more

Business Schools for Climate Leadership Initiative Launched

Six leading African business schools launched the Business Schools for Climate Leadership Africa (BS4CL Africa) initiative to build a collaborative framework for climate action that can transform business education curricula to match the needs and adapt to the realities of the African continent. Read more

CAMES/ Adama Diawara aux admis du Concours d’Agrégation des Sciences de la Santé : « Nous comptons sur vous pour mettre au Service des Apprenants et votre Université votre Savoir-Faire »

Le ministre de l’Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche scientifique, le Professeur Adama Diawara a offert un dîner le jeudi 17 novembre à Cocody à la partie ivoirienne qui a pris part au 21ème concours d’agrégation des Sciences de la santé du CAMES Lire la suite

CAMES : Le 21ème Concours d’Agrégation en Science de la Santé ouvert à Abidjan

Le premier ministre Patrick Achi a présidé ce lundi 07 novembre 2022 au Sofitel Hôtel Ivoire, la cérémonie d’ouverture du 21ème concours d’agrégation en science de la santé du Conseil africain et malgache pour l’Enseignement supérieur (CAMES). Lire la suite

CAMES/ 21ème Concours d’Agrégation : 395 Candidats de 13 Pays affrontent les Epreuves à Abidjan

Le Ministère de l’Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche Scientifique(MESRS) organise du 07 au 16 novembre 2022 à Abidjan, le 21ème concours d’agrégation des sciences de la santé du Conseil Africain et Malgache pour l’Enseignement Supérieur (CAMES). Lire la suite

CAMES / Le 21eme Concours d’Agrégation des Sciences de la Santé se déroule en Côte d’Ivoire

Le Ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche Scientifique organisera du 07 au 16 novembre 2020 à Abidjan en Côte d’Ivoire, le 21eme concours d’agrégation de Médecine Humaine, Pharmacie, Lire la suite

Communiqué de Presse : Soirée de l’Excellence du CAMES

Le Conseil Africain et Malgache pour l’Enseignement Supérieur (CAMES) récompensera les lauréats de la troisième édition de ses Olympiades universitaires, lors d’une Soirée de l’Excellence Lire la suite

Cancer Researchers Must Broaden the Focus of Their Work

Cancer research in Africa has increased over the past decade, but those gains were unevenly distributed as just 13 out of 54 countries on the continent produced 90% of the research, with Egypt and South Africa contributing two-thirds of the peer-reviewed contributions about cancer, … Read more

Challenges Embodied in SDGs Need Transdisciplinary Approach

The importance of the co-creation of knowledge involving African policy-makers, scientists and agricultural experts to transform African agricultural and food systems in the context of climate change, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Africa Agenda 2063 was emphasised during a round-table discussion on 14 November at COP27. Read more

Climate Action is a Key HE Mandate and in Need of Funding

As the Sharm el-Sheikh climate summit, COP27, unfolds, the higher education community is grasping the opportunity to put some of their demands on the conference table in Egypt, including calls to strengthen educational and research capacities of universities and research centres to tackle the impact of climate change. Read more

Connecting the Water Agenda to the Climate Agenda

UNESCO is not only presenting the role of water in climate action, but also showcasing a holistic approach to tackle climate change through its expertise combining science, education, culture, and communication and information. Read more

Crise Sécuritaire en Afrique : Le Fonsti et le PASRES annoncent un Colloque International à Korhogo

Malgré la conjugaison des efforts nationaux, régionaux et internationaux, la situation sécuritaire sur le continent africain demeure très préoccupante. Lire la suite

‘Empower Universities to Tackle Africa’s Challenges’

The capacity of higher education institutions across Africa must be enhanced to make them relevant to enabling the continent to fix the gaps that exist in its human resource development, President Adama Barrow of the Gambia said. Read more

Enhancing Soil Health and Fragile Ecosystem Management in the Middle East and Africa

The Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) has been supporting human capital development in soil science and related fields through regional training programmes and research grants. Read more

Factors that are Stifling Critical Thinking in African HE

This commentary has been triggered by Wachira Kigotho’s article titled, ‘Why the tradition of imparting critical thinking is waning’, published in University World News. Read more

Fin du 21e Concours d’Agrégation de Médecine du CAMES : 328 Nouveaux Maîtres de Conférences Agrégés pour l’Espace CAMES

La cérémonie officielle de proclamation des résultats du 21e Concours d’agrégation de médecine humaine, pharmacie, odontostomatologie, médecine vétérinaire et productions animales du Conseil africain et malgache pour l’Enseignement supérieur (CAMES) Lire la suite

Funding of HE: Replace Monologues with Candid Conversations

In a recent article in University World News, it was reported that Zimbabwe’s minister of higher and tertiary education blamed universities for the widely bemoaned low levels of state funding. Read more

HEIs Sidelined at COP27 Despite Work on Climate Solutions

At a time when the scientific community has been hailed for its work in providing evidence and recommendations in the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report on the impact of climate change on different communities, universities, as institutions, are absent in the COP27 framework and agenda. Read more

Higher Education Sector Blamed for Low Levels of State Funding

Persistent complaints over low state funding levels of higher education in Africa could become a thing of the past if universities became more proactive in responding to the socio-economic needs of society. Read more

Hommage au Pr Tamba MANSARE

Le Secrétariat général du CAMES a appris la triste nouvelle de la disparition du Pr Tamba MANSARE. Décès survenu le 09 novembre 2022. Par la voix du Pr Abou NAPON, le CAMES présente ses sincères condoléances à la famille du défunt. Lire la suite

Initiative Elevates Women’s Key Role in Climate Adaptation

Egypt’s COP27 presidency launched the African Women’s Climate Adaptive Priorities (AWCAP) initiative for promoting the integration and involvement of women in finding smart and innovative solutions to the consequences of climate change and to ensure a green transformation in Africa. Read more

‘It is Time We Moved from Talking to Walking’

Africa’s main challenge in the 21st century is the capacity to develop a higher education sector of continental relevance within a globally competitive world, against a backdrop of inadequate funding, low research output and visibility, as well as the lack of harmonisation within higher education systems, … Read more

Lancement à Abidjan du 21e Concours d’Agrégation des Sciences de la Santé

Le Premier Ministre ivoirien Son Excellence Patrick Achi a présidé, ce lundi 7 novembre 2022, la cérémonie officielle d’ouverture du 21e Concours d’Agrégation de Médecine Humaine, Pharmacie, Odontostomatologie, Médecine Vétérinaire et Productions Animales du CAMES.  Lire la suite

Le CAMES a participé à la Conférence du Réseau Africain d’Assurance Qualité (AfriQAN)

À travers son Directeur des Programmes en charge de l’Assurance Qualité, le CAMES a participé à la Conférence du Réseau Africain d’Assurance Qualité (AfriQAN), qui s’est tenue du 25 au 27 octobre 2022  Lire la suite

Le CAMES a récompensé les Lauréats de la 3e Edition de ses Olympiades Universitaires

Le vendredi 18 novembre 2022, à l’hôtel Radisson Blu d’Abidjan, le CAMES a récompensé les lauréats de la troisième édition de ses Olympiades universitaires, lors d’une Soirée de l’Excellence  Lire la suite

Le « Manifeste pour une Diplomatie Scientifique Francophone » est disponible !

Opérateur du Sommet de la Francophonie pour l’enseignement supérieur et la recherche, l’Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF) a présenté aux chefs d’État et de gouvernement participant au 18ème Sommet de la Francophonie à Djerba le 19 novembre 2022, Lire la suite

Le Secrétaire Général par Intérim du CAMES reçu en Audience par le Ministre de l’Enseignement Supérieur, de la Recherche et de l’Innovation du Sénégal

En mission de travail à Dakar, le Secrétaire Général par Intérim du CAMES, Pr Abou NAPON, a été reçu en audience par SEM Moussa BALDÉ, Ministre de l’Enseignement supérieur de la Recherche et de l’Innovation (MESRI) du Sénégal, en présence du Recteur de l’Université Lire la suite

Linguists Cautiously Back ‘Official’ National Languages

African linguists have voiced support, with a need for caution, over a proposal adopted by several African countries to give their national languages the same status as official ‘colonial’ languages such as French and English. Read more

Low Climate Literacy Among Women, Youth Hampers Resilience

“The US$100 billion pledge for climate finance made about a decade ago appears to be a pipedream. Needless to say, closing finance gaps and increasing the flow of climate finance by billions of dollars per year from both public and private sector is critical,” says Joyce Kimutai, climate scientist and principal meteorologist at the Kenya Meteorological Department, … Read more

Measuring HE Ethics: An Inclusive New Ranking is Launched

It has been 18 years in the making, but a new university ranking based on “enriched student learning, inspired leadership and commitment to sustainability and integrity” has finally seen the light of day. Read more

More Research Needed About Climate Migration…

African ministers responsible for the environment, migration, foreign affairs and international cooperation have said the operationalisation of the African Centre for the Study and Research on Migration (CARIM) should be accelerated. Read more

New Initiative to Improve Food Security Amid Climate Crisis

Egypt’s COP27 Presidency and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) launched the Food and Agriculture for Sustainable Transformation (FAST) initiative to transform agrifood systems with the aim of improving food security in the world’s most vulnerable communities. Read more

New Observatory an Asset for Mitigating Climate Change

The Regional Research Observatory on the Environment and Climate (RROEC) has been inaugurated in Djibouti in a bid to produce data and climate models to inform political decisions on climate adaptation and resilience for the country and across the East African region. Read more

No Green Economy Without Green Skills: HE’s Critical Role

As global economies shift from linear to circular economies, the need to build on green skills and competencies becomes critical across sectors and industries, and the role of universities in developing these skills becomes more evident, participants at the recent COP27 summit held in Egypt heard. Read more

Ouverture de la 2ème Edition des Assises Internationales de la Francophonie Scientifique

Cette année, les Assises Internationales de la Francophonie Scientifique ont pour thème l’Intelligence Artificielle (IA). Ce sujet d’un enjeu majeur pour notre société sera accessible à tout le monde. Les discussions vont se focaliser sur les impacts de l’IA Lire la suite

Planetary Health is a Roadmap to Transdisciplinary Action

Higher education institutions and their researchers can advance Planetary Health as a transdisciplinary solutions-oriented approach to tackle global challenges such as the consequences of climate change and health crises. Read more

Region’s MPs Worry About ‘Quack’ Private Institutions

There is an urgent need for the Inter-University Council for East Africa (IUCEA) and member states from the East African Community (EAC) to address the issue of poor quality of education, especially in private universities, if the region is to train future drivers of regional social economic development. Read more

Retour sur la Semaine Mondiale de la Francophonie Scientifique

La 2ème Édition de la Semaine mondiale de la Francophonie scientifique (SMFS22) s’est clôturée le vendredi 28 octobre 2022 avec un bilan porteur de projets stratégiques et structurants pour le développement, l’élargissement et le rayonnement Lire la suite

Retour sur les Actions de l’AUF à la COP27

La COP27 s’est tenue à Charm El-Cheikh (Égypte) du 6 au 20 novembre 2022. L’AUF, active par vocation dans le champ de la production et de la diffusion des savoirs / Francophonie scientifique, a décliné sa feuille de route et mis en avant ses parties prenantes. Lire la suite

Rhodes Business School Partners with eLearnAfrica to Develop a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

Recognized as one of the leading business schools for its focus on sustainability and ethical leadership, Rhodes Business School has entered into a partnership with eLearnAfrica to develop a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), … Read more

Scholarships for Refugees Create Hope for Inclusive HE

University authorities in Africa have lauded scholarship initiatives that permit refugees and landlocked-area students seeking higher education studies to find opportunities.  Read more

Son Excellence Patrick ACHI fait Commandeur de l’OIPA/CAMES

Son Excellence Patrick ACHI, Premier Ministre de la République de Côte d’Ivoire,  a été élevé au grade de Commandeur dans l’ordre International des Palmes Académiques du CAMES (OIPA-CAMES). Lire la suite

Students Call for Climate-Conscious University Curriculums

Students are calling on African countries in general and Zimbabwe, in particular, to include aspects of climate change in the curriculums of higher education institutions. Read more

Survey Shows Growth in Climate-Related University Courses

Universities from around the world are moving in the right direction in terms of meeting the challenges of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), but there are still mountains to climb, participants at the first general conference of the International Association of Universities (IAU) held in six years heard. University World News was the media partner for the event. Read more

The Art of Building Relationships of Trust

Some tertiary education institutions take a short-term approach to attracting private funds, while a more effective method is known as advancement. This is a holistic, longer-term process whereby an institution positions itself strategically and engages judiciously with its external environment to ensure sustainability. Read more

The Association of African Universities (AAU) Signs a Memorandum of Understanding with the China Association of Higher Education (CAHE)…

The Association of African Universities (AAU), and the China Association of Higher Education (CAHE), have signed a five-year Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to collaborate in areas of mutual interest for the benefit of higher education institutions and other stakeholders within their respective regions. Read more

The Closing of BEAR II Marks the Opening of a New Green TVET Area for UNESCO in the Region

The stakeholders got the opportunity to share their success stories and reflect on how they will capitalize on their achievements. Initiated by UNESCO in 2017, with financial support from the Republic of Korea, BEAR II aims at improving the relevance, quality and perception of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) systems in the Eastern African countries involved. Read more

‘There is So Such Thing as an African University’

The idea of universities in Africa as places for the pursuit of knowledge has been denigrated by influential voices promoting the view that they should rather operate as instruments to fix the continent’s maladies, says Patrício Langa, an associate professor of higher education at the University of the Western Cape in South Africa. Read more

Twenty (20) Winners of RUFORUM Young African Entrepreneurs Competition 2022…

The Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) is pleased to announce the 20 winners of the 2022 RUFORUM Young African Entrepreneurs Competition. The competition attracted 136 applications from 16 countries in Africa… Read more

Universities Should be Dynamic, ‘Transformative Spaces’

Universities in Africa need to be more dynamic and open to new initiatives as they seek to deliver on their mandate of advancing the domestic, social and economic development of their societies, according to Teboho Moja, professor of higher education at New York University, USA. Read more

VCs from Africa, Europe Discuss Building Scientific Capacity

Vice-chancellors and university presidents from more than 30 universities across Africa and Europe met for the first summit between the African Research Universities Alliance (ARUA), and The Guild of European Research-Intensive Universities early in November. Read more

‘You Have a Role in Building Democracy,’ Researchers Hear

The African academic community has an essential role to play in promoting democracy on the continent, particularly through research on what ordinary citizens think about the subject and on the broader question of good governance. Read more


31 October 2022

2ème Edition du Programme de Mobilités Doctorales et Postdoctorales AUF Sud-Sud : Résultats

Pour la 2ème édition 2022-2023 de son Programme de mobilités pour chercheur.e.s de niveau doctoral et postdoctoral, l’Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie a lancé en mai dernier un Appel à candidatures sur la thématique de l’Égalité Femme-Homme Lire la suite

21e Concours d’Agrégation de Médecine : Lancement des Epreuves à Distance de la Section « Odontostomatologie »

Le Secrétaire Général par intérim et le Président du Comité Consultatif Général (CCG) ont procédé ce lundi 24 octobre 2022 au lancement des épreuves à distance de la section « Odontostomatologie » du 21e Concours d’Agrégation de Médecine Humaine, Lire la suite

African HE Can be More Competitive Through 4IR Technologies

Universities across Africa need to embrace the new technologies being forged under the Fourth Industrial Revolution, or 4IR, to expand their educational capacity and produce relevant new knowledge, according to Tshilidzi Marwala, outgoing vice-chancellor of the University of Johannesburg (UJ) in South Africa. Read more

Africa’s Economic Transformation Hinges on High-Level Skills

The World Bank’s spending on education in Sub-Saharan African has been growing over the past decade and has tripled from US$400 million to US$1.2 billion from 2018 to 2021 in West and Central Africa, with a significant contribution going to the higher education sector. Read more

A Pathway Towards Sustainable Development

Education is the bedrock of development. Africa’s economic transformation hinges on the skills of its workforce and its ability to accelerate the pace toward building an effective innovation ecosystem. Read more

Balancing Life as a Postgraduate Student is a Challenge

There are three main basic elements in the DLK: light, ventilation, and protection. The light should be indirect, but sufficient to ensure short, firm and coloured sprouts. Long, white sprouts cause easy and fast shrinkage of the tuber. Read more

CAMES/OUC-3: Résultats de la 1ère Etape de la Phase Internationale

La 1ère étape de la Phase Internationale de la 3e édition des Olympiades universitaires du CAMES (OUC-3)  s’est déroulée ce mercredi 05 octobre 2022. Lire la suite

Centres of Excellence are Informing Policy Decisions

The African Centres of Excellence project in the West and Central Africa region has made huge strides in advancing research, some of which is already informing policy decisions and solving pressing problems in Africa, ranging from malaria and Ebola to coastal flooding and erosion. Read more

Climate Action: The Science is Clear, but the Progress Slow

Much of the science that is needed for climate action is in place and the onus is on governments, corporates and civil society to make the mitigation of climate change an immediate priority. Read more

Communiqué AUF

Les membres du Conseil d’administration de l’AUF, réunis le 7 octobre 2022, ont pris connaissance de la situation dans laquelle le Président de l’AUF se trouve actuellement.  Lire la suite

Conférence Scientifique Virtuelle du PTR « Biodiversité » : Compte Rendu de la 1ère Réunion

La première conférence scientifique en ligne du Programme Thématique de Recherche (PTR) « Biodiversité » s’est tenue le mardi 04 octobre 2022 de 09h30 à 11h30 au moyen de l’outil zoom. Lire la suite

COP27: Universities in Africa are Key to Climate Action

The urgency to fund universities in Africa to advance science for climate action has been highlighted by experts ahead of the 27th session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), or COP27, which will be hosted by Egypt in the Red Sea city of Sharm el-Sheikh from 7 to 18 November. Read more

Developing the Right Type of Leaders for Climate Action

Business schools and universities cannot rely on developing wise ‘guru’ leaders or ‘hero CEOs’ if they want to contribute to tackling the global environmental crisis, according to the recent CEMS report, Leading for the Future of Our Planet, released on 28 September. Instead, they should promote the concept of ‘collective leadership’, the report says. Read more

Evénement Banque Mondiale – Centres d’Excellence Africains : Une Voie vers le Développement durable

Les projets des Centres d’excellence de l’enseignement supérieur en Afrique pour l’impact sur le développement (ACE Impact) soutiennent les universités d’Afrique de l’Ouest et de Djibouti afin de dispenser une formation et un enseignement de haute qualité  Lire la suite

Finale Internationale MT180 à Montréal : Le Sénégal, la Suisse, Madagascar et le Maroc se partagent le Podium

Ce 6 octobre 2022, dans le cadre de son 100e anniversaire, l’Acfas a reçu la 8e édition de la finale internationale de Ma thèse en 180 secondes, en partenariat avec l’Université de Montréal, au Théâtre Outremont de Montréal.  Lire la suite

Global Network Set Up to Stamp out Contract Cheating in HE

Education agencies across the globe are joining forces to fight the rise of commercial cheating services that target students worldwide. The newly formed Global Academic Integrity Network (GAIN) is working to stamp out the multi-billion-dollar contract cheating operations which have flourished in recent years as online learning and assessment have become more prevalent. Read more

Governments Can Help Universities to Achieve Their Vision

Ineffective leadership is the bane of African society and African economies. This has led some researchers and scholars to state that Africa is facing a leadership crisis or leadership vacuum. Read more

Holberton School: New CEO to Expand Africa Network

Bucher on October 1st took over the management of Holberton School, the network of schools specializing in the training of high-level IT developers around the world. Read more

How to Tackle Research Agreements with Industry Partners

There is an understanding and agreement among scholars, higher education institutions and industry on the importance and benefits for universities and industry to engage in collaborative research. Read more

Intra-Africa Mobility for Training Agribusiness and Food Systems Scientists for African Agriculture (TAFSA)… 

About TAFSA ProgramIntra-Africa Mobility to Train Agribusiness and Food System Scientists for African Agriculture (TAFSA) is funded by the European Union (EU). The program is run by 5 African Universities… Read more

Jobless Graduates’ Frustrations a Call to Overhaul HE

African higher education planners have been urged to go back to the drawing board and design systems that would transform universities and polytechnics into attractive institutions that would educate the youth to become part of Africa’s industrial value chains and not for elitist non-existent jobs. Read more

Join War Against Those Who Discredit Science

The African scientific community has to be part of global efforts to combat misinformation and disinformation against science that is threatening future progress that the world can make through scientific research breakthroughs. Read more

La 2ème Edition de la Semaine Mondiale de la Francophonie Scientifique se tiendra du 25 au 28 Octobre 2022, au Caire

Cet évènement d’ampleur se déroulera dans la ville du Caire du 25 au 28 octobre 2022 et réunira des ministres, des recteurs, des enseignants-chercheurs, des experts et bien sûr des étudiants. Lire la suite

Laureate: Do Not Do Science for the Fame, do it for the Fun

Young and upcoming African researchers should not pursue science to become famous, but for the fun of it and out of curiosity – and that might well also be the best way to advance their scientific careers. Read more

Les Lauréats de la 3e Edition des Olympiades Universitaires du CAMES

26 étudiants ont pris part à la finale internationale de la troisième édition des Olympiades Universitaires du CAMES (OUC-3) qui s’est tenue en ligne, du 11 au 14 octobre 2022. Cette dernière phase de la compétition a consisté en une épreuve orale de présentation Lire la suite

Les Lauréats du «Prix Macky SALL pour la Recherche », 2e Edition

Le « Prix Macky SALL pour la Recherche », sous sa deuxième édition, a été attribué aux « Programmes Thématiques de Recherche (PTR) » suivants : Lire la suite

Linking Politics and Research has Never Been More Necessary

In June this year, the leaders of more than 50 Commonwealth nations set out a major new commitment to joint action on climate change, biodiversity loss and sustainable land use. Read more

Number of Ranked Universities in Africa Increases to 97

African universities have made dramatic progress in the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings 2023 as, for the first time, 97 universities from 17 countries, up from 71 last year, have been rated to be part of the best universities globally, with 10 of them in the top 500. Read more

Megacities and the Challenge of Inclusive Higher Education

Ever since the first humans migrated out of Africa many years ago, humanity has been on the move and humans have been migrating on a global scale ever since. Read more

New Cinematography Institution to Boost Film Industry

The first-ever tertiary training institution for cinematography in the Central Africa sub-region, the Higher Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Professionals of Central Africa (ISCAC), has opened in Cameroon. Read more

New Sustainability Rankings List 16 Universities from Africa

South Africa has the highest number of universities in Africa that are featured in the first QS World University Rankings: Sustainability 2023, a new ranking classification that provides a framework on how universities are doing in accelerating environmental and social change globally. Read more

Open Science: Policy Frameworks, National Guidance Needed

Universities and higher education institutions in Africa are starting to join the open-science movement, but they still face challenges and need to learn from global open-science policies to develop Africa-oriented practices. Read more

Postgraduate Training Opportunities Under the RUFORUM 

the RUFORUM Secretariat is pleased to announce the availability of training opportunities at the different Member Universities as part of the GTA arrangement. The Secretariat invites for more offers from the other member universities to train GTA candidates. Read more

Pre-event Strengthening Human Capital Development in Africa: Where are we and What are the needed Actions?

RUFORUM Network is proposing a half day dialogue /webinar that will engage high-level political, technical and academic leadership to identify options for increased investment for human capital development with special emphasis on Agriculture, Science, Technology and Innovation Capacity. Read more

Premier Congrès International du PTR LSCC

Le Programme thématique de recherche Langues, Sociétés, Cultures et Civilisations (PTR-LSCC), organise, du 11 au 17 Décembre 2022 à Libreville au Gabon, son premier Congrès sur le thème Lire la suite

Project Seen as ‘Great Achievement’ for HE in Africa

The World Bank-sponsored African Centres of Excellence (ACEs) implemented across the continent have contributed significantly to the growth in the number of doctorates and masters degrees on the continent over the past eight years, graduating 2,370 PhD and a total of 11,539 MSc degree students. Read more

Quality, Not Just Quantity, Should be Improved

A study that set out to investigate the impact of the quantity and quality of academic research output on economic growth in 15 Middle East and North African (MENA) countries has found in almost all areas of research that quantity without an increase in quality research has a negative impact on economic growth. Read more

Rencontre Annuelle du Réseau International des Chaires Senghor de la Francophonie

Pour rappel, le Réseau International des Chaires Senghor de la Francophonie a été créé en 2002 sous l’impulsion de Michel GUILLOU, professeur émérite des universités et défenseur de la Francophonie scientifique. Il se réunit une fois par an en assemblée. Lire la suite

Renforcement des Capacités du Personnel du Secrétariat Général

Du 12 au 21 octobre 2022, le personnel du Secrétariat général du CAMES a bénéficié d’une formation de renforcement des capacités en « déontologie, psychologie du travail et engagement professionnel ». Lire la suite

Research Ethics of Science, Innovation and Technology in Africa

Since the 1970s, UNESCO build knowledge and reinforce awareness linkages among ethicists, scientists, research institutions, policymakers, academia, judges, journalists, civil society as well as the general public to assist Member States in enacting sound and reasoned policies and setting up of institutional frameworks to address ethical issues in science and technology. Read more

Revision of the 1974 Recommendation Concerning Education for International Understanding, Co-Operation, and Peace

Long before the notion of global citizenship education (GCED) and education for sustainable development (ESD) were coined, the 1974 Recommendation called on Member States to ensure that their education policies are guided by a global perspective and a commitment to international solidarity. Read more

[RUFORUM Postdoc Fellowship] Post-Doctoral Chronicles: Dr. Natasha M. Mwila RUFORUM Alumni in Zambia

Like a turtle in a shell walking slowly and getting back in its shell when senses something different, so was I as I returned to Zambia after my PhD in plant breeding and biotechnology studies at Makerere University, in Kampala, Uganda. Read more

Skills to Tackle Climate Change Should be on Agenda at COP27

The capacity-building aspect of climate change should be addressed when climate science activists, researchers and politicians gather for the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference, or COP27, in Egypt from 6-18 November. Read more

Soft, Smart Skills Key to Graduates’ Workplace Success

The emerging technologies in today’s world have opened new and innovative opportunities in employment. Therefore, fresh graduates need to stay abreast with the ever-changing digital world. The question is, do they possess the essential skills demanded by employers? Read more

Some Universities are Still not Engaging with Communities

Beyond their traditional mission of providing higher education through teaching and developing knowledge through scholarly research and scientific investigation, universities are increasingly reaching out to assist societies through various community outreach programmes. Read more

Study Questions Scholar Rescue Programme Practices

Scholar rescue organisations should place more emphasis on advocating for academic freedom in countries where it is repressed, according to a recent study. They should also take steps to improve women’s participation and do more to help alleviate post-rescue precarity, the study recommends. Read more

Thirty Years of Hope and Higher Education for Refugees in West Africa 

After surviving a brutal rebel assault on the church where she worshipped, Ornella Banam escaped the civil war in Central African Republic in 2014, fleeing to Burkina Faso. Read more

Trente ans d’Accès à l’Enseignement Supérieur pour les Réfugiés en Afrique de l’Ouest

Au cours des trente dernières années, les bourses d’études DAFI ont donné aux réfugiés la chance d’obtenir un diplôme universitaire, leur permettant ainsi de se former et de pouvoir espérer un avenir meilleur. Lire la suite

Twenty (20) Winners of RUFORUM Young African Entrepreneurs Competition…

The Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) is pleased to announce the 20 winners of the 2022 RUFORUM Young African Entrepreneurs Competition. The competition attracted 136 applications from 16 countries in Africa… Read more

UCAD/Visite d’Appréciation du Dispositif d’Organisation Technique du Volet à Distance du 21e Concours d’Agrégation de Médecine du CAMES.

Le Recteur de l’Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar (UCAD), Pr Ahmadou Aly Mbaye, en sa qualité de Président du Comité Consultatif Général (CCG) du CAMES, a effectué ce vendredi 21 octobre 2022, une visite d’évaluation du dispositif déployé pour la tenue Lire la suite

University Social Responsibility and the SDGs

The International USR Summit 2022, a biennial flagship event of the University Social Responsibility Network (USR Network), is being hosted virtually on 16-18 November by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Read more

UWN Celebrates 15 Years of Independent, In-Depth Reporting

University World News (UWN) passed another significant milestone this week – its 15th birthday – which is a moment for celebration of its achievements since its first edition on 14 October 2007. Read more

World University Rankings 2023: UI, UNILAG, Covenant Universities Make Africa’s Top 20 

The latest Times Higher Education World University Rankings has ranked three Universities in Nigeria among the first top 20 institutions in the African continent. In the latest rankings Published by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 25, African Universities made debut appearances in the growing list of entries… Read more

Xenophobia is Threatening the Future of the SA University

One of the most serious threats facing higher education and the scientific enterprise in South Africa is the rising tide of xenophobia in the halls of academia. I did not think this was possible. Read more


30 September 2022

3 Régions de l’AUF changent de Nom

Dans un souci d’efficacité administrative, l’AUF a décidé de renommer certaines de ses régions. Lire la suite

Africa Higher Education Centres of Excellence for Development Impact (ACE Impact) to Reward Quality, Applied Research, and Innovation

SIRA recognizes and promotes excellent research and innovation which responds to Africa’s developmental challenges. Read more

Africa’s Economic Growth Depends on an Overhaul in HE…

The success of the African Continental Free Trade Area, or AfCFTA, will depend on the capacities of universities in Africa and science academies to produce adequate and broad-based experts in technology, research and development, as well as leadership in innovation policies, …Read more

ARUA to Add Seven Centres of Excellence in the Next Year

The African Research Universities Alliance (ARUA) will increase the number of Centres of Excellence it runs from 13 to 20 in the next 12 months in response to the need for increased university-led knowledge output in priority scientific areas. Read more

Appel à Candidatures : Concours Inter-Régional « Mon Idée, mon Entreprise »

Dans le but de promouvoir et de susciter l’esprit d’entrepreneuriat en milieu universitaire, la direction régionale Afrique centrale et Grands Lacs et la direction régionale Afrique de l’Ouest de l’AUF s’associent pour organiser le concours inter-régional « Mon idée, Lire la suite

Building ‘Brand Africa’ in HE can Help to Retain Talent

African universities have the expertise, best practices and research capability that can serve as a foundation to shape ‘brand Africa’ in higher education – but many Africans lack the confidence to do this. Read more

‘Change the Knowledge Economy into a Knowledge Democracy’

Although the prospect of a radical transformation of higher education remains dim under neo-liberalism, there is still much that could be done to help universities fulfil their public-good mandate more effectively, according to Laura Czerniewicz, former director of the Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. Read more

Climate Education Can ‘Lure More Youths into Climate Action’

Despite the compelling need to produce experts and specialists with the skills and competencies to contribute to climate action on a greater scale, the uptake of climate change education at learning institutions across Africa was slow. Read more

Decolonial Scholarship: Do Academics in Africa have Clay Feet?

Many high-ranking scholars in Africa are not merely fascinated by the historical colonial domination agenda but are the intellectual and active guardians of ideas and objectives of neocolonialism and coloniality that suppress academic freedom, creativity and innovation in African universities and other tertiary institutions in the continent. Read more

Duality of Knowledge Paradigms Requires Institutional Agility

African universities should equip their students with a “duality” of knowledges in order to produce a cadre of graduates capable of navigating and transforming the socio-economic systems within which they operate, according to Doyin Atewologun, dean of the Rhodes Scholarships at the University of Oxford, United Kingdom. Read more

Ethics in Research Crucial for Quality Journal Papers

Doing what is right, just and fair is pivotal during the academic research process, according to Dr Kefa Simwa, the executive director for the African Network for Internationalization of Education (ANIE), who also emphasised the critical importance of research ethics at a recent gathering of young researchers. Read more

Explore New Ways to Restructure Knowledge Production

As agents of social transformation, African universities should explore new ways of restructuring curricula, developing students, and producing knowledge, according to South African academic Cheryl de la Rey, who is now the vice-chancellor of the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. Read more

Good will Message from RUFORUM…

RUFORUM brings together African universities to strengthen each other’s capacity in quality training, research & innovation, business incubation & entrepreneurship and linkage to the wider society for relevance and impact in agriculture and food systems. Read more

Governance Systems Can aid Seamless Leadership Transitions

Moments of leadership transition reveal much about the governance systems and processes in an organization. The more robust the institutional arrangements are, the more seamless the transition. Read more

Grassroots Participation Needed to Tackle Climate Issues

“The global climate crisis requires a society which can foster solutions to environmental problems and appreciate the domestication of the Sustainable Development Goals.” Read more

Harmonised Higher Education Could be a Game Changer

The implementation of the proposal by the Inter-University Council for East Africa (IUCEA) that seeks to harmonise higher education systems in East Africa could be a much-needed game changer. Read more

HE has Role in Unlocking Green Growth on the Continent

The advancement of green growth in Africa has implications for education and training as well as research and innovation, ranging from rethinking how to mainstream the green growth approach into the formal education system, to developing the required human resources. Read more

HE in Prisons Still ‘Patchy’ Despite Expansion of E-Learning

The COVD-19 pandemic’s expansion of online learning has created new higher education opportunities to teach Africa’s prison inmates, but even the administrators of some correctional facilities and government officials have been reluctant to take advantage of these options. Read more

How to Undo the Disconnect Between Researchers, Policy-Makers

Environmental scientists in Africa are struggling to get political and social support for their solutions to problems such as the desertification in North Africa and the Sahel region. Read more

International Education is Adapting to Global Uncertainty

Colleagues from the US were concerned that discrimination, racism, and the disregard for black and brown lives pose risks for international students, especially African students. Read more

It is Vital to Build Capacity in the Basic Sciences in Africa

This year is the centenary of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics of which South Africa is one of the 13 founding members, and which has 60 member countries. It is also the International Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable DevelopmentRead more

Journée Internationale de l’Alphabétisation : Mieux former pour des Résultats ancrés dans le Temps

Le 8 septembre se tient la Journée internationale de l’alphabétisation. Revenons sur le programme Appui à la Professionnalisation des PRatiques Enseignantes et au Développement de REssources (APPRENDRE), mis en œuvre par l’Agence Universitaire Lire la suite

Knowledge has the Power to Shape a Nation – and Our World

Higher education plays an important and multi-faceted role in society and global development, especially with its emerging role in helping to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – also known as the 2030 Agenda. Read more

La Mobilité des Etudiants Africains en France en Hausse en 2022

A la veille de la rentrée universitaire, la France affiche une augmentation record du nombre d’étudiants internationaux. Six pays africains se retrouvent dans le top 10. Lire la suite

L’Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie signe un Accord avec le Gouvernement du Royaume du Maroc

Cette signature, qui correspond à l’axe 3 de la stratégie de l’AUF pour 2021–2025, visant à renforcer le réseautage et les programmes de coopération internationale dans le domaine scientifique, assure une plus grande proximité des institutions membres et traduit une volonté  Lire la suite

Le Nouveau Guide d’Evaluation des Enseignants-Chercheurs et Chercheurs dans le Cadre des CCI, Edition 2024-2028

En application de la Résolution N° SE-CM/CAMES/2022-001 de la Session extraordinaire du Conseil des Ministres du CAMES qui s’est tenue, par visioconférence, le vendredi 10 juin 2022, le Secrétariat général du CAMES publie la version finale Lire la suite

Mining and Minerals have had Limited Educational Benefits

The story of mineral discoveries and mining in Africa being a social curse for the continent is likely to persist after researchers at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank recently found no conclusive evidence of intergenerational mobility into higher education in most African countries and districts where extractions of mineral resources occur. Read more

Mission du Secrétaire Général à Abidjan

Le Secrétaire Général par intérim du CAMES, Pr Abou NAPON, a effectué une visite de travail à Abidjan, en Côte d’Ivoire, du 4 au 10 septembre 2022. Lire la suite

Network Wants to Make Impact by Providing 21st-Century Skills

Academics have stressed the importance of ensuring African graduates secure jobs after their studies, ideally linked to the expertise they have gained during their courses. Read more

Network Will Support Implementation of Addis Convention

A group of African countries has launched the African Network of National Implementation Structures, a framework that will coordinate and campaign for the recognition of higher education qualifications, as well as facilitate academic mobility and inter-university cooperation across the continent. Read more

Networks are the Way for Universities to Influence Policy

If African universities want more of the knowledge that they generate from their research to be implemented, they should focus on building networks and alliances with institutions such as international and multilateral organisations and others whose word governments often pay attention to. Read more

Note d’Information de l’Université Marien NGOUABI

Le Président de l’Université MARIEN NGOUABI (UMNG) réaffirme l’observation des principes et valeurs, ainsi que le respect des règles d’éthique et de déontologie auxquelles doivent se conformer les participants  Lire la suite

OUC-3/CAMES : Lancement des Epreuves de la Première Etape de la Phase Internationale

Le 5 octobre 2022 à 10 h GMT, se dérouleront, en simultanée pour l’ensemble des candidats, les épreuves de la première étape de la phase internationale de la 3e édition des Olympiades Universitaires du CAMES, sur la plateforme en ligne : Lire la suite

Post-Pandemic: Some ‘Forever’ Changes to Higher Education

Since COVID-19 marched across the world disrupting most aspects of life, including higher education, numerous articles have been written detailing the impact of the virus on higher education. Read more

Pre-Event Transforming Higher Education in Africa: Moving from Dialogue to Action

The RUFORUM Network is organising a dialogue /webinar to transform Higher Education in Africa. Read more

Prix Africain de Développement 2022: Dre Diaka SIDIBÉ à l’Honneur

La cérémonie officielle de remise à été faite en présence du Chef de Cabinet, Thierno Hamidou BAH qui a apprécié cette prestigieuse distinction qu’organise tous les ans la fondation 225 à Kigali (Rwanda). Lire la suite

‘Rebuild the Intellectual Community on the Continent’

Neo-liberalism has devastated African universities, turning them from vibrant centres of new thinking and academic comradeship into factories churning out marketable academic products and “saleable” students, according to leading Tanzanian scholar-activist Issa Shivji. Read more

Recruiting in Africa: US Faces a Stiff Competitor in China

When I joined Amherst College in 2015 to lead the college’s international admissions operation, we received a little over 220 applications from Sub-Saharan Africa for the graduating Class of 2019. Fast forward to when this year’s applicants graduate as the Class of 2026: the total number of applications from the region exceeded 980,… Read more

Research Integrity Demands Ethical Community Engagement

Academics and researchers from across Africa are calling for the involvement of local communities in the design, execution and implementation of research, saying that the voices of the people in such ventures were often silent, to the detriment of the research subjects. Read more

Research on Food Security in Need of More Collaboration

African universities have been conducting most of their agricultural research focused on their home countries, but mostly lacking in a transdisciplinary or multidisciplinary approach. At the same time, collaborations are formed mostly with foreign counterparts rather than with colleagues at home or from elsewhere on the continent. Most of the work is conducted by male researchers. Read more

Rethink Internationalisation from Africa’s Perspective

In May 2020, during the first COVID-19 wave in South Africa, the International Education Association of South Africa (IEASA) noted in a position paper that the pandemic provided an opportunity to “critically examine traditional concepts, models and practices of internationalisation and to reimagine internationalisation from the perspective of South Africa, Africa and the Global South”. Read more

Réunion d’Installation du Jury de la 2e Edition du Prix Macky Sall pour la Recherche

Le jury de la 2e édition du Prix Macky Sall pour la Recherche a été installé par le Secrétaire Général par intérim du CAMES, Pr Abou NAPON, à l’occasion d’une réunion qui s’est déroulée le lundi 12 septembre 2022 par visioconférence. Lire la suite

Scientist Wants Everyone in Africa to Have Clean Water

She has spent countless days and nights in the lab, carefully analysing molecules and nanoparticles that can degrade different impurities and filter water. Her face brightens when she talks about water purification and decontamination in Africa. Read more

Smart Agriculture Research Centre can Help to Pool Resources

An African Centre for Innovation and Smart Agriculture (ACISA) will be set up in Tunisia with technical and financial assistance from Japan in a bid to promote Africa-Japan cooperation in innovation, training, higher education, research, climate-smart agriculture and the creation of start-ups in the field of agriculture. Read more

Spoon-Feeding is Bad for Students…

The literature on higher education invariably refers to a vast majority of African universities as teaching-focused universities. This implies that African universities focus primarily on teaching rather than on research. Read more

Strengthening Human Capital Development in Africa

RUFORUM Network is proposing a half day dialogue /webinar that will engage high-level political, technical, and academic leadership to identify options for increased investment for human capital development with special emphasis on Agriculture, Science, Technology and Innovation Capacity. Read more

Stronger HE Networks a Focus of Japan’s US$30 Billion Package

The higher education sector in Africa, in particular in areas of work linked to industrial development and infrastructure-building, will benefit from US$1.8 billion in official Japanese development assistance, which forms part of a total package of US$30 billion in public and private contributions to the continent. Read more

Study Proposes Range of Measures to Improve HE Performance

A study which sets out to investigate the performance of higher education institutions in the 22 member states of the Arab League has proposed greater cooperation between institutions, more partnerships with industry and less reliance on global indicators to evaluate universities’ performance. Read more

Testament to African Scientists’ Genomics Surveillance

The rapid expansion of genomics surveillance through a wide-ranging scientific collaborative network has enabled African scientists and public health institutions to illustrate how the SARS-CoV-2 variants reached and spread across the African continent in real time during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a study published in the journal Science. Read more

The Status of Agri-Food Systems in Africa

Both hunger and malnutrition have been worsening over the last few years. The prevalence of hunger has been on the rise in the Africa region since 2017. Read more

…Transforming Education in Africa: Past, Present and Future

the African Union, UNICEF, UNESCO, WFP and the European Union and partners held a high-level side event on transforming education in Africa on the margins of the global Transforming Education Summit. Read more

Universities in Africa ‘Don’t Understand What They Are’

African universities must resist the blandishments of short-sighted politicians, wealthy donors and the advocates of radical change in higher education if they are to deliver on their core mandate of supporting local and national development, according to Nelson Masanche Nkhoma, …Read more

Value System Failure Requires Drastic Measures…

To help confront the widespread value system failure across Africa, including ethical challenges witnessed in leadership, governance and research, universities have to introduce measures such as establishing directorates of ethics and include ethics in the curriculum to teach students as future leaders the ethical way of doing things. Read more

What can be Done About the Growth in Dissertation Mills?

Academic dishonesty is on the rise in universities in Africa – and globally – including dissertation fraud. Read more

Workshop to Strengthen Collaborations to Advance Climate-Smart Agriculture

As part of the GRA’s continuing commitment to strengthening countries’ scientific capability and institutional capacity to increase productivity, enhance resilience and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, we are pleased to present “Gaining ground” – a workshop to strengthen collaborations to advance climate-smart agriculture (CSA). Read more

Young Scientists Want Machine Learning Revolution in Africa

Cameroon national Loic Elnathan Tiokou Fangang concluded his masters degree in mathematical sciences at the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) earlier in 2022 and, as he awaits an opportunity to pursue a PhD in machine learning, he believes the dream of the institute’s founders – of producing the next Einstein – has already been accomplished. Read more


31 August 2022

18th RUFORUM Annual General Meeting to be Held at Harare…

The Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) will hold its 18th Annual General Meeting (AGM) from 12-16 December 2022 at the Harare International Conference Centre in Zimbabwe under the themeSustaining African Industrialization through Innovative Agricultural Research, Training and Outreach in the Post COVID-19 Era”. Read more

Actualization of the SDGs by 2030 for Food and Nutrition Security of Africa

Feeding the African continent with sufficient, safe, and nutritious food to its ever-growing population in a manner that reduces malnutrition and promote good health is one of the major concerns that has existed and continues to exist in the twenty-first century. Read more

African Seed Fund for Research and Education Launched by Imperial

Imperial has launched a wide-ranging new seed fund for research and education projects with partners in Africa.The College will provide funding for collaborations with partners at the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) and members of the African Research Universities Alliance (ARUA). Read more

Authorities Tackle Visa Refusal Rate for Students from Africa

African students who are pursuing study opportunities in the Global North are hoping to benefit from recommendations of the Canadian Parliament, or House of Commons, about the recruitment and acceptance of international students, especially those from countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. Read more

BADEA Delegation Visits RUFORUM Secretariat

The team discussed areas of mutual cooperation with the RUFORUM Network team led by the Executive Secretary Prof. Adipala Ekwamu (Fifth from left). Read more

Benin Bronzes: Divergent Views on Repatriation of Artefacts

The announcement by the London-based Horniman Museum of the return to Nigeria of 72 artefacts that have been in its collection for about 125 years has spawned divergent responses from experts in the West African country’s academic and cultural communities. Read more

Cameroon to host the RUFORUM Annual General Meeting of 2023

The 2023 AGM will be hosted by the Government of Cameroon and the five RUFORUM Member Universities in Cameroon. Subsequently, the 2024 Triennial Conference will be held in Namibia while the 2025 and 2026 Annual General Meetings will be held in Zambia and Ethiopia respectively. Read more

Cérémonie de Décoration dans l’Ordre International des Palmes Académiques du CAMES

En marge de la cérémonie de clôture de la 44e session des CCI — neuf (9) enseignants-chercheurs et chercheurs ont été décorés dans l’Ordre International des Palmes Académiques du CAMES (OIPA/CAMES), dont cinq (5) de la République de Guinée, deux (2) Lire la suite

Council Rooting for Free Movement as Part of Harmonising

Universities from the East African community, guided by the Inter-University Council for East Africa (IUCEA), could soon enjoy a harmonised higher education system with free movement of students and academic staff, and a harmonised tuition fee structure, among other advantages. Read more

Diversity-Related Questions Low on Africa’s Research Agenda

With the exception of South Africa, African academics are lagging behind the Global North in conducting research and publishing work done about diversity-related topics. Read more

Enseignement Supérieur : Revendications des Professeurs, Rappel à l’Ordre du Cames

Les requêtes des professeurs Placide Moudoudou, Godefroy Moyen, tous deux doyens honoraires à la faculté de droit de l’université Marien-Ngouabi, défraient la chronique sur les réseaux sociaux depuis quelques jours. Lire la suite

Entrepreneurship Must be Taught in all Disciplines…

Universities in Africa must share the blame for churning out unemployable graduates, hence the growing pressure on them to align what they do more closely with changing labour market needs in which technology and knowledge are some of the key success drivers. Read more

Fin de la 44e Session des Comités Consultatifs Interafricains (CCI) à Conakry

Les rideaux sont tombés sur la 44e session des Comités Consultatifs Interafricains (CCI) qui s’est achevée le samedi 30 juillet 2022 à l’Université Gamal Abdel Nasser de Conakry, en République de Guinée, Lire la suite

First Regional Cloud Ecosystem: Benefits, Challenges for HE

The Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) is investigating setting up the first regional cloud ecosystem, laying the foundation to speeding up the process of digital integration among its 21 member countries in key sectors, including higher education. Read more

Good Practices Emerging to Ease HE Entry for Disabled Students

A growing number of good practice case studies in Africa are helping to guide universities and colleges when it comes to how best to boost the access of disabled students to higher education across the continent. Read more

HE Institutions Should Focus More on Effective Teaching

Teaching is one of the core functions of higher education. Yet effective teaching is seldom regarded as part of the discourse about higher education reforms in Africa. Read more

Higher Technical Education Project Formulation Completed in 6 African Countries

Six validation workshops were organized from 1-15 July 2021 in Côte d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Gabon, Senegal,  United Republic of Tanzania, and Uganda, to validate the country-specific formulation report of the China Funds-in-Trust Project Phase IIIRead more

How to Advance Your University’s Advancement Office

A major challenge facing universities in Africa is supplementing government funding of higher education with other sources of income. Private philanthropy can help institutions, which is why the establishment and strengthening of advancement offices are becoming increasingly important. Read more

How to Create an Effective University Committee System

Universities are complex organisations whose structure usually comprises a ‘university council’, which represents the governing authority of the university, and a number of committees, which collectively facilitate effective decision-making and management of activities across the institution. Read more

Knowledge Co-Production a Prerequisite in Climate Change Battle

Universities can help to initiate discussions to strengthen the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and can promote the political accountability needed to attain them. Read more

Lack of Data Derails the Planning and Growth of Universities

A lack of reliable data across Africa has weakened policies to improve higher education across the continent, development experts argue. Read more

Le CAMES invité à l’Inauguration d’une Nouvelle Infrastructure de l’ISSEG de Lambagny à Conakry

Sur invitation de Madame la Ministre de l’Enseignement supérieur, de la Recherche scientifique et de l’Innovation, Dr Diaka SIDIBÉ, le Secrétaire Général par intérim du CAMES, Pr Abou NAPON, a pris part, ce lundi 1er août 2022, Lire la suite

Millions to go Towards Six Agriculture Research Centres

The World Bank and the Inter-University Council of East Africa (IUCEA) have signed a grant agreement of US$10 million as part of additional financing for the Eastern and Southern Africa Higher Education Centres of Excellence project (ACE II AF). Read more

Morocco as an Intermediary Between Africa and the Netherlands

Strengthening the cooperation between Moroccan, other African, and Dutch institutions for higher education was the focus of a two-day seminar at NIMAR (Netherlands Institute Morocco)… Read more

Note d’Information : Procédures de Saisine de la CED du CAMES

Le Secrétaire Général du CAMES rappelle que l’Institution dispose d’un Code d’éthique et de déontologie qui a pour objet : Lire la suite

Pan African University Grows, but Also Faces Challenges

The African Union-run Pan African University (PAU) has been attracting a growing number of postgraduate students since its establishment in 2012, and its research and development thrust has seen the registration of patents, the publication of academic articles and the establishment of innovation and entrepreneurship hubs. Read more

Pan African University Guns for More Positive Results

The Pan African University Council is showing new commitment to beef up the institutions achievements while expanding its strategic prospects.That much was made clear on Friday 29 July 2022, at the African Union Commission Headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia during the 7th ordinary session of the Pan African University Council. Read more

Promoting Integration of Farming and Theology in RUFORUM

This “Thought Piece” aims at appreciating RUFORUM’s initiative focusing on the incorporation of faith institutions like University of Livingstonia, which appreciate the integration of their operations with theology. Read more

RUFORUM in 2032

The Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM), established by ten Vice Chancellors in 2004, is a consortium of 155 African universities operating within 38 countries spanning the African continent. Read more

Research Collaboration Envisages Major Gains in Health Care

Surgical research to support the work done by hospitals, mainly in rural and remote locations, is benefitting from seven research hubs in Africa, Mexico and India that were established during COVID to reduce the risk of infection during operations. Read more

Résultats de la 44e Session des Comités Consultatifs Interafricains (CCI)

Les résultats de la 44e session des Comités Consultatifs Interafricains (CCI) ont été proclamés par le Comité Consultatif Général qui s’est réuni à Conakry du 28 au 30 juillet 2022. Lire la suite

Résultats de la 44e Session des Comités Consultatifs Interafricains (CCI)

Les résultats de la 44e session des Comités Consultatifs Interafricains (CCI) ont été proclamés par le Comité Consultatif Général qui s’est réuni à Conakry du 28 au 30 juillet 2022. Lire la suite

RUFORUM Board Appoints a New Executive Secretary

Professor Theresia Nkuo-Akenji, RUFORUM Board Chair and Vice Chancellor University of Bamenda in Cameroon today announced the appointment of Dr. Patrick Okori as the next RUFORUM Executive Secretary effective 01 January 2023. Read more

RUFORUM-MSC Business College Incubatees Perform

The YAFF award was introduced by the National Department of Agriculture Land Reform and Rural Development and forms part of the department’s strategy to develop 2500 youth owned enterprises country wide. Read more

School Leadership Event in Sierra Leone Draws Experts Across Africa

Education Development Trust (EDT) co-hosted a knowledge exchange event last month, bringing together key stakeholders and policymakers from Sierra Leone’s education sector. Read more

Some Thoughts on How to Confront Bibliometric Coloniality

What challenges do Africa-based journal editors and publishers face? New opportunities have been opened up by digitalisation, online journals and open source publishing software. Yet a lack of sustainable funding and the struggle for academic credibility force the continent’s journals to compete on a very uneven playing field. Read more

Students from Africa May Soon Start to Return to China

China is preparing to welcome back students from Africa who have been unable to return to the country since they left following the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020. Read more

Systemic Decolonisation Needs a Pan-African Approach

Mounting pressure for the decolonisation of higher education presents progressive opportunities for epistemic freedom and the emergence of universities that are authentic African universities, according to Sabelo Ndlovu-Gatsheni, the chair in epistemologies of the Global South at the University of Bayreuth, Germany. Read more

UNESCO Sensitises Ebonyi LGAs on School Health Education

Amanze said the two-year project was a collaborative effort between UNESCO and Peking University (PKU), China  to promote school health education for girls in Africa in the COVID-19 era. Read more

United Nations to Strengthen National Academies of Science in Western Africa

Science, technology and innovation play a vital role in ensuring sustainable development in Western Africa, especially for low-income countries. In support of this, a two-day consultation on strengthening National Academies of Science in the region… Read more

Youths Stuck as HE Fails to Provide Job-Relevant Skills

The journey from school to well-paying jobs is full of challenges to most young people in 22 countries in Western and Central Africa, as universities and other tertiary education institutions in the region have not been responding quickly to the changing nature of work, according to the World Bank. Read more


31 July 2022

44e Session des CCI : Statistiques des Inscriptions

Le Secrétariat général du CAMES a enregistré 2360 candidatures issues de 96 universités de 14 pays, à savoir le Bénin, le Burkina Faso, le Cameroun, la Centrafrique, le Congo, la Côte d’Ivoire, le Gabon, la Guinée, le Mali, le Niger, le Nigéria, le Sénégal, le Tchad et le Togo. Lire la suite

AgriEngage Summer School on Agri-Entrepreneurship and Community Engagement

The Summer School will offer practical skills and competencies on Agri-entrepreneurship and community engagement to 44 graduate students from Benin, Kenya, Morocco, and Uganda. Read more

Appel à Projets Réseaux 2022 : 11 Projets soutenus par l’AUF

L’Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie a lancé en février 2022 un Appel à projets destiné à ses réseaux membres. L’objectif de ce dispositif est de soutenir la mise en œuvre des projets Lire la suite

… A Regional Centre of Excellence for Capacity building in Agriculture and Natural Sciences

When Malawi attained its independence in 1964, very few Malawian nationals had any training in agriculture, with most agricultural related management positions in Government and the private sector held by expatriate staff. Read more

Brexit, COVID, Ukraine War Drive Student Mobility to France

African countries have become key drivers of student mobility to France, according to datasets published by Campus France, the national agency that promotes French higher education internationally and welcomes foreign students and researchers in the country. Read more

Campus Africa: Programme Wants to Bolster Research Capacity

Campus Africa, a UNESCO education-focused programme, will serve as a platform aimed at transforming and reinforcing higher education in Africa, and asserting the right to education as a ‘public common good’. Read more

Climate-Smart Solutions Can Drive Green Growth in Africa

African countries have a huge responsibility to transform climate change challenges into opportunities to ensure green growth. More can be done using technology, but technology alone cannot deliver sustainable solutions. Read more

Directive Relative à l’Assurance Qualité et à l’Accréditation dans l’Espace CAMES

Le Conseil des Ministres du CAMES en sa première session extraordinaire de l’année 2022 a adopté par Résolution N° SE-CM/CAMES/2022-002 du 10 juin 2022, la Directive N° 01/2022/CM/CAMES relative Lire la suite

Impact of Climate Change on Healthcare Needs More Research

A study that mapped and analysed the available literature on the impact of climate change on the provisioning of emergency care in Africa indicated a lack of research, shortages in emergency care and human resources and weak health infrastructure and technology capabilities, among other things. Read more

Interview du Professeur Mohammadou MERAWA, Auteur de l’Ouvrage « Réussir la Mise en Œuvre du LMD dans l’Espace CAMES »

« Engagées dans le processus de mise en œuvre du système académique Licence-Master-Doctorat (LMD) depuis plus d’une dizaine d’années, les institutions d’enseignement supérieur et de recherche de l’espace CAMES, rencontrent comme chacun sait, des difficultés  Lire la suite 

Le CAMES se dote d’un Règlement portant Code d’éEhique et de Déontologie

Le Conseil des Ministres du CAMES en sa première session extraordinaire de l’année 2022 a adopté par Résolution N° SE-CM/CAMES/2022-003 du 10 juin 2022, le Règlement N° 01/2022/CM/CAMES portant Code d’Éthique et de Déontologie du Conseil Africain Lire la suite

Le Commissaire de la CEMAC en Visite au CAMES

Le mercredi 13 juillet 2022, le Secrétaire Général par intérim du CAMES, Pr Abou NAPON, a eu une réunion de travail avec le Commissaire en charge du Département de l’Éducation, de la Recherche et du Développement Social de la Communauté économique et monétaire  Lire la suite

Le Secrétaire Général par Intérim du CAMES a pris part à l’Hommage rendu au Pr Fatoumata BADINI/KINDA

Ce lundi 18 juillet 2022, le Secrétaire Général par Intérim du CAMES, Pr Abou NAPON, a pris part à l’atelier d’hommage au Pr Fatoumata BADINI/KINDA, organisé par la section « Genre et Diversité du Pôle d’excellence Africain — Africa Multiple », Lire la suite

Les Samedis du PTR-LSCC : Compte Rendu de la Conférence du 25 Juin 2022

La sixième conférence qui a clôt les activités scientifiques en ligne du PTR-LSCC a eu lieu le 25 juin 2022, de 9h30 à 11h45. Elle a eu pour titre : « L’Afrique et la difficile réinvention de son histoire : L’effet acculturatif en question. » Lire la suite

« Ma thèse en 180 Secondes (MT180) » 2022 : Des Editions Nationales organisées par l’AUF dans 25 Pays Francophones

Le concours international MT180 lance un défi aux doctorant.e.s : faire comprendre au plus grand nombre leur sujet de recherche en 3 minutes chrono. Il faut être clair, ludique et convaincant.  Lire la suite

New Challenges Require Investing in Young Scientists

There is a need to double efforts to strengthen collaboration between scientists, governments and industry to find new and better solutions adapted to rapidly evolving contexts like the Russia-Ukraine war. Read more

Note de Service sur l’Organisation de la 44e Session des Comités Consultatifs lnterafricains (CCI)

Le Secrétaire Général par Intérim du CAMES a adressé, le 20 juin 2022, une note aux membres des Comités Techniques Spécialisés (CTS) pour donner les grandes lignes de l’organisation de la 44e session des CCI Lire la suite

Orientation for the University of Namibia Healthcare Workers on the O3 Plus Project

Our Rights, Our Lives, Our Future (O3 Plus) project seeks to ensure that young people in higher and tertiary education institutions (HTEIs) in Eastern and Southern Africa, including Namibia realize positive health, education, and gender equality outcomes through sustained reductions in new HIV infections, unintended pregnancy and sexual and gender-based violence. Read more

Ouverture des Travaux de la 44e Session des Comités Consultatifs Interafricains (CCI)

Les travaux de la 44e session des Comités Consultatifs Interafricains (CCI) du CAMES se sont ouverts par visioconférence, ce lundi 4 juillet 2022, sous la conduite du Secrétaire Général par intérim du CAMES, Pr Abou NAPON, et du Président du Comité Consultatif Général (CCG), Lire la suite

Reconfigure HE for Employable Graduates, Relevant Research

Higher education systems must be rebalanced to produce the skills and knowledge African countries need for their development, according to Peter Materu, chief programme officer for the Mastercard Foundation. Read more

Réunion des Présidents de Sections du 21e Concours d’Agrégation de Médecine

Les 22 et 23 juin 2022, les Présidents de sections du 21e Concours d’Agrégation de Médecine humaine, Pharmacie, Odontostomatologie, Médecine vétérinaire et Productions animales (MPOMV) se sont réunis à Ouagadougou, au siège du CAMES, Lire la suite

Some African Cities Attractive for Studying Abroad, …

Three African cities, Cape Town, Cairo, and Johannesburg (in this order) are among the top 100 student-friendly cities for studying abroad, according to the 10th edition of the QS Best Student Cities Ranking 2023. Read more

Some Thoughts on How to Confront Bibliometric Coloniality

What challenges do Africa-based journal editors and publishers face? New opportunities have been opened up by digitalisation, online journals and open-source publishing software. Read more

Stellenbosch University – an Overview

Known colloquially as ‘Maties’, Stellenbosch University (SU) aspires to be Africa’s leading research- intensive university, globally recognised as excellent, inclusive and innovative, and advancing knowledge in service of society. Read more

Sudan Ambassador Visits RUFORUM Secretariat

The purpose of his visit was to initiate dialogue between RUFORUM and Arab States to discuss areas of joint action to boost the transformational agenda for universities and higher education in Africa and Arab countries. Read more

Une Délégation de l’IRD en Visite au CAMES

Le jeudi 7 juillet 2022, le Secrétariat général par intérim du CAMES a reçu la visite d’une forte délégation de l’Institut de recherche pour le développement (IRD), conduite par sa Présidente Directrice Générale, Mme Valérie VERDIER Lire la suite

What Have We Learned About Online Learning?

The COVID-19 pandemic forced colleges, professors and students to engage with digital forms of education in ways many of them never had. Did the experience of teaching and learning remotely make them more open to online education and to using technology in the physical classroom? Read more


30 June 2022

36 African Universities Represented on U-Multirank List

A total of 36 universities in Africa were among the 2,202 universities in 96 countries globally that had their performances assessed by U-Multirank, a ranking index that routinely analyses higher education institutions in terms of teaching and learning, research, knowledge transfer, international orientation and regional engagement. Read more

Actions to Protect Scholars Amid Academic Freedom Threats

Organisations involved in the democratic development of Africa should support the protection of academic freedom and at-risk scholars, which is critical, given the link between academic freedom, academic emigration and democracy. Read more

African Centres of Excellence Want to Secure Their Longevity

The World Bank-funded Eastern and Southern Africa Higher Education Centres of Excellence (ACE II) have raised millions of dollars to guarantee their sustainability. Read more

A Modern Transformative University for Sustainable Development

The COVID-19 pandemic, the current socio-economic crisis that several countries in the world, including African countries, are going through, and the impacts of the war in Ukraine have reinforced the socio-economic challenges (poverty, food insecurity, lack of health coverage, etc.) that African countries, including Benin, were already facing. Read more

Appel à Candidatures : Création d’un Réseau International de Clubs AUF Étudiants (CAUFÉ)

L’AUF lance son réseau international de clubs étudiants. La jeunesse francophone déborde d’idées, d’énergie et de talents multiples et ne demande qu’à être soutenue et accompagnée pour s’exprimer pleinement Lire la suite

ARUA Sets Target for Increased Research Outputs, More PhDs

The African Research Universities Alliance (ARUA) has launched a strategic plan covering the period 2022-27 as a framework towards increasing the continent’s contribution to global cutting-edge research output to 5% over a period of 10 years. Read more

Avis de vacance du poste de Fonctionnaire Professionnel au Département de la Science et de la Technologie de Organisation de la Coopération Islamique (OCI)

Le Secrétaire général de l’Organisation de la Coopération Islamique porte à la connaissance des États membres, qu’il envisage de pouvoir au poste vacant de Fonctionnaire Professionnel au Département de la Science et de la Technologie. Lire la suite

Brief History of Volaille d’Or

The study further indicated that there were few people especially women involved in chicken raring at a small scale. This motivated me to revolutionize the sector and I started a small farm with 30 chicks (broiler).  My business grew and I was able to produce and market a hundred chicken on a monthly basis. Read more

Building Industry-University Collaboration in Zambia

Sydney Chiyaba, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Prime Information Systems Limited, a Software technology, product designer and entrepreneur located in Lusaka has found beneficial to network and share knowledge between academia, industry and students to solve real life problems facing society: … Read mor

Communiqué de Presse : 53 Centres d’Excellence de l’Enseignement Supérieur d’Afrique se réunissent en Personne pour la Première Fois après le Covid afin de renforcer la Volonté d’obtenir un Impact sur le Développement

Accra, Ghana (30 mai 2022) – La 7e réunion semestrielle des Centres d’Excellence d’Afrique pour l’impact sur le développement (CEA Impact) est prévue du 13 au 17 juin 2022 à Cotonou, au Bénin. Compte tenu de l’impact et des restrictions de mobilité posés par l’épidémie Lire la suite

Developing a Development Oriented University: Perspective from Chinhoyi University of Technology

Starting off as a degree awarding institution in 1999 under the University of Zimbabwe, offering the Bachelor of Technology Degree in Production Engineering and the Bachelor of Technology Degree in Hospitality and Tourism, Chinhoyi University of Technology (CUT), was established by an Act by the Parliament of Zimbabwe on 10 December 2001. Read more

Falling African Share of Tertiary Education Aid ‘a Great Concern’

UNESCO report suggests large share of funding goes towards scholarships in relatively wealthy nations. Read more

Final Day of the IOFs Sigh-Level Forum Culminated in the Almaty Declaration

Islamic Organization for Food security concluded two-day Food security Forum. The High-level Forum attracts ministers, decision-makers, opinion-leaders, leading scientific experts and participants of agro-industrial sectors to discuss a wide range of issues in nutrition and Food Safety correlation. Read more

First Continental Research Integrity Network Launched

The African Research Integrity Network (ARIN), a partnership to promote ethical research practices across the continent, was officially launched on Tuesday after years of operating as an informal body of practitioners. Read more

Flagship TVET Project: A Few Sparks Can Light a Prairie Fire

Countries in East Africa, led by Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania, have taken a big step towards regional cooperation in technical and vocational education and training (TVET). Read more

GCHERA Announces 2021 Laureates of the Prestigious World Agriculture Prize

GCHERA (Global Confederation of Higher Education Associations for Agricultural and Life Sciences) is pleased to announce the 2021 Laureates of the World Agriculture Prize, Emeritus Professor Marc Van Montagu of Ghent University, Belgium and Professor Mitiku Haile, Founding President of Mekelle University, Ethiopia …Read more

HE Should ‘Urgently’ Train Experts in Climate Change

African universities have a role to play in training graduates with the requisite skills in climate adaptation and mitigation to help entrepreneurs and policy-makers to understand what these involve in climate change. Read more

Honoris United Universities Seeks Western Standard of Education in New African Markets

Africa’s largest private higher education network Honoris United Universities plans to expand in Egypt, Kenya and Côte d’Ivoire, Chief Growth and Strategy Officer Laura Kakon tells The Africa Report. Read more

Initial Feelings with Accelerated Growth for SMEs in Zambia

The HAMK in Africa project offers students and lecturers a great opportunity to broaden our perspectives and take a peek into the international world. Read more

Innovations for Enhancing Productivity, and Agro-Industrialization

The economies of many African countries are still driven by the agricultural sector amidst its underperformance. Read more

Lack of Data Compromises Research on Climate Change

Researchers across low- and middle-income countries are set to contribute towards the creation, expansion and maintenance of inclusive climate datasets in a project spearheaded by the Lacuna Fund. Read more

Lessons from the Sustainable Solid Waste Student Challenge in Zambia

In total, over 30 students participated in the challenge that was divided into three groups for active participation. The groups were Plastics, Aluminum and Ownership and Legal Issues associated with solid waste managements. Read more

Launch of an Educational Programme for Freedom of Expression in Eastern Africa

Cartooning for Peace and Buni Media in Kenya launched a programme for civic education using press cartoons in partnership with UNESCO, the French Embassy in Kenya, the EU National Institutes of Culture (EUNIC) Kenya Network, the European Union in Kenya and select universities… Read more

Marshalling the Diaspora: Ethiopia’s ‘Unsung Model’

Ethiopia has a unique ‘model’ of deploying its intellectual diaspora – academics, researchers and high-level professionals – by integrating their competence, experience, knowledge and networks to help resolve societal questions in their home countries and advance knowledge-generation. Read more

Measures Proposed to Tackle Youth Unemployment Hotspot

Youth representatives from 18 Arab states in the Middle East and North Africa that suffer from high rates of youth unemployment have identified measures to strengthen links between learning and the labour market. Read more

My Experience and Support to TAGDev Sponsored Students on Scholarship…

Ndejje University embraced a collaboration with RUFORUM but became active in 2019 when it secured a grant for the Next Generation of Scientists where it took up twelve (12) financially disadvantaged students on scholarship. Read more

OUC 3/CAMES : Les Epreuves de la Phase Nationale prévues pour ce 15 Juin 2022

Ce mercredi 15 juin 2022 à 10h GMT, 696 étudiants inscrit en master et doctorat, issus de 27 universités de 11 pays, prendront part en ligne aux épreuves de la phase nationale de la troisième édition des Olympiades Universitaires du CAMES. Lire la suite

Perspectives on Advancing Emerging Research Universities

Universities in Africa will benefit from ongoing support to boost their knowledge resources, academic cohorts and finances so that they can meet the massification and differentiation challenges that they face, according to a programme officer at one of the largest philanthropic donors to higher education on the African continent. Read more

Petition Wants More Study Support for War-Affected Africans

Amid the ongoing Russian destruction and violence in Ukraine, many international students who fled the war are still trying to find ways to continue their studies. A petition calling for more support for African students has generated almost 30,000 signatures. Read more

Police, Military Central in State Assaults on Students

Of 28 profiled countries in Education Under Attack 2022, half are in Africa. The highest number of incidents on the continent were recorded in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Mali. The study reports more than 5,000 attacks on education facilities, students and educators, or military incidents, globally in the past two years. Read more

Post-Study Work Opportunities Drive Student Mobility

The long-time attraction of international students from Sub-Saharan Africa to quality universities in European Union member states and their counterparts in the United States and Canada includes an appetite for getting jobs in host countries, according to ICEF Monitor, a market intelligence firm for international student recruitment. Read more

Renowned Journal Rejects Papers That Exclude African Researchers

Respected global medical journal The Lancet will continue to reject papers with data from Africa that fail to acknowledge African collaborators, in the interest of building African research and of promoting integrity, equity and fairness in research collaboration, according to Senior Executive Editor Dr Sabine Kleinert. Read more

Researchers Receive Grants of Pp to €500,000 Each

The €25 million (US$26 million) African Research Initiative for Scientific Excellence (ARISE) programme, drawing about 1,000 applications for 40 grants, was launched on 15 June, with an appeal to grantees to conduct world-class research that will help to, not only solve the continent’s development challenges, but also have an impact on the world. Read more

RUFORUM Team Visits Kabale University

The world today is undeniably moving at a very high speed in terms of embracing digital technology, higher institutions of learning are increasingly becoming aware of the diversity of their current and potential learners and they are moving to blended learning. Read more

SADC Concerned Over Implementation Delay of Women’s Charter

The Southern African Development Community, or SADC, has expressed concern over the failure by some countries in the region to fully implement the SADC Charter on Women in Science, Engineering and Technology, five years after it was approved by the regional bloc. Read more

SA Universities Impress with Graduate Employability

South Africa can claim to be the home of the most successful higher education system in Africa, as seven of its 26 public universities were ranked among the top 1,000 universities globally in the 19th edition of the QS World University Rankings 2023, released on 8 June. Read more

South African Academics Push Back Against ‘Biased’ UK Visa Scheme

Academics have criticized a new visa scheme introduced by the United Kingdom which will offer work visas to people who have studied at the world’s top universities. Read more

Spain Plans to Recruit More Students from Sub-Saharan Africa

Spain has embarked on an ambitious plan to attract international students and highly skilled workers from Africa as part of its new strategy, Focus Africa 2023, which aims to establish stronger academic, economic and diplomatic ties with African countries, especially those in Sub-Saharan Africa. Read more

Sustainability Research Needs Applied and Social Sciences

There is a need for dialogue between mainstream applied sciences on the one hand and the social sciences and humanities on the other if sustainability research is to come up with solutions to inspire the behavioural change needed to build future sustainable societies. Read more

Terror Groups Often Behind Attacks on Education Sector

Most governments in Africa have been unable to shield schools, universities, students, teachers and academics within their borders from attacks by terrorist organisations and other non-state armed groups, according to findings from the Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack (GCPEA). Read more

 The Importance of Understanding Each Other’s Culture in Collaborative Teamwork

After the first workshop with students from University of Zambia and Mulungushi University, various feelings have been shared. Feelings of joy, uncertainness, exhaustion and success. Read more

The Lancet’ Journal Rejects Papers that Don’t Acknowledge African Researchers

Respected global medical journal The Lancet will continue to reject papers with data from Africa that fail to acknowledge African collaborators, in the interest of building African research and of promoting integrity, equity and fairness in research collaboration, … Read more

Transdisciplinary Collaboration Critical for Future of Science

Calls for investment in transdisciplinary research in Africa in order to achieve progress in science and innovation as tools to tackle challenges impeding social and economic transformation of the continent have dominated proceedings at the Sustainability Research and Innovation Congress (SRI2022). Read more

Transformation of Higher Education Through Internal Engagement and External Partnership

The University of Eldoret (UoE) was established upon the award of Charter by the President on 11th February, 2013, as the Chepkoilel University College. The institution was founded in 1946 by the white settlers initially as a Large-Scale Farmers Training Centre. Read more

Transforming the Lives of Smallholder Pig Farmers Through Capacity Building…

The inspiration to make this dream a reality struck me during the TAGDev orientation training for the first cohort in July, 2017 at ARC Hotel, Egerton University, Kenya. The speaker challenged all the new students to turn their talents into entrepreneurial opportunities and expand on them. Read more

Two-Day IOFS High-Level Forum on Food Security Kicks off in Almaty

Islamic Organisation for Food Security hosted a High-level Forum on Food security in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The hybrid event was jointly organised by IOFS and Kazakh National Agrarian Research University and brought together representatives of more than 20 countries and attracted more than 1000 participants. Read more

UB-Zimbabwe Partnership Elevates Pharmacology, Biomedicine in Africa 

The medical research partnership between the University at Buffalo and the University of Zimbabwe started in 1998 as a research project to study how HIV medicines developed in the U.S. and Europe could be used to fight the raging AIDS epidemic in Africa. Read more

Ugandan Epidemiologist Appointed to UN University Council

Dr Catherine Kyobutungi is a Ugandan epidemiologist who mainly works in healthcare systems research and capacity-building. She began her career journey as a medical officer in rural Uganda before becoming a lecturer at Mbarara University of Science and Technology. Read more

UK Renowned University to Launch Africa Hub In Rwanda During CHOGM

Coventry University’s Africa Hub will be formally launched this month as world leaders gather for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Rwanda. Read more

Universities Key in Bolstering Climate-Smart Agriculture

The use of innovative digital technologies has been key in accelerating climate action, from transforming food systems to building resilient cities and creating climate-smart jobs. Read more

Unlocking the Pig and Poultry Growth Potential with Essential Oils from Aromatic Plants

Essential oils have potential therapeutic benefits for use in the management of biotic infections. Provided the increasing resistance to most antibiotics coupled with their residual effects in the human food chains, I developed an efficacious product with less side effects for use as animal growth promoter. Read more

Un Programme International AUF de Mobilités pour Chercheurs Francophones du Sud en Sciences Environnementales

L’Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie a créé un Programme international de mobilités pour Doctorant.e.s et Post Doctorant.e.s de ses universités membres du Sud. Ce dispositif de réseautage et de coopération entre les laboratoires de recherche de ces universités Lire la suite

What Does 100-Year-old Makerere Reveal About Culture?

Uganda’s Makerere University, which marks its centenary this year, is well known as the oldest university in East Africa and as a cradle of political elites. Read more

Women Can be Pivotal if Empowered in Climatology Field

“It is undeniable that the consequences of climate change are disrupting national economies and affecting lives, and communities are bearing the high cost of this phenomenon. Climate change as a problem of public value must be grounded in the preponderance of the evidence. Read more


31 May 2022

Actions for Gender Mainstreaming Aimed at SDG 5 Needed

Grant-making data from the 15 Sub-Saharan African countries that are members of the Science Granting Councils Initiative (SGCI), showed that only about one-third of research awards went to women, and that men often received larger grants than women. Read more

Action Plan Aims to Equip Workforce with In-Demand Skills

The African Development Bank (AfDB) has launched its Skills for Employability and Productivity in Africa (SEPA) action plan for 2022-25, to bridge Africa’s skills gap, address skills mismatch and relevance on the back of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), climate change agenda and digital transformation in the labour market. Read more

African Researchers Invited to Apply for JWO Research Grant 

African researchers are invited to apply for this year’s Jennifer Ward Oppenheimer (JWO) Research Grant, for projects with a focus on the preservation of Africa’s natural environment.The winning project will receive $150 000 in funding support. Read more

African Scientists and Black Hole Discoveries

Sagittarius A* is the black hole at the centre of our galaxy, the Milky Way – and scientists have just unveiled the first image ever taken of it, thanks to a large international team known as the Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration. Only two members of that team, Roger Deane and Iniyan Natarajan, are from the African continent. Read more

African Scientists and Technology Could Drive Future Black Hole Discoveries

Astronomers have revealed the first image of the black hole at the centre of our galaxy, the Milky Way. The image was produced by the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) Collaboration, an international team made up of over 300 scientists on five continents – including Africa. Read more

Africa’s First Cultivated Chicken Meat Harnesses UKZN Biotechnology Expertise

Stem-cell and skeletal muscle research emerging from the laboratories of biotechnology researchers in UKZN’s School of Life Sciences (SLS) has played a key role in the release of Africa’s first cultivated chicken meat as part of a partnership aiming to provide sustainable and affordable animal protein to meet the dietary needs of Africa’s growing population. Read more

Africa’s Higher Education Prospects and Challenges in 2022 

Higher education in Africa is key to its development. As the world becomes more interconnected, education becomes the key to sustainability. African governments are investing more in higher education. Read more

Afrique as an Integrated University in Central Africa

The African University requires in-depth transformation to create a space where learners meet with their supervisors to develop a quadruple competence consisting of building knowledge, know-how, life and thinking skills to contribute to the development of the continent. Read more

A Pathway to Inclusivity Through Agriculture in Africa

A host of leading experts on international knowledge cooperation joined for the Shaping Futures symposium in The Hague earlier this month. The event was part of the celebrations of 70 years of Nuffic. Read more

Assurance Qualité : Le RAFANAQ accueille de Nouveaux Membres et consolide son Plan d’Action 2022-2023

L’employabilité des jeunes est l’une des préoccupations majeures des économies africaines. Afin de promouvoir de meilleurs débouchés professionnels, il est important de renforcer la politique d’assurance qualité de l’enseignement supérieur au niveau continental  Lire la suite

‘Burnout is a Real Phenomenon for African Professors’

Governments and universities in Africa must do more and join forces to create conducive academic and professional environments with conditions of service that will enable university professors to do their work and enhance their contributions to knowledge production. Read more

Call for Transformation Runs Through UNESCO World Higher Education Conference

Gathering 2,000 participants from 139 countries, the Third World Higher Education Conference  (WHEC20222) kicked off  a movement to create more open, inclusive, equitable and collaborative higher learning systems geared to the complexity and challenges of our times. Read more

Centres to Help Raise Generation of Digitally Savvy Leaders

The digital revolution has transformed labour skills market demands, compounding Africa’s pre-existing skills mismatch. Given the changing dynamics, acquiring skills in information and communications technology (ICT) has become critical for graduates. Read more

Climate Change Fellowship Targets Francophone Researchers

Researchers, innovators, and policy analysts from several francophone countries in West Africa are set to benefit from the West African Women Climate Leadership Fellowship Program (WAfriCLP), which is being implemented by the African Centre of Excellence for Climate Change, Biodiversity and Sustainable Agriculture at the Félix Houphouët-Boigny University in Côte d’Ivoire. Read more

Community of Practice for the Teaching and Learning of African Languages Remains Determined to Achieve More in 2022

Universities South Africa’s Community of Practice for the Teaching and Learning of African Languages (CoPAL) has put together an elaborate plan of action aiming to realise tangible outcomes for 2022. Read more

Community-University Engagement for a Transformative Higher Education in Africa…

The cardinal role of higher education in generating knowledge, building human capital and translating knowledge into technological innovations is key to sustainable development and fostering the socio-economic well-being of a sustainable society. Read more

Competing for Talent on the Battlefield of the Global South

The European Commission’s new immigration policy is proposing legal skilled labour immigration from Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia through so-called ‘Talent Partnerships’. Read more

Concours « 60 Secondes pour convaincre » : Votez pour votre Projet préféré !

Ce concours s’adresse aux étudiants des établissements membres de l’AUF dans le monde. Lire la suite

Decline in Male, Black and Latino Students Planning on College

In the Class of 2022, 76 percent of white students said they want to go to college, 79 percent of Middle Eastern or North African students said they do, and 88 percent of Asian American students do. Read more

Developing and Nurturing Leaders of Tomorrow: The Role of Universities

One of our most important responsibilities as leaders of agricultural universities, and a critical role for RUFORUM as well, is to reflect critically on the mission of the university. Read more

Developing University Competitiveness Through Human Capital Development, Collaborations and entrepreneurship

Universities, private and public, are responsible for teaching, research, publishing, consultancy services and advancing human development. Over the years, funding of public universities through the Exchequer has been the Government’s prerogative, and was possible when the demand for university education was low. Read more

‘Divorced Universities’ Could Thrive Through Community Bond

Unless African universities address community needs through the kinds of knowledge and graduates they are producing, their sustainability will come under threat as important local sources of funding and popular support are withdrawn, according to participatory research pioneer Rajesh Tandon. Read more

[Dossier Blanc] Demande d’Admission Préalable (DAP) pour une Première Inscription dans une Université Française – 2022-2023

Attention ! Si vous vivez dans un des pays suivants, vous devez demander simultanément votre dossier de demande d’admission préalable et votre visa de long séjour pour la France (V.L.S. – T.S.) Lire la suite

Egypt Leads Research Field for the Second Year Running

For the second year running, researchers and academics in Egypt have published more peer-reviewed journal articles than their peers in other countries in Africa, according to 2021’s datasets from SCImago Journal & Country Rank, an online platform with some of the world’s most comprehensive citation and abstract databases of global journal research output. Read more

Embed Art in Local Cultures to Guard Against Foreign Sway

African artistic expression should be deeply rooted in local cultures and ought to reflect local cultural realities and context, targeting the African market first. In this way, domination by Western culture and globalisation, which have been spreading fast around the world, influencing every form of cultural expression, could be avoided. Read more

Enquête Mondiale 2022 sur l’Enseignement Supérieur et la Recherche au Service du Développement Durable (ESDD)

Participez : L’Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF) se joint à l’Association internationale des Universités (AIU) pour le lancement d’une enquête sur l’Enseignement Supérieur et la Recherche au Service du Développement Durable (ESDD).  Lire la suite

En Route vers la 39e Session du Conseil des Ministres du CAMES

Le Conseil des Ministres du Conseil Africain et Malgache pour l’Enseignement supérieur (CAMES) se réunira en session ordinaire du 23 au 27 mai 2022 à Kinshasa, en République Démocratique du Congo, sous la présidence du Ministre ivoirien de l’Enseignement supérieur  Lire la suite

EARTH University “An ACT of Faith and a Labour of Love”

The founders of our university were committed to making a difference and had serious doubts about how effectively our higher academic institutions were achieving their mission to educate our leaders of tomorrow. They wanted to challenge themselves and take the risk of striving for something more innovative. Read more

Fin de la « Concertation Régionale sur l’Assurance Qualité et l’Accréditation »

Cette rencontre régionale qui portait sur « l’assurance qualité et l’accréditation dans l’espace CAMES » visait à adopter un projet de directive régionale sur l’harmonisation des mécanismes nationaux et institutionnels d’assurance qualité, en phase avec le « Cadre panafricain d’assurance Lire la suite

Focus sur les Membres du Conseil des Ministres du CAMES

Le Conseil des Ministres est la plus haute instance du CAMES, dont le fonctionnement s’adosse sur un Comité d’experts. Il est composé des 19 Ministres de l’enseignement supérieur des pays membres du CAMES. Lire la suite

Funders Opt for Sport, Music, Entertainment, not HE – Experts

The future and survival of higher education in Africa will depend greatly on how universities across the continent will be able to integrate traditional forms of funding with emerging new sources of income, according to the Accra-based Association of African Universities (AAU). Read more

Global ‘Roadmap to 2030’ for Higher Education Announced

Daniel Nivagara, minister of science, technology and higher education, Mozambique, noted “the fact that higher education is a universal right: this is a challenge”. Read more

HEFAALA Takes Stock of Academic Collaboration Post-COVID

A database that could capture the work that has been done at institutional, national and regional level to track academic collaborative modalities, including student mobility patterns, and plug the information gap on aspects such as internationalisation, was proposed at the end of the Third Higher Education Forum for Africa, Asia and Latin America (HEFAALA III) Symposium… Read more

How Can Internationalisation Regain Momentum in South Africa?

It is mandatory for each South African institution to develop its own policy and plan on internationalisation two years after the Policy Framework for Internationalisation of Higher Education in South Africa was published on 6 November 2020, and at a time when international student numbers are decreasing. Read more

How to Set Up an Institutional Repository for Data-Sharing

Only 24 African countries, out of 54, have institutional repositories, according to the Directory of Open Access Repositories.Recent studies and academic contributions on institutional repositories in Africa show that, of the few repositories currently on the continent, many are not up to standard. Read more

Ignorance About Addis Convention Hampers Its Ratification

African education leaders are calling for more action to create increased awareness of the Addis Convention about the recognition of qualifications in higher education, noting that many countries were yet to ratify it nearly three years after it came into force. Read more

Intra-Africa Mobility for Training Agribusiness and Food Systems Scientists for African Agriculture (TAFSA) Scholarship Advertisement for Cohort 2

The goal of TAFSA project is to enhance synergetic cooperation amongst selected Agricultural Universities in Africa. Specifically, the project aims at supporting these African universities with research and training of skillful and competent professionals to contribute to the improvement of food systems, and agribusiness… Read more

I Run a Beeswax Business in My Home Town

My name is Victor Gordon Akejo and I am a TAGDEV student from Uganda. I study at Egerton University, Kenya. One of the main entrepreneurial projects I’m involved in back home is selling beeswax. Read more

L’AUF a réuni ses Organes Consultatifs à Paris

Pour assurer sa gouvernance, l’AUF dispose de 4 instances (l’Assemblée générale, le Conseil d’administration, la Présidence et le Rectorat) et de 4 organes consultatifs : le Conseil scientifique, le Conseil économique et social, le Conseil des réseaux  Lire la suite

L’AUF renforce sa Présence en Afrique Centrale et Grands Lacs à travers un Bureau National au Rwanda

L’ouverture de bureaux nationaux, prolongeant les Directions régionales, fait partie de la stratégie de l’AUF pour 2021 – 2025 visant à renforcer le réseautage et les programmes de coopération internationale dans le domaine scientifique. Lire la suite

Les samedis du PTR-LSCC / Conférence sur le Thème: «Les Itinéraires Initiatiques en Sénégambie et en Guinée Bissau. Au cœur des Minorités invisibles»

Le Programme thématique du CAMES – Langues, Société, Culture et Civilisations (PTR-LSCC) vous invite à sa conférence mensuelle du mois de mai dénommée « Les samedis du PTR-LSCC », sur la plateforme Zoom. Lire la suite

L’Université de Lubumbashi décerne le Doctorat Honoris causa au Recteur de l’AUF

En marge du colloque international « Violence, identité et construction de la nation » qui s’est tenu du 28 avril au 1er mai 2022, l’Université de Lubumbashi (UNILU) a octroyé au Recteur de l’AUF le diplôme honorifique de Docteur honoris causa en reconnaissance, Lire la suite

Masterclasses Address Knowledge Gaps in Doctoral Training

Some of the most pertinent challenges young academics may face as they begin to build careers as teachers and scientists were tackled during three masterclasses offered by seasoned academics to 25 handpicked participants from across Africa in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, during 25-29 April. Read more

Mobility in MENA – Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

The last two decades have seen higher education become increasingly mobile. In 2000 just over two million people studied abroad; by 2019 this has almost tripled to over six million, according to the UNESCO Institute for Statistics. Read more

New UK Work Visa Bound to Exclude Graduates from Africa

Graduates from African universities will not be eligible for the United Kingdom’s High Potential Individual (HPI) visa aimed at attracting highly skilled graduates from non-UK universities to work in various fields, including science, technology and entrepreneurship in the country. Read more

Offre de Bourses du Conseil Indien des Relations Culturelles, New Delhi

Le Conseil Indien des Relations Culturelles, New Delhi annonce l’offre de bourses d’étude dans le cadre du programme de bourse d’étude pour l’Afrique pour les programmes de premier cycle, de troisième cycle et de doctorat dans certains universités indiennes Lire la suite

Private Network Impacts SDGs, Including Poverty Alleviation

A network of 15 private institutions spread across 10 countries in four regions in North, West, Central and Southern Africa, aims to train an additional 100,000 students over five years – up from its current 61,000. Read more

Pursuing Academic Excellence in a University in Africa

Every university claims excellence as its mantra and mission. I have never encountered an institution that proclaims its commitment to mediocrity. So, what does academic excellence entail? Read more

RUFORUM Executive Secretary Holds Dialogue with His Excellency the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Ambassador to Uganda

Prof Adipala Ekwamu, the RUFORUM Executive Secretary, met with His Excellency Abdalla Hassan AlShamsi, the UAE Ambassador to Uganda, to explore opportunities for strengthening partnership between African and UAE Universities and development agencies in UAE. Read more

Retract or Attack?’

Two white Africanists publish an article on centering the scholar’s personal experience to help “decolonize” African studies. A call for retraction follows. Read more

Selective Free Access May be More Practical than Open Access

Many universities in least developed countries, including countries in Africa, cannot afford subscriptions for online journals and other academic publications. Read more

Senegal is Decolonising Its Heritage, and in the Process Reclaiming its Future

To reclaim one’s heritage, as Souleymane Bachir Diagne, a Senegalese philosopher of Négritude at Columbia University says, is to reclaim one’s future. Read more

Solutions from Nature, My Story

As a female running the Lin-Rayon General Trading Company Ltd, I have become a role model to many, my social network has expanded to both young and adults and I am able to cover for my living expenses and provide for  some school requirements for my children and family members. Read more

Strengthening Capacities for Enabling Policy Environment to Support Family Farmers in Africa

Family farmers rely on family labour for production and other farm operations and produce almost 80% of the world’s food in value terms. In Africa, they dominate the agriculture sector providing livelihoods for over 70% of the population… Read more

Ten (10) RUFORUM Member Universities ranked among 1,406 universities …

The Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) strives to support its member universities to deliver quality education through cutting edge research, innovation and academic mobility to enable them rank higher globally. Read more

The Future of Higher Education in Africa

The AAU is pleased to share it’s latest publication titled – “The Future of Higher Education in Africa–A Summary of Conference Subthemes”. The publication succinctly captures the key presentations, discussions, scientific papers, and contributions made by stakeholders during the Association of African Universities’. Read more

The Struggle of Women for Power and Leadership in Universities

Despite great gains made over the years regarding access and representation of women in African higher education, the percentage of women in leadership and decision-making positions continues to be small. Read more

The Well-Being of African Cities is Tied to Universities

African cities have been urged to collaborate more closely with universities and other tertiary research institutions within their jurisdiction, not only because they contribute to human resource needs but because higher education institutions are increasingly becoming key drivers for local economic development. Read more

Honoris United Universities Transforms the Lives of 770,000+ People Across Africa

Today, Honoris United Universities, the first and largest pan-African network of private higher education institutions in Africa, releases its inaugural impact report. The report highlights Honoris’ commitment to Education for Impact for students, their families and communities across Africa… Read more

Transforming Higher Education – the Road Tailored to Meet the Development Needs from The National University of Agriculture

Universities in developing countries in general and in particular in Benin are set up to meet the training needs of technical executives in different professional fields. Read more

UN Agencies Launch Policy Paper to Enhance Refugee Access to HE

The UNESCO International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP-UNESCO) and the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) have developed 15 evidence-based recommendations for facilitating refugee access to host countries’ higher education institutions. Read more

UNESCO Calls Upon Stakeholders to Expand Programme Developing Roadmaps to Harness Science to the Sustainable Development Goals

The head of UNESCO’s Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Section, Ezra Clark, has encouraged all stakeholders to join the “Partnership in Action” initiative to expand the STI for the SDGs Roadmap Programme. Read more

Universities Failing to Capitalise on COVID-19 Innovations

African universities are reneging on important lessons learned and gains made during the COVID-19 pandemic, going back to business as usual, while disregarding innovations that allowed new teaching and learning modalities, among other things. Read more

Universities in Africa Still to Undo ‘Colonial’ Clasps

Higher education in Africa (and its stakeholders) needs to reimagine and free itself as a sector from the colonial clasps of the past through developing its own educational models and transforming universities’ systems, structures and policies that guide its practices, along with having a clear vision of what it wants in the future. Read more

Why We Need Higher Technical Skills Development for Youth

Youth skills development, an essential element for youth empowerment, was highlighted during the conference with a round table themed “Youth Skills Development through Higher Technical Education in Africa”…Read more

World Higher Education Conference 2022 Opens in Barcelona

More than 1,500 participants will gather in Barcelona, Spain, for the third UNESCO World Higher Education Conference, to chart a renewed vision for higher education in the next decade. Read more


30 April 2022

3 African Institutions Partner to Use Artificial Intelligence to Tackle Climate Change

The project is intended to create and strengthen the interdisciplinary collaboration among scientists and institutions in helping fulfil the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal 13 on climate action innovation. Read more

44e Session des CCI : Qui sont les Présidents des CTS?

Le programme Comités consultatifs interafricains (CCI) constitue un cadre commun d’évaluation de la carrière des enseignants-chercheurs et chercheurs des universités et centres de recherche des États membres du CAMES, pour leur inscription sur les différentes listes d’aptitude Lire la suite

Academics Want to Build Capacity for One Health Strategy

African countries have been urged to adopt the One Health framework, a collaborative public health approach, amid concerns of pandemic outbreaks and for the emerging and re-emerging of highly infectious diseases such as COVID-19 and Ebola that adversely affect human health. Read more

Appel à Candidatures, Conférence Internationale des Etudiants sur l’Environnement et la Durabilité 2022

Soutenue par le United Environment Programme, l’Université de Tongji, la Banque Agricole de Chine, la Fondation pour l’environnement de Pékin pour les jeunes talents et l’agence de presse Xinhua, la Conférence Internationale des Etudiants sur l’Environnement  Lire la suite

Appel à Candidatures pour la Constitution d’une Banque d’Experts Evaluateurs auprès de l’AMAQ-SUP

L’Agence Malienne d’Assurance Qualité de l’Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche Scientifique (AMAQ-SUP) est un établissement public à caractère scientifique et technologique (EPST) doté de la personnalité morale et de l’autonomie de gestion, Lire la suite

Appel à Candidatures pour le Projet Atlas des Législations Minières Africaines AMLA

Le CREDILA, Centre de Recherche, d’Etude et de Documentation sur les Institutions et les Législations Africaines de l’UCAD invite les universités à faire une présélection de candidats étudiants qui seront membres de l’Atlas des législations minières africaines(“AMLA”). Lire la suite

‘Are We Prepared to Think Beyond National Boundaries?’

A new model for transnational partnerships that acknowledges and strengthens the contribution made by public higher education institutions in the Global South is required to produce the kind of knowledge that the world needs… Read more

Beyond Connectivity: Making African Scholarship Visible

In February, Malawi-based UbuntuNet Alliance, an Eastern and Southern African research and educational networking organisation, appointed Kenyan national, Professor Madara Ogot, as its new chief executive. Read more

Bourses de Recherche Doctorale et Postdoctorale «Eugen Ionescu» Roumanie – Résultats de l’Appel 2021-2022

Dans le cadre du programme de bourses de recherche doctorale et postdoctorale «Eugen Ionescu» Roumanie, la Commission nationale de sélection a attribué 100 bourses : 46 de doctorat, 54 de postdoctorat. Lire la suite

Challenge Logo du PTR-LSCC

Le PTR LSCC a lancé le 10 janvier 2022, un challenge à l’attention de l’ensemble des membres du PTR LSCC-CAMES pour le choix d’un LOGO afin de donner au PTR-LSC, une identité visuelle. Lire la suite

Concertation Régionale sur l’Assurance Qualité et l’Accréditation dans l’Espace CAMES

Le CAMES organise, les 5 et 6 mai 2022 à Abidjan, une Concertation régionale sur l’assurance qualité et l’accréditation dans l’espace CAMES, en partenariat avec l’Agence universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF), Lire la suite

Creative Funding Solutions Needed as HE Expands Globally

Universities in the Global South need to be more creative in making up shortfalls in the financing of higher education as funding per student decreases as enrolments are increasing, a webinar held to launch a new report, World Higher Education: Institutions, students and funding, was told by the vice-chancellor of a leading African university. Read more

Début des Inscriptions à la 3e Editions des Olympiades Universitaires du CAMES

Ce vendredi 22 avril 2022, débute la campagne d’inscription à la troisième édition des Olympiades Universitaires du CAMES. Les étudiants sont invités à s’inscrire massivement sur la plateforme en ligne Lire la suite

Focus sur les Programmes Thématiques de Recherche du CAMES

Les Programmes thématiques de recherche du CAMES (PTRC) ont été institués en 2013 par la 30e session du Conseil des Ministres du CAMES, dans le but de mettre en place des réseaux de chercheurs multipays, capables d’œuvrer ensemble Lire la suite

HE Needs Explicit Intentional Policies on Gender Equality

Although institutional efforts to increase the representation of women in academia are increasing across the African continent, they remain under-represented in strategic and essential positions which necessitate adopting specific policies to advance their academic representation. Read more

How Can Universities Teach Society’s Most Pressing Problems?

Contrary to popular belief, our universities cannot solve all society’s problems or even teach about them. Every society contains many knowledge centres – domestic, public, private, industrial, and so forth. We belong to the higher education cluster, and we cannot perform the tasks allocated to other sectors, such as primary and secondary. Read more

Le CAMES a participé à deux Rencontres organisées par l’OOAS

Le Directeur des Programmes du CAMES en charge de l’assurance qualité, Dr (MC) Saturnin ENZONGA YOCA, a participé à deux réunions organisées du 7 et 9 avril 2022 à Lomé par l’Organisation Ouest-Africaine de la Santé (OOAS). Lire la suite

Le Recteur Slim KHALBOUS était l’Invité du Site XERFI CANAL

La stratégie de l’AUF pour la période 2021-2025 se base sur une approche différentiée pluriculturelle. L’AUF est présente dans près de 120 pays, dans plus de 1000 universités ou centres de recherche membres et une soixantaine d’implantations à travers le monde. Lire la suite

Les Samedis du PTR-LSCC : Compte Rendu de la Conférence de Prof MADEBE

Le samedi 19 mars 2022, le Programme Thématique de Recherche Langues, Sociétés, Cultures et Civilisations ( PTR-LSCC) a reçu dans le cadre de son activité dénommée « Les samedis du PTR-LSCC », M. Georice Berthin MADEBE, Lire la suite

Olympiades Universitaires du CAMES

Le Conseil Africain et Malgache pour l’Enseignement Supérieur (CAMES) lance la 3e édition de ses Olympiades Universitaires du CAMES (OUC) — une compétition qui vise à créer un cadre d’expression, d’identification et de développement des talents des étudiants Lire la suite

Ouverture de la 3e Edition des Olympiades Universitaires du CAMES

Le Conseil Africain et Malgache pour l’Enseignement Supérieur (CAMES) lance, à partir du 22 avril 2022, les inscriptions à la troisième édition de ses Olympiades universitaires (OUC). Lire la suite

Pause_R : Quelle Différence entre Management et Leadership ?

Avec Pause R, prenez le temps des savoirs. Chaque mois, Murtada Calamy aborde une thématique sociétale, économique ou philosophique en compagnie de chercheurs éclairés. Pause R est un podcast TelQuel avec le soutien de l’Agence universitaire de la francophonie et HEM. Lire la suite

Pr Mireille Carmen BRETIN épouse DOSSO, un Modèle de Réussite dans le Milieu Universitaire

La rédaction de « Lundi CAMES » emboite le pas au « Portail du Gouvernement de Côte d’Ivoire » qui a consacré « Citoyen à l’honneur », Madame Mireille Carmen BRETIN épouse DOSSO, Professeure Titulaire de Microbiologie à l’Université Félix Houphouët-Boigny  Lire la suite

Séminaire sur l’Epigraphie

Dans le cadre de son programme d’activités scientifiques 2021-2022, le laboratoire DECRYPTA /ARCIV de la FLSH, auquel est rattaché le Département de Langues et Civilisations anciennes, organise, le mercredi 27 avril 2022, de 15h à 17h, à la salle 57 de la FLSH,  Lire la suite

Signature d’un Accord-Cadre de Coopération entre l’UMNG, le CAMES et le CESAG

Arrivé à Brazzaville le lundi soir, le Professeur Abou NAPON, Secrétaire Général du CAMES, accompagné du Directeur général du CESAG, le Professeur Balibié Serge Auguste BAYALA, a eu une journée très chargée Lire la suite

Subject Rankings: More Departments in Africa on Top-100 List

African higher education institutions are steadily scaling the academic ladder as 23 university departments in three countries were among the world’s 100 best places to study subjects they offer, according to the 12th edition of the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2022. Read more

The Impact Rankings 2022 – 80 African Universities Rate Highly

There are 80 African universities in 10 countries featured in the Impact Rankings 2022 produced by Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings. Read more

The Struggle of Women for Power and Leadership in Universities

Despite great gains made over the years regarding access and representation of women in African higher education, the percentage of women in leadership and decision-making positions continues to be small. Several studies have revealed that positions of power in an overwhelming majority of universities are occupied by men. Read more

Universities Empowering Young Women to End Hunger

All Marion Namukose ever wanted to do was to plant her fruit farm, process her oranges, brand them and sell them. But the entrepreneur had found attaining her goal rather ‘easier said than done’…Read more

Universities Need to Help Envision Climate-Responsive Cities

“We need to build African cities in such a way that they can be responsive to our needs and ensure low-carbon and climate-resilient development. This is where African universities, researchers and think tanks will have a tremendous role to play because we need people to imagine what African cities should look like in the future.” Read more


31 March 2022

AAU and Afrobarometer Hold Strategic Dialogue to Explore Areas of Collaboration

The visit was at the invitation of Dr. Asunka for the two organisations to explore possible areas of mutual interest for collaboration. Read more

Academic Collaboration in Africa, Asia and Latin America in the Post-COVID World

The Third Higher Education Forum for Africa, Asia and Latin America (HEFAALA III) Symposium under a theme “Academic Collaboration in Africa, Asia and Latin America in the Post-COVID World” will take place with the 20th International Conference on Private Higher Education in Africa…Read more

Academic ‘Conveyer Belt’ Approach Dehumanises Education

Building on the present historical moment when ‘distortions’ in the worldview promoted in the West have increasingly come under question in the context of the Black Lives Matter movement, the need to revamp the education systems in the Global South has become increasingly apparent… Read more

African Education Trust Fund (AETF) Committee Meets with the AAU Secretary-General

The AETF was set up by the AAU and the Pan African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PACCI) to transform tertiary education in Africa and scale up the skills set of the continent for the implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA). Read more

After a Golden Age of Higher Education Growth, What Next?

The phenomenal growth of universities in the Global South began to shudder to a halt in 2013, new research into world higher education has revealed. Declining spending in China and a collapse in oil prices were primary reasons. Higher education’s halcyon days were over. Read more

Appel à Candidature pour le Poste de Directeur/rice de l’Institut International de l’UNESCO pour le Renforcement des Capacités en Afrique

Lire la suite

AU-EU: Digital Transformation of HE, Connectivity Discussed

The African and European unions have outlined measures to promote AU-EU digital cooperation for developing skilled human resources, along with promoting digital innovation and entrepreneurship for job creation. Read more

Bukavu Youth Agripreneurs (BYA)

Bukavu Youth Agripreneurs enterprise was started by graduates from different universities and academic disciplines. The enterprise is located in Bukavu City, South Kivu province in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Read more

Common Response Needed for African Students in Ukraine

Reportedly, tens of thousands of African students are stranded in Ukraine, and as Ukrainians are fleeing the war and crossing into neighbouring countries, disturbing tales are emerging of African students and their families being denied access to transportation afforded to native Ukrainians. Read more

Continent-Relevant Solutions Needed to Improve Use of AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been identified globally as one of the biggest phenomena of the 21st century and a powerful tool in combating some of the debilitating effects of climate variability and change. Read more

Démenti du CAMES concernant le Pr Maurice Aurélien SOSSO, Président sortant du CCG

Conakry, le 03 mars 2022 — Le Conseil Africain et Malgache pour l’Enseignement Supérieur (CAMES) porte à la connaissance du grand public qu’il lui a été donné de constater la circulation sur les réseaux sociaux d’un message intitulé « Maurice Aurélien SOSSO vient d’être viré  Lire la suite

Evacuation of Africa’s Students from Ukraine Continues

While 17 African countries were among the 35 states that abstained from voting on a United Nations resolution on Wednesday 2 March demanding that Russia “immediately, completely and unconditionally withdraw all of its military forces from the territory of Ukraine”…Read more

« Femmes & Francophonie Scientifique » : Un Magazine pour la Journée Internationale des Droits des Femmes

Avec ce magazine “spécial 8 mars”, l’AUF vous invite à découvrir les différents projets et initiatives qu’elle porte en faveur de l’Égalite Femmes-Hommes dans toutes les régions du monde mais aussi à rencontrer des femmes, étudiantes, doctorantes, jeunes chercheures Lire la suite

Femmes Universitaires, Femmes d’Exception

Au lendemain de la célébration de la « Journée internationale des droits des femmes », la rédaction de « Lundi CAMES » rend un vibrant hommage à toutes les femmes universitaires de l’espace CAMES, particulièrement à celles qui occupent des postes à haut niveau  Lire la suite

Humanitarian Studies Programmes in Short Supply in Africa

African universities are lagging behind in their offerings of a general masters in humanitarian studies qualification, which impedes the development of a professionalised workforce to deal with events on the continent requiring humanitarian interventions. Read more

Indian and African Students Plead for Help to Leave Ukraine

Indian and African students studying in Ukraine have appealed for help to get them out of the country and home to safety. Read more

Invitation : Webinaire CAMES – DAAD sur le Thème « Echanger pour une Coopération durable au Service de la Gestion de l’Enseignement Supérieur, de la Recherche et de l’Innovation. »

Cet évènement qui s’inscrit dans le cadre de la coopération entre ces deux institutions, vise à renforcer le réseautage institutionnel, à faire connaître les programmes des deux organisations et à favoriser les échanges sur des sujets relatifs à l’enseignement supérieur et la recherche Lire la suite

Joint Scientific Session Convening with the African Crop Science Society

RUFORUM, in partnership with the African Crop Science Society and the Zimbabwean RUFORUM member universities, will convene a three-day scientific conference where scientists, academicians and students will present their work orally focusing on the application of biological, ecological and social knowledge… Read more

L’AUF au Maghreb lance prochainement le Guide Pratique Doctorant.e Entrepreneur.e

L’AUF Maghreb, en partenariat avec la StartUpFactory, organise un événement en ligne, prochainement, pour le lancement du guide pratique des doctorant.e.s – entrepreneur.e. L’événement sera également l’occasion de revenir sur les temps forts du collège doctoral Lire la suite

L’AUF célèbre le Mois de la Francophonie

Chaque année, en mars, est célébré le mois de la Francophonie. Les plus de 300 millions de francophones dans le monde fêtent leur langue en partage et la diversité de la Francophonie. Lire la suite

L’AUF lance un Appel à Candidatures pour un Siège Supplémentaire à son Conseil d’Administration

Pour candidater, un État ou un gouvernement, éligible selon les critères supra précisés, doit répondre à cet appel à candidature au plus tard le 15 mars 2022 (minuit heure de Paris) en écrivant à l’adresse du Rectorat de l’AUF : Lire la suite

L’AUF Maghreb célèbre le Mois de la Francophonie

Chaque année, en mars, est célébré le mois de la Francophonie. Les plus de 300 millions de francophones dans le monde fêtent leur langue en partage et la diversité de la Francophonie. L’AUF est partenaire de ce grand rendez-vous. Lire la suite

Le CAMES et le DAAD magnifient leur Partenariat

Pour saluer ce partenariat, les deux organisations ont organisé le jeudi 10 mars 2022, une rencontre virtuelle autour du thème « CAMES-DAAD : échanger pour une coopération durable au service de la gestion de l’enseignement supérieur, de la recherche et de l’innovation ». Lire la suite

Les Académies Mondiales appellent à une Action concertée pour lutter contre les Revues et Conférences Prédatrices

« InterAcademy Partnership (IAP) » — un réseau mondial regroupant plus de 140 académies nationales, régionales et mondiales des sciences, de l’ingénierie et de la médecine Lire la suite

Les Samedis du PTR-LSCC / Conférence sur le Thème: « L’Afrique à la Hauteur du Monde. Nécessité et Philosophie d’une Transformation »

Dans le cadre de son activité « Les samedis du PTR-LSCC », le Programme thématique du CAMES – Langues, Société, Culture et Civilisations (PTR-LSCC) organise le samedi 19 mars 2022  à 09h30 GMT, sa troisième conférence virtuelle sur le thème : Lire la suite

Les Samedis du PTR-LSCC : Compte Rendu de la Conférence de Prof. HOUNTONDJI

Cette manifestation scientifique ouvrait le cycle de Conférences Scientifiques Virtuelles dudit PTR et dérivées du thème général : « La recherche en termes africains. doctrine(s), objets, épistémologie(s), stratégie(s) et attente(s) ». Très attendue, la conférence a mobilisé en ligne Lire la suite

Les Revues Prédatrices : Comment les reconnaître et les éviter ?

En 2020, la Conférence internationale des Doyens et des Facultés de Médecine d’Expression Française (CIDMEF) — en partenariat avec l’Agence universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF), le Syndicat de la presse et de l’édition des professions de santé (SPEPS)  Lire la suite

LREB, Varsities Agree to Establish Health Training Centre

Stakeholders from the Lake Region Economic Bloc (LREB) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the UK Export Finance (UKEF) to establish a Centre of Excellence in Health Education and Training to serve East Africa. Read more

L’Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) et l’AUF lancent l’Observatoire Francophone pour le Développement inclusif par le Genre (OFDIG)

Ce nouvel observatoire entend favoriser l’égalité femmes-hommes dans le monde et accroître l’autonomie et le pouvoir d’agir des femmes et des filles dans trois secteurs cruciaux du développement inclusif : le milieu de l’enseignement supérieur et de la recherche, Lire la suite

Mamdani Talks About his Research Legacy and Work at Makerere

Professor Mahmood Mamdani was the executive director of the Makerere Institute of Social Research at Makerere University, Uganda, from 2010 to the end of February 2022. During this time, he has revamped the institution’s mission and established a robust PhD programme. Read more

More Women Researchers Needed to Tackle Climate Change

Challenging the gender bias within educational institutions, in research and even in the media has been identified as a fundamental component to open up spaces for women to participate in and make an impact in the emerging field of climate change. Read more

Offre de Bourse d’Etude de la FAO

Lire la suite

Performance-Based Funding: What Options for Universities?

A recent media report reproduced by University World News in its World Round-up section noted that the government of Kenya is contemplating the adoption of a model of performance-based funding for its institutions of higher learning. Read more

Pourquoi l’Ukraine était prisée des Etudiants Africains

Avant la guerre lancée par la Russie, le pays était la cinquième destination privilégiée des jeunes du continent, qui y représentaient trois étudiants internationaux sur dix. Lire la suite

Preprint Servers Gain Prominence Despite Peer Review Concerns

While they have been around for the past five decades, preprint servers, repositories that allow access to original manuscripts to the public before they have undergone peer review, have gained more prominence over the past two years, owing to the sheer volume of research on COVID-19 that needed to be communicated. Read more

Reinventing Higher Education for an Inclusive World

On 14 February 2022, the African and European unions announced an AU-EU Innovation Agenda which has, as its core mandate, the strengthening of research capacity in Africa. Read more

Research Initiative to Tackle Food Security, Global Warming

In an effort to bolster cooperation between European and African countries as they face joint challenges in agriculture, food and the environment in a context of climate change, two French science bodies, in cooperation with 20 African universities and institutes along with three sub-regional organisations, have launched a research initiative… Read more

Réunion Extraordinaire du Comité Consultatif Général (CCG)

Le Comité Consultatif Général (CCG) du CAMES tient du 28 février au 2 mars 2022 à l’Université Gamal Abdel Nasser de Conakry (UGANC) sa réunion extraordinaire. Lire la suite

RUFORUM Appreciation for Your Contribution to Higher Education in Africa

RUFORUM has for long been partnering with CARNEGIE Corporation of New York to strengthen Human Capital Development in Africa. Today the secretariat wishes to sincerely thank the corporation for the relentless support to the network. Read more

RUFORUM Award Grants to 10 Post-Doctoral Fellows

The Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM), a consortium of 147 Universities in 38 African Countries, is pleased to announce the recipients of the Post-Doctoral Fellowships funded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York. Read more

RUFORUM Nurturing Grant for “Training the Next Generation of Sudan Female Scientists”

30 MSc Sudanese female students were recruited for training with funding support from Mastercard Foundation under RUFORUM TAGDev Project. Read more

SADC Education for Sustainable Development Framework on the Horizon

The dialogue is one of UNESCO’s responses to the aspirations enunciated in the Regional Indicative Strategic Development Plan (RISDP) 2020–2030 of SADC, that is to develop and implement programmes, in order to improve human capacities for socio-economic development… Read more

Science Councils Will Benefit from More ‘Science on Science’

Africa needs to establish and enhance its networks for researchers in innovation studies to investigate the process of research, science, technology and innovation, with the aim of establishing how it is driven and what obstacles exist for those working in these disciplines. Read more

Share Scientific Knowledge to Make it More Relevant

African academics researching climate change should strive to share their knowledge with communities to help them to adapt and to ensure that their work has a direct link with the public. Read more

Space Science Capabilities Depend on Quality Education

In December 2019, Ethiopia became the 11th African country to have launched a 72kg remote sensing microsatellite (ETRSS-1) into space, joining the ranks of Algeria, Angola, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa and Sudan. In East Africa, Ethiopia was third after Kenya and Rwanda. Read more

Strategic Partnership Offers a New era in Collaboration

At their recent summit, African and European political leaders approved a new strategic partnership agreement for the coming period. A joint AU-EU Innovation Agenda was acknowledged as an important component of the partnership agreement. Read more

The Africa-EU Summit and the Higher Education Sector: Implications, Opportunities and Next Steps

It is intended to provide an opportunity for the higher education sector in Africa and Europe to understand better the commitments made by the Summit, to debate specific topics and share initiatives that would contribute to reaching the goals set and to create opportunities in line with the Summit’s emphasis on higher education, skills and research. Read more

The Dynamics and Dimensions of Driving Institutional Change

After the approval of the 2015-20 strategic plan of the United States International University-Africa (USIU-Africa) and my 90 days of listening, which I reflected on in earlier articles in this series, I rolled up my sleeves to lead institutional change. Read more

The RUFORUM Triennial Conference: Perspectives for the Present and Future Convenings

Africa and the global economy both face head winds of post covid-19 pandemic recovery, that has been tapered by increasing resurgence the disease and prevalence of new variants of the pathogen… Read more

The UNESCO Team in Ghana Holds Talks with The AAU to Deepen and Broaden Collaborations

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), through its representation in Ghana, and the Association of African Universities (AAU) are seeking to enhance and broaden the long-standing relations between the two institutions, for the advancement of their respective goals and the development of Africa. Read more

The Way Forward for African-European University Collaboration

As argued by Lenin, “there are decades where nothing happens, and weeks where decades happen”. We are currently in a period where far-reaching global transformations are taking place that, until recently, were unthinkable. Read more

Trombinoscope du Bureau du Comité Consultatif Général (CCG) du CAMES

Le nouveau bureau du CCG est élu pour un mandat de trois (3) ans, renouvelable une fois, conformément à l’article 5 de l’Accord portant création et organisation des Comités consultatifs interafricains de l’enseignement supérieur et de la recherche scientifique. Lire la suite

Ukraine: E-platforms Can Help Africa’s Evacuated Students

Several e-platforms have been set up to assist African students who have managed to flee from Ukraine to consider their educational options. Read more

UNESCO and Partners to Hold Social Knowledge for Policy Uptake Workshop

The UNESCO Regional Office for Southern Africa in collaboration with the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) and the South African Department of Social Development (DSD) will hold a workshop on social knowledge for policy uptake… Read more

UNESCO Champions Better TVET for Kenya’s Rise

Under the BEAR II project, UNESCO has been supporting the efforts of Member States to enhance the quality and relevance of their technical and vocational education and training (TVET) and to equip all youth and adults with the skills required for employment, decent work, entrepreneurship and lifelong learning. Read more

UNESCO Remembers Abdoul Aziz Guissé

He will remain, in particular, a model heritage expert for the entire African continent. Well-known for his humanism and enthusiasm, he was an effective advocate for African heritage at the highest level, within national cultural institutions…Read more

UNESCO to Hold a Public Lecture on the Role of Higher Education, Science, Technology…

It is expected that the Public Lecture will outline the main challenges to be addressed, and identify the roles to be played by universities, and by Science, Technology and Innovation to catalyze this global transition towards a world and an Africa where people live in harmony between themselves and with nature. Read more

Universities Can do Better in Democratising Their Research

For many, participation might be intrinsically valuable. Not surprisingly, as human beings living as part of our societies, we want to be heard and be active within our communities. However, seeing the social fabric as compendiums of communities might bring light into those groups or communities where we have nothing or little to say as citizens of our global world. Read more

Universities Must Find Ways to Fast-Track the ‘Brightest’

“There is an abundance of human talent in Africa, but it has not been coming through into advanced technical fields,” says Professor Neil Turok, who founded the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) in Cape Town in 2003. Read more

‘Universities Must Grasp the Opportunity to Change’

If African universities are to meet their mandate to support development on the continent, they must change with the times and restructure, said Reitumetse Obakeng Mabokela, the vice provost for international affairs and global strategies at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in the United States. Read more

Universities Reach Out to African Students Who Escaped Ukraine

Egyptian students who were studying at Ukrainian universities and have managed to escape the war-torn country will be able to resume their studies in their homeland if they meet the entry requirements of private and national universities. Read more

Universities Reach Out to African Students Who Escaped Ukraine

Egyptian students who were studying at Ukrainian universities and have managed to escape the war-torn country will be able to resume their studies in their homeland if they meet the entry requirements of private and national universities. Read more

U.S. Embassy in Senegal: University Partnerships Initiative

The Public Affairs Section of U.S. Embassy Dakar is seeking proposals to carry out a program focused on strengthening existing ties and fostering new collaborations between U.S. and African universities. Read more

Vice-Chancellors Tasked to Lobby for Better Internet Access

Vice-chancellors have a vital advocacy role to play in promoting national research and education networks (NRENs), to advance the digital transformation strategies of African universities. Read more

Vigorous Intercultural Democratic Debate on Science Needed

Indigenous knowledge systems (IKS) must be incorporated in African university curricula across the continent in order to help resurrect nation-building and decolonisation projects that have been put on hold, according to Ugandan higher education thought leader Catherine Odora Hoppers. Read more

What Can Universities Do to Stop the Demise of Democracy?

The current events in Ukraine, as well as in Hong Kong, highlight the challenges facing people who support democracy. Read more

Where to Now for Students Who Fled the War in Ukraine?

Scores of Nigerian students have fled or been evacuated from Ukraine over the past week, either back to their home country or to other countries in the European Union. Efforts are under way to evacuate several who are still trapped. For many students, this has been a harrowing experience, and most now face an uncertain future where their education is concerned. Read more

Youths from Africa and the Arab World Commit to Advancing Cooperation in agriculture…

The Afro-Arab Youth Council (AAYC) in partnership with the Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) organized a youth dialogue under the theme, “Enhancing food security through innovations and planetary health: the role of youth.Read more

Youth STEM Boot Camp Headlines UNESCO’s Celebrations for the World Engineering Day

UNESCO’s celebration of the World Engineering Day will continue this week with a joint event co-organised in partnership with Zimbabwe Institution of Engineers and the University of Zimbabwe.  Read more

‘We Need Local Solutions to Local Climate Change Problems’

“As a continent, we must move from climate theory to climate action and, therefore, it is critical to build alliances and partnerships between different role-players in terms of climate change. This calls for the inclusion of local contexts and indigenous knowledge in climate adaptation strategies.” Read more


28 February 2022

13 Renewable Energy Research Projects Leap Forward in Africa 

The AU-EU LEAP-RE programme has announced funding for 13 new research and innovation projects into renewable energy in cooperation between Africa and Europe. Read more

5,000 PhD Scholars to Meet Africa’s Growing AI Needs

If Africa wants to tap into the benefits of the digital economy to address the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), at least 5,000 PhD scholars in the areas of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning must be cultivated over the next five years, … Read more

AAU-PACCI Inaugurates African Education Trust Fund Organising Committee

The Association of African Universities (AAU), the Pan-African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PACCI) and the African Private Sector (APSS) have inaugurated a committee to establish an African Education Trust Fund (AETF). Read more

Academic Publishing Needs Creative Solutions to Grow

COVID-19 has dampened academic research productivity even though virtual conferences and webinars have become an antidote for visa denials and a shortage of travel funding. Where academic publishing is concerned, there may be solutions to promote development in African countries as well as increase international support. Read more

Africa Needs ‘Pluriversities’ to Respect More Ways of Knowing

Universities on the continent are so dominated by frameworks for understanding that were established in the Global North that they cannot be considered authentically ‘African’ in terms of what they teach and the kinds of knowledge they produce, says South African philosopher Mogobe Ramose. Read more

African Scholars Concerned Over Biases in Review Processes

Ongoing concerns over geographical biases in the evaluation of scientific research that could be disadvantaging Africa scholars remain and suggest the need for ongoing and targeted efforts to address inequalities in knowledge production and publication. Read more

Appel à Projets « La Recherche en Termes Africains : Doctrine(s), Objets, Epistémologie(s), Stratégie(s) et Attente(s). »

Le PTR Langues, Société, Culture et Civilisations (PTR-LSCC) lance un appel à projets adressé aux chercheurs, enseignants-chercheurs et instituts de recherche (laboratoires, groupes/équipes de recherche, écoles doctorales, unités de formation et de recherche) de l’espace CAMES. Lire la suite

Attestation de Diplôme dans le Cadre du PRED du CAMES : Les IESR invitées à adhérer au Dispositif Sécurisé et Authentifié « CAMES »

Dans un contexte d’amélioration continue de la qualité des services offerts à ses usagers, le CAMES a opté, depuis octobre 2021, pour un changement de maquette des attestations et diplômes qu’il délivre afin de préserver leur authenticité Lire la suite

AU-EU Talks: Partnerships to Drive Innovation Agenda

Harmonisation of standards and quality assurance efforts in higher education were scrutinised as African and European experts shared experiences ahead of the European Union-African Union Summit scheduled for 17 and 18 February in Brussels, Belgium. Read more

Delegation from the African University College of Communications and the Pan African Heritage Museum Visits the AAU Secretary-General

A three-member delegation from the African University College of Communications (AUCC) who also serve on the Council of the Pan African Heritage Museum (PAHM) on Thursday 17th February 2022 paid a courtesy call on the Secretary-General of the Association of African Universities (AAU), Read more

Deux Années de Crise Covid n’ont pas découragé la Mobilité des Etudiants Africains

Le continent a un taux de mobilité deux fois plus élevé que la moyenne mondiale et sa population étudiante augmente rapidement. Lire la suite

Does Your University have a Student Affairs Directorate?

Student affairs directorates within universities have unique roles to play in ensuring quality in higher education by maximising opportunities for students to graduate equipped with a high level of success and holistic development and allowing them to acquire those graduate attributes that prepare them to contribute better in society. Read more

Dr Marie-Madeleine MBORANTSUO fait Commandeur de l’OIPA/CAMES

La Présidente de l’Institution Internationale Berthe et Jean, à laquelle appartient l’Université internationale de Libreville (UIL), Dr Marie-Madeleine MBORANTSUO — par ailleurs Présidente de la Cour constitutionnelle du Gabon — a été élevée au grade de Commandeur  Lire la suite

How to Connect Your Research with Policy-Making Agendas

African academic researchers have been urged to stop writing long, dry and complex research papers that are meant for other scholars only, but to also consider best practices of sharing their research with lay audiences to increase their use in policy- and decision-making agendas. Read more

New Report Calls for Higher Education Institutions to Embrace the 2030 Agenda

In a new UNESCO report, the Global Independent Expert Group on the Universities and the 2030 Agenda (EGU2030) implores that higher education institutions must take on a stronger role to tackle the world’s most pressing issues, as outlined in the sustainable development goals. Read more

La DFG et le Conseil Africain et Malgache pour l’Enseignement Supérieur (CAMES) signent un Protocole d’Accord

L’Afrique joue un rôle de plus en plus important dans de nombreuses questions scientifiques. Jusqu’à présent, la coopération avec des pays partenaires d´Afrique anglophone a prédominé dans la science allemande. Afin d’ouvrir l’accès aux espaces scientifiques francophones Lire la suite

Leadership Lessons Learned After 90 Days of Listening

Assuming a new job constitutes an intriguing moment of excitement and anticipation, fresh beginnings and discovery, as well as anxiety and trepidation of the unknown. Read more

Le CAMES participe à l’Atelier Préparatoire sur la Dissémination des « Références et Lignes Directrices pour l’Assurance Qualité dans l’Enseignement Supérieur Africain (ASG-QA) »

Le Directeur des Programmes du CAMES en charge de l’assurance qualité, Dr (MC) Saturnin ENZONGA YOCA, a participé du 24 au 26 janvier 2022 à Nairobi, au Kenya, aux travaux du groupe technique de travail sur la mise en œuvre du projet Lire la suite

Les Centres d’Employabilité Francophones (CEF) : Déjà 14 Centres ouverts à Travers le Monde

Les Centres d’Employabilité Francophones (CEF) constituent un projet majeur de l’axe 2 de la stratégie de l’AUF pour 2021-2025 qui concerne l’employabilité et l’entrepreneuriat des étudiants. Lire la suite

Open Universities in Africa are Few and Far Between

The effects of the pandemic have shown that traditional educational practices can no longer be. Open distance e-learning (ODeL) must be embraced as the key to the ‘new normal’ to ensure higher education does not suffer, according to Professor Goski Alabi, president of the Laweh Open University College in Accra, Ghana. Read more

Organisation Bimodale du 21e Concours d’Agrégation de Médecine, pour la Section Odontostomatologie

Pour donner suite à la Résolution N° SO-CM/CAMES/2021-018 du Conseil des Ministres portant organisation en bimodal des programmes statutaires et activités du CAMES, s’est tenue par visioconférence, le mardi 15 février 2022,  Lire la suite

PRICNAC : 5 Projets d’Innovation retenus pour la Première Phase de la Subvention

Dans le cadre de son déploiement, le projet PRICNAC (Promotion de la recherche, de l’innovation et de la culture numérique) a lancé en juillet 2021, un appel à propositions de micro-projets devant bénéficier d’un financement compris entre 150 000 euros Lire la suite

Private and Public Universities Should Collaborate in Africa

Private universities became popular and increased exponentially in Africa around the 1990s. Read more

Project to Translate Research Articles into African Languages

A platform that publishes African research immediately and free of charge, with the aim of providing increased regional and international visibility for scientific work, has partnered with like-minded open access African portals to translate 180 research articles from English to six African languages. Read more

Research at the Heart of Europe, Africa’s New Innovation Agenda

Greatly expanded cooperation in research and innovation was agreed at the sixth European Union (EU) and African Union (AU) summit in Brussels on 17-18 February. A new Innovation Agenda sees universities as gateways between the continents, places science at the heart of development and creates a changed paradigm for collaboration based on equal partnerships. Read more

Science Output Rising, but Some Countries’ Yields Still Low

Despite numerous challenges, Africa has made notable progress in the production of scientific knowledge in the past two decades, with a total share of 7.6% of contributions to the world of science and one-third of all international publications in tropical medicine. Read more

Soutien à la Jeunesse et Réalisation des ODD : Le Programme Safir accompagne 9 Nouvelles Universités d’Afrique du Nord et du Moyen-Orient

Safir est un programme co-financé par l’Union européenne mené en faveur de la jeunesse et des Objectifs de développement durable dans 9 pays d’Afrique du Nord et du Moyen-Orient. En septembre 2021, Safir a lancé un deuxième appel à candidatures  Lire la suite

Space Technology to Measure, Monitor Climate Change Impact

Five African countries are working with Egypt to launch a pan-African satellite project dubbed the African Development Satellite Initiative (AfDev-Sat) to study the impact of climate change across Africa and what space technology can offer in this area. Read more

Students Concerned About Coups and Decline of Democracy

The African student community has expressed concern over the negative impact of coups in the West Africa region on the delivery of quality education as well as on the welfare of students, and they have appealed to the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to step up its commitments to protect democracy. Read more

Student Mobility: Convention Enables Sharing of Talent

African countries have agreed on a roadmap to strengthen higher education on the continent by implementing the Addis Recognition Convention, which has established a legal framework for assessing higher education qualifications in Africa. Read more

Students Set Their Terms for Future EU-AU Partnerships

Student union leaders across Africa and Europe can engage and influence their governments on the nature of European Union-African Union (EU-AU) partnerships. Read more

The Hope Africa University, a Pioneer in New Practices in Higher Education, …

On that occasion, Dr. Barantota said that UEA opened its doors on February 6th 2000 in Kenya, with the ultimate educational goal of providing Christian higher education that leads students to the integration of faith and learning development of human dynamics. Read more

The Role of Higher Education in the Sub-Region: Prospects and Challenges

Like in other parts of the world, Higher education is critical for developing the requisite human capital for knowledge generations, technology and innovation advancement and hence directly influences the countries or region’s competitiveness. Read more

Three (3) RUFORUM Network Member Universities Ranked among the Top Young Universities… 

The Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM), commends universities in Africa and through its various initiatives such as trainings, research grants, Innovation and academic mobility, will continue to support its member universities to deliver quality education and enable them rank higher globally. Read more

The Nectar Point

The more health-conscious consumers are, the higher the demand for freshly processed fruit juice. Realizing this market niche, a group of four students pursuing MSc. in Agrienterprises development from Gulu University took up this business opportunity and started processing fresh natural fruit juices under the brand name “nectar point”. Read more

Top 10 Best Universities in Africa 

Africa is home to many universities that rank amongst the top universities in the world. Scattered across the continent, they stand tall in educational excellence. Read more

UNECA Set to Launch Africa’s First AI Research Center in Brazzaville

The UN Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) on Wednesday announced that it is set to launch Africa’s first Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research Centre in Brazzaville, capital of the Republic of the Congo. Read more

University Sector Contemplates Risk, Recovery and Resilience

It could be safely stated that Africa has survived COVID-19 – miraculously. All the scary predictions at the onset of the pandemic that the continent would be wiped out have come to nought. Read more

University Systems in 45 Countries have Barely Been Studied

Higher education in Africa has become a frequently researched topic from 2000 onwards, but the systems in 45 out of 54 countries on the continent have barely been studied and 20 countries lack internal higher education expertise. This is a matter of concern, states a new study. Read more

Universities Urge AU, EU to Support Clusters of Excellence

Amid final preparations for the sixth summit between the African Union (AU) and the European Union (EU) to be hosted on 17-18 February in Brussels, a network of leading research universities spanning both continents have reiterated a recent call on governments to foreground research and innovation capacity in Africa… Read more

World Bank Support Sees Enrolment Soar at TVET Institutions

Technical and vocational education and training (TVET) institutions in East Africa supported by the World Bank-funded East African Skills for Transformation and Regional Integration Project (EASTRIP) have recorded a fourfold increase in student enrolment over the past two-and-a-half years. Read more


31 January 2022

10ème Edition du Prix de la Francophonie pour Jeunes Chercheurs : 4 Lauréat.e.s récompensé.e.s

Quatre chercheuses et chercheurs d’universités du Bénin, du Canada, de France et du Maroc, ont été récompensé.e.s dans le cadre de la 10eme édition du Prix de la Francophonie pour Jeunes Chercheurs attribué par l’AUF. Lire la suite

2022, l’AUF vous présente ses Vœux les Meilleurs

Lire la suite

African Scholars Concerned Over Biases in Review Processes

Ongoing concerns over geographical biases in the evaluation of scientific research that could be disadvantaging Africa scholars remain and suggest the need for ongoing and targeted efforts to address inequalities in knowledge production and publication. Read more

A Ranking System for Arab Universities to be Developed

The use of blockchain technology to combat counterfeit higher education qualifications, quality assurance guidelines for the use of artificial intelligence in learning, teaching and research and an Arab-specific university ranking system are part of wide-ranging initiatives… Read more

Bringing Hope to Frustrated Maize Farmers in West and Central Africa (WCA)…

With thousands of farmers in West and Central Africa (WCA) battling the invasion in their farms by the deadly parasitic weed Striga,  the introduction of two new resistant varieties; TZLComp1Syn W-1 (Sammaz 16) and IWDC2SynF2 (Sammaz 15) developed by IITA…Read more

‘Bugs on a Plane’ … Not Everyone’s Favourite Movie

When 27-year-old Peter Mubiru was filmed selling fried grasshoppers known as nsenene to fellow passengers on a Uganda Airlines flight, little did he suspect the video would go viral on social media, attract international media attention and get him into deep trouble. Read more

Can Africa Risk Missing the Nanotechnology Revolution?

Richard Feynman conceived nanoscience in his famous December 1959 lecture titled ‘There’s plenty of room at the bottom’ when he referred to the manipulation and control of matter at the atomic level. Read more

Collaboration to Boost Research and Training in East Africa

Two higher education organisations in East Africa, the Inter-University Council of East Africa (IUCEA) and the Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM), have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to formalise their collaboration in advancement of postgraduate training and research in East Africa. Read more

Conférence Scientifique Virtuelle sur le Thème Conférence Scientifique Virtuelle sur le Thème  « Origines, Problématiques et Enjeux du PTR- LSCC »

Le PTR Langues, Société, Culture et Civilisations organise le Samedi 22 Janvier à 10 h GMT sa conférence de rentrée sur le thème: « Origines, Problématiques et Enjeux du PTR- LSCC ». Lire la suite

Conversations on the Impacts of Private Universities on Public Universities in Africa…

This conference was a gathering of progressivists. While planning for the conference, we invited a unique composition of participants because our aims were not as commonly seen elsewhere. Read more

Craving for a Cricket? Research on Edible Insects Can Help

The consumption of insects either as human food or as feed for domestic animals has been practised in more than 45 African countries for generations. About 552 insect species are consumed in Africa, comprising moth caterpillars, grasshoppers, locusts, beetles, plant bugs and termites. Read more

Degree Programmes Needed to Boost African Film Industry

African universities lag far behind when it comes to training professionals for the blossoming African film industry that could create more than 20 million jobs and generate US$20 billion in annual revenue, according to UNESCO. Read more

Excessive Drinking by University Students on the Rise

It may be hard to know exactly how many students in universities in Sub-Saharan Africa are engaged in the excessive drinking of alcohol, but academic researchers are almost all in agreement that heavy consumption of alcohol among university students in the region is rising rapidly. Read more

Financing and Making University Education Better in Africa

Perhaps to demonstrate the importance of education to human endeavours, academics, founders, donors and all those concerned with higher education in Nigeria and other parts of Africa were assembled for two days from January 6- 7, 2021, Read more

Funding for Research was Prize-Winner’s Biggest Obstacle

Professor Margaret Gyapong is a medical anthropologist by training and is currently the director of the Institute for Health Research and coordinator of the Centre for Health Policy and Implementation Research at the University of Health and Allied Sciences (UHAS), Ho, in the Volta region of Ghana. Read more

HE, Industry and Students Win through Sandwich Programmes

Higher education sandwich courses present a win-win situation for graduates, industry and universities, an online dialogue hosted by the International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (ICIPE), headquartered in East Africa, heard. Read more

Have a Clear Plan for Professional Success as an Academic

This is the first in a series on personal branding for academics in an era of dwindling state funding for higher education institutions, decreases in university income in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic and repeated criticism from industry that the university graduates African universities produce are not a good fit for the human capital needs of the industries… Read more

How Place of Birth Shapes Chances of Going to University…

Many newly independent African countries in the 1960s inherited regional and ethnic inequalities in formal educational attainment. These new states bound together sub-national regions of diverse ethnic and religious communities. Read more

IITA’s Integrated Molecular and Conventional Breeding Scheme for Enhancing Genetic Gain in Maize

Shortly after completing my MSc. studies at Gulu University, I was offered an opportunity for internship at the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) based in Ibadan, Nigeria… Read more

Internet Blackouts: Governments Undermined HE Delivery

Eleven African countries have been included in a list of 21 countries whose governments deliberately shut down internet access for their citizens in the course of 2021 – in most cases, to quell civil unrest, but a move that undermined higher education institutions, … Read more

It is Not Just About Producing Seeds; Quality Check and Assurance are Paramount at Every Stage:

Successful crop production is linked to having the right seed, of the right quality, grown in the right environment and under the right conditions. Consequently, production of quality seed is paramount in ensuring a food secure future especially in sub-Saharan Africa. Read more

Lancement du Programme ENTREPRENDRE en Afrique Subsaharienne et dans la Caraïbe

Ce séminaire, introduit par le Recteur de l’AUF, Pr. Slim Khalbous, a réuni des représentants des ministères des 8 pays pilotes dans lesquels le Programme va être déployé : Bénin, Burkina Faso, Cameroun, Congo, Côte d’Ivoire, Haïti, Maurice et Sénégal. Lire la suite

L’AUF lance 10 Appels à Candidatures pour constituer ses Commissions Régionales d’Experts Economiques et Scientifiques

L’AUF met en place une nouvelle instance consultative régionale : la Commission Régionale d’Experts Économiques et Scientifiques – CREES. Cette instance intervient auprès des 10 directions régionales de l’AUF et est le prolongement du Conseil Scientifique  Lire la suite

Les Vœux du Prof. Slim Khalbous, Recteur de l’AUF, pour l’Année 2022

Lire la suite

New Leadership: Second Female Board Chair Appointed for 2022

The RUFORUM Network is pleased to announce Professor Theresia Nkuo-Akenji as the new RUFORUM Board Chair effective immediately. Read more

Poor Planning for Online Learning Created Disparities

The COVID-19 pandemic-driven transition to emergency remote teaching and online learning has been met with controversy in the Southern African Customs Union (SACU) region, as a significant number of students from underprivileged areas in the countries were deprived of a fair and equal opportunity to complete their academic year…Read more

Possibilities and Perils of Leading a University in Africa

I was the vice-chancellor of a private university in Kenya, the United States International University-Africa (USIU-Africa), from 2016 to 2021, which offered an incredible opportunity to make my small contribution to the continued development of the university itself, put into practice my scholarly research on African higher education, … Read more 

Private and Public Universities Should Collaborate in Africa

Private universities became popular and increased exponentially in Africa around the 1990s. Before then, however, universities such as the American University in Cairo, founded in 1919, functioned amid the popularity and seeming intimidation of public universities. Read more

Programme Aims to Build Bridges, Bring Academics Together

A new partnership programme involving academics and administrators in Africa as well as Black African diaspora scholars in the United States aims to nurture research, teaching and outreach collaborations, yielding academic outcomes that are set to support the nurturing of globally competent faculty and students. Read more

Retrospective 2021

Avant tout propos, il convient de rappeler que l’année 2021 a été marquée par le décès en fonction du Secrétaire Général du CAMES, le Pr Bertrand MBATCHI et la nomination par le Conseil des Ministres d’un Secrétaire Général par intérim du CAMES, Lire la suite

Rencontre avec Pierrie-Ahn Fenelon, Lauréate de l’Edition 2021 du « Prix des Jeunes Ecritures RFI-AUF »

J’ai découvert les films d’horreur lorsque j’avais environ 9 ans. Tous les vendredis, ma mère nous emmenait, ma grande sœur et moi louer des films à regarder le week-end (oui j’existais déjà à l’époque des cassettes). Nous avions le droit de choisir un film chacune. Lire la suite

RUFORUM Recognizes Individuals Making Impact on Africa’s Development 2021

During the 7th Africa Higher Education Week and the RUFORUM Triennial Conference in Benin, RUFORUM recognised individuals making significant contribution in transforming their communities and institutions. Read more

Preparing 5IR-Ready University Graduates for the Future Economy

African universities should equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to deal with the implications of the Fifth Industrial Revolution (5IR), the Global Forum for Higher Education and Scientific Research has heard. Read more

RUFORUM Recognizes Individuals Making Impact on Africa’s Development 2021

During the 7th Africa Higher Education Week and the RUFORUM Triennial Conference in Benin, RUFORUM recognised individuals making significant contribution in transforming their communities and institutions. Read more

Umahi Slam Suspension on Land’s Commissioner, SSA On Education Over Negligence

(AFRICAN EXAMINER) – Ebonyi State Governor, Engr. Dave Nweze David Umahi, has approved the  suspension of the Commissioner for Lands and Survey, Chief Emmanuel Uguru and the Senior Special Assistant, (SSA) on Education, Dr Obianuju Alo  for one month over negligence and dereliction of duty. Read more

US International HE ‘Reinforces Racism’, Study Finds

United States university internationalisation practices and policies reproduce and reinforce cultural and social racism, according to a recent study based on the experiences of Sub-Saharan African students. Read more

VaRRIWA : Près de 2 Millions d’Euros accordés à 9 Projets en Afrique de l’Ouest pour la Mise en Œuvre de Projets en Faveur de la Valorisation des Résultats de la Recherche et de l’Innovation

Lesdits projets ont été sélectionnés à la suite d’un appel à candidature lancé par l’AUF et ses partenaires sur la période du 15 juin au 30 septembre 2021. Lire la suite

What Can be Done to Improve Research Integrity? 

These days, I’m asked to talk about reproducibility and replication in science at least as often as I’m asked to talk about my own research. And I’ve noticed a repeated pattern in the responses from early career researchers. Read more

Why Waste Time and Resources? Genomic-Aided Selection Accelerates Variety Development…

Genetic diversity is the foundation of any crop improvement programme; therefore, breeders routinely assess the genetic diversity in field crops via different marker techniques. In Africa, biotic and abiotic stresses continue to challenge crop production throughout the continent. Read more


31 December 2021

Academics from 12 Universities on Global Citation List

A total of 16 academics from five countries in Africa and working at 12 universities have been recognised as influential researchers. Read more

Africa Gets Biggest Slice from World Bank’s Tertiary Investment

A snapshot of the World Bank’s current portfolio in tertiary education shows that Africa has been receiving the biggest slice, US$3.8 billion, of a total of about US$9.8 billion that is being invested in the sector globally. Read more

All is not Well with Africa’s Medical Education, Says Study

The COVID-19 pandemic has degraded medical education in most universities in Africa and there are indicators that the problem could worsen the existing shortage of doctors and other healthcare workers, according to a survey of about 700 medical students in 33 countries on the continent. Read more

Association of African Universities – Guidebook to a Successful Implementation of Digital Education

Over the past several years, digital education has assumed growing importance as a new approach to higher education institutions, and a growing number of institutions of all sizes are now thinking about implementing digital education programs. Read more

Awareness-Campaign on the Strategies for Migrant and Refugee Inclusion in Higher Education

On occasion of the 2021 International Migrants Day (18 December) and in the framework of the UNI (di)VERSITY project, UNIMED is launching an awareness-campaign about the role of universities on issues related to migrations, and on the strategies for migrant and refugee inclusion in HE. Read more

China and the Geopolitics of Language in Africa

Intent on maintaining a unifying tone, United States President Joe Biden’s virtual Summit for Democracy on 9-10 December avoided direct finger pointing at particular transgressors, including China. One of the many issues that necessarily remained under the radar, despite the implications for democracy, was China’s assertive use of knowledge diplomacy, … Read more

Complementary Pathways Would Give More Refugees HE Access

A major report for the United Nations refugee agency has urged policy-makers and stakeholders in West and Central Africa to open up ‘complementary pathways’ in the region to enable refugees to access higher education and training in third countries and develop their skills and competencies to enter the labour market and contribute to post-conflict reconstruction when they return to their countries of origin. Read more

Concours de Plaidoiries simulées en Langue Française

L’Académie de droit international de la Haye a récemment lancé, avec le soutien de l’Ambassade de France aux Pays-Bas et la Cour pénale internationale, un concours de plaidoiries simulées en langue française, édition 2021 – 2022.  Lire la suite

Creating an Environment for Intellectual Capital Remittance

African diaspora scholars – individuals born, raised and educated in Africa and who now work in foreign universities – have for years established links and worked with institutions in their mother countries as a way of ‘giving back’. Read more

Creating Vibrant and Stronger Research Communities

Diaspora academics have called for the continued and expanded support of a programme that has enabled them to contribute to the strengthening of higher education in Africa through conducting joint research, supervising graduate students, mentoring junior faculty and co-authoring grant proposals and research papers. Read more

Do You Want to be More Employable? Learn Coding Skills

Students in African universities and other tertiary institutions on the continent should learn coding skills, even when they are not enrolled as students at departments of computer sciences, as a way of preparing themselves for well-paying jobs in the digital sector and for career change directions. Read more

Family Farmers Policy Champions Forum Established in Uganda

The training was organised by The Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) and the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations. Over 34 technical personnel from the MDAs, farmer organisations & farmers, and private companies participated in the training. Read more

Immersive Technologies Gain Ground in Learning, Teaching

The introduction of immersive technologies in the form of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) that will allow learners to interact with simulated objects and environments to experience virtual field trips, explore physical spaces or undergo training through simulated laboratory exercises is the way forward, some institutions believe. Read more

Inauguration de la Maison des Etudiants de la Francophonie

Cette Maison est composée de 300 studios et accueille des étudiants issus du monde universitaire francophone. 150 sont réservés à des résidents sélectionnés par l’AUF. La Maison des étudiants de la francophonie va permettre de renforcer Lire la suite

L’AUF vous souhaite de Belles Fêtes de Fin d’Année

Lire la suite

Omicron: Academics Voice Their Dismay Over Travel Ban

African academics have expressed dismay at the move by the United States, the European Union, the United Kingdom and other countries to block flights from several African countries following the sequencing of a new, potentially more transmissible variant of COVID-19. Read more

Palmarès de la 3ème Edition du « Prix des Jeunes Ecritures RFI-AUF »

Les noms des lauréats de la 3ème édition du “Prix des Jeunes écritures RFI-AUF » ont été dévoilés le 30 novembre 2021 à l’occasion de l’inauguration de la Maison des étudiants de la francophonie à la Cité internationale universitaire de Paris. Lire la suite

Paradigm Shift in EU’s Collaboration with HE in Africa

As policy-makers gear up for a summit on 17-18 February 2022 where a new multi-year strategic agreement (2021-27) between the African Union (AU) and the European Union (EU) will be introduced, research universities sent a clear message that enhanced African-European university collaboration should be a key component of the agreement. Read more

Regroupement des Collèges Doctoraux Régionaux de l’AUF Afrique Centrale et Grands Lacs

Près de 70 doctorant.e.s issu.e.s des établissements membres de l’AUF au Cameroun, en Centrafrique, au Congo, au Gabon, en République démocratique du Congo et au Tchad y ont participé. Lire la suite

Researchers Failing ‘Relevance Test’, Some HE Ministers Say

African ministers of education, science and technology faulted scientists for doing research that seemed to be producing knowledge for “the sake of it”, without clear benefits for the larger society and its national challenges. Read more

RUFORUM Delegation Meets the Minister of Higher Education and Other Government Officials…

The Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) delegation had today a dinner meeting with the DRC Minister of Higher Education and his delegation for informal discussions about the arrangements of the RUFORUM Triennial Conference… Read more

RUFORUM Delegation Meets Two Beninese Ministers and Other Government Officials, …

The Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) delegation today met two Ministers of Beninese Government to update them about the arrangements of the RUFORUM Triennial Conference and to thank the Government for accepting to host this year’s Conference. Read more

RUFORUM Signs a Memorandum of Understanding for Collaboration…

The Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) and the Inter-University Council for East Africa (IUCEA) today signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for collaboration in the advancement of research and quality postgraduate studies. Read more

Report Warns that Space for Free Flow of Ideas is Shrinking

Several African governments are restricting and curtailing the freedom of movement of academics and students through targeted actions, policies and practices that have frustrated the free flow of ideas,… Read more

SA Drops 13 Places in the UN’s Latest Global Knowledge Index 

Egypt is the highest-ranked African country on this year’s Global Knowledge Index (GKI), moving up to 53rd position from 72 last year. Tunisia was the second highest-ranked in Africa – at 82nd, up one position from last year. Read more

Scientists Urge Leaders to Up Spending on Health Education

A group of nine African academics from South Africa, Kenya, Senegal, Nigeria and Mali have called on governments and other funders for increased local investment in health research and development with a special focus on developing scientific and production capabilities, scaling-up of digital innovation and strengthening education systems… Read more

Student Mobility Between Africa and US Falls During COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic has decreased the number of international students from Africa who are studying in universities in the United States, as their numbers fell from a high of 48,679 students in the 2019-20 academic year to 45,343 students in 2020-21, a drop of 6.85%. Read more

Sub-Saharan Africa Sees Most HE Funding

The Sub-Saharan Africa region remains the biggest recipient of World Bank’s assistance for higher education in the world, receiving about 40% of the more than the US$9 billion the bank has spent on the sector since 2015. Read more

Tin by Tin: Promoting African Research and Scholarship

Academics who recently attended the Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship Program (CADFP) alumni convening in the United States deliberated on issues that are important and relevant for education in Africa. Read more

UNESCO Conducts Regional Training for TVET Managers in Bear II Countries

Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) managers have a significant role in their institutions. They need to be able to monitor and assess new training practices, understand why reform is necessary and actively promote reform initiatives. Read more

UNESCO Concludes Training of African Judicial Institutions on Freedom of Expression and Safety of Journalists

UNESCO in partnership with the African Court of Human and Peoples Rights conducted a 5-day Training of Trainers (ToT), organized between the 29 November  to 3 December 2021,… Read more

Women in HE: ‘We Either Rise Together or Sink Together’

Nurturing girls’ education at basic and secondary levels of learning, and offering increased support to women already in academia are some of the strategies that will ensure greater inclusivity in the African research sector. Read more


30 November 2021

Academic Freedom has ‘Robust Impact’ on Democracy in Africa

The significance of scholars and intellectuals to support democratic institutions in African societies and “speak truth to power” – as enabled by academic freedom – has been reiterated in a study at a time when democracy has been under attack in several countries on the continent. Read more

A Formula for a Tasty and Nutritious Soup – with Termites

Animal protein, in the form of meat and fish, is becoming more expensive across the world. As a food source, it is becoming out of reach for ordinary people, particularly low-income earners. But, meat from animals remains a rich source of protein. Read more

Ambitious Vaccine Plan Requires Different Training Approach

Africa has committed to increasing vaccines manufactured on the continent from 1% to 60% by 2040 through development and scaling up of manufacturing capacity. Read more

‘Authorship Parasitism’ Informed by Neo-Colonial Science?

To end ‘author parasitism’, which is the exclusion of local authors in studies conducted in Africa, investigators and institutions in high-income countries, as well as funding agencies and journals, should promote research from Sub-Saharan Africa, including its publication, in a collaborative and equitable manner, a new study has said. Read more

Circular Thinking Education Will Aid Sustainable Development

Inefficient management of the abundant natural resources in Africa prompted experts to call on universities on the continent to join the ‘education for circularity’ movement to equip students with knowledge and skills in circular thinking. Read more

Communication from the RUFORUM Executive Secretary

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed key gaps in Africa’s Science capacity to respond to the COVID-19 and other global challenges and clearly showed the urgent need for Africa to make significant and sustained investment in Science, Technology and Innovation. Read more

Cookbooks, Television Show and App Create Demand for Insects

Academics need to strengthen their collaboration with external actors if they are to realise their research objectives to diversify food sources and attain Sustainable Development Goals on food and ending hunger. Read more

COP26: ‘Africa Should Speak with One Voice’ on Climate Change

What can universities, scientists and students in Africa do about climate change? Does Africa have a voice during the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, better known as COP26? Read more

Des Chercheurs.euses Francophones en Sciences Environnementales en Mobilité dans les Pays du Sud

L’AUF a lancé en mai 2021 un appel à candidatures dans le cadre de son nouveau programme de mobilités doctorales et post-doctorales Sud-Sud. Ce dispositif permet aux doctorant·e·s et post-doctorant·e·s de bénéficier d’une allocation financière Lire la suite

Effective Leadership is Key to Building Research Capacity

Research capacity-building may be conceptualised as continuous improvement in an institution’s capability when it comes to producing and publishing scientific research which contributes to local or national development. Read more

First mRNA Vaccine Technology Transfer Hub Gets to Work

The World Health Organization and the COVID Vaccines Global Access (COVAX) initiative announced in mid-2021 that they were working with a consortium to establish the first COVID messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccine technology transfer hub on the African continent, in South Africa. What does this work entail? What will it mean for the continent? Read more

Gender-Responsive Budgeting can Contribute to Equality

Gender-responsive budgeting is necessary to ensure the realisation of gender equality and empowerment ideals, as reflected in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 5. Read more

India Sharpens Its Knowledge Diplomacy Focus on Africa

Indian higher education initiatives aimed at helping African countries to develop scientific human resources, bridge the digital divide and upgrade skills – and at attracting more African students to the sub-continent – were unveiled at the India-Africa Higher Education and Skill Development Summit held in New Delhi last month. Read more

Innovation for African Unis Program Launched 

The British Council has launched a program seeking to foster and strengthen universities support for entrepreneurial ecosystems in Sub-Saharan Africa.The Innovation for African Universities program comprises 24 project partnerships with universities… Read more

Innovative Teaching is Happening – Often Unsupported

Digital learning can help open up access, serve learners better and make higher education more resilient. And, in Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria, many faculty members are quietly innovating, often below the radar of their institutions and their colleagues, and frequently unsupported. Read more

Institutions Should Share Best Technology-Based Practices

There is a need for the adoption of technological changes within Africa’s higher education institutions to make teaching and learning feasible, because 20 months after COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, most African universities have not been able to make the necessary technological changes… Read more

Lancement du Réseau « Mobilité Urbaine Durable » AUF-CODATU

La réunion a été ouverte par M. Slim Khalbous, Recteur de l’AUF qui a rappelé l’importance des réseaux dans la mobilisation de compétences et le rôle que jouent ces derniers dans la mise en œuvre de la stratégie de l’AUF qui compte parmi ses membres 25 réseaux universitaires. Lire la suite

Makerere’s Gender Equality Efforts are Paying Off

For the past three decades, Makerere University in Uganda has actively pursued greater gender equality in its student, academic and administrative population. Policies to support women academics, backed by budgetary allocations, have been making an imprint on the statistics. Read more

More PhD Scholarships in Applied Sciences to be Awarded

The African continent and its universities need more high-quality researchers and innovators not just male, but female scientists, too, said Dr Moses Osiru, manager of the regional coordination unit of the Regional Scholarship and Innovation Fund (RSIF), … Read more

New Matchmaking Platform Could Help to Close the Skills Gap

The East African Community (EAC), through its project Digital Skills for an Innovative East African Industry (dSkills@EA), has launched an online skills matchmaking platform for young people in the East African countries of Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda. Read more

Point sur l’Etat d’Avancement des Préparatifs du 20e Concours d’Agrégation des SJPEG

La 20e session du Concours d’agrégation des Sciences juridiques, politiques, économiques et de gestion (SJPEG) se tiendra à Cotonou, au Bénin, du 4 au 17 novembre 2021, dans l’enceinte de la Faculté des Sciences de la Santé de l’Université Lire la suite

Projects Pave Women’s Way into Data Science Fields

Data science has been playing a critical role in tackling real-life challenges across African communities and sectors such as health and urban development. Despite a steady increase in data scientists in Africa, gender parity and equality in the field has yet to be achieved. Read more

RAFANAQ : Mutualiser les Données et Pratiques entre les Agences Nationales d’Assurance Qualité en Afrique

L’employabilité des jeunes est une des préoccupations majeures des économies africaines. Afin de promouvoir de meilleurs débouchés professionnels, il est important de renforcer la politique d’assurance qualité de l’enseignement supérieur au niveau continental Lire la suite

Reformater, Reformer et Réformer : Une Trilogie questionnée pour l’Enseignement Supérieur au Sénégal

En amont, l’enseignement au Sénégal sanglote de posture néolibérale et s’érige en pompe économique pour satisfaire les poches de certains enseignants sanguinaires, programmateurs de programmes sans fin, pour des fins lucratives s’ouvrant Lire la suite

Résultats de l’Appel à Projets AUF-COVID-19 . 2 : l’AUF débloque 1,2 Million d’Euros pour soutenir 56 Projets de Recherche dans 37 Pays !

Ce second appel, doté d’un fonds exceptionnel d’un montant de 1,2 millions d’euros a recueilli 438 dossiers issus de 238 universités et établissements membres de l’AUF dans 60 pays. Lire la suite

‘Rethink, Reinvent and Adapt’, WAHED Tells Higher Education

The global all-day event on 17 November, hosted by the National Education Opportunities Network (NEON) in the United Kingdom, brought together speakers from North and South America, Africa, Europe and Asia and was one of many events held around the globe to call for greater equity in access to higher education in the post-COVID world. Read more

RUFORUM Triennial Conference and 7th Africa Higher Education Week

The Triennial conference aims to; 1) Catalyse investment in Higher Education for strengthening Africa’s’ Science, Technology and Innovation Capacity, 2) Promote international linkages and partnerships for strengthening Higher Education in Africa, 3) Promote youth employment and skills acquisition for development, and 4) Strengthen University-Private sector business linkages. Read more

Time to Strategise for International Student Recruitment

Sixteen months ago, I wrote an article entitled ‘Africa can be a top foreign student destination – Here’s how’, in which I argued that a BBC report stated that the University of Edinburgh could lose up to 25% of its annual income of £1 billion as a result of COVID-19, … Read more

Top 20 Best Universities in AFRICA – US World News Ranking System (2021)

The rankings are based on, Global research reputation (12.5%), Regional research reputation (12.5%), Publications (10%), Books (2.5%), Conferences (2.5%), Normalized citation impact (10%), Total citations (7.5%), Number of publications that are among the 10% most cited (12.5%), … Read more

Vaccine Inequity: Countries Fail at ‘Global Solidarity’

Sub-Saharan Africa has no shortage of public health challenges: as a region, it carries the highest burden of disease in the world and boasts some of the lowest allocations of public funding to deal with that burden. Read more


31 October 2021

6th Africa Council for Distance Education Conference Ends Successfully

The 6th African Council for Distance Education (ACDE) conference ended successfully with a call to stakeholders within the education space to consider the enormous potential of Open and Distance Learning (ODL) in changing the face of pedagogy in Africa. Read more

AAU Secretary General Pays Courtesy Call on the Minister of Education of Ghana

The new Secretary General of the Association of African Universities, Professor Olusola Bandele Oyewole, paid a courtesy call to Ghana’s Minister of Education, Dr. Yaw Osei AduTwum on Monday, 25th of October 2021. Read more

Africa’s Rural Universities Aren’t Delivering for the 21st Century

Education has been described as a tool for development. In certain instances, a good, stable and quality educational system is synonymous to development. But to play this role, education systems need to stay relevant. Read more

Agricultural Universities as Enablers of Entrepreneurship

The Transforming African Agricultural Universities to Meaningfully Contribute to Africa’s Growth and Development (TAGDev) initiative is helping students to translate their research into viable businesses and universities to become enablers of entrepreneurship. Read more

Almost One in Four Female African Entrepreneurs Have Innovated, according to a UNESCO Survey

At least half of the women entrepreneurs held at least a bachelor’s degree in nine of the ten countries studied. These findings contradict a misconception in Africa that women launch their own business for lack of education or other career options. Read more

Amplifying the Voice of Higher Education in Africa

Professor Olusola Bandele Oyewole is the new secretary-general of the Association of African Universities (AAU), having taken the reins on 1 October from Professor Etienne Ehouan Ehile, who has led the 54-year-old association for the past nine years. Read more

Carbon – The Connection Between the Atmosphere, Soil, and Plants

The main driving force behind climate change is the emission of greenhouse gases through human activities, says Prof Linus Franke, Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Soil, Crop and Climate Sciences at the University of the Free State. Read more

Cérémonie d’Hommage de la Communauté Scientifique de l’Espace CAMES au Pr Bertrand MBATCHI, samedi 2 octobre 2021 de 7h à 9h GMT

Lire la suite

Communiqué Relatif au Décès du Secrétaire Général du CAMES, Pr Bertrand MBATCHI

Lire la suite

Countries Harmonise TVET Training to Promote Labour Sharing 

Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia, with funds from the World Bank, have started the process of harmonising Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) curriculum to make it easy to share skilled artisans and TVET lecturers. Read more

Countries Take Steps Towards Harmonised TVET Qualifications

Countries in the East African region are to benefit from a harmonised framework for the recognition of qualifications and certification in technical and vocational education and training (TVET) institutions. Read more

Coup d’Envoi du MOOC CERTICEscol par Slim Khalbous, Recteur de l’Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie

Le MOOC CERTICEscol (Certification des compétences TICE en milieu scolaire), fruit d’un partenariat entre le programme APPRENDRE et CY Cergy Paris Université a été lancé le 12 octobre 2021. Cette formation en ligne gratuite est dédiée aux enseignants Lire la suite

Diaspora Toolkit Aims to Strengthen Academic Linkages

A comprehensive toolkit to guide relationships between African universities and African diaspora academics and strengthen collaboration and learning capacities of academia has been developed by the Carnegie Corporation of New York, in collaboration with the African Union, … Read more

Experts Believe Investing in Africa’s Young is Critical

research project has been launched to explore the aspirations, adaptability and resilience of the youth in Africa amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more

Finale Internationale MT180 : La Suisse, le Sénégal, le Bénin et la République Démocratique du Congo récompensés

Au terme de plusieurs mois de finales nationales auxquels des milliers de doctorant.e.s à travers le monde ont participé, ils étaient 24 venus du monde entier sur la scène de la Maison de la radio pour démontrer leur talent d’orateur Lire la suite

Hommage de la Présidente de la CRUFAOCI au Défunt Secrétaire Général du CAMES, Pr Bertrand MBATCHI

« Celui qui a planté un arbre avant de mourir n’a pas vécu inutilement car il aura ajouté quelque chose à l’humanité ». Lire la suite

Internationalisation – A Step Towards Quality Higher Education

African universities have been urged to internationalise their curricula as a first step towards strengthening and marketing African higher education and graduates in a rapidly changing world. Read more

Invitation à la Signature du Livre d’Hommages au Pr Bertrand MBATCHI

Suite au décès du Pr Bertrand MBATCHI, Secrétaire Général du CAMES, dans la nuit du 24 au 25 septembre 2021, le Secrétaire général p.i, Pr Abou NAPON, informe la communauté scientifique de l’espace CAMES, les Missions Diplomatiques et Consulaires et les Organisations Internationales partenaires, Lire la suite

JSDC-5 : Réunion Virtuelle Préparatoire CAMES/PTR Santé — DFG

Le 24 septembre 2021, une centaine de participants composés d’une délégation de la Fondation allemande pour la recherche (DFG), de chercheurs allemands et des membres du Programme thématique de recherche Santé (PTR-Santé) du CAMES ont pris part, Lire la suite

La Communauté Scientifique de l’Espace CAMES rend Hommage à son Défunt Secrétaire Général, Pr Bertrand MBATCHI

Organisé par le CAMES, en partenariat avec le Ministère de l’Enseignement Supérieur, de la Recherche Scientifique et de l’Innovation du Burkina Faso, cette cérémonie a réuni plusieurs participants invités, dont des enseignants- Lire la suite

Lancement D’APPRENDRE EV@LANG, un Test de Français sur Application Mobile au Service des Enseignantes et Enseignants des Pays Francophones

L’objectif de cette application est d’aider les enseignantes et les enseignants à situer leur niveau en langue française. Téléchargeable gratuitement sur smartphone (Android et Apple), APPRENDRE EV@LANG propose à l’utilisateur un parcours d’entraînement Lire la suite

Laureates from Brazil and Mozambique to receive 2021 UNESCO Prize for Girls’…

Held as part of UNESCO’s celebration of International Day of the Girl 2021, the formal award ceremony will be followed by the launch of a new China-Africa collaborative project on ‘Promoting School Health Education for girls in Africa in the COVID era’, funded by Peking University … Read more

Le CAMES prend Part à la Réunion des Partenaires Techniques et Financiers sur le SDER de l’UEMOA

Le 1er octobre 2021, s’est tenue par visioconférence,  la rencontre d’informations des Partenaires Techniques et Financiers sur le Schéma de Développement de l’Espace Régional (SDER) de l’Union Economique et Monétaire Ouest Africaine (UEMOA) 2021 — 2040. Lire la suite

Lecturers are Key to Ending Colonial Epistemicide

In an article titled “Universities and the legacy of colonial epistemicide” published in University World News on 9 September 2021, Phaedra Haringsma discusses colonial epistemicide, its consequences and mitigating solutions. She defines colonial epistemicide as the process of ‘killing and erasure of indigenous knowledge’. Read more

Le Recteur de l’AUF en Côte d’Ivoire : Un Renforcement de la Présence de l’AUF dans le Pays

Du 11 au 15 octobre 2021, le Recteur de l’AUF, Prof. Slim KHALBOUS, a réalisé une mission en Côte d’Ivoire placée sous le signe du renforcement de la présence de l’AUF dans le pays. Il a inauguré le 1er Centre d’Employabilité Francophone (CEF) en Côte d’Ivoire à Abidjan  Lire la suite

New Project Aims to Foster Student Health and Well-Being

A project that seeks to promote the health and well-being of students in higher learning institutions and tertiary institutions in Eastern and Southern African regions was recently launched by the University of Nairobi (UON) in partnership with UNESCO and Mount Kenya University. Read more

New Education Initiatives to Follow France’s Soft Power Drive

France is strengthening partnerships with the African higher education sector – a move perceived to be part of a broader strategy of higher education diplomacy or ‘soft power’ aimed at strengthening African alliances to serve France’s cultural, economic and political agendas. Read more

NIH Awards Nearly $75M to Catalyze Data Science Research in Africa

The National Institutes of Health is investing about $74.5 million over five years to advance data science, catalyze innovation and spur health discoveries across Africa. Read more

Pr Abou NAPON, nommé Secrétaire Général par Intérim du CAMES

Monsieur Abou NAPON est Professeur Titulaire de Sociolinguistique à l’Université Joseph KI-ZERBO. Il a aussi exercé plusieurs fonctions à l’Université Joseph KI-ZERBO, notamment : Responsable du Laboratoire de Rechercher et de Formation en Sciences du Langage  Lire la suite

Pr BAKAYOKO-LY Ramata rend Hommage au Défunt Secrétaire Général du CAMES, Pr Bertrand MBATCHI

La disparition brusque du Pr Bertrand MBATCHI, scientifique émérite, travailleur acharné et manager hors pair a provoqué une profonde consternation dans la communauté scientifique africaine. Lire la suite

Prince Makay Bamba, Prix du Public MT180 : « Merci infiniment à l’AUF »

Médecin, spécialiste en pédiatrie aux Cliniques universitaires de Kinshasa (Faculté de Médecine de l’Université de Kinshasa – UNIKIN, République démocratique du Congo), Prince Makay Bamba a remporté le Prix du Public lors de la finale internationale du concours Lire la suite

Science as the Key to Sustainable and Equitable Development

Africa could more rapidly implement the goals of the UN Agenda 2030 on sustainable development through a science, technology and innovations revolution focused on sustainable development rather than environmental exploitation, according to Professor Hubert Gijzen, UNESCO regional director for Eastern Africa. Read more

Stéphane Richard, Président Directeur Général du Groupe Orange, en Visite au Siège de l’AUF à Yaoundé

À l’occasion de sa visite le 14 octobre 2021, le Président Directeur Général du Groupe Orange a ainsi eu l’opportunité d’apprécier la diversité et la qualité des projets développés dans des domaines variés (agroécologie, robotique, aquaculture, menuiserie…), Lire la suite

Time to Study the Lived Experiences of Students, Staff

In the African higher education context, it is difficult to imagine public universities facing a more intense set of challenges than what they are experiencing because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more

Universities’ Key Role in the Future of Global Food Systems

African academics say that partnerships and collective action across different sectors, including higher education and research, are needed to actualise the resolutions agreed upon at the United Nations Food Systems Summit held on 23 September in New York. Read more


30 September 2021

60ème Anniversaire de l’AUF : Tour du Monde de la Francophonie Scientifique

Créée le 13 septembre 1961 à Montréal (Canada) l’AUF fête en septembre 2021 son 60ème anniversaire. A cette occasion, l’AUF vous invite à un tour du monde de la Francophonie scientifique. Des évènements (conférences, webconférences , inauguration, etc) Lire la suite

Africa Centers of Excellence Increase Pool of Researchers

The Africa Higher Education Centers of Excellence (ACE), coordinated by the Association of African Universities (AAU) and the Inter-University Council of East Africa, have graduated a total of 8,100 students made up of 1,600 PhD students and 6,500 masters students since the initiative’s inception in 2014,… Read more

African Indigenous Knowledge Systems: Not Yet Uhuru

Last year, I wrote an opinion piece on the importance of indigenous knowledge, especially in healing practices. Read more

African Universities Hamstrung by Poor Campus Networks

An ambitious action plan has been proposed to connect African universities and other post-secondary education institutions on the continent to high-speed internet at a cost of US$52 billion, an expense that would also provide laptops to 15 million students and 500,000 teaching staff… Read more

A Model of Public Accountability for African Universities

There is a continuing discussion about university autonomy and academic freedom in Africa. Nevertheless, nothing so far has been written or heard about African universities’ public accountability. How can universities have rights without accountability? Read more

Anchor Internationalisation in Country Contexts

African higher learning institutions have been advised not to copy high-income country concepts on internationalisation, but always look at why internationalisation in their own contexts is important. Read more

An Engaged University Should be Owned by Everyone

African universities have been urged to align themselves more vigorously with a social responsibility agenda of promoting social and economic justice and cultural development in local communities. Read more

Appointment Culture of ‘Who You Know’ Undermines Quality of HE

Governments in Africa have been urged to depoliticise universities on the continent and set them free from financial starvation if they want them to become tools for development and take on leading roles in the implementation and aspirations of the African Union’s Agenda 2063 – The Africa We Want. Read more

Book on Decolonisation Reflects on Difference, Oppression

The end of the colonial and apartheid regimes in South Africa and other African countries might have been a big step towards the liberation from slavery and other forms of human oppression,… Read more

Colloque de Clôture « Innovations Pédagogiques Numériques et Pistes de Solutions aux Défis de l’Enseignement Supérieur en Afrique »

Le projet REAMOOC (Réseau africain de développement de MOOC pour l’innovation pédagogique dans l’enseignement supérieur) organise un colloque sur le thème « Innovations pédagogiques numériques et pistes de solutions aux défis de l’enseignement supérieur Lire la suite

Découvrez le Livre Blanc de la Francophonie Scientifique

Ce livre de plus de 200 pages d’analyses thématiques et géographiques, de tableaux, de graphiques et de focus territoriaux (10 régions et 41 pays à la loupe) est la synthèse des résultats d’une consultation mondiale inédite entreprise par l’AUF en 2020.  Lire la suite

Délivrer un « Massive Online Open Course » (MOOC) sur les Conflits Fonciers

La GIZ, l’Université de Yaoundé I (Cameroun) et l’AUF ont formé un partenariat afin d’élaborer et de mettre en œuvre un MOOC sur le sujet des conflits fonciers. L’objectif est de promouvoir la dissémination d’outils de compréhension, de prévention et de résolution des conflits Lire la suite

Demand for International Study Still Remains Strong

New research shows that, whereas COVID-19 has dampened the international mobility of students from Africa, the numbers of those already pursuing international degrees remained steady. Read more

Diversity Hiring by Business Schools: Myths and Strategies

Business schools are not doing a good job of hiring individuals who reflect the diversity found not only in society but also in student populations. Read more

East African Parliamentarians Visit IUCEA and Makerere University

Members of the General-Purposes Committee of the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) paid a visit to the Inter-University Council for East Africa (IUCEA)… Read more 

Experts Call for Zero-Tolerance Policy on Drug ‘Time Bomb’

Drug use among adolescents in Sub-Saharan Africa, including a considerable proportion of students at African higher education institutions, confirms the importance of an effective drug prevention policy to prevent further harm to mental health and academic performance. Read more

Extract of Press News on Higher Education in Africa

Student entrepreneurs tend to be obsessed with writing business plans, how to access money, register their company, set up a bank account, and with buzzwords such as “business modelling”. Read more

FSPI N° 2020-35 : « Dynamisation de la Politique de Formation et de la Qualité des Apprentissages – Développement de la Visibilité d’un Espace Francophone »

Le projet s’appuie sur l’existence de nombreux acteurs de la Francophonie et des besoins exprimés  en termes de formation, par les enseignants de français et les cadres des administrations publiques parties aux instances de la francophonie. Lire la suite

Gender Inequality, Decline in Expenditure Hamper Enrolment

African universities are expected to help tackle challenges facing African society and realise the aspirations of the Africa Agenda 2063 and the United Nations Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals 2030 in the current context of globalisation of higher education, … Read more

Hommage au Pr Mouhamadou Diop SALL

Lire la suite

Institutions in SA, Egypt, Kenya Ranked for Graduate Skills

Two South African universities have been placed in the top 200 institutions in the world for their work towards the production of graduates with the skills and knowledge required for the modern workplace. Read more

Internationalisation: Discrimination Should be Tackled

University education partnerships and other organisations that are committed to internationalisation of higher education in Africa have been urged to do much more to deal with issues of prejudice, discrimination, xenophobia and diversity, … Read more

International Students Accuse Universities of Indifference

International students travelling to start or resume their studies in Northern Cyprus have been facing a host of challenges while trying to gain entry into the occupied country following new central quarantine measures put in place to manage COVID-19. Read more

IUCEA Admits Arusha Institute of Accountancy as a New Member

The Executive Committee of the Inter University Council for East Africa (IUCEA) approved the request from Institute of Accountancy Arusha (IAA) to join IUCEA as new member after the institute met the minimum criteria. Read more

JSDC-5: Réunion Virtuelle Préparatoire CAMES/PTR Santé — DFG

Le vendredi 24 septembre 2021, se tiendra par visioconférence une réunion d’échange entre le Secrétariat général du CAMES, le PTR-Santé et la Fondation Allemande pour la Recherche (DFG), en vue de préparer leur implication dans  l’organisation des 5es Journées scientifiques du CAMES (JSDC-5), Lire la suite

Learn to Engage and to Thrive Amid Emerging Challenges

The University of Mauritius has adopted the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals as its key pillars of engagement with different actors in its journey towards becoming a top research-engaged and entrepreneurial university, according to Professor Dhanjay Jhurry, the vice-chancellor. Read more

Le CAMES participe à une Visioconférence sur « La Recherche et la Publication en Education en Afrique Subsaharienne Francophone »

Le jeudi 16 septembre 2021, le CAMES a participé à une vidéoconférence, organisée par France Éducation International sur le thème « La recherche et la publication en éducation en Afrique subsaharienne francophone : état des lieux et rôles ? ». Lire la suite

La Semaine de la Francophonie Scientifique

Lire la suite

MBA Rankings: Schools in Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa on List

Five African business schools are among 286 institutions globally that offer the world’s best Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree programmes, according to QS Quacquarelli Symonds, a major ranking provider of analytics and other insights on the higher education sector worldwide. Read more

New Variants: Africa Needs to Strengthen its COVID Response

Genomic surveillance of the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) pandemic by public health officials and scientists across Africa has shown that it was introduced to the continent predominantly from Europe. Read more

Première Edition de la Semaine de la Francophonie Scientifique : Le Programme est en Ligne

L’AUF organise la première édition de la Semaine de la Francophonie scientifique du 21 au 24 septembre 2021 à l’Université POLITEHNICA de Bucarest en Roumanie avec une formule hybride inédite en présentiel et à distance par visioconférences partout dans le monde. Lire la suite

President of the Association of African Universities Participates in the Inauguration and Investiture of UNISA’s First Female Vice Chancellor

The President of the Association of African Universities (AAU), Professor Bakri Osman Saeed received a kind invitation from Professor Puleng LenkaBula, the new Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University of South Africa (UNISA), to participate in her inauguration ceremony. Read more

Project Unlocks Understanding of Miracle of Mary Texts

“Whatever is human belongs to all human beings” said Mehari Worku, deacon in the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, when asked whether he had concerns about this work being organised and housed by an American university. Read more

Putting Teachers at the Centre of HE Transformation

In the past 18 months, universities across the continent – as across the world – have experienced massive disruption. Read more

Quality Private Education has a Role in University Systems

Historic mistrust of private higher education providers is still real in many countries, especially in low- and lower middle-income countries, says Dr Roberta Malee Bassett, the global lead for tertiary education and a senior education specialist at the World Bank. Read more

Rankings: African Universities have Made Progress Since 2018

African universities at last may be shaking off the longstanding unenviable characterisation of not measuring up to their counterparts in other parts of the world when it comes to providing high-quality teaching, research output, knowledge transfer and international outlook, … Read more

Redefining Education in The Developing World

Education has been identified as the ultimate route to escape poverty. It is widely held that if you attend school, graduate, and get a lucrative job, your economic status will automatically be boosted or improved. This is still the case in today’s competitive world. However, it is hugely dependent on the nature or type of education you are receiving. Read more

Rencontre entre le Recteur de l’AUF, Prof. Slim Khalbous et S.E.M Anatole Collinet Makosso, Premier Ministre de la République du Congo

Le Professeur Slim Khalbous Recteur de l’AUF s’est entretenu aujourd’hui avec son S.E. Anatole Collinet Makosso Premier Ministre de la République du Congo, en visite officielle à Paris, pour échanger autour des nouveaux projets de l’organisation à Brazzaville : Lire la suite

Researchers in Africa Unite to Tackle Challenges (Africa)

Africa’s researchers from the humanities and natural sciences have resolved to combine efforts and implement solutions unearthed from their findings to tackle major challenges that plague the continent. Read more

Résultats de la 43e Session des Comités Consultatifs Interafricains (CCI)

Découvrez les résultats de la 43e session des Comités Consultatifs Interafricains (CCI), validés par le Comité Consultatif Général (CCG) qui s’est réuni par visioconférence les 14 et 15 septembre 2021. Lire la suite

Safir : 2ème Appel à Candidatures à Destination des Établissements d’Enseignement Supérieur et de Recherche

Dans le cadre de cet appel à candidatures, 9 établissements d’enseignement supérieur et de recherche (EESR) seront sélectionnés, avec une représentation géographique entre les pays de mise en œuvre des activités définies dans les termes de référence. Lire la suite

Sex Education Needed to Boost Sustainable Development

With the high prevalence of first adolescent pregnancy, Sub-Saharan African universities should join the comprehensive sex education movement to equip students with knowledge, skills, attitudes and values relevant to the African context to help achieve Sustainable Development Goal 3… Read more

Sondage : Étude sur l’Adaptation des Universités du CAMES Face à la Covid-19

La pandémie de la Covid-19 a impacté les États sur plusieurs domaines, dont la santé, l’éducation et le revenu. Dans le domaine de l’éducation et spécifiquement de l’enseignement supérieur, les universités ont dû mettre en place plusieurs stratégies pour assurer une continuité Lire la suite

Sorin Cîmpeanu réélu Président de l’AUF

Le 24 septembre 2021, les membres titulaires de l’AUF ont réélu, pour un mandat de 4 ans, Sorin Cîmpeanu, Président de l’AUF. Lire la suite

Targeted, Proactive Efforts Needed to Strengthen Physics

The need for a proactive effort to improve the teaching and researching of physics in Sub-Saharan Africa as a foundation for critically important scientific work has been highlighted in a new report from the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) and the UK-based Institute of Physics (IOP). Read more

The Case for Competency-Based University Curriculums

Growing concerns about the increasing unemployability of youth graduates from universities in the region known as the East African Community has put into sharp focus the need to rethink the quality of training and the relevance of courses offered by institutions of higher education in the region.

Twenty-Two (22) Winners of RUFORUM Young African Entrepreneurs Competition

RUFORUM believes in the transformative power of entrepreneurship in addressing youth unemployment in Africa. Read more

UN Food Summit: African Universities Need more Support

African universities expect that resolutions made at a United Nations Food Systems Summit on 23 September will raise the capacity of institutions to effectively contribute to ending hunger, and help boost food security for the continent’s people. Read more

United States International University – Africa Appoints Interim Vice Chancellor

Whilst in Kenya she served on several boards including the Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE), the Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE) and Secretary to the Kenya Educational Network (KENET) Board. Read more

Universities and the Legacy of Colonial Epistemicide

Colonial knowledge systems have controlled the information we obtain and the way we process it. These systems decide which knowledge and methodologies are considered ‘modern’, and which are not worthy of the academy, and should thus be silenced. Read more

Universities Called Upon to Lead Political Engagement

African universities have been called upon to be engaged in political and social activism and take leading roles towards improving the human condition on the continent by exposing inherent dangers of inequalities, exclusion, oppression, racism and other forms of coloniality in society. Read more

Universities have Become Central to COVID-19 Response

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, universities across the globe are meeting the challenge and playing an enormous role in the response. Learning from this experience will help to ensure that the expertise and unique role of the academic community are fostered for tomorrow’s public health needs. Read more

Universities Need for Paradigm Shift to Refocus their Curriculum to Competency-Based Learning …

Growing concerns about the increasing unemployability of youth graduates from Universities in the East African Community (EAC) region has put into sharp focus the need to re-think the quality of training and the relevance of courses offered by institutions… Read more

UPSA Requests for PHD Collaboration with Sister African Universities

The University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA), Ghana, is keen to exploit the prospects of international educational partnerships and collaborations in PhD studies with sister African Universities across the continent. Read more

Webinar on Digital Development Strategy

The World Bank Group, in collaboration with the Association of African Universities, is launching a new project for the African Higher Education Centers of Excellence to assist African universities in developing their digital transformation strategy and implementation plan. Read more


31 August 2021

43e Session des CCI : Rencontres entre Secrétariat Général du CAMES et les Membres de CTS

En prélude à la réunion extraordinaire du Comité Consultatif Général (CCG), qui se tiendra par visioconférence le 06 août 2021, le Secrétaire Général du CAMES a invité les CTS à lui présenter les résultats globaux de leurs travaux, en termes de difficultés rencontrées Lire la suite

AAU Welcomes New Governing Board Members

The Association of African Universities, today inaugurated a 17-member Governing Board during its extra-ordinary General Conference which was hosted virtually. Read more

African Development Bank Highlights the Need for Strategic Partnerships and …

The African Development Bank joined the Global Partnership for Education and other multilateral development banks during the Global Education Summit: Financing GPE 2021-2025(link is external), to call for stronger strategic partnerships to build innovative financing mechanisms in support of quality education and skills development. Read more


Kigali, Rwanda, 16th August 2021 – AKADEMIYA2063 and the Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to strengthen data and analytical capacities in support of Africa’s agricultural transformation and food security agenda. Read more

Can ARUA Lead Africa on the Path to Research Excellence?

The African Research Universities Alliance (ARUA), driven by a need to establish a culture of publishing verifiable data about African universities, has launched a report titled Research Profiles of ARUA Universities… Read more

Climate Change: Universities Should Lead Research Effort

The damaging heat wave which has been sweeping across North Africa during August and the United Nations scientific panel report which indicated that the entire African continent is highly exposed to climate extremes,… Read more

Competency-Based Curriculum: Universities Lagging Behind

Universities in East Africa need to start realigning their academic programmes to the requirements of the competency-based curriculum (CBC), being implemented at various levels of the basic education system in the region. Read more

Educating Ethical Citizens is a Priority for Universities

Africa needs a new type of citizen, a dedicated, modest, honest and informed man [citizen]. A man [citizen] who submerges himself in service to the nation and mankind [humankind]. Read more

Essay Denounces ‘Pervasive’ Racism and Sexism in Science

Sexist and racist discriminatory practices are widespread and entrenched in scientific processes, including in the indicators of success and impact, and have to change to tackle challenges such as COVID-19 and climate change, which necessitate diverse experiences and perspectives to come up with creative solutions. Read more

Graduates to be ‘Uxported’ Under Skills Partnership Model

Chronic unemployment of university graduates in Sub-Saharan Africa is driving universities and other tertiary institutions in the region into forming partnerships with some European countries to train middle-level migrant workers to fill skills shortages that exist in those foreign labour markets, … Read more

Higher Technical Education Project Formulation Completed in 6 African Countries

Six validation workshops were organized from 1-15 July 2021 in Côte d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Gabon, Senegal,  United Republic of Tanzania, and Uganda, to validate the country-specific formulation report of the China Funds-in-Trust Project Phase III: Higher Technical Education in Africa for a Technical and Innovative Workforce (CFIT III). Read more

Investment Opportunities in Education are Beckoning

Africa has one of the strongest opportunities for growth in tertiary education globally despite sloppy quality credentials, a new survey shows, riding on sustained economic expansion. Read more

I Started a Consultancy to Train University Students on Data Management

Every time I listened to reports from different media outlets, I became increasingly convinced that some of the challenges Africa faces can be addressed if we invested more in research. Read more

Les Nouveaux Statuts de l’AUF

C’est avec un grand plaisir que l’AUF annonce que de nouveaux Statuts de l’AUF ont été adoptés lors de l’Assemblée Générale Extraordinaire, qui a eu lieu du 28 au 30 juillet 2021, en ligne. Lire la suite

Multinational – Host University for the APLA Post Pilot Project (Year 1) – APLA

The African Legal Support Facility (“ALSF” or “Facility”) is an international organisation established by Treaty in 2008. The Facility is hosted by the African Development Bank (“AfDB”). Read more

New AAU Leadership Wants to Increase its Membership

The Association of African Universities or AAU has appointed Professor Olusola Bandele Oyewole, the former vice-chancellor of the Federal University of Agriculture, Nigeria, as its secretary general. He will take over from Professor Etienne Ehouan Ehile, who has been at the helm for the past nine years. Read more

Opportunités de Formation de Troisième Cycle dans le cadre du Programme d’Assistanat d’Enseignement Supérieur de RUFORUM (GTA)

Lors de la réunion annuelle des Vice-Chanceliers / Présidents / Directeurs de Section / Recteurs des Universités Membres de RUFORUM (voir les liens sur le Dépliant de RUFORUM et l’Aperçu de RUFORUM) qui s’est tenue le 11 novembre 2020, les Vice-Chanceliers ont réaffirmé leur engagement envers le Programme d’Assistanat d’Enseignement Supérieur (GTA) qu’ils ont initié en 2014. Read more

Premier Cycles de Webinaires autour de l’Appel à Projets PRICNAC

Le consortium du projet PRICNAC (Promotion de la recherche, de l’innovation et de la culture numérique en Afrique centrale) a récemment organisé deux webinaires d’information.  Le premier a porté sur les instructions concrètes relatives à la proposition  Lire la suite

Preparing Africa’s Universities to Face the Future

African universities must learn from the pandemic and be better prepared for the next emergency. This includes having crisis response plans that can be properly communicated, and improving diversity and the internationalisation of knowledge and skills. Read more

Reaching SDGs will Require a Collective Commitment

For universities to play their part in achieving Africa’s sustainable development goals (SDGs), a collective commitment will be required. Read more

Students Have to be Part of Universities’ SDG Efforts

Higher education institutions in Africa need to empower students to contribute individually and as a group to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by setting individual SDGs and by building their own sustainable development competencies to advance these goals. Read more

Study Shows Women are Ready to Become University Leaders

Nearly nine out of every 10 women working in universities in Sub-Saharan Africa aspire to become leaders in their respective fields or places of work, and an even higher number believe they have the right mindset to enable them to take up leadership roles. Read more

Tokyo Olympics: What is the Role of Universities in Sport?

Africa’s poor performance in the recent Olympic Games in Tokyo highlighted the role that universities on the continent could play to help prepare sports stars for the international sports stage, similar to the work done by institutions in other parts of the world, notably the United States. Read more

University Communities Reject Israel’s AU Observer Status

Several student unions and organisations representing faculty from African countries such as Tunisia, Algeria, Libya and South Africa have voiced their opposition to awarding Israel observer status to the African Union (AU), a move that has been rejected by African countries for nearly two decades. Read more

Universities Support Insect-Based Food and Feed Systems

Universities are contributing to the upscaling of insect-based food and feed systems in Sub-Saharan Africa, which have economic, environmental and social benefits that could support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Read more

Vers un Cadre Fédérateur pour les Secrétaires Généraux des Universités d’Afrique Francophone

Outre les représentants régionaux de l’AUF en Afrique de l’Ouest, en Afrique centrale et Grands Lacs et au Maghreb, des Secrétaires généraux d’Établissements de l’enseignement supérieur et de la recherche issus de ces mêmes régions, les représentants du RASGUF et du GISGUF Lire la suite

Vice-Chancellors, Policy-Makers Agree to Reshape HE

Growing disruptions and new developments in higher education have prompted leaders and policy makers in the sector back to the drawing board to discuss the future of higher education in the East African Community (EAC), … Read more

Webinar on Measuring Food Insecurity in the SDG Era

The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) and the Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM), a network of 129 Universities in 38 African Countries, are organising a webinar on Measuring Food Insecurity in the SDG Era… Read more

What Covid-19 Teaches Africa About Investing in Education

If there is a universal lesson from the disruptive impact of Covid pandemic in Africa, it is that we can no longer ignore the unprecedented learning crisis facing the continent, which is clouding Africa’s vision to bequeath a foundation for prosperous future generations. Read more


30 July 2021

Adapting Campus Spaces Fit for New Ways of Learning

For much of the pandemic, university spaces have sat empty and unused, while staff and students have scrambled to teach and to learn from home. Read more

Africa, Europe to Advance Knowledge-Sharing on Innovation

African universities should be at the centre of the continent’s innovation drive, providing knowledge and skills needed to entrench science, technology and innovation at the core of its socio-economic development. Read more

A Practical Approach for Universities to Contribute to SDGs

The United Nations’ 2020 report on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) asserts that “progress remained uneven and we were not on track to meet the goals by 2030”. Read more

A Tragic Loss in the Advancement of Africa’s Agricultural and Food Systems

On Thursday 1st July, 2021 Africa saw one of her youngest innovator and researcher, Professor Noble Banadda Ephraim succumb to Covid-19. Read more

‘Bring Intellectual Capital from the Diaspora to Africa’ 

The brain drain that has been ongoing in Africa since the days of the slave trade has deprived the continent of human talent and the capacity for human development, according to Dr Arikana Chihombori-Quao, the former African Union ambassador to the United States. Read more

Cérémonie de Remise des Diplômes our Les Diplômés Internationaux de L’université d’état de Médecine D’astrakhan

lus de 190 étudiants internationaux de 16 pays ont assisté à la remise des diplômes. Parmi eux, des diplômés d’Algérie, du Bangladesh, d’Égypte, d’Inde, du Maroc, de Tunisie, d’Afrique du Sud, du Sri Lanka, de Zambie et du Zimbabwe. Lire la suite

Concours d’Agrégation des SJPEG: Recommandations aux Candidats

Afin de tirer profit des erreurs du passé, les candidats au 20e Concours d’Agrégation des SJPEG sont invités à s’approprier les recommandations de la dernière session dudit Concours. Lire la suite

Concours International d’Entrepreneuriat Etudiant : Votez pour votre Projet préféré

Il s’agissait de présenter son projet en 60 secondes chrono en format vidéo. Dix finalistes de dix pays sont en lice. Votez pour votre vidéo préférée. La ou le lauréat.e recevra le Prix coup de cœur du public. Lire la suite

Condoléances suite au Décès du Professeur Cyrille MONEMBOU

Le Secrétaire Général du CAMES présente ses condoléances à la communauté universitaire camerounaise, suite au rappel à Dieu, dans la nuit du 11 au 12 juillet 2021, du Professeur Cyrille MONEMBOU. Lire la suite

COVID-19 Green Pass Adds to Africa’s Pandemic Woes 

Researchers and scientists who work on developing COVID-19 vaccines should pay attention to licensing both the chemical and the manufacturing plant, a regional World Health Summit held in Uganda has heard. Read more

COVID-19 Vaccine Technology Transfer Hub for Africa

The World Health Organization (WHO) and its COVAX partners are working with a South African consortium comprising Biovac, Afrigen Biologics and Vaccines, a network of universities and the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to establish its first COVID-19 mRNA vaccine technology transfer hub. Read more

Digital Centres in Six Countries to Build Competence

The Association of African Universities (AAU), in partnership with the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne) in Switzerland, launched centres of competence in digital education (centres de compétence en éducation numérique), or C-CoDE, at the AAU’s recent general conference. Read more

Disruptive Learning Systems Can Prepare Students for 4IR

Hybrid learning that incorporates remote and face-to-face teaching and learning activities is emerging as a popular choice for academic delivery in higher education in Africa in a post COVID-19 pandemic environment, according to an online survey. Read more

Dr Jean-Laurent SYSSA-MAGALE, Nouveau Ministre de l’Enseignement Supérieur de la République Centrafricaine

Le Secrétaire Général du CAMES félicite Pr Jean-Laurent SYSSA-MAGALE,  pour sa nomination au poste de Ministre chargé de l’Enseignement supérieur, de la Recherche scientifique et de l’Innovation technologique de la République Centrafricaine Lire la suite

E-Learning is Getting Stuck in the Digital Divide

With 82% of students in Sub-Saharan Africa stranded without internet access, many African universities’ valiant efforts to embrace online delivery got stuck in the digital divide. COVID-19 has shown that affordable, accessible internet is more necessary than ever. Read more

Ethiopian Group Asks for Academics’ Support in Dam Dispute

Members of an advisory council to the Ethiopian government have called on university leaders and academia from all over the world to reject “outdated and unfair colonial treaties” as grounds for settling the dispute over the controversial Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). Read more

Faculty Need Policies for Quality Assurance of Online Learning

Rethinking pedagogy in higher education during the current COVID-19 period requires an understanding of the technical aspects of online teaching to enhance quality from all stakeholders in university education, including students, and especially from academic and non-teaching staff, according to experts. Read more

Félicitations aux 395 Diplômés de l’Université d’Etat de Tambov qui ont reçu leurs Diplômes !

Actuellement, l’Université d’État de Tambov forme environ 13 000 étudiants, dont 3 000 sont étudiants internationaux venus de 72 pays. C’est l’un des taux les plus élevés en Russie. Lire la suite

Francophone Africa Rethinks HE Funding Models

In an effort to maintain and improve the quality of teaching and research, francophone countries in Africa have been considering various financing initiatives, including the introduction of performance contracts for universities, online education and cost-sharing models. Read more

Heads of State Commit to Support Universities

A group of African heads of state have committed to working closely with African universities in the quest to end hunger on the continent. They undertook to support the institutions in their mission to train the personnel needed to drive African agriculture and to invest in the scientific research needed to thrive. Read more

“Higher Education Needs to Adapt to People’s Needs”: IIEP International Policy Forum

Flexible learning pathways (FLPs) are an important new policy direction in higher education systems worldwide. Read more

Increased Investment in Higher Education Cannot be Delayed

More investments in higher education are needed to transform underfunded education systems and build the talent and skills of young men and women as an engine to power sustainable economic transformation. Read more

Initiative Amplifies African Perspectives on Climate Change

African climate scientists and researchers face barriers and constraints, including limited funding, limited access to data and inadequate weather observation infrastructure. In response to these limitations, the recent African Climate Conference presented findings of the climate research for development initiative… Read more

Institutional Support Needed for Professional Development

Continuing professional development for higher education cannot be treated as an individual responsibility. Dedicated institutional support is essential, according to Tony Lelliott, a programme specialist at the non-profit educational trust the South African Institute for Distance Education, or Saide, in Johannesburg, South Africa. Read more

Intervention du Secrétaire Général du CAMES à la Conférence sur « L’université Africaine Face au Défi de l’Employabilité », animée par le Recteur de l’AUF.

Lors d’une intervention en ligne le 22 juin 2021 à la conférence animée par le Recteur de l’AUF, sur le thème « l’Université africaine face au défi de l’employabilité », le Secrétaire Général du CAMES, Pr Bertrand MBATCHI, a présenté Lire la suite

Is Our University System Working the Way We Want?

Concerns that the identity of African higher education could be affected because of certain university practices and internationalisation activities were raised at the 15th general conference of the Association of African Universities about the future of African higher education. Read more

Leaders Ask African Governments to Go ‘Beyond Rhetoric’

There is no need for the continent to be struggling with how to develop university education, given that the University of al-Qarawiyyin in Morocco, founded in 859CE, and the Al-Azhar University in Egypt, founded around 970CE,… Read more

Le Projet facilitant l’Obtention du Permis de Séjour par les Etudiants Etrangers était Proposé à Douma de la Fédération de Russie

De plus, ces personnes obtiendront le droit d’obtenir d’une manière simplifiée le titre de séjour en Russie pendant les trois ans après avoir fini les études », dit la note explicative au projet de loi. Il a été noté que le permis temporaire de résidence sera livré aux étudiants étrangers Lire la suite

Le Projet PRICNAC prépare sa Phase Opérationnelle : 1 860 000 Euros pour financer des Micro-Projets innovants en Afrique Centrale

PRICNAC a pour objectif de renforcer les capacités de recherche-innovation (R&) dans 8 pays d’Afrique centrale : Cameroun, Congo, Gabon, Guinée équatoriale, République centrafricaine, République démocratique du Congo, Sao Tomé-et-Principes, Tchad.  D’un budget de près de 5 millions d’euros, Lire la suite

Le Secrétaire Général félicite des Promus du CAMES nommés à des Postes de Responsabilité

Le Secrétaire Général du CAMES présente ses félicitations aux promus du CAMES suivants, nouvellement nommés à des postes de responsabilité au sein de leur ministère de tutelle et souhaite à chacun bon vent dans l’exercice de sa mission. Lire la suite

Le Secrétaire Général du CAMES prend Part au 9ème Webinaire de l’ACQF sur le Partage d’Expériences par les Pairs

Le 30 juin 2021, lors de son intervention au 9ème Webinaire de partage d’expériences par les pairs, organisé par OBREAL-Global Observatory, le Secrétaire Général du CAMES, Pr Bertrand MBATCHI a fait une présentation sur le CAMES, cadre d’harmonisation des politiques Lire la suite

Partenariat CAMES — UEMOA : le Secrétaire Général du CAMES reçu en Audience par le Nouveau Commissaire Mamadù Serifo JAQUITE

Le mardi 6 juillet 2021, une équipe du CAMES conduite par son Secrétaire Général, le Pr Bertrand MBATCHI, a été reçue en audience par le nouveau Commissaire en charge du développement humain de l’UEMOA, Monsieur Mamadù Serifo JAQUITE. Lire la suite

Partnership with Ministry of Higher Education

Ministry of Higher Education this morning has thanked its cooperating partner, Astria Learning (https://AstriaLearning.com) for its unwavering support in Education Management. Read more

Promotion de la Recherche, de l’Innovation et de la Culture Numérique en Afrique Centrale (PRICNAC) : Succès des Premières Journées d’Information

L’objectif de ces journées était de présenter PRICNAC à sa cible directe et d’amorcer la communication autour de l’appel à propositions qui permettra de sélectionner les micro-projets. Lire la suite

Media Monitoring: Extract of Press News on Higher Education in Africa

Dr Tabane was moderating the second session of the recent youth-centred Africa Day symposium hosted by the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) and the African Union, in collaboration with the University of Cape Town (UCT) and its Nelson Mandela School of Public Governance. Read more

My Dream is to Build a Career in Commercial Agriculture

Like most students across the world, COVID-19 has slowed the progression of my education. Nevertheless, since every cloud has a silver lining, the lockdown period gave me an opportunity to work on my research proposal with guidance from my supervisors. Read more

New Lab at University of Nairobi to Accelerate Search for COVID-19 Vaccine

Vaccine shortage continues to prolong the pain of COVID-19 in Africa, with just under 1.5% of 2.7 billion doses having been administered in Africa. Read more

Nomophobia Affects Student Well-Being, Academic Performance

In his travels across the galaxy, Anakin Skywalker, the futuristic galactic warrior of the Star Wars movies, designed and inducted as part of his crew See-Threepio – in short, C-3PO – a programmed humanoid robot fluent in more than seven million forms of communication. Read more

Partnership Aims to Support Universities With E-Learning

The Association of African Universities has launched an initiative with a private partner to provide universities, academics and students on the continent with access to a low-data online learning management system that could provide support amid the ongoing migration, due to COVID-19, to a blended and online learning environment. Read more

Political will Needed to Create the Ideal Post-Pandemic University

Digital infrastructure and connectivity, capacity-building for academic staff and students to use digital learning tools, quality assurance in the online study environment and stronger leadership from governments to bring about these changes are some of the measures that are required to create the post-pandemic African university. Read more

Quality Higher Education ‘Indispensable’ for Africa’s Future

Higher education in Africa and around the world is in a moment of rapid transition and transformation, thanks to the massive disruptions of COVID-19 that have accelerated long-term trends and exposed and exacerbated the sector’s systemic deficiencies and inequalities. Read more

Résolution du Conseil des Ministres

Résolution N° SO-CM/CAMES/2021-019 adoptant le principe du recours contre les décisions prises par les jurys dans le cadre des Concours d’Agrégation du CAMES. Lire la suite

Résultats Provisoires des Elections des Membres de Bureaux des CTS

Le lundi 5 juillet 2021, la Commission de contrôle et de supervision des opérations de vote des CCI s’est réunie sous la Présidence du Pr Bertrand MBATCHI, Secrétaire Général du CAMES, pour délibérer suite aux élections des membres de bureaux des CTS,  Lire la suite

Réunion de la Commission AD HOC de Mise en Œuvre de la Résolution N° SO-CM/CAMES/2021•012 Relative au Nouveau Guide d’Evaluation des Enseignants-Chercheurs et Chercheurs dans le Cadre des CCI

Le samedi 10 juillet 2021, s’est tenue, par visioconférence, la réunion de lancement des travaux de la Commission ad hoc de mise en œuvre du nouveau Référentiel d’évaluation des enseignants chercheurs et chercheurs, recommandée par les 37e et 38e sessions du Conseil des Ministres du CAMES. Lire la suite

Réunion des Présidents des Jurys du 20e Concours d’Agrégation des Sciences Juridiques, Politiques, Economiques et de Gestion (SJPEG)

Les Présidents des jurys du 20e Concours d’Agrégation des Sciences juridiques, politiques, économiques et de gestion (SJPEG) ont tenu leur réunion statutaire du 23 au 25 juin 2021, au siège du CAMES, sous la coordination du Pr ANASSE Adja Anassé Augustin. Lire la suite

ROAM Principles and Indicators Presented at the IAMCR Conference 2021

Dr Matthias C. Kettemann from Leibniz Institute for Media Research, Fabio Senne from CETIC.br, Alain Kiyindou from Université Bordeaux Montaigne and Grace Githaiga from  Kenya ICT Action Network – all stressed the importance of the data collection process… Read more

RUFORUM Trains Masters and Doctoral Students on Grant Proposal Development…

There have been declining funding levels for the agricultural sector and university education coupled with institutional reforms that are characterized by institutionalization of competitive grants. Read more

Sector Decries Funding Cuts, Pushes for Innovative Financing Options

African universities face a dicey future due to shrinking financing in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic which could trigger campus closures, drastic job cuts, and sloppy quality of learning, educationalists have warned. Read more

Sisulu Foundation: Africa Responds to COVID’s ‘Hard Lessons’

Senior African academics and scientists have positioned a new initiative of African universities and research institutions as an important step forward in accelerating disease and pandemic responses on the continent through research and development. Read more

Sommet des Chefs d’État et de Gouvernement du CAMES

Le jeudi 30 juin 2021, faisant suite à la résolution n° SO-CM/CAMES/2021-024, des 37e et 38e sessions ordinaires du Conseil des Ministres du CAMES, portant organisation du 1er Sommet des Chefs d’État des pays membres,  Lire la suite

Steve Emmanuel Ngaï, Vainqueur du Concours de Création du Logo du Projet PRICNAC

En mars 2021, les institutions associées à ce projet ont lancé un appel à candidatures afin de lui choisir un logo. L’appel était destiné aux étudiant.e.s des huit pays bénéficiaires du projet. Steve Emmanuel Ngaï, issu de l’Institu universitaire catholique Saint-Jérôme de Douala, Lire la suite

Students Need Intellectual Property Policies Know-How

Africa’s higher education can be the innovation engine that the continent needs to be globally competitive only if it becomes more focused on experiential or practical learning, according to Brian Asingia, CEO of the online platform DreamGalaxy.

Study Shows Geography is Key Driver to University Access

Ethnicity seems to be making way for geographic location as a primary indicator of unequal access to university education in Sub-Saharan Africa, a recent study suggests. Read more

Technical and Vocational Institutions Must Build STEM Skills in Africa’s Youth

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated digitization in the workplace, sharpening the need for technical and vocational training aligned with Africa’s development needs and youthful population and focused on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Read more

The Complexities of Engaging Africa’s Academic Diaspora

In recent years, engaging the African diaspora to leverage their intellectual resources has become a hot topic in higher education policy discussions. Read more

Three Countries in West Africa Join High-Speed Network

This represents a step forward while most countries on the continent still lack adequate digital infrastructure and systems to support higher education during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more

Universities Can Change Africa’s Future, but Need Leaders’ Help

Universities in Africa have been urged to change and move forward with the times instead of being left behind by their counterparts in other parts of the world in terms of quality teaching, curricular reforms, innovations, research output and increasing the digital footprint. Read more

Universities Need Policies for Knowledge Management

Formulating a policy for knowledge management and setting up an institutional repository, a research and publication office and departmental committee to support researchers are some of the measures required to boost knowledge management capability in African higher education institutions. Read more

 US Abandons its Proposal to Restrict Foreign Students

The United States government has formally withdrawn a controversial proposal introduced under the administration of former president Donald Trump that would have affected thousands of African students as it set fixed timelines of four years for the stay of foreign students in that country. Read more

Virtual Learnerships Offer International Work Opportunities

Higher education institutions that require students to complete workplace-based learning programmes as a formal building block of their qualifications have been compelled to come up with innovative strategies for virtual or remote internships during COVID-19. Read more

Without Government Backing, HE Will Not Move Forward

As the 15th general conference of the Association of African Universities (AAU) ended, it was clear that the continent’s higher education institutions are in distress. Read more

Wits Embarks on R15.7m Water Research Programme

The new water research programme will find solutions to water challenges faced by the country and African continent. Read more


30 June 2021

5 Juin : la Journée Mondiale de l’Environnement

Le Master GIELM est une formation régionale pluridisciplinaire, ouverte aux ingénieurs et aux étudiant·e·s des filières des sciences fondamentales, de la vie et de la terre, humaines et sociales, économiques et juridiques.  Son objectif est de former des cadres de haut niveau Lire la suite

37e et 38e Sessions du Conseil des Ministres : Des Personnalités décorées dans l’OIPA/CAMES

En marge de la cérémonie de clôture du Conseil des Ministres du CAMES, dix (10) personnalités ont été décorées dans l’Ordre International des Palmes Académiques du CAMES (OIPA/CAMES). Lire la suite

AAU Conference Focuses on the Future of Higher Education

The Association of African Universities (AAU) will be hosting its 15th general conference themed ‘The Future of African Education’ from 5-8 July. Read more

African Higher Education After COVID: The Bane and the Boon

The impact of COVID-19 on social, economic, political, cultural and academic affairs of countries around the world has been enormous. Disruptions have ranged from closing schools, universities, airports and borders, to postponing regional and national elections, to massive loss of human lives. Read more

African Policymakers Trained in Digital Technology

UNESCO and its partners have launched the first cohort of training for policy makers and decision makers under the Pan-African Initiative for the Digital Transformation of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (EFTP) and Development Systems in Africa. Read more

Agriculture Education has to Change in Approach

Universities in Africa need to change their approach to pedagogy in agriculture education if they are to produce graduates who can contribute to sustainable agricultural production and food consumption patterns on the continent. Read more

Appel à Candidatures pour l’Accréditation des Offres de Formation Certifiante, dans le Cadre de la 36e Session du PRED-CAMES

Dans le cadre de son Plan stratégique de développement (PSDC, 2020-2022) faisant la promotion de l’usage du numérique pédagogique dans l’enseignement supérieur et la recherche, le Conseil Africain et Malgache pour l’Enseignement Supérieur (CAMES) Lire la suite

AUDA-Nepad Launches Centre to Accelerate Impact of Science on Africa’s Development

The African Union Development Agency New Partnership for Africa’s Development (AUDA-Nepad) on June 22 launched a centre of excellence (CoE) in science, technology and innovation to upscale and commercialise home-grown innovations on the continent. Read more

Call for Fund to Strengthen Staff Capacity

Universities on the continent are calling for the establishment of a Higher Education Fund for Africa to aid in the strengthening of teaching capacity in the institutions. They argue that such a fund would also help to boost the number of women faculty and researchers engaged in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, also known as STEM fields, in higher learning institutions. Read more

Conseil des Ministres du CAMES : Retour sur le Déroulement de la Session

Ouverts le 31 mai 2021 à Abidjan, en Côte d’Ivoire, les travaux des 37e et 38e sessions jumelées du Conseil des Ministres du CAMES ont été clôturés, le vendredi 4 juin 2021, sur une note de satisfaction générale. Plusieurs décisions, recommandations et motions ont été pris,  Lire la suite

Countries Spend Less Than 1% of GDP on Research

No country in Africa is spending 1% of its gross domestic product (GDP) on research and development although, globally, spending on science and the number of scientists has been rising in the past five years, …Read more

COVID-19: Study Augurs Well for Research Output

Four South African universities – the University of Cape Town, Stellenbosch University, the University of the Witwatersrand and the University of KwaZulu-Natal – led 15 institutions that contributed most to the science of COVID-19 in Africa during the first year of the pandemic,…Read more

Decolonisation: ‘Who We Are and From Where We Speak’

The decolonisation of higher education remains topical. It has been featured prominently in the titles of events hosted by universities and organisations working in the field of higher education around the globe. Read more

Developing Continental Mutual Recognition Guidelines for Quality Assurance Agencies in Africa

A validation workshop for strengthening networking in quality assurance in Africa and developing continental mutual recognition guidelines for Quality assurance agencies was held from 31 May to 2 June 2021, within the framework of the UNESCO-Shenzhen Funds-In-Trust Project for the implementation of its Component 3. Read more

Financial Struggles in HE Affect Social Protection of Staff

Higher learning institutions may be actively involved in social protection programmes through research, the dissemination of knowledge and consultancy services… Read more

Fund Awards Highest Number of PhD Scholarships Yet

The International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (ICIPE) through the Regional Scholarship and Innovation Fund (RSIF), a flagship project of the Partnership for Skills in Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology (PASET), has awarded 103 PhD scholarships to students from across Africa,… Read more

Funding Levels of Higher Education a Grave Concern

According to UNESCO’s new science report entitled The Race Against Time for Smarter Development, the main worry is whether the current level of funding of tertiary education systems in the region will enable universities to embark on teaching, development and deployment of new state-of-the-art technologies such as artificial intelligence, nanotechnology and robotics. Read more

Generosity and Collegiality as Institutions Embrace Blended Learning

African universities have been faced with challenges of insufficient funding, which have been jeopardising critical programmes, especially in research and innovation. Read more

H.E. Kenneth Kaunda Laid a Foundation for Higher Education in Zambia

News filtering through from Zambia on the passing on of H.E. Kenneth Kaunda, comes at a difficult time for the world and Africa in general. It is not such a pleasant time to receive sad news of a life worth celebrating than mourning. Read more

In Pursuit of Reliable Data for Higher Education Policy-Making

The establishment of data policy units at national, sub-regional and regional levels across Africa has been mooted as a strategy to generate comparable higher education data critical for policy formulation and debate on a continental scale. Read more

L’AUF soutient la Création d’un Réseau sur la « Mobilité Urbaine Durable »

L’Association Coopération pour le Développement et l’Amélioration des Transports Urbains et Périurbains (CODATU) et l’Agence universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF) s’associent pour la création d’un nouveau réseau sur le thème de la « Mobilité urbaine durable » Lire la suite

Le Secrétaire Général du CAMES, invité d’Honneur de la Conférence sur le Thème « L’Université Africaine Face au Défi de l’Employabilité »

Le Secrétaire Général du CAMES, Pr Bertrand MBATCHI, est l’invité d’honneur de la conférence organisée, le mardi 22 juin à partir de 10h00 GMT à l’amphithéâtre de l’UCAD II, par l’Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar, en partenariat avec l’Agence Universitaire Lire la suite

Les Partenaires Techniques et Financiers du CAMES réaffirment leur Soutien à l’Institution

En marge des 37e et 38e sessions du Conseil des Ministres, le réseau des partenaires techniques et financiers du CAMES a tenu, le 02 juin 2021, par visioconférence, sa cinquième rencontre statutaire. Au cours de cette rencontre, l’ensemble des acteurs a réaffirmé sa disponibilité Lire la suite

Les Universités Francophones s’engagent avec l’AUF pour l’Egalité Femmes-Hommes : Lancement Officiel du Consortium

A la suite de l’événement officiel de lancement aura lieu la première réunion de travail du consortium qui sera consacrée à dresser l’état des lieux de l’EFH dans les onze établissements, à valider le calendrier des activités de l’année (juin 2021 – juin 2022m) Lire la suite

Malawi’s President Honoured for Higher Education Policies

Malawian President Lazarus Chakwera has been honoured by the Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) for his efforts to advance higher education, in particular in the field of agriculture. Read more

Medical Graduates ‘Lack Knowledge on Antibiotics’

Most medical graduates from various universities in East Africa have very little practical knowledge on the use of antibiotics in clinical scenarios and other hospital settings, a new study shows, and suggests that the situation might be widespread in the region. Read more

Minister of Higher Education Participates in Activities of High-Level Europe Africa Space Earth ‎Observation Forum in Portugal

Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, stressed the importance of supporting and revitalizing African-European relations in the field of space technologies. Read more

Novel Research Model Aims for Zero Hunger in Africa

The recent South Africa consumer price index shows that the price of food is rapidly increasing. In July 2020, a dozen eggs cost ZAR15.95. Currently, the cost of the same tray of eggs has doubled. Read more

Open Science’s Riches are Still Largely Unexploited

The advantages of the open science movement in democratising education, strengthening the continental education and science systems, enhancing economic development and addressing the many challenges of Africa are well recognised. Read more

Ouverture des Travaux des 37e et 38e Sessions Ordinaires du Conseil des Ministres du CAMES

Ce lundi 31 mai 2021, ont été lancés, à Radisson Blu Hôtel à Abidjan, les travaux préparatoires des 37e et 38e sessions Ministérielles qui se tiendront, les 03 et 04 juin 2021, sous la présidence du Dr Éléonore YAYI LADÉKAN, Ministre de l’Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche Lire la suite

Partenariat CAMES — Université de Montréal

Le CAMES et l’Observatoire de la Francophonie économique (OFE) de l’Université de Montréal (UdeM) ont signé, en mai 2021, un accord de partenariat dont l’objet est de promouvoir le développement de la recherche et favoriser la production et l’échange des connaissances Lire la suite

Racially Biased Academic Publishing in Need of Decolonisation

Academic publishing is in need of decolonisation – a complete and radical rethinking and addressing of power relationships – to accept and promote research writing free from race, ethnicity, gender, class and linguistic biases. Read more

Reflecting on the Diaspora’s Tangible and Intangible Contributions

The concept note of the Association of African Universities (AAU) 2021 general conference on the ‘Future of African Higher Education’ correctly and bravely argues that African academics in the diaspora can help revitalise higher education in Africa in core areas… Read more

RUFORUM Recognizes Malawian Higher Education Champion

The Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM), a network of 129 African universities operating in 38 countries across Africa has created impact across the continent due to the contributions from several individuals, Institutions and Members. Read more

Space Sciences Could Help with Sustainable Development Goals

A manifesto to foster scientific, technological and educational cooperation between Africa and Europe on advanced Earth observation and data processing systems and their applications for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has been signed. Read more

Start-up Ecosystems Beckon Opportunity for Universities

With an increase in the number of African countries included in the global top 100 start-up ecosystems, the continent’s universities should use this as an engine of job creation and economic growth, especially with the pandemic raging. Read more

Student Exchange Programmes: What You Need to Know

Travelling is a worthwhile experience for most people – especially for young people in their prime. Globalisation continues to offer more opportunities and is one of the main catalysts of internationalisation in academia. Read more

Students Have to Learn to be Job-Creators, not Job-Seekers

Are universities and other tertiary institutions in Africa the weakest link in the unemployment crisis facing the youth on the continent? Read more

Sur l’Identification des Revues Prédatrices dans le Processus de Publication des Résultats de Recherche

Le Comité Scientifique Sectoriel des Sciences Agronomiques (CSS-SA) en collaboration avec l’Ecole Doctorale des Sciences Agronomiques et de l’Eau (ED-SA) de l’Université d’Abomey-Calavi (République du Bénin) a organisé un séminaire le 28 mai 2021 sur le thème Lire la suite

Universities Ask for Funding Injection in Food Systems Research

African universities are calling for increased investment in research and innovation for scientists to explore factors of agricultural production that could be utilised for enhancing sustainable food production and consumption on the continent. Read more

University-Industry Collaboration Cannot be Delayed

The message to Africa’s policy-makers, universities and industry is crystal clear – collaboration to stimulate scientific and technological advancements and create employment is critical and cannot be delayed. Read more

Universities Responsibilities and Opportunities

Universities have responsibilities in many different areas. Read more

UR Students to Represent Africa at Commonwealth Inter-Tertiary Debating Competition in UK

University of Rwanda’s debating team is set to represent Africa at the Commonwealth Inter-Tertiary Schools Debating Championship. Read more

‘Vibrant Higher Education Landscape’ Beckons for Africa

Africa’s ongoing transformation, founded on strong economic growth, political will and favourable demographics, is ushering in a new higher education landscape on the continent as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic,… Read more

What Does Sustainability Research Mean in Africa?

As the first international Sustainability Research and Innovation Congress (SRI2021) takes place with the purpose of discussing and defining sustainability research and what it comprises, Africa has an opportunity to deliberate on what sustainability science means for the continent. Read more

Why the Push to Overhaul Teacher Training in Kenya is a Bad Idea

Kenya is in the fourth year of implementing a new competence-based curriculum for all levels of schooling. The new curriculum seeks to develop student competencies including mastery of content, critical thinking and complex problem-solving. Read more


31 May 2021

Academics Should Lead in Battle Against Racism

Universities across the world have been urged to be on the front line in the struggle for diverse, inclusive, anti-racist societal systems and vibrant democracies instead of merely presenting themselves as colour-blind and race-neutral guardians of elitism and meritocracy. Read more

Africa Should Tackle Failures in Technology Sharing

Universities in Africa must be more vocal about the failures of higher education institutions in the Global North to challenge the status quo of innovation- and technology-sharing that is denying millions access to life-saving treatments. Read more

African Students in India Ask Their Governments for Help

The deepening COVID-19 crisis in India has put the African higher education community in the country on high alert and has brought into sharp focus the response of Indian universities to protect their students and lecturers, including thousands of African students. Read more

Bourses de Recherche Doctorale et Postdoctorale «Eugen Ionescu» Roumanie – Résultats de l’Appel 2020-2021

423 candidatures jugées recevables ont fait l’objet de l’évaluation scientifique par des enseignants-chercheurs des établissements académiques roumains, membres de l’Agence universitaire de la Francophonie. Lire la suite

Countries Should up Support for Research and Development

In a recent open letter to international funders of research and development, we highlighted multiple power imbalances and appealed to the funders to help build a more equitable ecosystem. Read more

Commercializing Pineapple Processing Through Capacity Building of TVET Students

Most postgraduate students go through a lot of stress and gather many interesting data from farmers, marketers, processors, consumers etc. and keep the results to themselves without giving any feedback to the people they collected the data from. Read more

Discussions Reflect on Universities’ Role in Resilient Food Systems

Universities in Africa will use the ongoing United Nations food systems summit process to make their contribution towards attainment of food security on the continent, and to showcase their expertise. Read more

Doha Bouallal, Lauréate du Concours de Création du Logo du 60ème Anniversaire de l’AUF

L’AUF célèbre cette année son 60ème anniversaire. À cette l’occasion, elle a souhaité associer les étudiantes et étudiants issu.e.s de ses 1007 établissements membres dans la création d’un logo pour son 60ème anniversaire via l’organisation d’un concours lancé en février 2021.  Lire la suite

E-Learning Could Develop Students’ Critical Thinking Skills

E-learning has become the new normal in many places of learning, with the key purpose of averting the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more

En Hommage à Florence PIRON

Dans cette perspective, Madame PIRON était la cheville ouvrière du partenariat entre l’Université Laval et le CAMES, pour la réalisation du Dépôt institutionnel du CAMES (DICAMES),  en vue de contribuer à valoriser le riche patrimoine scientifique africain Lire la suite

Here is Papillon Clothing Line that I Started During Lockdown

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” These are the words that my mother often told me as I was growing up. Read more

How to Improve the Quality of Africa’s Doctoral Education

For the past decade doctoral education in African universities has been the subject of sustained interest by researchers, policy-makers, educators and scholars. Read more

Investment Needed for Food Security Research

African universities need to increase investment in postgraduate training to produce the knowledge and human resources needed to support the agriculture sector. Read more

L’AUF s’associe au Gouvernement de la République du Cameroun pour favoriser l’Employabilité des Jeunes

La stratégie de l’AUF est construite en réponse aux défis du secteur éducatif parmi lesquels la qualité de la formation, l’employabilité des diplômés et leur insertion professionnelle. Pour apporter des pistes de solution à ces défis et accompagner au mieux ses établissements Lire la suite

Le CAMES participe à la XXVe Assemblée Générale de la CIDMEF

Le 28 avril 2021, le Secrétaire Général du CAMES a  participé, par visioconférence, à la XXVe Assemblée Générale de la Conférence Internationale des Doyens des Facultés de Médecine d’Expression Française (CIDMEF), organisme partenaire du CAMES. Lire la suite

Le Secrétaire Général du CAMES reçu en Audience par Son Excellence Adama DIAWARA, Ministre de l’Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche scientifique de Côte d’Ivoire

Cette audience réalisée le 5 mai 2021 a porté sur l’organisation des 37e et 38e sessions du Conseil des Ministres du CAMES prévues du 31 mai au 4 juin 2021, à Abidjan, en Côte d’Ivoire. Lire la suite

Le Secrétaire Général du CAMES invité de la 2e Edition du Symposium International sur l’Equité et l’Egalité de Genre en Afrique (SIEEGA)

Le Secrétaire Général du CAMES, Pr Bertrand MATCHI a pris part à la 2e édition du Symposium International sur l’Équité et l’Égalité de Genre en Afrique (SIEEGA), tenue à Abidjan en République de Côte d’Ivoire, du 5 au 7 mai 2021, Lire la suite

Mbarara University Gets $50,000 Grant to Start Business Incubation Centre

Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST) has received a $50,000 grant from the African Development Bank (AfDB) to help transform entrepreneurship training through establishment of a business incubation centre. Read more

Moi University Partners with UNEP in InTex Project

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has selected the Africa Centre of Excellence in Phytochemicals, Textile and Renewable Energy (ACEII PTRE) of Moi University to be among its four African institutions to partner with in the implementation of InTex project. Read more

More Programmes, Awareness Could Launch Africa into Space

Africa is lagging behind when it comes to space activities and the root cause is a lack of space higher education in many countries on the continent, according to an Africa space industry expert. Read more

New Normal in Education

This event, co-hosted by ONE Africa and Nation Media Group, will highlight the learning crisis pre- and during the COVID pandemic and the importance of education access and financing in Kenya and Africa as a whole. Read more

Nobel Laureates to Probe ‘the Future of Work’ in Dialogue

The first Nobel Prize dialogue to be hosted in partnership with an African institution will include five Nobel laureates and will focus sharply on the extensive disruption that COVID-19 has brought about in the workplace. Read more

PBL-BioAfrica in Line with Kenyan Policies

PBL-BioAfrica, being a collaborative project, points towards strengthening bioeconomy education through promoting PBL (Problem-Based Learning), entrepreneurship, innovation, and digital learning methods in Sub-Saharan Africa. This a plausible solution to the Kenya’s 21st century challenges. Read more+

Pandemic Adds to UK’s Study Appeal for African Students

An overwhelming number of prospective international students from African countries find universities in the United Kingdom more appealing than before the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a massive online survey conducted early this year. Read more

Region’s Research Publication Capacity Continues to Expand

North African countries, led by Egypt, are progressively increasing their footprint in the global production of peer-reviewed and high-impact science articles that are listed in the Web of Science, a platform that provides a wide range of multiple journal databases from different academic fields. Read more

Réunion du Comité des Experts des 37e et 38e Sessions Ordinaires du Conseil des Ministres du CAMES

Du 18 au 22 mai 2021, s’est déroulée par visioconférence, la réunion du Comité des Experts des 37e et 38e sessions du Conseil des Ministres du CAMES. L’ouverture solennelle des travaux est intervenue  le mardi 18 mai 2021,sous la présidence du Ministre de l’Enseignement supérieur Lire la suite

Rewarding Research that Helps National Development

A 2018 Elsevier article reports that Africa as a whole spends a negligible amount of 0.4% of its gross domestic product (GDP) on scientific research compared to Europe’s 27%, Asia’s 31% and North America’s 37%. Read more

RUFORUM Awards Two Higher Education Champions (Ugandans)

Today 6th May 2021, RUFORUM recognized the contribution of two higher education champions from Uganda, Professor Pancras John Mukasa Ssebuwufu and Dr Gabriel Gadison Ajedra Aridru. Read more

RUFORUM Hosts African Government Technical Experts

The Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) hosted a virtual dialogue for Africa Government Technical Experts towards the UN Food Systems Summit 2021 under the theme “Transforming food systems is crucial for delivering all the Sustainable Development Goals”. Read more

SALEEM – SNEE Sfax : Annonce des Résultats de l’Obtention du Statut de l’Etudiant-Entrepreneur

Cet évènement a été organisé, en présence de tous les encadrants de l’Université de Sfax, doyens et directeurs, et de nombreux acteurs et partenaires du milieu économique et industriel, en plus de l’Agence universitaire Francophonie représentée par M. Mejdi Ayari. Lire la suite

Salon OSIANE 2021 : le SG du CAMES a participé à l’Atelier sur l’Intelligence Artificielle

Jeudi 29 avril 2021, le Secrétaire Général du CAMES, Pr Bertrand MBATCHI a pris part, par visioconférence, à l’atelier sur l’intelligence artificielle organisé par l’association PRATIC. Cet atelier s’inscrit dans le cadre du Salon international des Technologies de l’information Lire la suite

Science Fund Targets Agriculture Innovations in West Africa

The Partnership for skills in Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology (PASET), one of Africa’s biggest science funds, is rolling out €2.7 million (about US$3.3 million) in grants for innovations in agriculture, targeted at universities and research institutions in West Africa. Read more

Tax Reform Needed to Boost University Finances

The World Bank and UNESCO’s report, Education Finance Watch 2021, indicates that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused cuts to external education aid and education budget cuts in two-thirds of low- and middle-income countries. Read more

Thoughts for Food: Rethinking What Africa Puts on its Plate

African think tanks and universities were recently challenged to help shape the narrative on food systems transformation on the continent at a workshop facilitated by Akademiya2063 through its Malabo Montpellier Panel Program. Read more

University of Dakar Cheikh Anta Diop Celebrates African World Heritage Day

How does research contribute to the conservation and promotion of the outstanding universal values of sites? Which entrepreneurship opportunities related to African World Heritage are available for young graduates? Read more

Universities Should Establish Anti-Money-Laundering Practices

…the tuition fees of West African students at United Kingdom universities could be used for money-laundering purposes have put universities in Africa that receive cash on the alert, underscoring the significance of anti-money-laundering regulations. Read more

Universities Should Invest in ICT Infrastructure

African universities and other tertiary institutions have been urged to collaborate with industries in establishing apprenticeships and other job-specific skills in business training programmes, as one way of increasing employment opportunities during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Read more

Vice-chancellors Pledge Support to Bettering Agricultural Output

The vice-chancellors of 130 African universities are pledging to mobilise resources for continental initiatives that would support human capital development as well as increase Africa’s capability in research, innovation and entrepreneurship with the aim of bettering agricultural productivity. Read more

Webinaire « Renforcer le Développement Personnel, le Développement du Leadership et la Préparation au Travail des Diplômés des Universités Africaines »

Lire la suite

Webinaire sur les Questions Règlementaires et Economiques des Formations Hybrides

Le mardi 4 mai 2021, s’est tenu un webinaire sur les questions règlementaires et économiques des formations hybrides ou entièrement à distance, initié par l’AUF et le CAMES à l’attention des autorités universitaires d’Afrique de l’Ouest (présidents ou recteurs, Lire la suite

Will Artificial Intelligence Create Jobs or Destroy Them?

The COVID-19 pandemic is radically reshaping the future of work by changing human interaction as people are allowed to work remotely and even to travel all over the world without having to move out of their homes or offices, but this is also raising fears and hopes about the future of employment. Read more


30 April 2021

4 Etudiant.e.s Internationaux sélectionné.e.s pour la Demi-Finale du Concours d’Eloquence de l’Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

Ils étaient 9 étudiant.e.s internationaux en lice pour atteindre la demi-finale de l’édition 2021 du Concours d’éloquence de l’Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne (France). 4 ont été sélectionné.e.s. Le Cameroun, Haïti, la République du Congo, et le Togo seront représentés Lire la suite

19 Nouveaux Projets de Recherche Soutenus pour documenter et éclairer les Politiques Educatives en Afrique Francophone

152 propositions de projets ont été reçues dans le cadre de cet appel. Après évaluation par un collège externe d’universitaires du « Nord » et du « Sud », puis avis du Conseil scientifique d’APPRENDRE, 19 projets, retenus pour financement par l’AUF, on été sélectionnés. Lire la suite

22 avril, le Jour de la Terre

En cette année 2021 qui marque la fin de ce projet, deux activités de sciences participatives ont été organisées à Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire) et à Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) : un atelier collaboratif dénommé « week-end des solutions » et une table ronde sur le thème : « les cultures Lire la suite

African University Leaders Sign SDG Agreement

The vice-chancellors of four leading African universities have committed their institutions to work towards the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as part of a global pact signed by 56 heads of higher education institutions. Read more

Africa’s First Postgraduate Qualification in Philanthropy

The development of a formal qualification in African philanthropy and resource mobilisation represents a milestone in efforts to grow and professionalise advancement as an approach that higher education institutions can use to attract investment. Read more

Alerte : Assemblée Générale de la CRUFAOCI 

La Conférence des Recteurs des Universités Francophones d’Afrique et de l’Océan Indien (CRUFAOCI) tiendra son Assemblée Générale, par visioconférence, le 13 avril 2021 de 10h à 14h GMT.  Lire la suite

Appel à Candidatures : L’Université de Turin finance 13 Bourses de Deux Ans à des Etudiants Internationaux

4 bourses réservées aux étudiants internationaux des pays suivants: Algérie, Cameroun, Gabon, Madagascar, Mali, Maroc, République du Congo, Rwanda, Sénégal, Tunisie, Union des Comores Lire la suite

Appel à Manifestation d’Intérêt pour l’Accompagnement des Etablissements à la Mise en Ligne de Cours

Les deux institutions souhaitent soutenir au moins 25 établissements, avec pour finalité la formation d’au moins 1000 enseignants à la scénarisation, conception et mise en ligne de cours sur une plateforme MOODLE. Lire la suite

Atelier d’Appropriation des Référentiels Qualités du CAMES

Le Conseil Africain et Malgache pour l’Enseignement Supérieur (CAMES), dans le cadre de son Programme assurance qualité (PAQ), organise les 06 et 07 avril 2021, un atelier en ligne,  d’appropriation de ses référentiels  qualité et des  guides  d’auto-évaluation. Lire la suite

Building Resilient Education Systems in the COVID-19 Era

A record number of children and young people have been affected by the closure of education institutions to halt the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. From learning losses, to negative impacts on physical and mental health and well-being, hundreds of millions of students have been put at risk. Read more

China Quiet About Return of African Foreign Students

The COVID-19 pandemic has dealt learning a severe blow across the world, but it appears to have shattered the dreams of African students enrolled in Chinese universities, who left China early last year during the lockdown and are still not sure when they will be allowed back to these institutions to continue with their studies. Read more

Concours des Jeunes Entrepreneurs Africains de RUFORUM-Edition 2021 [French]

Le Forum régional des universités pour le renforcement des capacités en agriculture (RUFORUM ; www.ruforum.org), un consortium de 129 Universités de 38 pays africains, a le plaisir de lancer officiellement la quatrième Edition du concours des jeunes entrepreneurs africains de RUFORUM. Read more

COVID-19: Synchronous, Interactive Learning the Way to Go

Digital technology could transform the capacity of universities to serve the ‘public good’ mission in an era of massive, long-term increases in inequality, mobility, displacement and health and environmental crises. Read more

Culture de la Qualité au Sein des Institutions d’Enseignement Supérieur et de Recherche des Pays Membres de l’UEMOA : Le Cap des 1.000 Experts formés en Gouvernance Universitaire par la Commission est franchi

Le lundi 22 mars 2021, la Commission de l’UEMOA et l’UNESCO à travers son Bureau Régional d’Abuja, ont lancé deux sessions de formation à la gouvernance universitaire,  au profit d’une centaine d’enseignants, chercheurs et gestionnaires d’institutions Lire la suite

Drought and Heat Tolerant Crops Show Resilience

A research team from the Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences (FHAS) has reached a major milestone in a study under the auspices of the “Evolution of Stress Tolerant Orphan Legumes for use in Dry Land Farming Systems Across Sub-Sahara Africa and India” (STOL). Read more

‘Education Systems not Teaching the Skills Needed to Get by’

More than 80% of tertiary education students in Sub-Saharan Africa who participated in a UNESCO survey, as a platform to share views on the world’s most pressing challenges, were strongly concerned about higher education systems not teaching enough skills that are needed now, or in the future. Read more

Enrolment Growth Linked to Agri-Economic Transformation

The continued growth in student enrolment in higher education institutions witnessed across Africa over the past decades has been linked to an ongoing agriculture-based economic transformation that the continent has experienced since the year 2000. Read more

Essay Competition to Help Raise Awareness on Standards in Creative Industry

The African Organisation for Standardisation (ARSO) has organised a continental essay competition for university students, which will be held at two levels; regional and continental. Read more

Experts Consider the Future of Farming in Africa

Achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals is a global challenge, becoming acute in the face of climate change, natural resource degradation and diseases affecting humans, animals and plants. Read more

 Fin de l’Atelier d’Appropriation des Référentiels Aualité du CAMES, les Satisfécits

Une centaine de participants issus des institutions publiques et privées d’enseignement supérieur du Bénin, du Burkina, du Congo, de la Côte Ivoire, de l’Égypte, de la France, du Gabon, de la Guinée, du Mali, du Maroc, du Niger, du Sénégal, du Tchad et du Togo Lire la suite

Gendered Research Methods Could Counter Hegemony

Mainstreaming gender in higher education research remains low, posing a risk to the realisation of gender equity in education and development goals, experts say. Read more

Global Impact Rankings Include 2 African Universities in Top 100

Two African universities – the University of Johannesburg in South Africa and Aswan University in Egypt – are placed in the top 100 institutions in the world for their work towards the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)… Read more

Global Vaccine Divide – More Science Collaboration Needed

National access to effective vaccines against COVID-19 is being decided by a country’s financial and diplomatic clout rather than its actual health needs, according to leading academics and officials from Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and South America. Read more

Graduates Require Practical, Technical and Cultural Skills

Equipping students with 21st-century employability skills demanded by employers would require a review of existing curricula and more investment in existing education policies. Read more

Growing Number of Universities in Africa Ranked for SDGs

A total of 70 African universities located in 11 countries have been ranked in at least one of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), according to the third edition of the Times Higher Education Impact RankingsRead more

Hackathons Part of Plan to Train One Million Data Scientists

An inter-university hackathon in which 1,150 students from 126 universities based in 21 countries participated to solve three real-world machine learning challenges is part of a plan to train one million data scientists in Africa… Read more

Higher Education Has a Role in Curbing Disinformation

Higher education communication experts can help to curb misinformation through lectures and conferences, but the responsibility to counter false information has to be shared by the government, influencers, opinion-shapers, the media and the public. Read more

Ingeniousness: Le Jury annonce les Ecoles, Elèves et Femmes ingénieures nominées de l’Edition 2021

Mercredi 7 avril 2021, un jury composé de membres de la CDEFI et de représentants de ses partenaires et soutiens l’Agence universitaire de la Francophonie Europe de l’Ouest et Maghreb, ATC France, le Bureau national des élèves ingénieurs, la Commission des titres d’ingénieur, Lire la suite

Investment in Maize for Africa Pays Off

Nearly 6 in ten of all maize varieties released in 18 African countries were related to the Consultative Group for International Agricultural Research (CGIAR). Read more

Invitation: Lancement Officiel de la Plateforme Alumni CAMES

Le mercredi 21 avril 2021 à partir de 11 h GMT, le CAMES procèdera, par visioconférence, au lancement officiel de la « Plateforme Alumni du CAMES ». Cette cérémonie sera suivie d’une session de présentation et de formation, à l’appropriation de ladite plateforme,  Lire la suite

Journée Mondiale de la Santé 2021 : pour un Monde plus Juste et en Meilleure Santé

D’éminent.e.s expert.e.s en provenance des différentes régions géographiques (Afrique sub-saharienne, Afrique du Nord, Europe, Amérique du Nord, Moyen-Orient) participent à l’animation scientifique comme conférencier.e ou modérateur.trice. Lire la suite

Lancement des Inscriptions au 5e Journées Scientifiques du CAMES (JSDC-5)

Le Secrétariat Général du CAMES organise, du 6 au 9 décembre 2021, à Dakar au Sénégal, en partenariat avec le Centre africain d’études supérieures en gestion (CESAG), la 5e édition des Journées Scientifiques du CAMES (JSDC-5), sous le thème « Optimisation des ressources, Lire la suite

Le SG du CAMES félicite la Professeure Nadine MACHIKOU pour son Election à la Vice-Présidence de l’Association Africaine de Science Politique

Nadine MACHIKOU est Professeure Titulaire du CAMES en science politique à l’Université de Yaoundé II et Présidente du jury de la section «Sciences politiques » du Concours d’Agrégation en Sciences juridiques, politiques, économiques et de gestion. Lire la suite

Le SG du CAMES préside le Vernissage du Livre « Pr OUIMINGA, l’Intégrité au Service du Burkina et de l’Afrique »

Le Secrétaire Général du CAMES, Pr Bertrand MBATCHI a présidé, le vendredi 26 mars 2021, la cérémonie de vernissage du livre sur la biographie du Pr Rambré Moumouni OUIMINGA, ancien Secrétaire Général du CAMES (1992 – 2000). Lire la suite

Liste des Partenariats Hubert Curien avec la Zone Afrique du Nord Moyen Orient

Lire la suite

North Africa Hit by Brain Drain of ICT Graduates

Talent migration of highly skilled information and communication technology (ICT) professionals from North African countries to the high-income European Union member states is contributing to a brain drain in the region. Read more

Open Education Resources to Shape Post-Pandemic World

For the past two decades, the world has been building open knowledge on a massive scale, with open educational resources as a cornerstone. The 2001 launches of MIT OpenCourseWare and Creative Commons formed a solid foundation of this global open educational resource movement, which now supports many millions of learners from all walks of life. Read more

PhD Project Wants to Train 100 Young Academics

African graduates in the science and engineering disciplines are set to benefit from a scholarship programme launched in March 2021 by Ècole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland in partnership with Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P) in Morocco. Read more

Prestigious Award for the Late Professor James Hakim

Colleagues and friends of the late Zimbabwean scientist Professor James Hakim have described an international award established in his name as a well-deserved honour and a fitting initiative for the decorated academic. Read more

Professor Christof Heyns: A Giant in Human Rights Education

The monumental contribution that Professor Christof Heyns has made to advance human rights in Africa and beyond emerged this week from a memorial Facebook page created to honour the former director of the Centre for Human Rights…Read more

Religious Education in Africa a Double-Edged Sword

With the rise of armed conflicts and radicalisation which appear to emanate from religion, African universities should join the religious education (RE) movement to enhance knowledge and mutual understanding of religions, and to build sustainable peaceful relationships… Read more

Rencontre entre les IPES Membres de l’AUF de Douala et la Direction Régionale AUF Afrique Centrale et Grands Lacs à l’IUC.

Plusieurs Instituts Privés d’Enseignements Supérieurs (IPES) se sont retrouvés ce 20 Avril 2021 autour de Mme SY-WONYU, Directrice Régionale AUF Afrique Centrale et Grands Lacs pour passer en revue les grands axes de la coopération entre l’Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie Lire la suite

RUFORUM POST COVID-19 Strategy: Education, Agriculture Innovation and Livelihoods in times of Crisis

The global COVID-19 pandemic over the last 17 months has created disruptions in all aspects of life. Education at all levels has equally been affected and this has called for reimagining the manner with which education is delivered and the value of education to society. Read more

Scholars Should Engage Policy-Makers on Agriculture

African researchers need to intensify their engagements with policy-makers to ensure that the knowledge generated from their research activities is incorporated in government policies, and applied to enable the continent to achieve its development goals. Read more

Solid Performance by SA Institutions, but also Warning Bells

Four South African universities have been placed in the top 500 institutions globally for their academic performance, according to the 10th edition of the 2021-22 Global 2000 List released by the Center for World University Rankings (CWUR) based in the United Arab Emirates. Read more

Strong growth for University World News – Africa

Web analytics for the Africa edition of University World News has confirmed a steep upward trajectory in readership traffic recorded since 2018, in part due to it becoming a weekly publication a year ago. Read more

Study Highlights Concern About Publishing Practices

Open-access academic publishing may have opened gateways for research from higher education scholars to be disseminated through the internet, but there are concerns that too few Sub-Saharan African researchers publish peer-reviewed articles in the online publishing industry… Read more

The Future of HE in Africa Depends on High-Speed Internet

The World Bank has urged African governments and universities to plan and set benchmarks for broadband internet connectivity to benefit from the global explosion of digital data and content for online teaching and research. Read more

Towards a Generation of Climate Change Graduates

The critical role of higher education institutions towards the adoption of long-term climate-smart resolutions and sustainable development policies in society has been intensified over the years as the world grapples with the adverse effects of climate change, especially within vulnerable communities. Read more

Vartan Gregorian Championed a Strong HE System in Africa

Vartan Gregorian, the president of the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the former president of Brown University and the New York Public Library in the United States, illustrious scholar and steward of Andrew Carnegie’s legacy, died aged 87 on 15 April. Gregorian had been hospitalised for testing related to stomach pain. Read more

VEFIRS Team Seals a Partnership with Andre Foods International

A partnership agreement was sealed … between the Andre Foods international (AFI) and the team of Vertical Farming in Refugees Setting dubbed “VEFIRS”, a team of five innovators and mission-driven African scholars… Read more

#Webinaire – La Vision d’une Organisation Bimodale du Concours d’Agrégation SJPEG

Le Secrétariat général du CAMES invite les candidats au prochain Concours d’Agrégation en Sciences Juridiques, Politiques, Économiques et de Gestion (SJPEG), les potentiels membres du jury et les membres du jury de la dernière session Lire la suite

Webinaires sur les Questions Règlementaires et Economiques des Formations Hybrides ou Totalement à Distance

La pandémie de COVID-19, couplée à la massification dans l’enseignement supérieur, appelle des alternatives telles que la mise en place de systèmes de formation hybrides ou totalement à distance, pour garantir la continuité pédagogique et l’excellence académique. Lire la suite

What Price Will Education Pay for COVID-19?

As the world comes to terms with the scale and severity of the COVID-19 pandemic, the health of the global population is rightly taking priority over education for the time being. For today’s students, the coronavirus outbreak means a huge loss of learning time, with potential repercussions for their schooling and careers in the years to come. Read more

Where Caregiving and Gender Intersect

It’s not just about gender or caregiving, it’s both: new analyses suggest colleges need COVID-19 faculty relief policies that target female caregivers in particular. Read more

Women Scientists Should be Mentored by Other Women

Gross under-representation of women and girls in science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields in Africa could be reduced if societal and cultural gender norms, stereotypes, biases, sexual harassment and other discriminatory practices were dealt with at all levels. Read more


31 March 2021

#20Mars : La Francophonie Scientifique en Action

Lire la suite

Actualité Programmes de Recherche Mars 2021

Lire la suite

Africa Science News Ranked Top Among Africa’s Websites

Africa Science News Service has been placed 8th best website among 30 others for its continued and persistent coverage of science and its related disciplines in Africa. Read more

African Universities Asked to Join Global COVID Survey

The International Association of Universities (IAU) invited 20,000 higher education institutions, including African universities, to participate in a second global survey aiming to determine the economic footprint of COVID-19 on higher education. Read more

African Women in HE Network to be Launched Soon

The number of women in higher education in Africa, including in leadership positions, needs to increase to advocate for social inclusion, call out gender biases and empower African nations. Read more

Africa’s Future is Transnational and Interconnected

In a recent address to G7 countries, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said: “Germany and other wealthy countries may need to give some of their own stock to developing countries in addition to money, since only vaccinating the whole world will end the coronavirus pandemic.” Read more

Africa’s Youth Could Pioneer Digitally Driven Growth

A digital education implementation policy, which forms part of the African Union Commission’s Digital Transformation Strategy (DTS), is aimed at overhauling the face of education on the continent using digital technology, said Sarah Anyang Agbor, the commissioner for human resources, science and technology. Read more

A Word to the Wise: Publishing in International Journals

As a new PhD graduate, I had underestimated the process of publishing, particularly in an intern