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30 August 2020

Family Farming in Africa and the Role of Universities and Research Institutions

In sub-Saharan Africa, family farming is a major component of the agriculture sector, providing livelihoods for over 70 per cent of the population. Read more

Mak donates the Touchless Handwashing Kits to Mulago National Referral Hospital and College of Health Sciences

Makerere University has donated three Touchless Handwashing (Tw-20) Kits to Mulago National Referral Hospital and another one to the College of Health Sciences (CHS). Read more

Makerere Private Admissions: Private Schools Excel

Private schools have once again topped the country’s A’level schools in having the highest number of students admitted on private sponsorship to Makerere University. Read more

Mak Gets First COVID Case, Orders Testing for All Staff

Makerere University Vice-Chancellor, Prof Barnabas Nawangwe, says only essential staff, who were cleared by the University Council to work during the lockdown and those who reside inside the university, are the only people that will be allowed to access the premises. Read more

Private Universities Struggle to Adjust Fees Structure on E-Learning for Continuing Students

Private universities are stuck on whether or not to increase tuition as they move to embrace Open, Distance and E-Learning-ODEL system to ensure learning under the Covid-19 lockdown. Read more

UR-CAVM Launches the Entrepreneurship Week

The University of Rwanda-College of Agriculture Animal Sciences and Veterinary Medicine (UR-CAVM) launches a virtual and physical Entrepreneurship Week together with various valuable partners… Read more

UR Graduate Inspiring Youth to Create Jobs in Nature Conservation

Elisa Tumwesigye, a graduate of University of Rwanda specialising in Botany and Conservation, has managed to create jobs in biodiversity conservation and inspired Rwandan and Central African Republic youth to start income generating activities protecting the environment. Read more

Victoria University Gets New Chancellor

Prof. Opuda-Asibo was sworn on Monday at the main campus in Kampala. He becomes the third chancellor of the University. Read more

Well Done Prof. William Bazeyo!

This UGX 185 billion grant win by Prof. William Bazeyo is unprecedented. It’s the largest single grant win by an academician in the history of Uganda. Read more


31 July 2020

Call for University Bailouts but are They a Long-Term Solution?

A number of private university leaders in Uganda have called on the government to provide them with bailouts as many campuses start to furlough staff and inform lecturers they are unable to remit salaries for the duration of the lockdown, or until students return. Read more 

French Teachers in Uganda Retooled on Quality e-Learning

…schools and tertiary institutions such as Kyambogo, Makerere University Kampala and Makerere Business School to see what they can do to support quality learning during this COVID -19 period. Read more

Marketisation has Failed as an Easy Antidote to HE Problems

Marketisation of higher education in Sub-Saharan Africa, a model that two decades ago was borrowed from Uganda’s Makerere University to save public universities from resource starvation, is no longer a quiet revolution but a ring of jingle bells announcing academic distress. Read more

My Journey into the PhD

My Journey into the PhD program began when we were invited by our partners from the School of Agricultural Sciences, Makerere University to partner in the development of a proposal. Read more

Times Higher Education World University Rankings Puts Makerere University at 4th in Africa in Health Education

The 2019 Times Higher Education World University Rankings’ table for clinical, pre-clinical and health subjects uses the same rigorous and balanced range of 13 performance indicators as the overall World University Rankings but…  Read more

White Paper Calls for Shift Towards Research, STEM Enrolments

A group of experts contracted by the Ugandan government have called on institutions of higher learning in the country to “progressively reduce” undergraduate admissions in favor of graduate and postgraduate learners to enable the campuses to prioritize research and innovation. Read more


30 June 2020

Cabinet Agrees on Phased Re-Opening of Higher Institutions of Learning

 Ugandan Cabinet ministers on Monday, June 15 met to discuss the fate of education in Uganda regarding schools across the country. The cabinet resolved to re-open educational institutions basically tertiary institutions and Universities to commence the education cycle. Read more

Lockdown Creates Barriers to Learning – and Enrolments

Early projections of a worldwide drop in student enrolments as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic were regarded by some African experts as either overstated or applicable largely to the Global North. But they have proved to be correct in Uganda as even those universities targeting local students are struggling to make up their numbers. Read more

Swedish Research Funding Extended for Final Two Years

Makerere University has received an extended grant worth US$4.5 million from the Swedish government to support ongoing research and human resource development at higher education institutions in Uganda over the next two years. Read more


31 May 2020

Now is the Right Time to Serve Our Students Exceptionally

“Our students are currently seated in their respective homes but as a loving and caring institution, we need to be by their side via e-learning and help them while waiting for the university to reopen. Read more

Makerere University Resumes Staff Promotion

Makerere University has finally resumed staff promotions a year after it was suspended because of wage constraints. Read more

Makerere University Sets Tentative Date to Reopen for Finalists

Makerere University (Mak) could reopen on Saturday, June 20. Read more

Private Universities Say Tax Exemptions are Now Urgent

The impact of the coronavirus lockdowns on the financial health of private higher learning institutions in Uganda has emboldened calls to fast-track ‘favourable’ tax reviews to prevent the institutions from going under. Read more

ULK Teaching Staff Trained on E-Learning

On 7th May 2020, a cross section of the ULK teaching staff came together for a training session on the use of E-learning. This comes after the zoonotic disease, COVID-19 forced schools not only inside Rwanda but also on a global scale to close doors. Read more

ULK to Keep Providing for Employees as the Deadly COVID-19 Scares the Globe

Following the decision by the Cabinet Meeting that schools in Rwanda will reopen in September 2020, Kigali Independent University ULK convened a meeting in which heads of units were briefed on the mechanisms towards sustaining the welfare of employees during this closure period. Read more


30 April 2020

COVID -19 Pandemic Motivates MAPRONANO to Create Solutions

The Africa Centre of Excellence for Materials, Product Development & Nanotechnology (MAPRONANO ACE) established at the College of Engineering, Design, Art, and Technology at Makerere University, has joined the frontline in the fight against coronavirus. Read more

Makerere Gives Stuck Foreign Students Shs 63,00 Each to Push Them During Lockdown

Makerere University has provided some cash relief to sustain international students who remains at campus after the closure, for the remaining period of lockdown. Read more

Makerere Moots University Semester Dates Re-Adjustment

Makerere University Vice-Chancellor Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe has in an internal document suggested the semester dates following the extension of the current lockdown in the country up to May 5. Read more

Mak’s RAN, KMC and MoSTI Collaborate to Develop Low Cost Ventilator

Makerere University, ResilientAfrica Network (RAN) a project of the School of Public Health, Kiira Motors Corporation, Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) have thus scanned the COVID-19 Healthcare Frontline with the view of exploring the Science, Technology… Read more

Online Learning in Universities – A Missed Opportunity?

When Uganda announced a partial lockdown and the closing of schools and learning institutions due to COVID-19, avid promoters of information and communications technology (ICT), virtual and online-based learning saw it as a golden opportunity that would change the practice of online learning in higher education. Read more

PHARMBIOTRAC Starts Three Projects to Address COVID-19

Pharm-Biotechnology & Traditional Medicine Centre (PHARMBIOTRAC), a Center of Excellence at Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST) has started making hand sanitisers in response to COVID-19. Read more

Professors on the Frontline – Using Science to Fight COVID-19

Professor Rhoda Wanyenze was stepping out her office at Uganda’s Makerere University in March when a news item on the television caught her attention: more people had died of the novel coronavirus in China and Italy, and authorities were saying the pandemic was quickly making its way to Africa. Read more

Science Academics Still Hopeful of Promised Hike in Salary

Despite the impact of COVID-19, academics are hopeful that the salaries of professors who teach science in all Uganda’s public universities will be almost doubled with effect from next year, in accordance with promises made by the state president. Read more

University Urged to Privatise Halls of Residence

A human resource audit report on Uganda’s Makerere University has urged the institution’s top administration to establish a new company to manage accommodation in halls of residence, arguing that the proposal if adopted would generate revenue… Read more


31 March 2020

21 Kenyan Graduates Who Studied in Uganda Directed to Repeat High School

Twenty-one (21) university graduates in Kenya have been directed to repeat secondary school for prerequisite qualifications before joining the only bar school in Kenya according to local media. Read more

African Universities Urged to Put Classes Online Urgently

The Association of African Universities (AAU) has called upon universities in Africa to move “urgently” to implement alternative methods of delivering teaching and learning using technology and other distance learning techniques in the wake of the closures of higher education institutions to limit the spread of COVID-19. Read more

Go and Serve the Community” is My Mantra as I Give Back After Education

Kasima Junior Senyonga, is the Research Assistant for the CARP+1 Pig value chain, and a second-year student offering Msc. Animal production and marketing at Gulu University. Read more

Law Society Calls for Crackdown on Universities’ Law Schools

The Uganda Law Society (ULS) has called on the Uganda Law Council to crack down on universities producing ‘half-baked’ lawyers after questions related to the quality of legal training in the country persisted. Read more

Mak Graduate Students and Others from RUFORUM Partnering Universities Undergo Training…

Makerere University Graduate students have participated in the training organized by  the  Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) and University of Cape Coast (UCC)  Ghana. Read more

Mak-RIF Round 2 Researcher Sensitization Online Meeting

The Government of the Republic of Uganda has committed a special Research and Innovation Fund (RIF) to Makerere University to the tune of 30 Billion Uganda Shillings per year to support the implementation of high impact Research… Read more

Turn to Online Learning Shows Varying Degrees of Readiness

In the wake of closures that took effect at midday on Friday 20 March, a number of universities and higher education institutions in East Africa are revitalising existing e-learning platforms, while others are tentatively migrating into uncharted territory. Read more


28 February 2020

Coronavirus – MPs Order Rescue Plan for Students in China

The Ugandan government is to come up with a multi-sectoral plan involving the ministries of health, education and foreign affairs to ensure that Ugandan students affected by the coronavirus lockdown in Wuhan in China are assisted, but an outright evacuation plan is not yet on the cards. Read more

COVID-19 – Kenya, Ghana and South Africa Students Stay Put

While nations around the world, including Algeria and some of its North African neighbours, have moved to evacuate their citizens from the Chinese city of Wuhan, the epicentre of the deadly coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, students from other African regions remain trapped in universities with no immediate evacuation plans. Read more

Flagging Off Surgical Masks to Xiangtan University

I have had the pleasure to flag-off 4,000 pieces of surgical masks donated by the Makerere University community to Xiangtan University, our main collaborating university in China where more than 60 Ugandans mostly from Makerere University are studying. Read more

Former RUFORUM Mastercard Foundation Scholar at Gulu University Enhances Community Knowledge and Uptake of Indigenous Micro-organisms (IMO) Technology in Kitgum District…

Sharing the research findings brought more joy, love and hope for agriculture to the participants especially the TVET students because they practically participated in setting up the experimental unit, trapping the IMO, making the IMO solution and laying the deep litter floor IMO. Read more

Gulu University Program Curriculum is not Merely Academic but for Community Transformation

Jean Shares his journey as a student at Gulu University and gives recommendations for improvement. Read more

Law Teachers Train in the Use of Clinical Methodologies

Staff of the School of Law, Makerere University and other Universities have been reoriented into the Clinical teaching methodologies and called upon to adopt their use in the teaching and learning experiences at their respective Institutions. Read more

Mak Sets Out to Enhance Behavioural Change Among Boda-Boda Riders Using Mobile Learning

At Makerere University, we are alive to the fact that road safety is a shared responsibility. Therefore, with the help of the Research and Innovations Fund (RIF) from the Government of Uganda, Makerere University has embarked on a project codenamed Enhancing Behavioural Change of Boda-boda Riders in Uganda Using Mobile Learning (EBoML). Read more

Outspoken Feminist Academic Stella Nyanzi Released from Jail

The conviction of former Makerere University lecturer and proponent of “radical rudeness” Dr Stella Nyanzi was overturned by Uganda’s High Court on Thursday on the grounds of lack of jurisdiction and fair hearing. Read more

The Impact of Swedish Research Collaboration with Makerere University, Uganda (2000-2020)

The Makerere University research capacity building program supported by Sida started in 2000 running three phases to 2015 followed by the ongoing phase (Phase IV, 2015-2020). This funding has targeted the creation of research capacity and environment for Makerere University through training at Masters, PhDs and Post Doctorate levels… Read more

Universities Align Courses with New School Curriculum

A number of universities and institutions of higher learning in Uganda have started tweaking their programmes this year to include an element of skills acquisition after the Ministry of Education and Sports approved a more ‘competence-based’ curriculum for lower secondary education last October. Read more

31 January 2020

Attending the Wilton Park Conference on Higher Education

I have checked in at the Wiston House in Wilton Park, an amazingly serene venue for the Wilton Park Conference on Higher Education…Sadly, I haven’t spotted any literature specifically on Uganda or Africa. Read more

Busitema Medical School Faces Closure for Lack of Staff

Busitema University Faculty of Health Sciences faces closure for failure to recruit adequate staff and construct laboratories. Read more

Chemical Characterisation of Pulp, Seed Powder & Ready-to-Drink Juice Produced from Syzygium Cumini Fruit

Despite the nutritional potential of Syzygium cumini, commonly known as black plum,there has been limited utilisation of the fruits (pulp and seeds) and yet it has capacity to significantly contribute to food and nutrition security. Read more

Joint Action Promised Over Delayed Student Allowances

Four institutions in Rwanda have resolved to work together to end delays in the allocation of living allowances to government-sponsored students. Read more

UNZA, Makerere Launch Weather Phone Predicting App

The University of Zambia (UNZA) School of Agricultural Sciences in collaboration with the College of Agriculture of Makerere University and the University of California has launched a weather phone app called CROPWIS which is capable of predicting weather forecast and real-time satellite meteorology to farmers. Read more

Makerere Dons Bitter Over Museveni Comments on Arts Courses

Lecturers in the Department of Social Work and Social Administration (SWASWA) at Makerere University have expressed disappointment with the continued undermining of their course by President Museveni. Read more

MakSPH to Assess Determinants of Childhood Stunting Reduction in Uganda

Makerere University school of Public Health (MakSPH) in partnership with SickKids’ Centre for Global Child Health, on Tuesday 28th January 2020, held an inception meeting at Golf Course Hotel, Kampala, for a study exploring the underlying factors driving stunting and wasting in children under 5… Read more

Should University Teachers be Required to Work in Industry?

A recent report in Uganda calling for prospective higher education tutors to train in mainstream industry and “appreciate society and employer needs” before being licensed to teach at universities revisits the perennial question: what is the role of a university? Read more

Survey on New Organic Agriculture Master Program at ANAU…

During the last three years the program was developed by the project staff and twelve ANAU lecturers in collaboration with Austrian professors, stakeholders and students within the Project Building Organic Agriculture in Armenia | BOAARead more

Transforming Core Skills in University Curricula

There can be a disconnect between how students are taught in universities and the skills they will need in the workplace and in wider roles in society. Read more

Unfinished Journey, Memories of the Road Travelled

To motivate any Ugandan person to strive in their education, there is only one household name that needs mention… Read more

31 December 2019

H.E. Dr. Ruto Hails Mak Over New Leadership Institute

The Deputy President of Kenya, H.E. Dr. William Samoei Ruto, has lauded Makerere University for championing the setting up of Leadership Institute named after him that will inspire students to become great leaders. Read more

KIU Becomes a Member of the Inter-University Council of East Africa

Kampala International University (KIU), a chartered private University in Uganda is a member of the Inter-University Council of East Africa, Association of African Universities and Common Wealth Universities. Read more

Makerere Fees Strike Leader: Nawangwe Wants Me to Lose My Scholarship

Ms. Siperia Mollie Saasirabo, a female student who led the recent students’ strike against the 15% fee increment at Makerere University has claimed that the Vice-Chancellor wants her to lose the scholarship and her status as a student of University. Read more

MUST Joins International Day for PWDs

Since 1992, the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD) has been annually observed on 3 December around the world. The theme for 2019 IDPD is Promoting the participation of persons with disabilities and their leadership: taking action on the 2030 Development Agenda’. Read more

Two New Addenda Open under STIP APS

Innovation and Partnerships Annual Program Statement (STIP APS). Both Addenda seek to engage global Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in advancing development research, innovation, research utilization, and training.  Read more

UTAMU University Promises Scholarships to Unprivileged Students

Uganda Technology and Management University (UTAMU) has promised to start offering scholarships to bright but unprivileged Ugandan students. Read more

30 November 2019

A New Curriculum – and Mindset – is Needed for the 4IR

When I received my admission to Uganda’s Makerere University Business School (MUBS) for my undergraduate degree, a very high note of self-importance emerged because I was convinced my time to conquer the world had arrived. Read more

Army General Compensates Makerere University Students

Twenty-one students of Uganda’s Makerere University whose property was destroyed by security personnel during protests against the 15% tuition increment have been compensated… Read more

Carnegie Fellowship in Uganda Leads to Partnership

Program helps longtime sociology professor establish closer collaboration with colleagues in Uganda. Read more

Committee Begins Makerere Inquiry as Students Talk Intimidation

Parliament’s Committee on Education and Sports has commenced its inquiry into allegations of mismanagement at Makerere University purported to have led to the strike witnessed last week. Read more

Cavendish University Uganda Recognises Outstanding Students in 2019

27 students who have stood out, excelled and represented CUU on national, regional and international fronts were recognised for their sterling performance. Read more

MUST- Bughoye Health Centre Collaboration Pioneers Electricity-Free Oxygen System

The Mbarara University of Science and Technology- Bughoye Health Centre Collaboration is finalizing the installation of a Siphon electricity-free Oxygen Concentrator at Bughoye Health Centre in the Kasese district of Uganda. Read more

MUST Holds 15th Annual Research Dissemination Conference

The conference was held under theme- “Collaborative Transformational Research for Sustainable Development” and further broken down into 10 Sub-themes. Read more

Student Loans Body Defends Selection Criteria

At university graduation ceremonies, the Uganda Higher Education Students’ Financing Board (HESFB) is frequently described in positive terms as the single biggest sponsor or ‘parent’ of students. However, recently it has attracted criticism that it has been hijacked by the rich. Read more

The 1st DIES Project – Workshop Launched at AAU

AAU has opened the 1st DIES (Dialogue on Innovative Higher Education Strategies) project – workshop that has brought three universities together; Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU) of Germany, Addis Ababa University (AAU) of Ethiopia and Gulu University (GU) of Uganda. Read more

Turf Wars – Colleges Accuse Universities of Encroachment

A longstanding and simmering rivalry is continuing to pit tertiary colleges against universities in Uganda, with the former accusing the latter of diminishing the role of tertiary colleges through encroachment and duplication of academic programmes. Read more

31 October 2019

2nd Kampala Geopolitics Conference: The Role of Africa in the Geopolitical Space

The Second Kampala Geopolitics Conference was officially opened by the Ambassador of France to Uganda H.E Jules-Armand Aniambossou on 17th October 2019 in the Makerere University Main Hall. Read more

Academic Promotion Criteria – What About Innovation?

Academic promotions at universities across Africa have long depended largely on a lecturer’s length of service and number of research publications. Read more

Government Appeals for Help Over Stalled World Bank Project

The Ugandan government has appealed to the African Union Commission for help in lifting a freeze on a US$250 million World Bank project aimed at boosting higher agricultural education through regional anchor universities in six African countries. Read more

Innovate Practice with ‘’Enhancing Manpower Abilities

‘’Enhancing manpower abilities’’ was authored as a result of the study conducted during the month of June-August 2018 which was a cross-sectional survey based on a total of 57 respondents;29 from the faculty of science and 28 from the faculty of interdisciplinary studies, all third-year students at MUST. Read more

Makerere Says Hooliganism Won’t be Tolerated, Refutes Claims of Fees Hike

The management of Makerere University has said it will not tolerate hooliganism, in response to a students’ strike that has so far lasted two days. Read more

MaRCCI Director Wins CFAES International Alumni Award 2019

A Center Leader of the Africa Center of Excellence in Crop Improvement at Makerere University, Dr. Richard Edema has won the Ohio State University College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES)International Alumni Award 2019 for his distinguished service to the university and society. Read more

Medical Interns Vow to Fight ‘Unilateral’ Training Changes

Young medical doctors serving their internship in Uganda’s public health system have protested against a recent change in the rotation formula which will reduce the number of disciplines in which they are trained from four to two. Read more

Online Learning – Are Attitudes Holding Universities Back?

Five years after a new national information and communications technology (ICT) policy was unveiled in Uganda, bringing with it hopes of a revolution in higher education teaching and learning, there are concerns that institutions have failed to grasp the opportunities offered by online learning. Read more

President’s Salary Order Drives Wedge Between Academics

An executive order by the Ugandan president to “move” the salaries of academic scientists to “desired levels”, excluding lecturers in the arts and humanities, has reignited tensions in an age-old debate. Read more

URA Tax debate

On 2nd October 2019, MUST was privileged to Host a Team from URA that held a debate with the students’ community under the theme” Uganda’s Tax System: The Remedy to Uganda’s Public financing Problem”. Read more

30 September 2019

DRGT Wins US$1Million Carnegie Research Grant

At its meeting of September 12, 2019, the Board of Trustees of Carnegie Corporation of New York approved a grant to the tune of US$1,000,000.00 to the Directorate of Research and Graduate Training (DRGT). The award followed a successful appraisal of our proposal “Supporting Early-Career Academics at Makerere University”. The grant will run from October 1, 2019 to September 30, 2021. Read more

President Museveni Lauds Mak Research and Innovations

The President of Republic of Uganda, H.E. Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has invited Makerere researchers to Statehouse after the Independence Anniversary celebrations in October 2019 to discuss how the University’s technologies and innovations can be scaled up to cause transformation in the agricultural sector. Read more

Prof. Nawangwe Leads Delegation to Zurich for 4th Mak-UZH Joint Symposium

The Vice Chancellor Professor Barnabas Nawangwe was at University of Zurich, Switzerland to attend the Dialogue Days under the theme. Read more

Student Enterprise Scheme at Gulu University

The Entrepreneurship training program at the faculty of Agriculture and Environment has accorded us a chance to face the world on our own. Read more

31 August 2019

2nd Research Management Workshop for Departmental Chairs

The Second Research Management Workshop for Department Chairs organized by the Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs (DVCAA) and the Directorate of Research and Graduate Training (DRGT) was held. Read more

Gulu University Partners with Bobi Community Polytechnic and ZOA to Train 60 Out-of-School Youth

With nearly 80% of youth in northern Uganda unable to attain higher education, this large population of out-of-school youth requires competences to participate in gainful economic activities. Read more

Gulu University Students Support Refugees in Farm Based Micro-Enterprises

This is part of the model used by the University to have students engage with communities as part of their requirement for their degree programme. Read more

In the Community, Gulu University MSc. Students Train Mothers on Nutrition

Over the years Gulu University engages community members in student centered outreach. Read more

Knowledge Gap Leads to Low Participation of Pig Farmers in Artificial Insemination in Northern Uganda

As part of her degree program, Prima identified a problem faced by the community in Northern Uganda and used a participatory approach to conduct a research which aimed at seeking for possible solutions to the identified problem. Read more

Makerere Demands Clear Terms for Medical Interns

Makerere University is seeking to enter a Memorandum of Understanding with the Health Ministry with clear guidelines for the placement of medical students for internship in Mulago National Referral Hospital and other government facilities across the country. Read more

Makerere Drops to 16th Position in University Rankings

Makerere University has now dropped to 16th position on the African continent and 1,225th globally according to the July 2019 Ranking Web-Webometrics, the largest academic ranking of higher education institutions in the world. Read more   

Mak Rolls out Government Research and Innovations Fund

Makerere University has announced its work plan of rolling out and management of the Government Research and Innovations Fund for the financial year 2019/2020. Read more

Prof. Bazeyo Shares Experience with International Students

“Many years ago, I was in your shoes. I was getting ready to leave my home country, my family, and my friends, to go for my studies at the National University in Singapore. Read more

31 July 2019

Gulu University Hosts Over 600 at the First National Agrienterprenurship Symposium

Prof. Ongeng the Dean Faculty of Agriculture and Environment at Gulu University said that Universities can no longer work in isolation. Read more

Mak Centre for Soybean Improvement and Development Holds Field Day

Makerere University Centre for Soybean Improvement and Development in collaboration with Partnership for Seed Technology Transfer in Africa (PASTTA) and Africa Agricultural Technology Foundation(AATF) on 29th July 2019 held the Soybean field day to evaluate 35 soybean varieties from Africa. Read more

MUST Student Elected Vice-President of the Federation of African Medical Students Association

Muganzi David Jolly, a second-year student of the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery at MUST has been elected as the Vice President of the Federation of Africa Medical Students Association (FAMSA)… Read more

Universities’ Growing Awareness of Intellectual Property

The Ugandan government is promoting innovation in universities leading to the registration of patents and has set a target of registering 6,000 patents by 2040, but awareness around intellectual property (IP) is low and the drive to register patents is still relatively under-emphasised in the country’s universities. Read more

30 June 2019

Center for Innovations and Technology Transfer Launched at MUST

Mbarara University of Science and Technology launched a Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer (CITT) on 14th June 2019 graced by Hon. Minister Dr. Elioda Tumwesigye. Read more

CTA Releases the Digitalisation of African Agriculture Report, 2018-2019

The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Co-operation (CTA) has released the Digitalisation of African Agriculture Report, 2018-2019. According to the CTA website, there has been significant growth in digitalisation for agriculture (D4Ag) over the last ten years. Read more

FREE Certificate Course for SRHR Professionals in Uganda (ToT-400)

The course is a standardized, professional, in-service SRHR Trainer-of-Trainers certificate course offered jointly by the Makerere University School of Public Health (MakSPH) and Nsamizi Training Institute of Social Development (NTISD) with MakSPH as the awarding institution. Read more

Global Tech Company Partners Give Hope to Local Innovators

“It is never an easy task and can be quite frustrating for ICT [information and communications technology] or other university students trying to pull off groundbreaking innovations in these lands,” said Dr Engineer Bainomugisha, an associate professor for computer science at Makerere University’s College of Computing… Read more

Mak Skills Training Program (STRAP) for SMEs

The purpose of this program is to provide hands-on skills to all those involved in food processing or seeking to start small/medium scale enterprises in food processing. Read more

Student Drop-Out Rates Alarming

According to the 2016 ‘Africa Higher Education Student Survey Project,’ almost 30% of all students in Uganda, who join university education on various degree programmes in various universities, never finish their courses on time, or just drop out. Read more

31 May 2019

MAKCEES Commonwealth Higher Education Consortium for Youth Work Technical Workshop for The Delivery of the Youth Work Degree

The capacity building workshop focused on strategic aspects of improving the Bachelor of Youth Development Work degree and strengthening capacity of civil society; Higher Education Institutions and the faculty; to handle the noble cause. Read more

MUST Represented at the World Confederation of Physical Therapy Congress Held in Geneva

This weekend has seen two members of the MUST community respresenting the university at the World Confederation of Physical Therapy Congress held in Geneva, Switzerland. Read more

Nigeria Deploys Professors to Build Local Academic Capacity

As part of ongoing efforts to build South-South cooperation and develop local capacity in higher learning in Uganda, THE Nigerian government announced it had recently deployed 76 professors to four universities in Uganda. Read more

Notes for Contributors to the Uganda Journal of Education

The Uganda Journal of Education (UJE) is a peer-reviewed journal hosted by the College of Education and External Studies, Institute of Education Research Makerere University. It seeks critical reviews and in-depth analyses or study findings in all areas of education. Read more

Plan to Tie Student Numbers to Available Facilities, Staff

In an attempt to improve quality at universities and institutions of higher learning, the Uganda National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) is to embark upon a stringent exercise to align new student numbers at institutions with available facilities and lecturers. Read more

The 1st Great Lakes and Catchment Management (1st GLACAM) Conference

The Makerere University College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (CAES) together with the Ministry of Water and Environment (MoWE) are jointly organizing the 1st Great Lakes and Catchment Management (1st GLACAM) Conference. Read more

30 April 2019

Gender Mainstreaming Directorate Tips Students on Personal Branding

“Change your mindset and stop giving reasons, which reasons don’t put food on the table. This world has two types of people; the result people and the reason people. Which one are you?” Daniel Choudry asked his audience. “The reason people will give all excuses as to why they can’t do or achieve something and end up blaming everything around them including their parents, but can’t blame themselves. Read more

H.E. Amb. Pataki Visits Mak, Brokers Linkage to Romanian Universities

The Ambassador of Romania to Uganda, Her Excellency Julia Pataki on Friday, 26th April 2019 paid a courtesy call on the Vice Chancellor, Makerere University with the irresistible offer to broker collaborations between Ugandan and Romanian Universities. Read more

Hon. Elioda Tumwesigye Acknowledges the Role of Media in Bridging the Gap Between Scientists and Communities

The Minister of Science, Technology, and Innovations Hon. Elioda Tumwesigye, has acknowledged the tremendous role played by media in bridging the communication gap that has long existed between researchers/ scientists and communities. Lire plus

Struggling Student Loans Board Draws on Lessons from Ghana

The Higher Education Students’ Financing Board (HESFB) in Uganda said this month it was exploring the feasibility of instituting a fund similar to the Ghana Education Trust Fund (GETFund), which would allow it to mobilise more monies to finance more students, after a deficit last year of UGX5 billion (US$1.3 million) threatened the admission of new students into the higher education sector. Read more

Student Leader: ‘Giving Back’ is Key to Africa’s Future

Despite reforms to outdated curricula taking place in many countries across Africa, the continent’s youth still get too few chances to learn the type of 21st century skills that will secure them employment or enable them to build up businesses for themselves, according to Bruhan Kyomuhendo. Read more

31 March 2019

19 Academics Under Scrutiny as ‘Sexual Predators’

The Ugandan parliament this week forwarded a list containing the names of 60 ‘sexual predators’ in learning institutions, including 19 academics at five universities, to the police Criminal Investigation Department (CID), after a report suggested they were repeatedly harassing students. Read more

Education Creates Opportunity for Students in Uganda

When Eddie Woo and Annabelle Chauncy sat next to each other, their connection was instant. But it wasn’t chemistry, it was mathematics that linked them, and a plan to educate some of the most disadvantaged children in Uganda. Read more

Mak Participates in the 11th Higher Education Exhibition

Makerere University has demonstrated her readiness to fully participate in the 11th Edition of the NCHE Annual Higher Education Exhibition; a three-day 21st – 23rd March 2019, event being held at the Lugogo Show Grounds. Exhibiting institutions have been allocated stalls in the Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA) Exhibition Hall. Read more

University Graduates Realise the Value of Vocational Skills

To the average person, the young man in blue overalls could pass as just another “failure”, a common reference to people pursuing vocational skills in Uganda. They are sometimes labelled “academic dwarfs” because the common thinking is they could not make the grade in formal classes to secure a white-collar job. Read more

28 February 2019

DAAD GHRP Training Leaves Participants Transformed for Life

The four day hands-on training on Good Health Research Practices (GHRP) funded by DAAD (the German Academic Exchange Service) came to a resounding end on Thursday, 21st February 2019 with participants admitting that they had been transformed for life. Read more

Why Makerere Dons Abandoned Strike

After three weeks of striking, Makerere University staffs were finally wooed into picking up their instruments to resume work. Read more

Uganda’s Makerere University at Center of Row Over Academic Freedom

Uganda’s Makerere University is one of the oldest and most prestigious in Africa. It’s been shaken by a wave of sackings and accusations by the vice chancellor that indiscipline amongst staff was rife. Read more

31 January 2019

Graduates Advised to Adopt Soft Skills to Supplement their Professions

The Executive Secretary of Uganda Business and Technical Examinations Board (UBTEB), Mr. Oyesigye Onesmus (CPA), has advised graduates to adopt soft skills to supplement their professional experience. Read more

Makerere Prepares for End of 20 Years of Swedish Support

Makerere University is devising a new sustainability strategy in anticipation of the end of 20 years of Swedish support for research and human resource development at higher education institutions in Uganda. Read more

Mak Partners with LSE to Conduct Cutting-edge Research

The London School of Economics and Political Science has been awarded funding to establish a Gender, Justice and Security Hub, with Makerere University as one of the Lead Research Partner Institutions. Read more

MUST Takes Strides Under ‘The First Mile’ Project with 57 Scholarships Announced!

The research and grants winning culture at Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST) has reached a higher level with 57 scholarships awarded at MUST through a new grant “the first mile” project and Kayanja Fellowship. Read more

PhD Fellow- “Making Refugee Integration Sustainable: In Search of Durable Relations with Host Populations in Uganda

The Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies, Department of Planning and Governance, Mbarara
University of Science and Technology (MUST), Uganda and the Institute of Development Policy
(IOB), University of Antwerp, Belgium, invite applications for a four-year, full-time position as
Doctoral Researcher. Read more

31 December 2018

Makerere Upgrades Sexual Harassment Policy Amid Concerns

A revised policy against sexual harassment aimed at more effectively curbing offensive sexual advances has been approved by the council of Makerere University amid rising concerns around the issue on Ugandan campuses. Read more

Prof. Jianguo Chen Commends CoCIS on the Sci-Tech Software Developed to Solve Community Problems

Prof. Jianguo Chen from Tsinghua University, Institute of Public Safety Research (IPSR) has commended Makerere University College of Computing and Information Sciences (CoCIS) on the Sci-tech innovations developed by the College to solve community problems. Read more

30 November 2018

MUST Holds 14th Annual Research Dissemination Conference

Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST) held its 14th Annual Research Dissemination Conference on 23rd November 2018 at the Lake View Resort Hotel in Mbarara, Uganda. Read more

31 October 2018

Assistant Lecturers Advised to Work with Passion at 5th Pedagogical Skills Training

The Acting Director Gender Mainstreaming Directorate (GMD) Dr. Euzobia Baine Mugisha has urged Makerere University Assistant Lecturers to work with passion while delivering their services, as this will help stand out as ethical professionals. Read more

Govt Must Fund Private Universities

The Minister for Local Government, Tom Butime has asked the Government to start funding private universities as one way of improving the quality of education. Read more

Makerere iGEM 2018 – Uganda’s First iGEM Team Turns Waste Plastic into Fuel

iGEM” stands for the international Genetically Engineered Machine. This annual, globe-spanning synthetic biology competition invites teams of university and high school level scientists to spend their summers designing, undertaking, and honing their synthetic biology research projects. Read more

MUST Among 7 African Countries to receive PEPFAR Funding for Health Professional Education in Africa

This is yet another remarkable achievement for Mbarara University Science and Technology featuring among SEVEN universities in Africa that received the Health Professional Education Partnership Initiative grant. Read more

MUST ‘One Health Central and East Africa’ Chapter Launched

The MUST OHCEA chapter was launched on the 19th October 2018 at the university’s Kihumuro Campus under the theme :  “The Role of Students in One Health : Flagship for a Multidisciplinary Approach in African Universities.”  Read more

30 September 2018

Assoc. Prof. Muyinda Named Among Africa’s Top 100 Movers & Shakers in Corporate Online Learning 2018

Paul Birevu Muyinda (PhD) an Associate Professor of Open, Distance and eLearning and Deputy Principal, College of Education and External Studies (CEES), Makerere University, has been named among Africa’s Top 100 Movers and Shakers in Corporate Online Learning 2018. Read more

31 August 2018

Experts in Mathematics Emphasize the Need to Create Sustainable Networks to Strengthen Research in Universities

Experts in mathematics have emphasized the need to create sustainable groups and networks to strengthen Research in Universities. This was at the opening ceremony of the 3rd Network Meeting for Sida and ISP-Funded PhD Students and Postdocs in Mathematics. Read more

Mak Graduate Students Advised on Network Development and Research Skill Enhancement

The Director of Research and Graduate Training, Prof. Buyinza Mukadasi has appealed to Makerere University Graduate students to develop their networks and heighten their research skills. Read more

MUST Signs MoU with Uganda Police on Forensic Sciences

Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST) and the Uganda Police Force on Thursday 16th August 2018 signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the development of forensics sciences training in Uganda. Read more

Prof. Bazeyo Appeals to International Students to Embrace the Students-Management Open Door Policy

The Deputy Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration Prof. William Bazeyo has appealed international students to embrace the students-management open door policy that allows students to interact freely with Makerere University Management. Read more

30 June 2018

Mak- Students’ Guild Proposes 15% Tuition Increment for Incoming Students

On Monday 2nd July 2018, Makerere Universality Students’ Guild Special Committee presented a report; proposing a uniform and moderate 15% tuition increment for new students across all programs effective Academic Year 2018/2019. Read more

Mak-UC Berkeley-Pathfinder Set To Promote PHE Research & Policy in Uganda

The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe on Wednesday, 27th June 2018 held discussions with the University of California Berkeley (UC Berkeley)’s Dr. Robin Marsh and Pathfinder International Uganda’s Ms. Nakajubi Jackline on the possibility of  integrating the Population.  Read more

MUST Launches Research Ethics Education Program

Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST) on 15th May 2018 launched the Mbarara University Research Ethics Education Program (MUREEP). Read more

31 May 2018

School of Law Set to Celebrate 50 Years of Existence

The School of Law, Makerere University will this year celebrate 50 years of existence as the premier Law School in Uganda. The Climax of the planned events will be on 12th October 2018, where the Alumni Association will be officially launched and a fundraising drive commissioned. Read more

Application to Bachelor of Social Development Degree Programme 2018/2019

The Academic Registrar, Makerere University invites applications for the Bachelor of Arts in Social Development degree programme for Day and Evening tenable at Nsamizi Training Institute of Social Development (Mpigi) for the 2018/2019Academic year. Nsamizi Training Institute of Social Development is affiliated to Makerere University. Read more

Directors from USAID Feed the Future Innovation Labs visit Makerere University: impressed with the DANRE/KSU project’s progress

On 23rd May 2018, 40 Directors from USAID Feed the Future Innovation Labs visited Makerere University Department of Agribusiness and Natural Resource Economics (DANRE). The remarkable visit aimed at assessing the progress of the DANRE/KSU project of Up-Grading and Enhancing the Institutional Capacity of the Department. Read more

Kyambogo University ready to receive Cuban lecturers

Addressing journalists at the university, the Vice Chancellor Prof Elly Katugunka says the Cuban lecturers are expected in the country before the next academic year which starts in August. He says they already interviewed over 10 Cuban professors from various universities who are set to join Kyambogo University staff. Read more

Chancellor Graces 69th University council Meeting

The Chancellor of Mbarara University of Science and Technology, Prof. Charles Olweny graced the 69th University Council Meeting held on Friday 25th May 2018 at the University’s Main Campus in Kihumuro, Mbarara. Read more

Forum for African Women Educationalists/The Master Card Foundation—Higher Education Program

The Forum for African Women Educationalists Regional Secretariat (FAWE RS) with support from the Mastercard Foundation, is implementing through FAWE Uganda Chapter an eight-year (2016—2024) Higher Education Access Program targeting 300 youth (70% female and 30% male) from economically disadvantaged backgrounds and regions of Eastern, Northern and Western Uganda. Read more

30 April 2018

The Need for Vocational Skills Cannot be Overemphasized

Even at higher academic levels, having a skill that can come in handy at a time A is becoming more important. It is not shocking, therefore, that degree and diploma holders enroll in technical schools to acquire vocational skills. Read more

Universities Key in Supporting Student Innovations

Innovative minds are not limited. However, universities play a central role in unearthing, encouraging, nurturing and supporting student innovations. Read more

The Muslim Diaspora

There is a large and growing Muslim population in Europe, but its growth does not begin to match the predictions. Read more

Nelson Mandela University Strengthen Ties to Find Solutions to African Challenges

On 30th April 2018, the Vice Chancellor of Makerere University Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe together with the Vice Chancellor of Nelson Mandela University Prof Sibongile Muthwa signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to strengthen the long-term relationship between the two universities. Read more

New Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs in Partnership With AAUP

Amity University Uttar Pradesh (AUUP) of India in collaboration with the College of Computing and Information Sciences (CoCIS), Makerere University announce a partnership aimed at imparting education to students in Uganda. Read more

First Lady, Hon. Janet Kataaha Museveni Commends Mak On Enhanced Research and Innovations

First Lady, Hon. Janet Kataaha Museveni commended Makerere University for uplifting Uganda’s pride nationally and internationally by developing the country’s research and innovation sector. This was during the Mak-Sweden Bilateral Research Annual Planning Meeting (APM) that was held on Monday 23rd April 2018 under a theme: “Harnessing the power of research and innovations for social transformation.”

30 December 2017

Busoga University Defies NCHE on Closure, Admits New Students

Busoga University has defied the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) directive and advertised for new student enrolment on local radio stations. Read more

Government to Increase Salaries for Science Teachers

President Museveni promised to increase salaries for all science teachers across the country saying head teachers and deputies will still earn slightly higher. Read more

Higher Education for Agricultural Transformation

It could very well be that the first half of the 21st century will be remembered as the period when Africa came into its own. These five decades could be a period of steady economic growth and one is which the rapid increase of the working age population actually pays the long promised demographic dividend. Read more

Kyambogo University Students to Start Buying Their Own Food as University Decides Against Cooking for Them

Over 8,500 students of Kyambogo University will start buying their own food starting next year after the university deciding to withdraw from cooking food for students. Read more

Mak Distributes AI Kits to 17 Districts under DIVERSE PIG Project

Makerere University has established a mini laboratory  for processing pig semen at the Makerere University Agricultural Research Institute Kabanyolo. Read more

Mak Unlocks its Financial Potential through Property Investment

Hundreds of potential investors convened at Serena Hotel Kampala to participate in the Makerere University Property Investor Conference organized by the Makerere University Holdings Limited (Mak Holdings Limited). Read more

Makerere University Spearheads Research to Fix Ecosystems Challenges

The African countries including Uganda are grappling with development challenges like climate change, persistent land degradation, wetland conversions and transformation, avoidable disasters, forestry cover reduction, runways as a result of urbanization all stemming from human activities to better their livelihoods. Read more

Over 7,000 Kyambogo University Students to Graduate Today

Over 7,000 students of Kyambogo University are set to graduate from different programmes during its 14th graduation ceremony. Read more

Over UGX150 Million Raised for International Symposium on Non-Communicable Diseases

Over UGX150 million was raised during the Mak Fundraising dinner organised by Makerere University College of Health Sciences together with St. Augustine International University to mobilise resources for the upcoming 1st International Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs) Symposium scheduled to take place from 12th to 15th February 2018 at Speke Resort Munyonyo. Read more

Promoting Girl-Child Technical Education

Uganda is making strides in promoting vocational education. But most importantly there is need to promote and encourage high enrollment of the girl-child for technical education. Read more

Punish Managers of Closed Universities

The government has closed Busoga University in Iganga District and Lijif International American College of Health Sciences in Kampala for wanting academic standards, finances and governance. Read more

The Role of Higher Education Institutions in Catalysing Agricultural Innovation Systems

The World Bank in its Investment Sourcebook on Agricultural Innovation Systems spells out the critical role of agricultural education and training as a creator of capacity and supplier of the human resources that populate key segments of the agricultural innovation system (AIS) and enable it to function more effectively. Read more

30 October 2017

Education and Changing Job Market

Sometimes it is regrettable but a shame at the same time to waste so much time in school doing things that will never be useful especially in circumstances where there are challenges. Read more

Fate of Delayed Tourism Institute

This is something that we welcomed as an industry because the sector could finally have a point of reference for human resource. We are not only competing among ourselves but at regional level too. We urgently need to have our own school so that we stop importing manpower and taking money out of our economy as most of the hoteliers take their staff to Utalii College. Read more

Mak to Continue Promoting Entrepreneurship Skills among Students

The Chief Coordinator of Operation Wealth Creation (OWC), Gen. Salim Saleh has pledged to continue supporting innovations at Makerere University in order to nurture upcoming entrepreneurs. Read more

President Museveni Installs Prof. Charles Olweny as new Chancellor

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni  as visitor to public universities in Uganda visited Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST) to preside over the Installation of its 4th Chancellor. Read more

Research Transparency and Reproducibility Training

We all acknowledge the importance of research evidence and how such evidence have been used to inform policies, programmes or interventions. Read more

State Minister of Education Speaks Out On MUK

The state minister of higher education  has said that the government is committed to put things right at Makerere University after the visitation committee is done with its work. Read more

15 October 2017

3,000 Students Of Muteesa I University Stranded As Lecturers Strike

Muteesa I Royal University lecturers have gone on a strike accusing the Vice Chancellor (VC), Dr Arthur Sserwanga of promoting divisions among staff members and failing to clear their salary arrears. Read more

CHUSS Showcases Research In Social Sciences And Gender Relations

Researchers and scientists from the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHUSS) supported by MAK-Sweden Bilateral Research Cooperation showcased research projects in social sciences and gender that are contributing to social transformation of society. Read more

Dr. Lin Visits Mak, Seeks Institutional Collaboration

The former Chairman of the Uganda Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Jeff J.L. Lin visited Makerere and tabled various opportunities of collaboration between the University and Taiwanese Institutions as well as the business community. Read more

From Uganda to South Africa – My Intra-ACP Africa Mobility Experience

During my undergraduate studies, I was inspired by several lecturers that had exposure from the developed world. In light of this, it was an exciting opportunity for me to earn a scholarship under the project “Crop Scientists for African Agriculture (CSAA)” supported by the European Union under the Intra-ACP Mobility Programme. Read more

Higher Education Actors in Africa Brainstorm on a Regional Program for Strengthening Higher Agricultural Education in Africa (SHAEA)

African higher education actors gathered in Pretoria, South Africa from 28th to 29th September 2017 to discuss a strategy for the implementation of the Regional Program for Strengthening Higher Agricultural Education in Africa (SHAEA) project and to lay out the practical steps necessary for its implementation, including activities at the regional level. Read more

HLA FREE 4Wk Humanitarian Essentials MOOC

The ResilientAfrica Network-RAN, School of Public Health, College of Health Sciences, Makerere University in partnership with the Humanitarian Leadership Academy (HLA) in Nairobi, Kenya pursuing different activities for the benefit of those communities in need. Read more

MAK Students Sensitize The Community On Waste Management And Environmental Conservation

Makerere University students convened at the Western Gate to actively participate in the Waste Management Awareness Week aimed at sensitizing the University community on the importance of waste management and keeping the environment clean. Read more

Mak Students Urged to Embrace Insurance as a Career

The Head of Training at the Institute of Insurance of Uganda, Mr. Jonan Kisakye called upon students to take up insurance professional courses after completion of their Undergraduate degrees reiterating that the courses offered at the Institute will enable them acquire practical knowledge and skills. Read more

Mak Signs Agreement to Fast Track Collaboration With Taiwanese Institutions

Makerere University signed an agreement with Dr. Jeff J.L. Lin and his wife Mrs. Mei Yvan, aimed at creating a formal avenue through which Taiwanese institutions can collaborate with Makerere and other Ugandan institutions in aspects such as exchange of staff, students, research, among others. Read more

Mak to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Waste

“Public waste awareness is key to successful waste management,” remarked the Dean of Students, Mr. Cyriaco Kabagambe who was representing the Vice Chancellor of Makerere University. Read more

MUST Receives New Director of Human Resource

Mbarara University of Science and Technology welcomed Mr. Prinari Behangana as the new Director of Human Resource. Read more

Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center Residency Competition

The Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center, through conferences and residency programs, supports the work of scholars, artists, policymakers, and practitioners who share in the Foundation’s. Read more

30 September 2017

Arts Students Benefit Govt Loan Scheme

At least four arts-related degree courses are now eligible for funding support under the students’ loan scheme. Read more

H.E. Rivoal Visits Mak, Signs French Collaboration MoU

The purpose of the visit was twofold; one to introduce herself to the new leadership of the University and secondly, introduce the Campus France Desk in Makerere University. Read more

Makerere And MKU Sign Mou To Improve Regional Higher Education

Makerere University and Mount Kenya University on 19th September 2017 signed a memorandum of understanding where the two institutions have agreed to collaborate in the improvement of higher education in the region. Read more

Mutesa University Closed Following Student Riot

Mutesa 1 Royal University main campus in Kirumba, Masaka has been closed after students went on strike. Read more

Outcry As Families Are Evicted From Soroti University Land

A total of 15 families that were recently evicted from the contested Soroti University land in Apuuton Village, have run to Soroti High Court to review the eviction process. Read more

Statement on the Authenticity of Makerere Degrees & Ongoing Investigations

With reference to the various media reports relating to the authenticity of Makerere University Degrees, the University Management wishes to state that Makerere has the duty to protect and secure the integrity of its academic credentials and has thus issued a statement to provide a consistent message on the matter. Read more

15 September 2017

Makerere University Investigates Degree Cheats

One of Africa’s most prestigious universities is investigating how 300 students managed to get their degree results changed. Read more

President Museveni Launches Annual Nelson Mandela Commemorative Lecture

The President of the Republic of Uganda, H.E. Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on 31st August 2017 launched the Makerere University Annual Nelson Mandela Commemorative Lecture. The launch followed a public lecture in honour of Nelson Mandela organized by the Department of Political Science and Public Administration in collaboration with the South African High Commission. Read more

Solution to Youth Unemployment Lies in Vocational Training

Given the high rate of youth unemployment, Uganda is seated on a time bomb. Read more

Stellenbosch University Strengthens Ties with Makerere University

A delegation of postgraduate students and their lecturers led by Mr. Nico Elema, Manager Centre for Collaboration in Africa (CCA) at Stellenbosch University visited Makerere University. Read more

Students Develop Security, Emergency App

The app offers emergency services to a smart phone owner in case of an accident, robbery or fire outbreak. Read more

31 August 2017

Cereal Breeders Receive US$1000 Each to Promote Gender Responsive Research

Cereal breeders who participated in a two-weeks Gender-responsive Cereal Grains Breeding (GREAT) Course at the School of Women and Gender Studies, Makerere University received $1000 each at the end of the course. The facilitation is meant to promote gender responsive research. Read more

Kabale University Trains Fake Doctors

Kabale University in western Uganda has secretly recruited students, many of them reportedly unqualified, for medical courses not accredited by the government as required by law. Read more

MPS Question Funding To Private Universities

The Public Accounts Committee of Parliament has tasked Education ministry officials to explain the irregular transfer of Shs2.1 billion to private universities. Read more

Strengthening Capacity for Teaching and Research through African Universities–RUFORUM/DAAD Award 9 Scholarships

The Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) is pleased to announce winners of the 2017 DAAD/RUFORUM in-region and in-country scholarships. Since 2011, RUFORUM has been in collaboration with the German Academic Exchange Services (DAAD) to promote the regional doctoral training programmes offered by RUFORUM member universities in the East African Region. Read more

15 August 2017

Integrate Culture in Teaching

Stephen Mugarura, an education student at Makerere University, recalls that in his secondary school he studied about the Canadian Prairies, Tennesse Valley Authority, but does not see how these are likely to help him in his life currently or after school. Read more

Mak Hands Over MUARIK-CAES Postgraduate Lab Site to Contractor

The College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (CAES), Makerere University has handed over the site for the construction of Post Graduate Laboratories at the Makerere University Agricultural Research Institute Kabanyolo (MUARIK) to Excel Construction Company Ltd under the AfDB-HEST Project. Read more

MAK Launches World University Netball Championship 2018

Launching the 3rd Edition of the World University Netball Championship the Minister of State for Sports said: “I salute the people who won the bid. This is a national issue. Hosting the Netball Championships presents a lot of opportunities to Uganda and Makerere University. Read more

New Makerere Vice-Chancellor Designate Aims High

Newly appointed Makerere University Vice-chancellor Professor Barnabas Nawangwe has vowed to position the Ugandan university as the leading institution for academic excellence and innovation in Africa. Read more

The Youth Are Speaking But Who Is Listening To Them?

This is a question attributed to former EU Ambassador in Uganda Kristian Schmidt and is something that challenges us to think about the youth question. Read more

Training in Pig Artificial Insemination for Districts in Uganda

Pig Phase II is an ongoing research project in the Department of Agricultural Production, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Makerere University funded by Competitive Grant Scheme, National Agricultural Research Organization. Read more

Why Have We Left Our Education System To Decay And Collapse?

Research from donors had showed that investment in lower education produced more returns to the economy than investment in higher education. Read more

15 July 2017

MUST Researchers Are Global Health Seed Grant Recipients

Congratulations to Faculty of Medicine researchers who are co-investigators on projects recently awarded a global health seed grant from the University of Minnesota. Read more

President Museveni Launches National Mindset Education Programme

Over time, it has been realized that the citizens’ negative mindsets are some of the key national constraints to development and social transformation. Read more

The Uganda Color Run At MUST in the Fight against Pediatric Cancer

Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Global Health in partnership with Global Health Collaborative, Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST) and Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital (MRRH) held the 3rd color run to raise awareness for pediatric cancer and nutrition. Read more

30 June 2017

Baryamureeba Protests Nawangwe’s Election as Makerere VC

Former presidential candidate Prof Venansius Baryamureeba has protested the election of Professor Barnabas Nawangwe as the new vice chancellor of Makerere University. Read more

Government Asks Students to Apply for University Loans

The government yesterday called for applications for study loans from Ugandan students who have been admitted for undergraduate and diploma programmes for the academic year 2017/2018. Read more

Kigezians Should Worry about Kabale University’s Demise as Private University

Kigezians and friends of Kigezi, both from within and abroad, recall why Kabale University (KU) was founded. The reasons are well articulated in its first interim charter which convinced the National Council for Higher Education to grant the university a licence. Read more

15 June 2017

Govt Report on School Fees Coming Out Soon

A committee that was set up by the ministry of education to investigate concerns of school fees increments in various educational institutions is expected to submit its report at the end of this month. Read more

Honesty in Higher Education Crucial for African Renaissance

I would like to critique university education so as to determine whether it is suitable to us in its present form or whether we should have an overhaul of higher institutions of learning to make them more relevant to our needs. Read more

Mak Unfair To Diploma, Mature-Age Entrants – Research

A research carried out by Dr Peace Buhwamatsiko Tumuheki of Makerere University indicates that policies subjected to those admitted under the diploma and mature-age entry schemes are very constraining and unfair. Read more

NCHE Blocks KIU from Admitting Phd Students

An investigation by the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) has placed the spotlight on PhD programmes offered by Kampala International University (KIU) for the second time in five years. Read more

Ownership of Mukiibi Schools Revealed

Late Lawrence Mukiibi individually owned only 60 per cent of the eight schools, colleges and one university under the St Lawrence brand, this newspaper can reveal. Read more

Parliament Rejects Proposal to Disband State House Scholarships

Parliament has disregarded the views of its Committee on Presidential Affairs that had proposed that State House gives up control of the Shs20 billion scholarship fund under its charge to the Higher Education Students Financing Board, and instead passed the budget unchanged. Read more

Protect Yourselves from HIV/Aids – Dr Muyingo

The minister of state for Higher Education, Dr John Chrysostom Muyingo, has asked the graduates from African Bible University of Uganda (ABU) to protect themselves against the HIV/Aids scourge. Read more

Soroti University to Open August

Soroti University is set to start its operations come August this year, an official from the institution has revealed. Once operational, it will be the 9th public university in the country. Read more

Talk to Your Children about Life at School

The death of educationist Lawrence Mukiibi on May 28 robbed the country of a key figure in the education sector. His contribution to privatisation of the education sector in the country through his chain of St Lawrence Schools and St Lawrence University, among other establishments, will gain special place in Uganda’s history books. Read more

When Getting Intimate Ceases To Be a Big Deal

In this economy, young people are surviving largely on gigs. A number of University graduates are surviving on ushering gigs, marketing gigs or sales gigs that are short term, and pay commissions.  Read more

15 May 2017

10 Uganda Students Head for Training in China

Ten students have been flagged off for two weeks’ hands on ICT training in China.The students were chosen under a partnership between Huawei Technologies and government universities themed; Seeds for the Future. Read more

Ddumba-Ssentamu Speaks On His Chaotic 5 Years as Makerere VC

During a tumultuous five-year term as vice chancellor of Makerere University, Prof John Ddumba-Ssentamu has put down at least two strikes in a semester by either students or lecturers. Read more

Government Wasting Resources on Higher Education, Says Dr Kasekende

Uganda is educating more people than can be absorbed by the economy at the current economic development level. Read more

Here Are the Most Demanding University Courses Identified

Early in the learning life of a child, many a parent will ask their offspring what they would like to be in future. Indeed, many a parent will attempt to entice their offspring towards professions that will bring them success. Read more

Higher Education: The Elephant in the Room

The things we don’t want to be associated with sometimes turn out to be very intriguing. I didn’t want to attend the public dialogue on higher education. Read more

Ireeta, Makerere’s New Fast-Rising Star

Every once in a while, someone comes up to show that there is hope for those who go out of their way to succeed, confounding the cynics. Read more

Kyambogo Varsity Lecturers Lay Down Tools over Pay

Kyambogo University has failed to pay the salaries of their lecturers amounting to Shs3 billion which has accumulated since January to April. Read more

Loan Scheme: How Ready Are Beneficiaries To Pay Back?

In 2014, the Government of Uganda rolled out the higher education student’s loan scheme with intent to address the problem of inadequate access to higher education. Read more

Parliament Allocates Shs5.4 Billion for Students’ Loan Scheme

Parliament has appropriated Shs5.4 billion to cater for Students’ Loan Scheme next financial year. The Scheme had remained among the unfunded priorities under the education sector. Read more

Private Sector Should Finance Skills Training

Less than a kilometre from Kalungami trading centre in Iganga district stands what should be Nabitende Vocational Training Institute. Read more

Qualifications or Experience: What Is More Important?

There is an increase in the number of universities in the country making it easy for one to acquire higher education qualifications. Read more

Retraining Graduates: Are Govt Bodies Reinventing the Wheel?

Universities are currently drenched in fear over training schools that are being established by government parastatals. They claim that the schools are duplicating some of the courses they teach at the university. Read more

30 April 2017

1600 Graduate at UMI

Uganda management Institute was a beehive of activities as 1592 students graduated in different discipline. Read more

Makerere to Split Journalism and Communication Degree Course

The department of Journalism and Communication at Makerere University is in the final stages of splitting its lone degree programme into two. Read more

School of Biosecurity, Biotechnical and Laboratory Sciences in Collaboration with University of Florida and Tufts University

Makerere University College of Veterinary Medicine and Biosecurity participated (COVAB) in a project write up titled, “Peste des petits ruminants (PPR) vaccine associate award” that was awarded to Feed the future innovations lab for livestock systems at University of Florida/Institute for Food and Agriculture (UF/IFAS). Read more

Speaker Endorses Makerere Fundraising Run

The Speaker of Parliament, Hon. Rebecca Kadaga, will be the Chief Runner at the highly anticipated first-ever fundraising run at Makerere University scheduled for Sunday 14th May 2017. Read more

Students Urged on Leadership, Entrepreneurship

Members of the national student leadership body have been told to emulate people with leadership entrepreneurial skills to enable them get opportunities to create jobs. Read more

Swedish Ambassador Emphasizes Role of Higher Education towards Reducing Poverty

The Swedish Ambassador to Uganda, H.E Per Lindgarde has acknowledged the key role played by higher education in building human capacity and reducing poverty in the country.  The Ambassador emphasized the need to invest in higher education as a way accelerating technological diffusion, which would decrease knowledge gaps and help reduce poverty. Read more

15 March 2017

87% Graduates Can’t Find Jobs

At least nine in every 10 Ugandans who have completed any form of education are unemployed. Read more

Don’t Give Up on Higher Education, Students Told

The dream of every student who has completed his or her secondary school education would be to join the University and pursue a degree. However this may not be the case for some who either fail their S6 exams or cannot afford tuition. Read more

DVCFA Asks for Continuity as Mak Go Green Week Closes

The Deputy Vice Chancellor (Finance & Administration) DVCFA, officially closed the Go Green Week and tasked participating students to ensure that their calls for energy efficiency and environmental conservation continue perpetually. Read more

Education Minister Tips Nurses, Midwives on Ethics

The Minister of Education and Sports, has underscored the need to teach ethics and integrity in institutions of higher learning so that professionals learn how to commit themselves to serving the interests of the public. Read more

First Lady Urges Universities on Skills Development

Education minister and First Lady Janet Museveni has asked institutions of higher learning to focus more on skills development of their students to solve the increasing unemployment rate in the country. Read more

How Makerere University Can Meet 21st Century Needs

Uganda’s expectation of universities is to provide the skills needed to develop the science; the technology and the research capacity for prosperity and harmonious nation; the outsiders (society) want the students trained for their first job out of university; while the academics want the student educated for a lifelong self-fulfillment. Read more

IBBU Nigeria Delegation Pays Courtesy Call, Courts Mak

A delegation from the Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University (IBBU), Lapai-Niger State, Nigeria paid a courtesy call on the Vice Chancellor and extended a hand of collaboration to Makerere University. Read more

NTCS to Start Offering Degree Courses

The Vice Chancellor of Kyambogo University, Prof Eli Katunguka, has said plans are underway to empower all National Teachers’ colleges in Uganda to start offering degree programmes. Read more

RAN Innovation Exhibition 2017

To effectively tap into the existing innovations in the innovation ecosystem, Resilient Africa Network (RAN), School of Public Health, Makerere University is pleased to announce the Resilience Innovation Acceleration Program (RIAP) which will recognize and support promising and creative ideas from students and faculty at the Eastern Africa Resilience Innovation Lab (EA RILab) partner universities as well as the general community of innovation in East Africa. Read more

The Makerere University We Want in the 21st Century

Public universities all over the world are continually facing challenges arising out of the broader needs of society and expectations. This has impacted on the universities’ ability to achieve their core functions of teaching, learning and research to guide the education system in the country. Read more

UCU Holds Second Graduation Ceremony This Year

A total of 435 students graduated at the Uganda Christian University Mukono. It is the first time the university is releasing their maiden graduation of students on four master’s degree programs. Read more

Universities Demand New Law on Internship

Every year, thousands leave universities in search of a job placement, either as an intern or a volunteer to learn what it will take in the working world after they graduate. Not all of them get what they are looking for. Read more

VC Candidate Shuns Senate Interview

A vice chancellor is responsible for the academic, administrative and financial affairs of the university. He or she supervises the university, attends Government meetings and carries out other duties. Read more

15 February 2017

50 Withdrawn From Makerere Graduation List

As a total of 14,895 Makerere University students prepare to receive their awards in different academic disciplines today, 53 of them have been removed from the graduation list following allegations that their marks were altered. Read more

Female Tops Makerere Grade, Best Brains Speak Out

More than 14,000 students are graduating at the 67th Makerere University convocation with 260 of the students coming out with First Class degrees. Read more

Mak-Convocation Unveils Perimeter Wall Construction Fundraising Drive

The Chairperson of Makerere University Convocation has unveiled the fundraising drive for the Makerere University Perimeter Wall construction project under the theme: “Security for Mak-Students and Staff First”. Read more

Reality Check Awaits A-Level Winners and Muk Graduands

On the one hand, some 14,895 students are graduating from Makerere University – the biggest number of graduands by any university in Uganda. On the other hand, tens of thousands of candidates will get their results, having sat A-level exams last year. Read more

31 January 2017

Bishop Odama Awarded Doctorate

Gulu University has awarded Archbishop John Baptist Odama a Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy for his outstanding role in brokering peace and reconciliation in Northern Uganda. Read more

Government Warns Makerere on MUBs students

Government has warned the Management of Makerere University against dragging students who have met graduation requirements into disagreements with Makerere University Business School. Read more

Makerere Calls Mubs for Crisis Meet Over Graduation List

Makerere University vice chancellor has invited Makerere University Business School (Mubs) leadership to a meeting to sort out disagreements over Shs4b functional fees arrears that threatens to block the graduation of nearly 4,000 Mubs students. Read more

Makerere Embarks on Headcount to Establish Numbers

A three-week head-counting process of Makerere University students and staff aimed at establishing the precise number of students enrolled in the institution and eradicating ghost students and workers. Read more

Makerere Laboratory Wins Award

The Makerere University–John Hopkins University Core Laboratory has been recognized and awarded winner of the Best Practice in Laboratory Medicine, by the African Society of Laboratory Medicine (ASLM). Read more

NCHE Disputes Busoga University’s 1,000 Degrees to Sudanese, Nigerian Students

The National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) has raised concern about degrees granted to students who did not meet the minimum entry criteria for various programmes. Read more

NCHE Must Act to Save Our Education Standards Record

The National Council for Higher Education, the body charged with regulating tertiary institutions in Uganda, has notified Busoga University in Iganga district of its intention to revoke its provisional license if concerns are not addressed within six months. Read more

New Victoria Univ. Guild President Unveils Plans

The second year computer science student is full of ideas and plans to put Victoria University on the world map. Read more

Police Foil Busoga University Students’ Strike

Police have deployed in various parts of Iganga Municipality to stop students of Busoga University from holding a “peaceful” demonstration, following the closure of the university. Read more

15 November 2016

Emphasize Practicals in Agriculture Studies, Universities Urged

Universities offering agriculture courses have been asked to emphasize practicals in order to produce students who are practical and can transform the country. Read more

Makerere University at Crossroads: What Should Key Stakeholders Do?

I published an article advising Makerere University that its decision to raise salaries by 70 per cent from internally generated funds would tantamount to committing suicide. Now as I write this article, the University is closed until further notice by the President. Read more

Makerere Vehicles: Defiant Lecturers List Goes to Janet

Makerere University Vice Chancellor has said that by the close of Tuesday, he will have filed a report to the minister of education on university staff who defiantly failed to return university vehicles. Read more

Minister Muyingo Warns on Strikes

The State Minister for Higher Education, Dr John Chrysostom Muyingo, has cautioned students in institutions of higher learning against using strikes as a means of expressing their grievances. Read more

Minister Muyingo Worried About Defiance Culture in Schools

The state minister for higher education is worried about the rising culture of defiance in schools and other institutions of higher learning saying such behaviour is likely to plunge Uganda into trouble and moral decadence. Read more

Museveni Appoints Makerere Probe Committee

President Yoweri Museveni has appointed a nine-man committee to inquire into the affairs of Makerere University. Read more

Museveni Concerned About Quality of University Education

President Yoweri Museveni has expressed concern on the quality of graduates being churned out by universities and other institutions of higher learning in the country. Read more

President Orders Indefinite Shutdown of Top University

Makerere University, Uganda’s oldest and most prestigious higher education institution and one of the best in Africa, has been closed until further notice following a directive by Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni. Read more

Rwanda Hunts for Professors as Makerere Remains Closed

Amidst controversy on remuneration of academic staff in Uganda’s public universities, Rwanda’s leading university is hunting for professors with alluring packages. Read more

Sudhir’s Varsity Fires Top Academic Staff

A standoff involving the son of Victoria University owner Sudhir Ruparelia, and the academic hierarchy, hit the peak when the university council announced the dismissal of the top academic managers. Read more

Sudhir’s University to Replace Fired Staff

After firing its top academic staff, tycoon Sudhir Ruparelia’s Kampala-based Victoria University is searching for a quick replacement for the five faculty dean. Read more

Transform Makerere into a Private University

Nearly all the strikes that have broken out at Makerere University in the past two and half decades have invariably been triggered by issues relating to inadequate funding and administrative ineptitude. Read more

What Is the Answer to Makerere’s Problem?

As expected, Makerere University was ordered shut on Tuesday after academic staff refused to blink in their demand for billions in incentive pay which remains unpaid over several months. Read more

31 October 2016

Embrace Creativity, Graduates Told

In today’s world it is not enough to have a bachelor’s degree or even a master’s degree when you lack values, creativity, innovativeness and skills.

Fulbright Celebrates 70 Years of Partnership and Achievements

The Makerere University Chancellor commended the tremendous efforts of the U.S government in developing the academic and social-economic sector of Uganda through the Fulbright scholarship program. Read more

Government Condemns Violence at Public Universities

The State Minister for Higher Education has condemned the rising violence caused from demonstrations staged by both lecturers and students in public universities across the country. Read more

Insurers Call for Inclusion in School Curriculum

In Uganda, our school curriculum does not have insurance. We have people coming out of university who still do not appreciate the importance of insurance. Read more

Janet Cautions Universities on Compliance

Education minister Janet Museveni has called for universities and tertiary institutions to ensure that they provide quality and relevant higher education that leads to the employability of graduates. Read more

Kabale Varsity Still in Turmoil despite Janet’s Intervention

The hope to calm unending strikes by lecturers and students at Kabale University is not yet visible, despite the intervention of the education ministry. Read more

Kyambogo University Needs More Staff

Kyambogo University acting vice chancellor is seeking government support to increase its staffing levels. Read more

Makerere Suspends 15 Students over Indiscipline

In a bid to end indiscipline, hooliganism and lawlessness among students, Makerere University has suspended 15 students over destroying university property. Read more

Meet Roy Ssembogga, Guild President Pushed by a Retake

Roy Ssembogga should be a medical doctor today, after he completed his five-year programme at Makerere, early this year in January. As Ssembogga still has to pass a course he failed in his second year, but is enjoying time as guild president. Read more

Next Generation Social Sciences in Africa Fellowships-2017 Call

The Next Generation Social Sciences program, launched in 2011, is aimed at supporting the next generation of African researchers working on peace, security and development issues. Read more

Start Your Own Businesses Graduands Advised

If you want to succeed in life, start doing something for yourself however small it is. Try to create some business for yourself. Read more

Top Dons Campaign for Review of A-Level

The Uganda Vice Chancellors’ Forum says two years is a short time for students to decide their career paths, leading to the high levels of unemployment. Read more

Universities Urged to Invest in Research

Universities in Uganda have been challenged to invest more in research and practical learning instead of focusing on mostly theory. Read more

VP Challenges Local Science Educationists

Vice President has called for sustainable scientific collaboration between Ugandan institutions of higher learning and the rest of the world if the country is to attain its middle-income status. Read more

Why Curriculum Reform Efforts Are Likely to Remain Largely Ineffective

Despite the numerous earlier efforts made to customise and vocationalise Uganda’s basic education curriculum, school education has remained too elitist, pedantic, abstract and divorced from the practical needs of its client society. Read more

30 September 2016

30 To Graduate from NWSC Vocational Training Facility

National Water and Sewerage Corporation’s (NWSC) vocational training facility is set to pass out its first trainees on a special programme aimed at helping informal employees acquire qualification papers. Read more

Eight Innovator Teams Awarded RAN RIC4CONF Grants worth US$280,000

The Resilience Innovation Challenge for Conflict (RIC4CONF) Grants Call was announced by the ResilientAfrica Network (RAN), School of Public Health (MakSPH), Makerere University in March 2016. Read more

EU Climate Diplomacy Week Lecture Calls for Burden Sharing

As part of activities to mark the Climate Diplomacy Week, the EU Delegation in Uganda in partnership with the Makerere University Centre for Climate Change Research and Innovation (MUCCRI) organized a Public Lecture aimed at raising climate change awareness among University students. Read more

Pre-Entry Exams for Medical Interns Will Ensure Quality Healthcare

Recently, medical interns from Uganda’s five public universities overwhelmingly protested a decision by the Ministry of Health to set pre-entry exams that will be taken by all medical graduates for them to be enrolled as interns. Read more

Prof. Maria Musoke a Solid Bridge between Health and Information Sciences

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Uganda hailed Prof. Maria Musoke for her tremendous work in bridging the gap between health and information. Read more

Researchers Cautioned Against Inflating Costs

Kyambogo University’s acting vice chancellor has challenged researchers to have realistic budgets while presenting their proposals. Read more

Ugandans Excel in Israeli Internship Programme

Another set of Ugandan students recently departed for an international agricultural internship programme in Israel. However, with this came the news that Ugandan students are excelling on the modern farms and are in such high demand, two returnees returned to Israel with the new contingent. Read more

Will Kiggundu Survive the Unending Makerere Strikes?

Academic staff at Makerere University found themselves in a dilemma. Initially, some elected to go with the decision of the Makerere University Academic Staff Association (Muasa) management, calling for a strike over unpaid allowances. Read more

15 September 2016

200 Awarded Mastercard Scholarships to Makerere

Some 200 needy students started classes at Makerere University, thanks to support from the MasterCard Foundation Scholars programme. Read more

All Set for Makerere Guild Election

Makerere University electoral commission is set for the re-election of the guild president at the School of Education for a substantive student leader. Read more

Eight Get UK Chevening Scholarships

Nine Ugandan scholars will soon join a healthy tradition, traveling to the UK for further studies for postgraduate study on the Chevening scholarship scheme. Read more

Kampala University Passes out 256 Nurses and Midwives

There was pomp and pageantry as Kampala University School of Nursing and Health Sciences held its third graduation, while marking 11 years since inception. Read more

KIU Changes Pharmacy Training

Kampala International University (KIU) is preparing to change the way pharmacists are trained in Uganda, by including a practical element. Read more

Masaka Disowns Varsity Quota Students

Masaka District chairperson has queried the names of students admitted on the 2016/17 university district quota scheme, saying the beneficiaries are not bona fide residents of the district. Read more

Museveni Installs Muni Varsity VC, Rebuffs Arts Courses Again

President Museveni on Monday echoed his long-held view that some universities continue to teach courses, mainly in the humanities, which do not add value to students. Read more

Muteesa University Staff Upset Over Delayed Salaries

Months of delayed pay have proved too much for staff at Muteesa I Royal University to deal with, prompting a row with their vice chancellor. Read more

Solar Powered Internet School Launched in Kyengera

A Solar Powered Internet School (SPIS) and an E-Learning Centre have been launched in Kyengera, a Kampala suburb, at Mackay College and Nsangi Secondary School respectively. Read more

Prof Ocitti’s Long Walk to Education Icon

Prof Ocitti braved the odds to become one of the most iconic scholars in the country. Read more

31 August 2016

4 Universities Producing Fake Nurses

Up to 1,200 students have been affected by a scandal whose cause is attributable either to failure to pay attention to detail. Read more

Cavendish University Opens Law Facility, Restructures 60 Staff

Cavendish University has inaugurated two state-of-the art facilities in the Acacia, Bukoto neighbourhood to accommodate law and health sciences students. Read more

Disputed Nursing Degree Graduates Run to Parliament

Former students of Uganda Christian University whose nursing degrees were rejected by the nurses and midwives regulatory body have now petitioned parliament. Read more

Enroll For Higher Education, Varsity Boss Tells Basoga

The Vice Chancellor of Busoga University, has lashed out at the people of Busoga over failure to take advantage of existing institutions of learning to further their education. Read more

Government, Clergy to Build University

In a bid to address the rampant youth unemployment, the government has partnered with clergy to set up a vocational university in Semuto. Read more

Govt Should Honour Its Promise to University Staffs

The non-teaching staffs in public universities under their association, the Public Universities Non-Teaching Staff Executives Forum (PUNTSEF), have been on strike for some weeks demanding payment of their arrears. Read more

Information Ministry to Consult on Post Graduate Journalism School

The Ministry of Information, ICT and Communication is set to consult with, among other stakeholders, the universities and media practitioners’ associations on a proposed post graduate school for journalism. Read more

Leaders Submitting False Academic Papers Are Embarrassing To Young Generation

The electoral commission has admitted that last month’s court rulings which saw a number of legislators thrown out of parliament over various electoral offences, is a wakeup call for electoral laws to be revised. Read more

Makerere University Begins Tele-Medicine Services

Makerere University College of health sciences and the Rotary Club of Kampala North have started testing video conferencing equipment which was installed at the school to improve healthcare services around the country. Read more

Makerere University Students Protest against Delayed Opening for New Semester

Makerere university students have staged a protest over the University’s decision to postpone the opening for the new academic year as the strike by non-teaching staff in public universities persists. Read more

More than 6,000 Students Admitted to Tertiary Institutions

The Joint Admissions Board (Jab) in the education ministry released this year’s admissions lists for tertiary institutions. Read more

Museveni Set to Meet Striking University Staff

A meeting between President Yoweri Museveni and some members of the university non-teaching staff is scheduled to take place at State House Entebbe. Read more

Muteesa Varsity Students Protest over Deficient Conditions

Students at Muteesa I Royal University blocked a meeting of the university council this morning in an attempt to force the dismissal of the vice chancellor. Read more

Prepare Your Child for Work

The Education ministry statistics show that more than 400,000 youth are churned out of universities and other higher institutions of learning. Read more

UCU to Open Campus in Sebei

Uganda Christian University is extending its wings to Sebei sub-region. The campus will be housed by defunct St Peter’s Girls Secondary School building in Kapchorwa District. Read more

We Should Carry Out Proper Research on Sex Education

In recent times, sex education in schools has been in the news. Read more

31 July 2016

August Intake for Victoria University

Victoria University is a private university fully accredited by the National Council of Higher education. Read more

Court Blocks Relocation of Makerere University Fort Portal campus

The High court in Fort Portal has issued an injunction halting the relocation of Makerere University Fort Portal branch. Read more

Makerere Admits 16,500 on Private Scheme

At least 16,500 students have been admitted to Makerere University on the private sponsorship scheme, according to a provisional list released. Read more

Makerere University Committee Clears Prof. Mahmood Mamdani of Wrongdoing

A committee investigating the causes of a public row between Professor Mahmood Mamdani, the Executive Director of Makerere University Institute of Social Research (MISR), and researcher Dr. Stella Nyanzi has cleared Mamdani of any wrongdoing. Read more

Makerere Lecturers Give Government Ultimatum on Salary

Academic staff of Makerere University yesterday gave government an ultimatum of up to today to pay their June salaries and allowance arrears for five months. Read more

Makerere Varsity Chokes on Shs125b Debt

Makerere University has accumulated debts of about Shs125b in unpaid pension arrears to staff, incentives, utility bills and teaching materials. Read more

Makerere Varsity to De-Register Fees Defaulters

Makerere University will automatically dismiss students who fail to register with the institution by the 10th week of a semester. Read more

Verifying Mps’ Academic Documents Not the Responsibility of Parliament

The discussion about some MPs whom courts have found to lack the minimum academic requirements to join Parliament has had several dimensions. Read more

15 July 2016

Kabale University Staff Strike

A Public Administration lecturer blamed the crisis at Kabale university on the huge communication gap between the staff and management. Read more

Kyambogo University In Vice Chancellor Crisis

Once again, Kyambogo University is in a crisis, after its efforts to obtain a substantive vice chancellor ended in shambles. Read more

Norwegian Embassy Invests Sh10bn in Makerere’s E-Learning

The Norwegian embassy has injected sh10bn in an e-learning project at Makerere University. Read more

UCU Graduates 47 First-Class Students

As Uganda Christian University holds its 17th graduation ceremony, a total of 47 students will be awarded first class degrees in various disciplines. Read more

30 June 2016

EAC Launches Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Centre

Uganda’s Makerere University has been announced as the home of the newly launched East African Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (EACREE), which is set to address key issues related to renewable energy resources. Read more

EAC Probe Queries Medical Training in Ugandan Varsities

A technical investigation into the country’s seven medical training universities in the country has established that majority have inadequate infrastructure, academic staff and their medical students have limited access to patients for clinical training, which in turn undermines the quality of graduate doctors from those universities. Read more

How Did Uneb Verify Mps’ Fake Papers?

About a dozen Members of Parliament have lost their seats, most of them over lack of requisite academic qualification. Read more

IGG Not to Intervene in Kyambogo VC Contest

As the search for a substantive vice chancellor at Kyambogo University rages on, government ombudsman, has declined to halt the process on the request of a petitioner alleging irregularities in the process. Read more

Makerere Proposes New Fees Policy

Following a series of violent strikes by the students over what they called unfair fees policies, Makerere University administration has proposed a new policy. Read more

Makerere to Award Best S.6 Science Students

Makerere University College of Health Sciences in partnership with Eastern Diaries, a Muslim organization aimed at empowering students with health skills is set to award the best senior six science students to motivate them do science courses at higher institutions of learning. Read more

Uneb Is Wrong On Pre-Entry Exam for Law Degree Course

Head of Uneb’s research unit, asserting that Uneb research had found that the current policy of liberalisation of student admissions by law schools in the country was wrong and ought to be re-examined. Read more

Uganda Sends 5 Universities to 8th All Africa University Games

For the first time in the history of these games, students will be ambassadors of their institutions and not nations like it has previously been. Read more

15 June 2016

ICT Courses Should be Practical

A quick look at the list of accredited programmes on the Uganda National Council of Higher Education website shows that teaching undergraduate computer science and IT has become affordable in almost all institutions of higher learning in Uganda. Read more

Makerere Fort Portal Campus on Gradual Closure

Higher education in the Rwenzori sub-region will continue majorly with Private Universities as the Makerere University Council resolved to gradually close the doors of its campus in Fort Portal last week. Read more

Makerere University Holds Chinese Language Proficiency Contest

The first Chinese Bridge contest in Uganda attracted contestants from all the institutes that teach Chinese language in Uganda under the guidance of the Makerere University Confucius Institute. Read more

Public Varsities Win Big in Education Budget as the Old Problems Persist

The Ministry of Education, Science Technology and Sports budget for 2016/17, which shows that public universities will take the lion’s share of funds, even as sector officials insist that the major focus will remain on early childhood education. Read more

Ssematimba in Court to Regain His MP Seat

The newly elected Busiro South constituency legislator who was last week kicked out of Parliament by the High Court over academic papers has run to Court of Appeal to challenge the decision. Read more

Sellal Reçoit L’envoyé Spécial du Président Ougandais: Consolider Davantage les Institutions Africaines

Le Premier ministre, M. Abdelmalek Sellal, a reçu à Alger, M. Henry Oryem Okello, ministre des Affaires internationales, envoyé spécial du président de la République d’Ouganda, en visite en Algérie, indique un communiqué des services du Premier ministre. Lire Plus

15 May 2016

Admissions 2016: Kitende Still Best

An analysis of the admission lists for five of Uganda’s seven public universities shows that St Mary’s SS, Kitende has once again dominated entry to institutions of higher education on government scholarship. Read more

Gambling Students Renege On Fees, Strike Over Policy

Many students at Uganda’s flagship Makerere University are diverting money into gambling and are failing to pay tuition fees on time, according to staff. Read more

Govt Should Let Public Universities

Over the last three years, public universities have been beset by strikes over poor pay for staff and late payment of tuition by students. Read more

Support Staff Strike Exposes Disunity in Universities

Non-teaching staff at public universities went on strike, arguing that they wanted the government to include last year’s arrears in the salary enhancement. Read more

University Staff Suspend Strike

Non-teaching staff at public universities have suspended a nationwide sit down strike Read more

30 April 2016

Lecturers Give MUK Ultimatum over Unpaid Arrears

Lecturers at Makerere University have given the university administration a one week ultimatum to pay their incentive arrears or they stop teaching Read more

Makerere Students Strike in a Witchcraft Style

After days of relentless strikes without a positive response, Makerere University students pursuing Bachelor’s degree in Ethics and Human Rights, demonstrated in a witchcraft style. Read more

Makerere University Admits 1,500 Students on Government

Makerere University has admitted at least 1,566 students who sat last year’s Senior Six national examinations to join the institution next academic year on government scholarship. Read more

Makerere to Set up Committee to Investigate Dr. Stella Nyanzi’s Actions

Professor Ssentamu says a committee will be set up to investigate the incident and the different accusations Dr. Nyanzi has levelled against Prof. Mahmood Mamdani, MISR’s director. Read more

New Universities and 20 Technical Colleges on the Cards

Uganda’s government has halted the trend of upgrading tertiary colleges into universities. Read more

Prof. Sebuwufu warns varsity students against riots

You must remain good citizens amidst political differences and learn how to accommodate opposing views and not to join riots but live in harmony. Read more

Universities and Their Struggles with Fees Defaulters

With only three days left to the end of the 12th week of the semester, Makerere University is yet to collect fees from more than half of the private students. Read more

Without Government, Students Support, Makerere University Is ‘Lifeless’

A semester can’t elapse at Makerere University without students rioting against a policy that necessitates them pay tuition. Read more

15 April 2016

Castigate Rogue Makerere Students

A semester never elapses at Makerere University without students’ rioting against a policy that necessitates them pay tuition. Read more

Kyambogo Students Strike Over Delayed Results

Kyambogo University students on Wednesday went on strike over the university’s delay to release last semester’s results and also the transcripts of those who graduated early this year in January. Read more

Kyambogo Varsity Non-Teaching Staff Threatens to Strike Again

The non-teaching staff of Kyambogo University has threatened to strike again overgovernment’s failure to clear their salary arrears for non-teaching staff in public universities across the country. Read more

Makerere in Shs21b Fees Deficit

Makerere University is demanding Shs21b from more than half of the private students who have not paid their tuition, a month to the close of the semester. Read more

Medical Students Protest Scrapping of Faculty Allowances

Government sponsored medical students of Gulu University are protesting a new policy that will have fourth and fifth year students scrapped from benefiting from the faculty and equipment allowances. Read more

MPS Reject Sh115bn Meant for Ministry of Education Project

The implementation of the Ministry of Education Support to Higher Education, Science and technology sh115b project hangs in balance after the MPs rejected the proposal by the ministry to approve the expenditure as part of the supplementary budget. Read more

UMA, Universities Get Shs357b Loan for Students Internships

The African Development Bank (AfDB) has given the Uganda Manufacturers’ Association (UMA), a $105 million (Shs357 billion) loan to support internship programmes for students. Read more

1 April 2016

Busoga Varsity To Dismiss 100 Lecturers Over Lack Of Papers

Over 100 lecturers at Busoga University are listed for dismissal for lack of requisite academic qualifications. Read more

7 Million Ugandans Haven’t Been to School – Census

Even with a remarkable steady increase in literacy rates, nearly seven million Ugandans, representing 19.3 per cent of the total population, have never been to school. Read more

12,000 Fail to Get Mak Transcripts

At least 12,000 Makerere University former students have not received their transcripts three months after they graduated in January. Read more

Kampala University Gets Charter, As 2,500 Graduate

It was an occasion to celebrate as the vice chancellor, Prof Badru Ddungu Kateregga, announced that the institution had secured a charter from the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE), enabling them to run postgraduate programmes. Read more

Makerere Among World’s Top 50 for Development Studies

Makerere University is one the best fifty universities in the world to study development studies, a new ranking have revealed. Read more

Nkumba University law students for international law competition

Three law students at Nkumba University are in France for a weeklong International Humanitarian Law Moot Competition. Read more

NPA Boss Rejects Jinja Varsity

The executive director of the National Planning Authority, has called on the residents of Jinja Municipality to stop calls to turn facilities at some secondary and tertiary institutions in the municipality into a public university. Read more

Produce More Children, Pleads University Boss

Kampala University Vice Chancellor Badru Kateregga yesterday asked Ugandans to produce many children so that private investors in higher education institutions can stay in business. Read more

Team Business Becomes University

After five years, Team Institute of Business and Management (TIBM) has become the latest university, after getting a provisional license from the National Council for Higher Education. Read more

Turning Tertiary Tnstitutions into Universities Not the Solution

Two major government officials finally admitted a matter that has irked several observers of the education sector. Education Minister admitted that the sector blundered when it elevated bona fide tertiary institutions into universities. Read more

Uganda Students Scramble for Contraception Pills

Makerere University students scramble for emergency contraception pills after a lecture on a campaign dubbed “Not 2 Late”, the campaign is intended to create awareness on the dangers of unwanted pregnancies among the students. Read more

15 March 2016

Academic Low-Performers Banned From Student Politics

Academically low-performing students at Makerere University in Uganda may not participate in student leadership. Read more

Dons Look to Rescue Higher Education

African university heads have recommended that institutions of higher learning adopt modern corporate business models to survive. Read more

Makerere Scoops 2016 Debate Award

Makerere University has won the 9th inter-universities human rights debate at Ndejje University in Luweero District. Read more

Should Public Universities Focus on Science Courses?

It is that time of the year again. Public university officials are lobbying various government institutions to have their budgets enhanced. Read more

Universities Tackle Next Frontier, E-Governance

For years, universities have been judged on their majestic huge buildings and extensive book catalogue that had some scholars exploring libraries for days. Read more

29 February 2016

HESFB Wants Shs 1.5bn to Sponsor PhD Students

The Higher Education Students’ Financing Board (HESFB) has asked for an extra Shs 1.5bn from government to enable them sponsor students pursuing the Doctor of Philosophy degree (PhD). Read more

ISBAT Is The Latest University – NCHE

The National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) has accredited International School of Business and Technology (Isbat) into a fully-fledged university. Read more

Makerere University Signs A USD 19m Contract Agreement With Unisplendour (UNIS) of Tsinghua University

As beneficiaries of the Project, Makerere University will be able to improve its network connectivity to enable Colleges get reliable connections . Read more

We Still Need To Regulate Journalists

The controversial decision by parliament to require media houses to assign only reporters with journalism degrees to cover the House is an interesting one, given that journalism has and is still going through a rough patch. Read more

Why Parliament Has Set Bar High for Journalists

Parliament last week sent out a letter to editors requesting them to send names of journalists they would want to deploy to cover the  10th parliament. Read more

15 February 2016

Graduates Urged to Start Up Own Businesses

They were told to organize themselves into groups in their respective courses and ask their leaders to help them access money under the youth livelihood program. Read more

Lecturers Turning Into Financial Mercenaries

National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) executive director Opuda Asibo has said Ugandan universities are running short of lecturers as many have turned into financial mercenaries and are no longer committed to their work. Read more

Parliament Bars Reporting By Journalists with No Degree

A debate has been raging in Uganda over whether a degree improves the ability to comprehend and accurately report on parliamentary proceedings. Read more

Schools Asked to Relax S5 Sciences Entry Points

The Minister of state for Higher Education, Prof Sandy Stevens Tickodri-Tagboa, yesterday directed schools to relax entry cut-off points for students wishing to join their institutions for science courses. Read more

January 2016

Ezra Suruma Installed As Chancellor of Makerere University

It was a joyous moment as students from the Makerere University School of Performing Arts led the procession to welcome senior presidential advisor on finance Prof. Ezra Suruma to his installation ceremony as the new Chancellor. Read more

Graduates Told To Use Brains, Not Beg

New graduates across the country have been urged to scan the environment and make use of the best available opportunities instead of waiting for help from the government. Read more

Makerere Starts Shs 43bn Construction Works

Construction of two four-storey structures at Makerere University started, with earth movers starting to prepare the ground for major works. Read more

Makerere Gets Shs2b to Boost Disease Research

Makerere University and Uganda Virus Research Institute (UVRI) have received $7.2m (about Shs2.4b) under their joint Centre for Infection and Immunity Research and Training programme (MUII plus). Read more

Makerere to Query Graduation List Mess

Makerere University vice chancellor has once again apologised to those who missed out on last week’s graduation ceremonies after their names were not cleared in time. Read more

NCHE Blamed Over Sub-Standard Universities

The Kyambogo University Council chairman, has castigated the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) for giving out operating licences to mushrooming universities that do not meet the standard requirements. Read more

Regional Bank Offers Prestige Degrees

The Africa-America Institute is accepting applications for the new East African Development Bank (EADB) scholarship program for experienced teachers and lecturers. Read more

Why the Ugandan Elites Can’t Bring Change

The dictionary defines elites as “part of a group that is superior to the rest in terms of abilities or qualities. Read more

December 2015

IUIU Grants Dr Sengendo Five More Years as Rector

Despite making what seemed to many as a farewell speech last year, Dr Ahmed Sengendo, the rector of the Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU), last week saw his term of office extended by a further five years. Read more

Kampala University’s Kenya Campus Graduates 500

Five years after it opened its gates to students, The East African University (TEAU), a sister to Kampala University held its second graduation ceremony last week in western Kenya. Read more

Makerere University Tops Media Awards

Several Makerere University journalism students were crowned winners at the recently concluded Inter-institutional Media Challenge (IMC) awards. Read more

Makerere, Kyambogo Set Graduation Dates

Makerere and Kyambogo Universities have set dates for their graduation ceremonies, due to take place next month. Read more

Time to Emphasise Vocational Training among Learners

For the last seven years, the government has been preaching vocational training. The argument has been that not everyone could get a degree at university, and not everyone should aspire for it in the first place. Read more

UMI to Set Management Benchmark for Government

The Uganda Management Institute (UMI) will soon set up a clinic to assist troubled organisations. According to the UMI director general, the move follows demand for assistance from the public. Read more

November 2015

75 Ugandans Denied Kenya Law Exams The Kenya’s Council of Legal Education says the students did not study some law course units during their undergraduate studies in Uganda. Read more

Are African Private Universities as Pitiable as Portrayed Abroad? A staff at the University of Southampton sent me an article titled ‘Africa’s teaching shops: the rise of private universities’. Read more

Gulu Varsity Law Students Protest Over Accreditation At least 23 law students who completed their studies at Gulu University and are to graduate on February 9, 2016, have threatened to sue the university over slow response to have the law course accredited by the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE). Read more

Integrating Students’ Online Lifestyles with Academics The textbook is slowly fading out as the world shifts towards digital learning software and services. Read more

It Is Time for University Students to Vote Their Way Out of Unfairness Students of Makerere University made their voices heard over an unfair new fees structure. Read more

King Oyo Excites Makerere University Students It was joy, elation and fanfare on Saturday at Makerere University in Kampala, when Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV met the students of Tooro Under their Umbrella Makerere University Tooro Students Association.  Read more

Mak Delegation to Malaysia Lays Firm Foundation for Collaborations Makerere University is set to establish partnerships with universities in Malaysia to extend each other’s areas of interest. Read more

MUST Launches $3.2m Research Initiative MUST has launched the 5 year Mbarara University Research Initiative (MURTI), a program aimed at building the research capacity of junior academic staff at the university. Read more

Qualification Requirements for MPs Are Too Weak, Low Right-thinking citizens would perhaps agree that parliaments are solemn constitutional entities that are charged with onerous responsibilities of framing the law. Read more

Royalty and Loyalty at Mak as King Oyo Makes Inaugural Visit Royalty and Loyalty combined in big volumes as the King of Tooro Kingdom, made his maiden entry into the gates of Makerere University. Read more

Who Is The Ideal University Graduate? With thousands of graduates released onto the market every year, the blame game continues between the academia who educate the graduates and the private sector which absorbs them on who should equip them with skills in the different professions. Read more

October 2015

Government to own Makerere’s Kiira EV car Makerere University has agreed to a 4 per cent shareholding on their Kiira EV car innovation with government following an out-of-court settlement. Read more

Gov’t embarks on building regional technical institutions The government of Uganda has embarked on the construction of regional technical institutions in partnership with the government of China in a bid to emphasize vocational education in the country. Read more

Embrace integrity, Kagina advises Ndejje graduates Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) executive director assured university graduates with “maximum integrity and honesty” of a better future in the job market. Read more

September 2015

418 Named in Makerere Probe into Exam Fraud An internal Makerere University probe has confirmed that at least 418 students illegally altered their marks to get better grades. Read more

Gulu Varsity Students Petition RDC Students of Gulu University on the weekend study programme have petitioned the Resident District Commissioner (RDC) over missing lectures for two weeks. Read more

Kabatsi Petitions NRM Over Kawooya’s Qualifications A former head of legal department at State House, has petitioned the NRM electoral commission, seeking a cancellation of the nomination of Ssembabule Woman legislator Hanifa Kawooya over alleged lack of academic qualifications. Read more

August 2015

Nkumba’s Future is Bright – Dean of Students The university started as a kindergarten in a local chief’s compound in 1952. Read more

Non-Teaching University Staff Put Pay Strike on Hold Public universities in Uganda have resumed full operation after several weeks of industrial action. Non-teaching staff had laid down their tools citing low pay and anger over government action to raise lecturer salaries but not theirs. Read more

Research Should be Mandatory at Higher Institutions of Learning Every university must hold at least one international conference in every academic year and also run an internationally peer reviewed journal as a standard and best practice in Uganda. Read more


July 2015

Giving Students the Right to Switch Universities Initially, if you were to upgrade from a diploma to a degree, you had to go through all the three years. But with the new credit accumulation system, you do not have to go back to the beginning; but you can join along the way as long as you studied the subjects. Read more

Kyambogo College Dominates Private Admissions at Kyambogo University Kyambogo University concluded admissions for their next academic year, with the release of their private admissions list. Read more

Makerere Nurse Scoops Research Ethics Award A senior nurse trainer has won this year’s national bioethics award. Read more

Must Every Course at Makerere be a Degree Programme? In the current admissions, Makerere University has introduced and admitted students to the following three-year degree courses; Read more

Varsity Students to Transfer Credit Units Students who wish to switch from their current higher institutions of learning to other universities before completing their course units can now do so after National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) passed a policy to allow credit accumulation and transfer in institutions of higher learning. Read more


June 2015

KIU Sets Doctor Graduation Quota The founder and proprietor of Kampala International University, Hajj Hassan Basajjabalaba, has said the university has set a target to start producing 1,000 medical doctors in Uganda annually effective 2020. Read more

Loan Scheme Will Increase Access to Higher Education for Needy Students The Government of Uganda has introduced a number of policy interventions in a bid to increase access to education. Read more

MUBS Rejects Govt Offer on Varsity Status Makerere University Business School has rejected the government proposal to make it a tertiary institution with powers to award degrees instead of a fully-fledged university. Read more

Museveni Commends Makerere on Education The President advised Prof. John David Kabasa to work out a programme to produce cotton and silk products saying that such an arrangement would enable the youth to have employment. He pledged the NRM Government’s commitment to the intensification of the provision of more skills to the people than it has hitherto done. Read more

Pay Hike for University Academics to Improve Quality Lecturers at all six public universities in Uganda will have a salary increase of 53% effective from July. The pay hike is an effort by the government to improve higher education quality and skills development. But academics are not impressed. Read more

The Higher Education Students Financing Board (HESFB) The Higher Education Students Financing Board (HESFB) was established by an Act of Parliament to manage the Students’ Loan Scheme. The Board has received funds from the Government of Uganda to be used for financing Ugandan Students who are pursuing studies in Higher Education Institutions in Uganda. Read more


May 2015

University Chiefs to Tackle Relevance of Higher Education Relevance of higher education in a globalized world will be at the centre of the conference that will bring together distinguished scholars across the globe in the Rwandan capital, Kigali next month. Read more

Uganda’s Higher Education Chocking Higher education in Uganda, one would confidently say, is hanging on a thread. Simply put, it is just a matter of time before if goes down crashing, if nothing is quickly done. Read more

EAC Council of Ministers Concludes 31st Meeting The 31st Meeting of the Council of Ministers, among others, considered progress report on Harmonization of Higher Education Systems as presented by Prof. Mayunga Nkunya, the Executive Secretary of the Inter-University Council for East Africa (IUCEA). Read more

Fix Education System to Empower Graduates, Expert Tells Gov’t A human resource expert has tasked government to ensure that the education system enables university graduates to build self-confidence. Janat Nambi pointed out that 30 graduate job seekers enter her office everyday but are found to lack confidence during interviews, plus many lacking a direction in their respective lives. Read more

Professional Certifications; Can We Avoid Them? In the wake of education commoditization where education qualifications have become “tradable goods” employers are finding alternative avenues of how they can gauge one’s competency besides the academic qualifications. Read more

West Nile Students Miss Out on Muni Varsity Admissions When Muni University opened in 2012 in Arua District, there was a lot of excitement in West Nile that the institution would boost higher education in the sub-region. Read more

Ankole Varsity Rival Councils Disbanded The Church of Uganda has disbanded two rival governing councils at Ankole Western Institute of Science and Technology (AWIST-popularly known as Ankole Western University), which have been fighting over management of the institution. Read more

Why Not-For-Profit Education Institutions Deserve Tax Relief In Uganda, anything labelled ‘private’ will usually means an enterprise that is established for personal gain. Therefore, many of the articles I have read about this subject assume this to be the case. Read more


April 2015

International Schools: A Growing Choice Ten years ago, the chance of finding an international school in your residential area in the city was, at best, rare. But not anymore in Uganda; with more international schools cropping up. Read more

Will Makerere’s Electric Car Now Be Manufactured or Die Secretly? There have been a few times in the past when President Museveni picked specialists in technical fields, people who were not regular politicians and appointed them government ministers. Read more

Elevate Vocational Training From ‘Fall Back’ to ‘First Target’ Career Path While statistics seldom make sense to anyone except mathematicians, Uganda’s youth unemployment rate of 62 per cent cannot go unnoticed. Read more

Failed University-Industry Links Escalate Joblessness With many graduates across Africa unable to secure jobs, links between university education and industry are under intense scrutiny. The failure of companies to employ graduates is blamed largely on irrelevant course content that does not match industry needs. Read more


March 2015

Upgrading National Technical Institutions Isn’t Good for Uganda Kyambogo University should be stripped of its status for failing to meet minimum standards. Read more

Varsity Loan Scheme Hijacked – Kagonyera Makerere University Chancellor has said government scholarships to students joining university and other institutions of higher learning are benefitting only the rich instead of the poor they are intended for. Read more

Makerere To Phase Out Diploma Programmes Makerere University has stopped accrediting any diploma courses and is working to phase out at least six diploma courses currently offered at the institution. Read more

Striking Dons Can Be Replaced – Gulu VC The Gulu University Vice Chancellor has lashed out at the striking lecturers at the institution, saying none of the academic staff at the university is indispensable. Read more

What to Do Before Selecting a University Before joining any university or institution of higher learning, it is very important that a student or parent ascertains that the university and the course offered are accredited. Read more


February 2015

MUST Respects Separation of Powers as by Law The main law governing universities in Uganda is the Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions Act 2001 (as amended) herein referred to as the Act. Read more

Can’t buy a PhD at Makerere? Don’t Worry, Become a Plumber Instead Officials at Makerere University are investigating reports that as many as 600 degrees might have been awarded to students who did not qualify for them. Read more

Makerere Launches Probe into Claims of Fake Degree Awards The Makerere University Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Academics has said they are investigating circumstances under which the names of some students appeared on a recent graduation list yet they had not met the minimum academic requirements. Read more

Institutions Protest New Curriculum Proprietors of clinical institutions in the country are demanding the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) and the Ministry of Education to review and bridge the current gaps in the new curriculum for Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Community Health. Read more

Vocational Training Body Demands Autonomy The Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT) is pushing for an amendment of the law to make it semi-autonomous. Read more

Govt, Makerere Lecturers Clash Over Museveni’s Pay Raise Makerere University lecturers and officials of the Ministries of Education and Finance are wrangling over the apportioning of the salary increment announced by President Museveni last year. Read more

Museveni Orders Probe into Ankole University Fights President Museveni has asked leaders at Ankole Western Institute of Science and Technology (AWIST) and West Ankole Diocese to carry out a special audit to resolve the ongoing wrangles between the two institutions over accusations of corruption. Read more

VP Launches 20-Floor Kibaki Library at Makerere The state of the art library, to be built by Makerere University and partners in honour of Kenya’s former president, will further contribute to the academic advancement and excellence at East Africa’s oldest University. Read more

Teachers Call off Strike, Give Ultimatum Teachers under their umbrella body, Uganda National Teachers Union (UNATU), have suspended their industrial action, just a day after announcing it, paving way for the first term to open as scheduled. Read more

Makerere Scandal is a Symptom of Deep-Seated National Malaise According to the story, Makerere University is investigating allegations that at least 600 students who did not qualify were included in the January 2015 graduation list. Read more

Government Approves More Courses for Student Loan Scheme More cash-strapped university students are set to benefit from the government loan facility after authorities yesterday announced six additional courses to be considered under the Students Loan Scheme. Read more

NCHE Tasked to Probe Fake Degrees Lawmakers yesterday interrogated officials from National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) on the “scandal of fake degrees”, demanding an investigation into the saga. Read more

NCHE Resolves Ankole University Deadlock The National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) has approved the new governing council for the Ankole Western Institute of Science and Technology (AWIST). Read more


January 2015

Police Reject Recruits with Pass Degree Pass degree holders seeking to join the Uganda police force at Cadet level have been rejected. Read more

Vocational Skills Way to Go The state minister for Higher Education has called for concerted effort to popularise vocational courses. Read more

Gulu University Gets New Chancellor Professor Frederick Kayanja has been appointed chancellor of Gulu university. Read more

Who Sets Standards and Ranks of Academic Gowns? It is possible for universities to have a structured, centralised manner of producing gowns, with graduands buying or hiring. Read more

Adopt Agro-Processing Engineering To achieve vision 2040, strategies towards an easy path to it. Read more


December 2014

Pioneer Students Graduate at IUEA Graduates were asked to use the knowledge acquired to shape the future of Uganda. Read more

Review Sponsorship to Profit the Poor The Chancellor of Makerere University has urged leaders to change the policy of selecting government sponsored students to public universities. Read more

Nkozi University Cleared to Teach Monitoring and Evaluation The National Council for Higher Education has cleared Uganda Martyrs University, Nkozi (UMU) to offer a masters degree in monitoring and evaluation. Read more

NCHE Orders Kayiwa University to Close Academic Programmes The National Council for Higher Education has ordered Kayiwa International University to suspend all of its academic programmes until the council evaluates its capacity. Read more


September 2014

Over 150 Students Win 2014/2015 Madhvani Foundation Scholarships Muljibhai Madhvani Foundation has offered over 150 scholarships worth 650 Uganda Million Shillings to both graduate and under graduate students in various scientific disciplines. Read more

Students Push for Tobacco Control Bill Passing Students from five universities are petitioning parliament to pass the Tobacco Control Bill, arguing that it has stayed too long on the shelf. Read more

MP Kawooya Degree Case Hearings Starts The Supreme Court received new evidence from the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) pointing to the fact that the Sembabule Woman MP did not have the academic qualifications required of a Member of Parliament. Read more


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