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South Sudan

30 June 2017

New Episcopal University to Help Meet Growing HE Demand

The Episcopal Church of South Sudan and Sudan University Partnership, or ECSSSUP, is establishing a multi-campus university with a Christian ethos in a move aimed at meeting increasing demand for higher education in the country and improving quality. Read more


15 May 2017

Higher Education on the Brink of Disastrous Closures

There is near consensus among the global community that no country can develop or compete in the global marketplace without establishing universities that provide quality higher education and conduct research that informs national policies and drives innovation. Read more

Universities Offer Lessons in Survival Strategies

South Sudan’s higher education system is one of the most poorly funded government sectors and faces a myriad challenges including infrastructural inadequacy and staff shortages. Nonetheless it is employing coping strategies which offer invaluable lessons for comparable higher education systems in (post-) conflict contexts. Read more


15 July 2016

South Sudan’s Main Public University Lecturers Halt Strike

Lecturers of the five public universities in South Sudan have announced halting a strike after receiving assurances from the government their demands would be met in due course. Read more


15 February 2016

South Sudan To Hire 20,000 Zimbabwean Teachers:

South Sudan’s education minister, John Gai is in Zimbabwe to plans to hiring of hundreds of its teachers and nurses to work in the young nation. Read more