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31 May 2018

Official Visit to The University Of Hargeisa

The University Of Hargeisa constantly maintains cooperation and collaboration with regional, national and international universities and partners for the sake of advancing academia. Read more


January 2016

More Graduate Study, New Facilities for Top University

Somaliland’s Minister of Education and Higher Studies Abdillahi Ibrahim Habane was among 75 students who graduated last month with a masters degree in international relations and diplomacy from the University of Hargeisa, the country’s largest higher education institution. Read more

THET to Equip Burao University Vet Lab

THET has received a grant from the Guernsey Overseas Aid Commission in the first collaboration between the two organisations. The grant will help improve treatment and prevention services through providing high quality medical training tools to health workers in Somaliland. Read more


December 2015

State Acknowledges Nation Building Role of Citizens in the Diaspora

As many other African states elsewhere, Somaliland communities abroad have remained very resourceful people to this country throughout the recent decades and had more active role than making remittances but also engaged in the economic investment, public institutional building and political development as well. Read more


October 2015

What Is Next After Graduation? Far away in the sunshine are our highest aspirations. We may not reach them, but we can look up and see their beauty; believe in them; and try our best to follow where they lead us to. Read more


July 2015

IGAD Sheikh Vet School Graduates 9th Batch Youths Educated at the IGAD Sheikh Veterinary School- ISTVS are equipped 100% advantage over other students in securing gainful employment in the country and abroad. Read more



Somaliland Appeal for Help for Developing Higher Education The president of Somaliland University of Technology in Hargeisa has appealed to the international higher education community for help in strengthening universities. Read more


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