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As the work and engagement of INHEA has grown over the years, we felt the need to establishing a strong team of associates affiliated with INHEA to expand our scope and capacity in teaching, postgraduate supervision, research, policy dialogue and continental and global outreach and network.  We expect associates to engage in a higher education issue of interest as relevant and necessary. The list of Associates include:

  1. Dr. Pablo Benetione (University of Duesto, Spain)
  2. Prof. Vitalis Chikoko (UKZN)
  3. Prof. John A. Douglass (University of California—Berkley)
  4. Prof. Sunita Facknat (University of Mauritius, Mauritius)
  5. Prof. Tor Halvorsen (University of Bergen, Norway)
  6. Prof. Ellen Hazelkorn (Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland)
  7. Prof. Bruce Johnstone (State University of New York—Suny, Buffalo, USA)
  8. Dr. Glenda Kruss (HSRC, South Africa)
  9. Prof. Dan Levy (State University of New York—Albany, USA)
  10. Prof. Peter Mayer (University of Osnabrueck, Germany)
  11. Dr. Tilly Moodley (UKZN)
  12. Dr. Nicholas Munro (UKZN)
  13. Dr. Mthoko E. Ntuli (Mangosuthu University of Technology, South Africa)
  14. Prof. Ibrahim Ogachi Oanda (CODESRIA, Senegal)
  15. Prof. Jamil Salmi (Tertiaryeducation.org, Chile)
  16. Dr. Jude Ssempebwa (Makerere University, Uganda)
  17. Prof. Chika Sehoole (University of Pretoria, South Africa)
  18. Dr. Workneh Endazenaw (Ethiopia)
  19. Prof. Michele Stack (University of British Columbia, Canada)
  20. Prof. Abebayehu Tekleselassie (George Washington University, USA)
  21. Prof. William G. Tierney (University of Southern California, USA)
  22. Prof. Turo Vertinan  (University of Helsinki, Finland)
  23. Prof. Hans de Wit (Center for International Higher Education, Boston College, USA)
  24. Dr. Ayenachew Assefa  Woldegiorgis (Boston College, USA)
  25. Dr. Abebaw Yirga (Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia)
  26. Prof. Frank Ziegele (Center for Higher Education, Germany)