30 September 2021

Accreditation of the Laser Institute as a Center of Excellence for 2021…

The Laser Institute at Sudan University of Science and Technology was approved as a center of excellence for 2021 by the General Administration of Research and Innovation at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, … Read more

Capacity Building Workshop for Female Entrepreneurs at Sudan University

In cooperation with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), and the Registrar of Intellectual Property and the Management of the Women Entrepreneurs Project in Sudan, the Deanship of Scientific Research at the university organized the activities of the National Workshop for the Entrepreneurship Project. Read more

Gender Inequality, Decline in Expenditure Hamper Enrolment

African universities are expected to help tackle challenges facing African society and realise the aspirations of the Africa Agenda 2063 and the United Nations Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals 2030 in the current context of globalisation of higher education, … Read more

Mergers Proposed to Enhance Quality and Sustainability

University professors in Sudan have adopted a plan to merge 35 public universities into nine institutions in a bid to enhance education quality and financial sustainability. Read more

Student Shot Dead, Others Injured After Protest over Housing

A second-year student in the faculty of technology at the University of Zalingei died and four others were injured in a shooting during a demonstration in the Central Darfur state in Sudan. Consequently, the university was shut down indefinitely, except for postgraduate students. Read more


31 August 2021

AAU Welcomes New Governing Board Members

The Association of African Universities, today inaugurated a 17-member Governing Board during its extra-ordinary General Conference which was hosted virtually. Read more

Alumni Association Holds a Symposium for Total Quality in Sports

The Alumni Association of the College of Physical Education and Sports, at Sudan University of Science and Technology, held a symposium on total quality in sport to reach universality, … Read more

College of Water and Environmental Engineering and Deanship of Scientific Research Hold an Enlightening Lecture on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD)

… the College of Water and Environmental Engineering and the Deanship of Scientific Research, organized a scientific lecture titled, “Sudan’s Position and Latest Developments on the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, Money and Impact”. Read more

New AAU Leadership Wants to Increase its Membership

The Association of African Universities or AAU has appointed Professor Olusola Bandele Oyewole, the former vice-chancellor of the Federal University of Agriculture, Nigeria, as its secretary general. He will take over from Professor Etienne Ehouan Ehile, who has been at the helm for the past nine years. Read more

Private Sector Engagement in Sudan TVET System Development

UNESCO’s Capacity Development for Education (CapED) Programme is an extra-budgetary funding mechanism and programme approach created in 2003. Read more

Social Anxiety Disorder Affects Many Medical Students in Sudan, Study Finds

A new study has found that social anxiety disorder, a psychological condition characterised by significant anxiety about social interactions, is prevalent among medical students in Sudan. Read more

… Sudan University Honors its Kandakes for Their Scientific and Research Excellence

“We are proud of the Kandakes of Sudan University for their revolutionary and knowlege and persistence at various levels, especially in scientific research and social fields that contribute to the development of the university in particular and Sudan in general,”… Read more

TEVT and HE Sub-Sectors Analysis: Local Consultant – CBIQESSD

The Government of Sudan received financing from the African Development Bank toward the cost of the Capacity Building for Improved Quality of Education System and Skills Development (CBIQESSD) Project, … Read more

31 July 2021

Ethiopian Group Asks for Academics’ Support in Dam Dispute

Members of an advisory council to the Ethiopian government have called on university leaders and academia from all over the world to reject “outdated and unfair colonial treaties” as grounds for settling the dispute over the controversial Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). Read more


30 June 2021

Academics Join Protest Over Sudanese Fuel Price Hikes

Unrest erupted on 9 June following a protest call from the Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA), an umbrella association that was formed in 2016 as an alliance of professional groups of doctors, engineers and teachers, along with the University Professors Association. Read more

A Communique of the Advisory Council of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD)

We, members of the Advisory Council, composed of academics, scholars and professionals in Ethiopia and the Diaspora, are outraged by the misguided, biased and unfounded statements made by Sheikh Ahmed Al-Tayeb, Sheikh of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif of Egypt, …made in reference to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). Read more

GERD Realization: Intellectuals Told to Debunk Egypt; Sudan’s Lie

Foreign Ministry, Ministry of Science and Higher Education and Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Electricity hosted a virtual meeting to address top officials of 45 universities to create consensus among them on raging issues surrounding Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam’s realization. Read more


31 May 2021

RUFORUM Hosts African Government Technical Experts

The Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) hosted a virtual dialogue for Africa Government Technical Experts towards the UN Food Systems Summit 2021 under the theme “Transforming food systems is crucial for delivering all the Sustainable Development Goals”. Read more

Universities, Schools Close in the Wake of COVID-19 Surge

While the COVID-19 health emergency committee has called for a one-month suspension of studies at universities and schools in Sudan to combat the spread of the coronavirus, the ministry of higher education and scientific research has granted an exemption to universities with e-learning capability… Read more


31 March 2021

Dearth of Interpreters Leaves Deaf Students Struggling in Sudan

AT Sudan University’s fine arts college, two full-time sign language interpreters dart between classes trying to cater to dozens of students who are deaf or hard of hearing. Read more


28 February 2021

2021 Julia Taft Announcement

The U.S. Embassy in Khartoum is pleased to announce the availability of a funding opportunity through the 2021 Julia Taft Fund for Refugees. Read more

Floods and Coastal Engineering Conference, in Khartoum, Sudan

UNESCO Khartoum Office supported ASMR NGO and Ministry of Irrigation & Water Resources, the UNESCO Chair for Water Resources and Sheikan Insurance Company in the organization of the Floods and Coastal Engineering Conference from 6-7 February at the Main Hall of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research Building in Khartoum, Sudan. Read more

International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2021 in Khartoum

In Khartoum, this International Day was marked by two events. First, when the UNESCO Khartoum Office in partnership with the World Association for Sustainable Development NGO, UNESCO Chair for Women in Sciences and Technology, Sudan University for Science and Technology… Read more

I Want to Contribute to Climate Change Resilience in Sudan…

I was born in the central part of Sudan, growing up with parents who believed in education as the best thing they can have in life for a bright future. Read more


31 January 2021

Student Communities Angry Over Relations with Israel

University student unions from North African countries, including Tunisia, Algeria, Sudan and Morocco, have joined various protest actions to voice their opposition to the normalisation of international relations with Israel following United States mediation. Read more


31 December 2020

Change Is a Process that Demands Teamwork

There are 90,000 international students in Northern Cyprus, including from mainland Turkey – about 20,000 from Africa. Read more

Universities Closed as COVID-19 Second Wave Intensifies

Several Sudanese universities announced the suspension of classes as the country continues to experience a second wave of COVID-19 infections. Students and staff at various institutions have been infected. Read more

World Press Freedom Conference 2020 in Hague

This year, due to the COVID pandemic restrictions, the annual World Press Freedom Conference (WPFC) was postponed from traditional time around 3 May, and finally took place on 9-10 December 2020 in Hague, Netherlands, with significant remote component. Read more


31 October 2020

Strategy Addresses Funding, Study Materials and Teaching Quality

Sudan has launched an extensive higher education and scientific research strategy for the next decade that focuses on achieving the December revolution’s aims to promote socio-economic development under an umbrella of justice, equality and academic freedom. Read more 

Wali of East Darfur Discusses Issues of El Dein University

El- Dein — Wali (governor) of East Darfur State, Dr Mohamed Issa Elaio met in his office a delegation of El-Dein University led by the University Acting Vice-Chancellor, Dr Al Sadiq Abdulla. Read more


30 September 2020

Sudanese Scholar Defies all Odds and Secures a Scholarship in Italy

An Italian higher education initiative grants refugee in Ethiopia an opportunity to pursue their dreams. Read more


30 August 2020

Private University Academics Protest Conditions of Service

Members of academic staff at private universities held a protest earlier this month outside the Sudanese Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MHESR) demanding salaries equal to their counterparts in public universities, and other reforms to private university education. Read more


31 July 2020

Universities Explore Virtual Vivas Amid COVID-19

COVID-19 is threatening to derail the completion of masters and PhD theses around the globe as students who are ready for their final defence meetings are being restricted by lockdown measures. Universities in North Africa are using online platforms to meet this challenge. Read more

University of Khartoum & UNDP Join Forces on Solar Energy…

Following years of collaboration, the University of Khartoum and UNDP Sudan have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to work together on a number of upcoming peace and development projects. Read more

Universities Turn to Online Learning as Pandemic Continues

Public and private universities in Sudan were instructed last week to commence online teaching and learning, four months after all higher education institutions were closed on 14 March owing to the coronavirus outbreak. Read more


31 March 2020

Six Countries Announce Closures of Universities

Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania and Sudan have followed Algeria in closing universities temporarily as part of wider efforts to halt the communal spread of the coronavirus in North Africa. Read more


28 February 2020

Building Sudan’s New TVET Strategy

Emerging from political crisis, Sudan is taking steps to strengthen its education and training system. The country faces challenges such as an illiterate adult population that has been on the rise and high levels of youth unemployment. Read more

Internet Universality Indicators Assessment Launched in Sudan, First in a Country in Transition

The Sudanese National Telecommunications and Post Regulatory Authority (TPRA) and UNESCO jointly organized the launch of an Internet Universality Indicators (IUI) self-assessment in Sudan, as funded by SIDA. Read more

University Withdraws Honours for Al-Bashir Regime Members

The council of Sudan University of Science and Technology, one of the country’s largest public universities, has approved the withdrawal of honorary degrees awarded to four members of the regime of ousted Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir. Read more

31 December 2019

Two Public Universities Ban Bashir Party’s Activities

Two Sudanese public universities on 8 December banned political, cultural and social activities of the National Congress political party that continues to support the now-deposed president Omar al-Bashir. Read more

31 October 2019

Academics, Students Welcome Clean Sweep of University Heads

Sudanese Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok has replaced over 60 senior university administrators in accordance with demands made by a Sudanese academics’ association in a move that paves the way for the reopening of the country’s universities. Read more

Al-Neelain University Observes World Sight Day

Workers at Eye Hospital (Al-Neelain University) celebrated the World Sight Day which coincides October 10 every year according to WHO and other circles concern with combating blindness. Read more

31 July 2019

Education at All School Levels Suspended

The Secretary General of the Federal Government Bureau, Siddiq Gumaa Babal-Khair, has directed the caretaker Walis (governors) of States to suspend education at all the school levels… Read more

Prof. Bob Calls TMC to Create Favorable Environment for Higher Education

A well-known economic expert and professor of economics at the University of El-Nilein, Professor Essam-Eddin Abdel -Wahab Bob has, called on the Transitional Military Council (TMC) to create a conducive environment for the higher education. Read more

30 June 2019

Academics Join Call for Civil Disobedience after Crackdown

Sudanese universities and academics have supported the call for civil disobedience in response to an early-morning crackdown on anti-government protesters on 3 June that resulted in several deaths and injuries. Read more

30 April 2019

Universities Continue Push for Change in Wake of Coup

Sudanese universities and academics, having played a major role in the push for change in Sudan, last week rejected the military takeover of the country, vowing to continue their protest action until a civilian government is in place. Read more

31 March 2019

Protecting scholars and the freedom to think, question, and share ideas

On March 7, 2019, Sudanese authorities reportedly used violent force against students participating in a peaceful vigil and protest on the campus of the National University in Khartoum. Police further reportedly detained an unknown number of student protesters. Read more

28 February 2019

Government Shuts Down All Universities as Protest Mounts

Mounting protests against President Omar al-Bashir’s government in Sudan have resulted in the government closing all of the country’s universities, writes Tarek Abd El-Galil for Al-Fanar. Read more

Sudan’s University Professors Leave Country to Flee Poverty

Fed up with neglect and oppression, over 50 percent of Sudan’s professors go abroad in search of better opportunities. Read more

31 January 2019

Academics Freed as Fresh Anti-government Protests Planned

Sudanese authorities on Monday released all University of Khartoum academics arrested and held overnight for their part in ongoing anti-government protests that have claimed the lives of several Sudanese, including at least five students, and shut down higher education institutions. Read more

New Students’ Platform in Front Line Against Bashir

Sudanese university students have joined forces to form a new students’ association of unions and groups and have called for the immediate release of all detainees and the resignation of long-standing Sudanese autocrat president Omar al-Bashir. Read more

31 December 2018

Students Among those Affected by Nation-Wide Protests

At least five students are among nine people killed in clashes with security forces during protests against soaring bread prices and shortages of commodities over the past few days, according to global human rights watchdog statement by Amnesty International. Read more

30 April 2018

Minister of Higher Education Meets Turkish Ambassador

The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Somia Abu Kashawa met, Wednesday, at her office, the Turkish Ambassador to Khartoum in the presence of the State Minister, at the Ministry, Prof. AL-Teghani Mustafa and the Undersecretary of the Ministry. Prof. Azhari Omer Abdul Baghe. Read more

31 January 2017

Amnesty Urges End to Persecution of Darfuri Students

International human rights group Amnesty International is calling on the government of Sudan to launch urgent investigations into allegations of arbitrary arrests, detention, torture and persecution of students from the country’s troubled Darfur region by Sudanese security forces. Read more

15 November 2016

Academic Brain Drain Threatens University Education

Harsh economic conditions during 2016 led to a significant brain drain among university staff in Sudan – including professors and lecturers – that is directly threatening higher education development. Read more

AfDB Intervenes with USD 22.9 Million in Sudan’s Education Sector

The African Development Bank (AfDB) and the Ministry of Higher Education concluded training workshop on Basic Modules on Principles of Educational Administration and Management. Read more

31 October 2016

Brain Drain Again!

Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Prof. Somaya Abu Kashawa said that the conditions of universities’ lecturers are deteriorating tremendously in the recent few years. She pointed to the formation of several committees to improve the pay and allowances of the universities’ staff, but – according to her – most of the recommendations of those committees were not implemented. Read more

PhD Programme Empowers Women – A Case Study

In 2011, Izzeldin Osman founded a PhD programme in computer science and information technology at Sudan University of Science and Technology, or SUST, aimed at empowering women to enter more senior academic positions. So far, 12 women have graduated. Another 113 women are currently enrolled. Read more

Social and Cultural Development Sector Reviews Report On Employment of Graduates

The social and cultural development sector of the Council of Ministers, chaired by the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, reviewed a report on the employment of graduates, which was presented by the Minister of Human Resources Development. Read more

31 July 2016

Vice-President Chairs Meeting on Higher Education

The meeting discussed admission of the new students, provision of social care and preparing environment at universities for students. Read more

15 July 2016

Ban Sought On Armed Political Activities in Universities

Higher Education Minister proposed to ban armed political activities in Sudanese universities. Read more

30 June 2016

Bashir Renews Government Commitment to Education in the Country

The President of the Republic of Sudan has renewed government commitment to education and to taking care of brilliant students. Read more

Executive Program Agreement on Higher Education between Sudan and France Signed

Sudan and France signed a Joint Executive Program Agreement on fields of higher education and scientific research. Read more

15 June 2016

Sudan to Form Special Security Force for Universities

The Sudanese police will form a new unit for universities across the country, government officials said. Read more

University of Bahr El Ghazal Academics Vow to Continue Strike

The academic union in South Sudan’s Western Bahr el Ghazal State after a heated debate has resolved to continue with a strike after a letter from the Minister of Higher Education demanded that the university’s vice chancellor take administrative measures against staff that have been striking for the last two weeks. Read more

15 May 2016

Another Opposition Student Killed As Protests Spread

One student was killed and three wounded last Wednesday in clashes between government and opposition supporters at Sudan’s Omdurman Ahlia University. Read more

1 April 2016

University of Juba and USAID Launch Master’s in Education Project

Twenty South Sudanese graduates will begin advanced studies in education this April, following today’s launch of the University of Juba’s Master’s in Education Project (MEP). Read more

December 2015

Assistant of the President Affirms Role of Universities to Contribute to Arab Food Security Strategy

Assistant of the President, has affirmed importance of the role of universities and faculties of agriculture for implementing the strategy of food security in the Arab World. Read more

Helping Varsities ‘Africanise’

The Rhodes Must Fall Campaign ignited so many debates that questioned the culture of African institutions this year. Many role-players also started posing relevant questions and discussing why all African institutions need an African philosophy. Why an African philosophy at a higher education institution? Read more

February 2015

Introduction to Open Education Open education is recently known in the Sudan when Open University of the Sudan is established to meet the philosophy of higher education during the National Salvation Revolution which allows room for all those who succeed in secondary certificate to continue their education at one of the tertiary institutions, raising a motto “Education for All.” Read more

First Sudan-Turkey Universities Cooperative Forum The first forum of cooperation between Universities in Sudan and Turkey was convened in the framework of reinforcing the scientific and cultural relations between the two countries. Read more

January 2015

Successive Governments Fail to Handle Strategic Issues Dr. Amin said he doesn’t believe that any single national government has successfully handled the Sudanese strategic issues since independence up to now. Read more

Sudan Endorses Final Stage of 2015 Budget Assembly has proposed an increase of SDG 150 Million for higher education, affirming their concern over higher education issues. Read more