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30 August 2020

As the Time of UR Reopening is at Hand, Lecturers are Trained on Developing e- Learning & Blended Modules

… the University of Rwanda (UR) College of Business and Economics (CBE) trained lecturers on how to develop e-learning & Blended modules in teaching. Read more

Carnegie Mellon University in Kigali Trains Africa’s Next Generation of Tech Experts

As the world becomes increasingly digital, the necessity for African digital experts, technicians and researchers will be critical to helping the continent adapt to rapidly developing digital advancements. Read more

Cavendish University, Uganda Graduates Stuck as Papers Are Rejected

Cavendish university graduates who were recognized by Rwanda’s Higher Education Council (HEC) Rwanda have been given five days by the Ministry of Labour to present their academic equivalence certificates or else, they will be dismissed. Read more

Why is Higher Education Important?

It is said that “education is the key to success” which is why people go an extra mile to pursue bachelors/masters degrees and PhDs. Of course, a number of people have established mega businesses without even completing high school, but the quickest pathway for many, if not most, people to a rewarding career is going to college and getting a higher education. Read more


31 July 2020

A Country Rallies to Raise the Number of Women in Science

Ndikumana worked hard throughout school and secured a university scholarship to study electrical engineering rather than her first choice of electronics. Read more

Refugee Students in Higher Education are Still a Minority

World Refugee Day on 20 June presented an opportunity to assess the progress made in Rwanda towards facilitating access to higher education on the part of the country’s refugee populations. Read more

Top University Leaders Arrested Over Financial Irregularities

The vice-chancellor of a university and the former Rwandan prime minister, who was also the president of the board of trustees of a separate university, were taken into custody on Friday 3 July over allegations of financial mismanagement relating to the two institutions. Read more


30 June 2020

UR Dental Clinic : Pressing Forward to Improve Community Health

With a population of more than 12 million people and a high demand for dentists to serve them, UR through itsCollege of Medicine and Health Sciences (CMHS)offers bachelor’s degree program in dental surgery and dental therapy. Read more

UR Online Learning at a Glance: What You Need to Know About the Platform

With the integration of information technology in education, online learning has been accorded due attention for enhancing teaching and learning at the University of Rwanda. Read more

UR Researchers Show the Benefits of Frogs and Toads Towards Proper Management of Wetlands Ecosystem in Rwanda

Anurans (Frogs and Toads) are known excellent bioindicators of ecosystem health such as wetlands where their populations’ survival is constituted. Read more


31 May 2020

Academics Apply Their Minds to Assisting COVID-19 Victims

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage the world, experts from universities in Rwanda are continuing their response to contain the pandemic and help patients recover. Read more

Private Universities Worry About Losing Students and Staff

Private universities, which enrol over half of Rwandan higher education students, are concerned that the prolonged shutdown of educational institutions as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic will not only result in a loss of students, but academic staff as well. Read more

UR and the University of Koblenz-Landau to Boost Entrepreneurship

The University of Rwanda will soon benefit from 1.19 million euros funds by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy to drive forward the existing project cooperation with the University of Koblenz-Landau. Read more


30 April 2020

Covid-19: Global Impact Survey and Resources for IAU Members

IAU is closely monitoring the various impacts of COVID-19 on the higher education community. Read more

Genocide 1994 – The Healing and Emancipatory Power of HE

Safi Mukundwa is still pained when she thinks about her family members killed in the 1994 Rwandan genocide against the Tutsi that left her orphaned and alone. But she is also grateful for the government’s support, which put her through a university degree, and helped her to stand economically on her own. Read more

Private Universities Start Suspending Staff, Cutting Salaries

Barely a month after the country went into lockdown to reduce the spread of the coronavirus, some private-sector universities in Rwanda, citing a lack of funds, have suspended academic and administrative staff and reduced the salaries of others. Read more

Rwanda Extends Nationwide Lockdown Until April 19

It said places of worship will remain closed as well as both public and private schools and higher education institutions. Read more

UR and Unicaf University Strengthen Ties to Boost Capacity in E-Learning

The University of Rwanda and Unicaf University have agreed to work together to develop the University of Rwanda’s capacity for online delivery of its programmes. Read more

UR Joins the World to Celebrate Earth Day Amid COVID 19 Lockdown

The UR Center of Excellence in Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management created a video to honor Earth Day. Read more 

Telecom Companies Provide Free Access to Online Learning

Two telecommunication companies – MTN Rwanda and Airtel Rwanda – are offering free access to online learning materials for all students from the University of Rwanda and the Rwanda polytechnics in a move aimed at helping the higher education sector keep functioning in spite of the closure of universities and schools on 21 March. Read more


31 March 2020

French to English – An ‘Imperfect’ Transition for Universities

English has been the medium of instruction in Rwandan universities for over 10 years, but despite attempts to promote English in higher education, proficiency remains an ongoing challenge for both learners and lecturers. Read more

Government Orders Closure of Universities for two Weeks

The government on Saturday ordered the closure of all universities and higher learning institutions for an initial period of two weeks in efforts to contain the spread of the coronavirus after the Ministry of Health on Saturday confirmed the first case of coronavirus. Read more

Moving Online – One University Stays Ahead of the Pack

With a lockdown in force since midnight on Saturday 21 March, Rwanda’s universities are exploring online alternatives to teaching and learning to ensure the academic year is not disrupted. Read more

National Retreat Resolves to Review University Accreditation

The Rwanda National Leadership Retreat, also known as ‘Umwiherero’, resolved last month to assess the quality of education in higher learning institutions and review the current accreditation and licensing requirements for new ones. Read more

Universities Urged to Take Measures to Combat Coronavirus

Rwanda’s Ministry of Education on Wednesday issued a statement urging all universities and higher education institutions to enhance awareness and take precautionary measures to prevent a possible coronavirus outbreak in the country. Read more

UR Community Briefed on Commonwealth Opportunities Ahead of CHOGM 2020

UR students were taken through the Commonwealth opportunities mainly the scholarships to further their studies. Read more

UR, INES and REMA team up to develop effective research for evidence-based policy making

Research team from the University of Rwanda (UR), Institute of Applied Sciences (INES-Ruhengeri) and Rwanda Environmental Management Authority (REMA) are convened to devise ways to develop a 5-year research plan that will address national and global development challenges. Read more


29 February 2020

E-Commerce Studies Launched in Universities

E-commerce studies were on Friday 7 February officially launched in Rwandan universities, as part of a deal signed in 2018 between the government of Rwanda and Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba. Read more

Education Ministry Closes Two University of Gitwe Courses

The Minister for Education, Eugene Mutimura, on Tuesday announced closure of two departments of the University of Gitwe over failure to meet recommended requirements. Read  more

Tackling the Problem of Plagiarism – and Winning

The sanctions for plagiarism at Rwandan universities are tough. But with the aid of plagiarism-checking software, some universities are tackling the problem head-on and winning. University World News conducted a survey among some universities to find out what they were doing to curb the problem. Read more

Universities Align Programmes with Market Needs

Rwandan universities and higher learning institutions are working to align their programmes with the government’s emphasis on producing students with skills to drive national economic growth. Read more

UR Law Students scoops Moot Court Competition in contract law

Eight students from the School of Law at the University of Rwanda emerged winners during the Law Moot Competition which brought together four other local universities. Read more

31 January 2020

Planning for Greater Connectivity in an eLearning Era

In an age of e-learning, access to a reliable and stable internet connection remains an ongoing challenge at the University of Rwanda, the country’s only public university, made up of nine campuses and 30,000 students… Read more

Higher Education Council on the Spot Over Recruitment Report

The Higher Education Council (HEC) has apologised for delay in providing a recruitment-related report to the National Public Service Commission. Read more

31 December 2019

African Centre of Excellence in Data Science : An Institution’s Journey on Making a Mark in the STEM Field

The call for the establishment of the different African Centres of Excellence (ACEs) came at a time when the Government of Rwanda observed gaps in the science field. Read more

Architecture and Informality in Africa

Architect and former director of the School of Architecture, Planning and Geomatics at the University of Cape Town (UCT) Professor Tomà Berlanda explains why more research is needed into informal urban spaces in Africa. Read more

Carry the Light-Twara Urumuri : The Refection on the Role of Academia

The International Peace Day participants discovered that there must be a step to be taken in educating youth about the root cause of The 1994 Genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda. Read more

Rwanda Chief Justice Urges UR Alumni to Contribute to the University Greatness

The University of Rwanda kicked off a get together with its alumni ; a maiden event that started with graduates in Medicine and Health Science fields. Read more

Senate Envoy Calls on Students to Leverage Social Media Platforms to Fight Against Genocide Denial

The University of Rwanda joined the rest of the world to observe the 71st Anniversary of the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. Read more

Transferred Medical Students Resist Catch-Up Courses

Medical students from the now-closed private University of Gitwe in Rwanda have expressed their unhappiness at having to do catch-up courses before they can formally recommence their studies at the University of Rwanda… Read more

UR Trains People with Ability to Go Back to Their Communities and Make a Difference…

In collaboration with Study in Rwanda Organization, the University of Rwanda organized a get together with new and continuing international students in its quest to reaffirm the existing bond between them. Read more

30 November 2019

Local African Language to be Taught in Beijing University

One of China’s oldest universities, the Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU), announced the introduction last month of a course in Kinyarwanda. Read more

31 October 2019

Post-Genocide – How a University is Fostering Unity

Aline Umutesi lost her parents and all her siblings during the 1994 genocide that took place in Rwanda when she was seven. Read more

University of Kigali Students Win Fourth Moot Court Competition

Over 150 students from five law schools in Rwanda on Wednesday held the final session of the fourth annual moot court competition, at the Supreme Court in Kimihurura, Kigali. Read more

30 September 2019

University Seeks Massive Increase in STEM Students

In a bid to align itself with government policy, the University of Rwanda is set to increase its intake of government-sponsored students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics or STEM-related courses to 90% over the next 10 years. Read more

31 July 2019

Government Seeks New Approaches to Student Loan Recovery

Ten years after Rwanda introduced a student loans scheme, only 85 students or 0.1% of beneficiaries have repaid their loans, leaving the state to recover the balance disbursed to over 94,000 students. Read more

Grappling with Graduate Unemployment

Following her graduation from the University of Rwanda in 2014 with a degree focused on business and administration, 29-year-old Christine Mulisa hoped to land a job in her field with a few months. Read more

Longstanding HE Partnership Enters New Five-Year Phase

The government of Sweden has entered into a new five-year partnership with the University of Rwanda (UR) that will see Sweden support research, graduate training and skills development initiatives at the institution at a cost of US$35.6 million. Read more

30 June 2019

Delayed Pay – How do Private University Lecturers Cope?

Lecturers offering courses in various private universities across Rwanda are concerned over delayed payment of their salaries, saying it affects their lives and the way courses are dispensed. Some of them have turned to the courts to resolve the situation. Read more

MINEDUC and Partners Held the 2019/20 Forward- Looking Joint Review of Education Sector

The Ministry of Education in collaboration with all Education Development Partners held a Forward –Looking Joint Review of Education Sector (JRES). This one-day meeting was organized to engage all stakeholders in policy dialogue and to ensure ownership, accountability and transparency of the National Strategy for Transformation 1 (NST1) implementation and monitoring process. Read more

University Scholarships – Poverty Criterion Under Review

Qualifying for a government-sponsored university scholarship in the past not only required a sound academic record, but proof of inadequate family funds. But all this could change if plans to change the Ubudehe system of socio-economic stratification go ahead. Read more

30 April 2019

MSU Remembers Genocide Against the Tutsi in Rwanda with Commemoration and International Symposium

Michigan State University is one of two host sites for the commemorative event in the United States. Jean Kayitsinga, assistant professor at the Julian Samora Research Institute, and Jean Pierre Nshimyimana, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Fellow in the department of fisheries and wildlife, are the lead organizers of the event, 25th Commemoration of the Genocide against the Tutsi and the International Symposium on Genocide. Read more

Politics Puts Academic Exchanges and Collaboration on Hold

Collaborations in higher education between Uganda and Rwanda that have been nurtured over several years face collapse following ongoing political tensions between the two countries, with Rwandan students enrolled to study in Ugandan universities being told to ‘start afresh’ in institutions back home. Read more

31 March 2019

Rwandan University Students to Miss Out on Graduation

With the tension that is going between Uganda and Rwanda, the citizens of the two countries are the victims of whatever is going between the two governments. Information we have from our posters is at least 187 Rwandan students will miss the forthcoming Kampala University graduation ceremony in Kampala tomorrow. Read more

28 February 2019

Education Ministry Closes two University of Gitwe Courses

Addressing the media conference in Kigali shortly after a meeting with university management, the minister said that the closure of these departments is due to the insufficiency of training equipment and teaching staff. Read more

31 January 2019

Education Ministry Suspends two University of Gitwe Courses

The Minister for Education, Eugene Mutimura, on Tuesday announced suspension of two departments of the University of Gitwe over failure to meet recommended requirements. Read more

University of Rwanda Graduates Over 7000

Top officials hailed the University of Rwanda (UR) for achievements registered over the past five years after the merger of several public universities. Read more

30 November 2018

ULK Debaters Win Debate Mate Rwanda 2018

Debate Mate is a unique, international educational charity dedicated to improving social mobility using cost-effective peer-to-peer debate mentoring based in the United Kingdom. It uses the brightest university students to run after-school debate clubs in areas of high child poverty across the world…Read more

UR / Sweden Meet to Assess the Impact of Research Collaboration

The University of Rwanda and Sweden partners are gathered in Kigali for a five-day Annual Review Meeting to assess the progress of Sweden support to the University of Rwanda for the year 2017-2018. The meeting is inline with the existing collaboration, which aims among others to improve UR research and staff capacity for the development of Rwanda. Read more

31 October 2018

AIMS Launches Africa’s First Masters in Machine Intelligence

The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) launched its African Masters in Machine Intelligence (AMMI) at its AIMS Rwanda Campus in partnership with Facebook and Google. Read more

31 August 2018

CMHS Hosted Researchers from Washington University- School of Medicine in St. Louis and the National Institutes of Health (NIH)

The College of Medicine and Health Sciences hosted academics and researchers based in the USA. They gave a public lecture at Remera Campus and had time to interact with students and faculty. Read more

Mathematics & Medicine: An Approach to Address Cardiovascular Respiratory System for Sportsmen and Patients

The University of Rwanda encourages interdisciplinary research to contribute in providing solutions to today’s complex challenges. Read more

New Masters to Boost Machine Intelligence Talent Pool

The masters, to be launched in Rwanda next month by the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS), will provide a strong global foundation in MI and create diversity. Read more

UR –CST Hosts a 5 Day Training on Blockchain EXE

The Center of Excellence in Internet of Things (ACEIoT) in collaboration with Blockchain EXE, the largest Blockchain tech community in Japan hosted a 5 day training at UR-CST. Read more

UR Launches Rwanda Handbook of Economic and Social Policy

The University of Rwanda-College of Business and Economics launched the 1st volume of Rwanda handbook of Economic and Social Policy. Read more

Varsity Lecturers Gain Tips for E-Commerce by Alibaba Global Initiative

At least 50 lecturers from nine local varsities are gathered at the University of Rwanda for a 5-day Global e-Commerce Talent (GET) Training of trainers. Read more

30 June 2018

Sweden Commits to Extend its Support to UR for Another Year

The University of Rwanda has benefited one more year of collaboration with the Government of Sweden in the existing support through Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida). The extension agreement was signed by Prof. Philip Cotton, UR Vice Chancellor and Dr Emilia Molnar from the Embassy of Sweden in Rwanda. Read more

Lecture on Educational Leadership in the Digital Age Concluded in High Gear

On 8th June 2018, the entire ULK community was in high spirits to welcome a delegation from Trinity Western University/ Vancouver Canada, led by both Dr. Phil Laird and Dr. George Imbezi. Read more

31 May 2018

The University of Rwanda received 20 volunteer lecturers from Nigeria

On Monday 21st May 2018, the University of Rwanda received twenty Technical Aid Corps (TAC) volunteers from the federal Republic of Nigeria during a handover ceremony held at the Headquarters of UR.  Read more

German students’ delegation visits University of Rwanda

On Tuesday 22nd May 2018, a delegation from University of Koblenz – Landau paid a courtesy visit to the University of Rwanda thanks to the existing partnership between two institutions that focuses of students exchange and joint research activities. Read more

The Hon. Minister of Education visited Remera campus

On 24th May 2018, The Hon. Minister of Education Dr. Eugene Mutimura had  a working visit to the University of Rwanda- Remera campus. Read more

University of Rwanda to get more autonomy

Members of the Lower House last week passed a draft law governing University of Rwanda which officials from the Ministry of Education say will increase its autonomy. Read more

30 December 2017

Rwanda, Sweden Mark 20 Years of Cooperation

Over the 20 years, Sweden interventions have been in the education sector. Read more

30 October 2017

3000 Students Stranded After Closure of Varsities

The closure, last week, of five universities over inadequate staff and training facilities left more than 3,000 students stranded. Read more

Education Experts Root For Stronger Public-Private Partnerships

African governments have a key role in efforts to enhance the quality of education at the tertiary level but this can only be achieved through stronger public-private partnerships, education experts from around Africa have said. Read more

HEC Closes Five Varsities

Five private institutions of higher learning in the country have been closed permanently over inadequate staff and lack of enough training facilities, among other requirements. Read more

Lawmakers Want Varsities to Priorities Hands-On Skills

Members of the Standing Committee on Education, Technology, Culture and Youth in the Lower House tour across the country to examine how institutions of higher learning can better deliver hands-on training. Read more

Strong Alumni-Partnerships Is the Way to Go For Universities

The University of Rwanda (UR) is set to start fundraising campaigns among the alumni to deal with shortage of funds. Read more

15 October 2017

Aim Higher Than Eliminating Extreme Poverty, Kagame

President Paul Kagame has said that investment in the development of human capital remain a top priority for Rwanda in a bid to empower citizens and unleash human freedoms. Read more

Educ Council To Take Over Scholarship Disbursements

The Ministry of Education is restructuring its institutions in changes that will see scholarship disbursements for both local and international students move from Rwanda Education Board (REB) to Higher Education Council (HEC). Read more

Government Pledges To Improve Teachers’ Welfare

The government has reaffirmed its commitment to improving teachers’ welfare. Read more

Mount Kenya University, RwandAir Partner to Promote Aviation Industry

Mount Kenya University and Rwanda Air recently entered a memorandum of understanding with RwandAir in a bid to strengthen the field of academic training and research. Read more

Rwanda And Mauritius Sign Agreement On Higher Education

Rwanda and Mauritius have signed a Memorandum of Understanding that will see the two countries work more closely in the field of education. Read more

Science And Its Disciplines

Science in its original sense was a word for a type of knowledge rather than a specialized word for the pursuit of such knowledge. Read more

30 September 2017

Hasty Decisions Usually Come With A Price

Just recently, the University of Rwanda (UR) announced a major shakeup in the institution. Among the major decisions was the relocation of some schools from one campus to another, closing some schools and creating new ones. Read more

Mixed Reactions As University Of Rwanda Awaits Approval To Restructure

An air of mixed feelings continued to linger among stakeholders as the University of Rwanda last week submitted a proposal of its proposed restructuring and relocation of its campuses to the Ministry of Education. Read more

University Of Rwanda Faulted Over Latest Reforms

The Higher Education Council has faulted the University of Rwanda for its latest round of restructuring and relocation of campuses and colleges without engaging and consulting the government. Read more

Will New Policy Improve Teachers’ Welfare?

The Ministry of Public Service and Labour (MIFOTRA) has started implementing the “pay and retention” policy for public servants to reduce salary disparity. Read more

15 September 2017

How to Prepare for University Life

When students complete high school, they are excited about joining university because it comes with its freedom and fun, as well as less supervision from teachers. But without adequate guidance and preparation that liberty can be recipe for disaster. Read more

Law Students to Compete in International Humanitarian Law Moot Court Competition

Five law schools in Rwanda, in partnership with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and Red Cross Rwanda, are organising the second national moot court competition on international humanitarian law. Read more

The Grade Conspiracy

Every student entertains, at some point or another, the ridiculously misguided belief that grades are given and not earned. Should they fail, they will raise questions on why you have failed them and pull tantrums in a concerted effort to change their grade to a pass. Read more

University of Rwanda Faulted Over Latest Reforms

The Higher Education Council has faulted the University of Rwanda for its latest round of restructuring and relocation of campuses and colleges without engaging and consulting the government. Read more

Use Your Skills to Create More Opportunities

Quality education empowers graduates to contribute to the country’s development because it equips them with proven competence and skills. Read more

31 August 2017

Rwandan Postgraduate Students Head to Japan Varsities under Africa Devt Plan

The fourth batch of fifteen candidates enrolled for post-graduate studies under Japan’s African Business Education (ABE) Initiative will today depart for Masters’ degree studies in the Asian country. Read more

Two Suspended Varsities Allowed to Re-Open

Students from two institutions of higher learning will be happy to learn that they can now proceed with their education after the regulator’s green light. Read more

University of Rwanda Slashes Course Duration

Social sciences and some science programmes at the University of Rwanda will be offered in three years instead of four starting next academic year. Read more

15 August 2017

Tertiary Institutions Must Break the Classroom-Workplace Barrier

The whole idea is to break the barrier between the classroom and the workplace. Learning should allow students to understand how ideas work in practice. Read more

15 July 2017

Capitalising On Africa’s Youth Dividend

For Africa, the question is no longer “if” students are taught, but “what.” Read more

Govt, World Bank Ink Rwf100bn Skills Development Deal

The Government and the World Bank on Monday signed a $120 million (about Rwf100 billion) financial agreement to support skills development across multiple sectors of the economy. Read more

15 June 2017

Rwf17 Billion Programme to Spur Youth Employment

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has launched a Rwf17.2 billion initiative, Huguka Dukore, that will help train 40,000 youths in workforce readiness skills by 2021. Read more

Embrace Inquiry-Based Learning for Better Results

Most accomplished teachers find questioning a very efficient way to keep students engaged.  They creatively formulate questions that productively aid the understanding of new concepts. But imagine flipping this role. What if students asked more and more questions? Read more

How to Create an Inclusive Environment in Class

Our classrooms are a tapestry of students with different cultures, socioeconomic circumstances, race and abilities. Whether intentional or not, there is social, emotional, physical and intellectual diversity even within the most seemingly cohesive group of students. Read more

Minister Nsengimana Appointed Chair of Global Forum on SDGs

Rwanda’s minister for Youth and ICT, Jean Philbert Nsengimana has been appointed as the Chair of World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Forum, a multi-stakeholder platform facilitating the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Read more

University of Rwanda in Fresh Round of Restructuring

University of Rwanda is in the process of restructuring to improve the quality of education, reduce expenses and create a friendly learning environment for students. Read more

Ulk Students Win Environment Debate Challenge

On 3rd June 2017, three students from Kigali Independent University ULK, Kigali Campus, won a debate challenge on environment. It was a competition organized by Gasore Serge Foundation to find out how much students from across the country are informed as far as environment is concerned. Read more

Student Leaders Urged To Fight HIV

Female university student leaders have been urged to sensitise their colleagues on the consequences of HIV/AIDS. Read more

Tired of Retakes? Here Is the Solution

University life comes with all the liberty, fun, excitement, drama and all the interesting things one would wish for. For students fresh from high school, the freedom is like that of a bird that has been set free from a cage. However, when one gets too consumed in the fun, academic concentration is compromised and in many cases retakes are an obvious occurrence. Read more

15 May 2017

How to Keep Your Brain in Top Shape

The human brain is a complex and peculiar organ that controls the psychological and physical well-being of the human body. Different researchers have made tremendous steps in discovering the working of the brain, and they all appear to concur that without proper nourishment, the brain can be as good as ‘useless’. Read more

Suspended Varsities Have Three Months to Comply or Face Permanent Closure

The 10 higher institutions of learning that were suspended in March have only three months left to meet all the requirements needed by Higher Education Council (HEC). Read more

30 April 2017

Higher Education Council to Blame for Varsity Suspensions

All of them can be blamed on the Higher Education Council who did not do a very good job while setting up standards that any institution, investor should comply with prior to opening a higher education of learning. Read more

Need to Keep Quality Even as Varsities Expand

The last twenty years or so have seen a huge expansion in higher education across Africa. More universities, both public and private, and offering more courses, have been established. Student enrolment is at an all time high. This is certainly true in Rwanda. Read more

New HEC Boss Speaks out on Suspended Universities

In March, the Ministry of Education suspended operations of four universities and some courses in six other institutions over irregularities including inadequate staff and teaching facilities, leaving thousands of students stranded. Read more

UNESCO Calls on Governments to Make Higher Education Equitable, Affordable

Ensuring those who need help the most are getting it and guaranteeing equity and affordability in regulatory frameworks are two of the ways policy makers need to consider in order to make higher education equitable and affordable for all, says a new report. Read more

Varsity Suspension: Joint Assessment Underway

The Higher Education Council has engaged professional bodies in the latest assessment of the requirements asked of the universities to be allowed to run suspended programmes. Read more

What Students Should Look out for When Choosing a University

According to experts, since students and parents are most affected when such situations happen, they need to be on the lookout for which institutions are credited and if they have what is required. Read more

15 March 2017

Exam Scores Are Being Used to Build Student Loan Credit Reports in Kenya

In Kenya – and Africa in general, where 80% of people lack access to formal financial services such as loans – traditional credit rating methods are often impractical. But alternative data may have the answer. Read more

Fresh Graduates Urged to Play Key Role in Boosting Tourism, Service Sectors

Graduates from the University of Tourism, Technology and Business Studies have been urged to put into practice the acquired knowledge to improve tourism and services industry in the country. Read more

Joining University: Early Preps Will Save You Last Minute Panic

Last month, the Ministry of Education released the 2016 A-level examination results. The general pass rate was registered at 89.5 per cent, a 0.3 per cent improvement from the 2015 performance. Read more

Get Closer To Your Teachers, Classmates for Support

The principal goal for all students is to achieve their own highest level of success in supportive classrooms, taught by teachers who give the tools to overcome obstacles and learn to their fullest potentials. Read more

15 February 2017

Focus on Raising Higher Education Standards

A senatorial committee that toured higher education sub-sector has noted that standards have improved over the last 22 years but institutions still suffer heavily from poor funding and shallow monitoring for quality assurance. Read more

MGU Rwanda to Launch ‘Education for All’ Scholarship Program

One hundred and ninety nine (199) girls and boys in Rwanda have been awarded scholarships by Mahatma Gandhi University (MGU) situated in Kabuga under the new scholarship program, “Education for All”. Read more

Senators Task Govt on Improving Higher Education Standards

Senators have asked the Government to move swiftly and assess the country’s higher education sector to address issues affecting it such as poor infrastructure, inadequate resources for students’ living and class practices as well as poor funding for academic research. Read more

Understanding the Growing Appetite for “Further Studies”

With a first class degree and a high end well-paying job, you would expect him to be content. But Felix is racing against time to finish his master’s degree before embarking on a PhD. Read more

31 January 2017

How Best Can Students Cope With Evening Classes?

Attending school in the evening is one of the common trends in higher education today, especially owing to the fact that most of such students are employed.. The situation is even more worrisome because research shows that evening students could incur some mental and physical problems resulting from overworking during day and studying at night. Read more

New Model to Harmonise Higher Education Fees in EAC under Study

The Inter-University Council for East Africa (IUCEA) is working to introduce a tool for calculating unit costs to help harmonise higher education fees, as part of its contribution to promoting equal opportunities for all higher education students in the region. Read more

15 November 2016

Govt Seeks to Scale up Access to Education

The Ministry of Education is rallying other partners including private sector, churches, NGOs, and civil society to mobilise resources to complement the education budget, currently at 13 per cent of total government budget, as part of efforts to increase access to education. Read more

Varsities Urged to Conduct Research

Public and private higher learning institutions should develop the culture of carrying out research in science and technology as enabler for development and transformation. Read more

31 October 2016

African Virtual University Opens New E-learning Centre at UR-CST

A distance and e-learning centre was last week launched at University of Rwanda’s College of Science and Technology to provide learners with greater access to higher education opportunities. Read more

Education Sector Moves to Domesticate SDGS

The education sector has policies and priorities in place that will ably facilitate the domestication and implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Read more

Reinvent to Diversify Africa’s Vasities into Centers of Innovation

Four of the highest recipients of Olympics medals are also permanent members of the United Nations Security Council. The US, UK, Russia and China rank on top not necessarily because they’re superpowers, but because they field competitors in nearly every sport. By winning five medals in taekwondo, African countries demonstrated they too can diversify into new sports and excel. Read more

Rwanda, Morocco Sign 19 Pacts as Kagame Hosts King Mohammed VI

Gatare also signed a memorandum of understanding for the establishment of the African Institute of Technology (AIT) as a world class higher education provider with a research focus in climate change, green value chain, megacities, population growth, among other areas. Read more

Student Loans Can Be Recovered

To say that the students’ loan issue has been poorly managed is an understatement. The systems in place were weak but nonetheless the unpleasant task of sorting the issues and subsequent loan recovery job has to be done to educate our younger brothers and sisters. Read more

30 September 2016

Are Universities Giving Students a Raw Deal?

The quality of a university degree has recently come under scrutiny following an increase in graduates entering the potential work force with limited skills. Read more

Kagame’s Address at Yale University Coca-Cola World Fund Lecture

We increasingly base our legitimacy on results achieved and on the views of our citizens, rather than on external validation. Read more

Why Rwanda Improved in New WEF Report on Competitiveness

The report also showed a need for improvement in higher education and training especially in specialised training services to meet the demands in the market. Read more

15 September 2016

Private Higher Learning Institutions Urged to Work in Harmony

Private higher learning institutions have been urged to work in harmony to deliver quality education. Read more

31 August 2016

10 ICT Professionals to Sharpen Skills in Japan Universities

Ten young professionals will this month head to Japan to acquire hands-on skills in information and communication technology (ICT) as part of efforts to strengthen economic ties between the private sectors in Rwanda and Japan. Read more

7469 Higher-Education Students to Receive Loans

The Rwanda Education Board has announced that 7,469 higher-education students have qualified for a student loan for the academic year 2016/17 while 10,026 other applications were rejected for different reasons. Read more

Bank Wants 37500 Scholarship Loans Defaulters to Pay Back

The Development Bank of Rwanda (BRD) has intensified its efforts to recover scholarship loans from over 50,000 beneficiaries. Read more

Confusion Surrounds Tuition Fees as Congolese Refugees Graduate

The University of Rwanda (UR) has denied claims that refugee University students have to pay higher scholarships compared to local students. Read more

Education Key to Fighting Discrimination, Says Official

The director-general of science, technology and research at the Ministry of Education has cited education as key to overcoming discrimination, and poverty in Rwanda and the region. Read more

Educators Should Push for Authenticity in Student Research

Most undergraduates have taken the maxim, “There is nothing new under the sun” too far. To them, research is a game of copy-paste or pay-and–get-it-done kind of thing. Read more

University Summer School Helps Students Understand the SDGs

Delegates from more than 40 universities from around the world have gathered at the University of Rwanda in the annual Summer School organized by the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU). Read more

UR Law School Looks To Revise Programme to Enhance Quality

The School of Law, University of Rwanda, is considering revising its programmes to improve quality of learning. Read more

31 July 2016

Higher Education Providers Require Close Supervision

The Ministry of Education should tighten its procedures with regard to starting a new university in Rwanda. Read more

Higher Education as a Pillar of Our Transformation Story

A record 8,500 students graduate from the University of Rwanda in the first ceremony at which graduands from all constituent colleges converge at the same venue to be conferred upon their degrees. Read more

Local Researchers Study Post-Genocide Challenges

Ten Rwandan researchers working under the tutelage Aegis Trust’s Research, Policy and Higher Education (RPHE) programme, have come up with research findings on post-Genocide challenges in Rwanda. Read more

Rwanda Envoy Negotiates Education Partnership with US Varsity

Rwanda’s Ambassador to Washington, has held discussions with St. Mary’s University, San Antonio, US on the possibility of a partnership with the University of Rwanda in priority areas. Read more

15 July 2016

JKUAT Commemorates

Staff and students of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) visited the Kigali Genocide Memorial Center to honor victims of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi. Read more

US$11 Million to Train Africa’s Future ICT Leaders

Carnegie Mellon University has received US$10.8 million from the MasterCard Foundation to help train the next generation of technology leaders and entrepreneurs at its campus in Rwanda. Read more

30 June 2016

54 Graduate from Kepler

54 students of Kepler, a Kigali-based programme, were awarded diplomas and degrees in various disciplines. Read more

Rwf8bn MasterCard Foundation deal to boost engineering skills

Rwanda’s quest to bridge the deficit in engineering skills across various disciplines received a boost. Read more

WB Boosts Higher Education with Rwf15bn Credit Facility

The Government of Rwanda and World Bank Group signed $20million (about Rwf15.3billion) credit facility agreement to strengthen higher education through research and training. Read more

15 June 2016

EAC Varsities Urged To Develop Innovative Products, Policies

The executive secretary of the Inter-University Council for East Africa, Prof. Alexandre Lyambabaje, called on universities to actively get involved with development of innovative products and policies. Read more

Kagame Challenges Students to Inspire Their Communities

President Paul Kagame has challenged African youths, who get opportunities to study from the world’s best schools, to keep their ambitions aligned with the greater targets of their native countries. Read more

Scholars Issue Alert over Genocide Denial

Experts from around the Great Lakes Region who are attending a meeting on genocide studies, in Kigali, have warned of growing denial of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. Read more

15 May 2016

Varsity Education Offers Refugee Students Fresh Hope for the Future

Imagine completing secondary education and the road stops there. Read more

30 April 2016

Univ. of Rwanda Launches Online Masters of Communication Management Course

The University of Rwanda has launched an online post-graduate programme, Masters of Communication Management (EMCM). Read more

Scholars Discuss Future of Traditional Medicine

Mechanisms should be put in place to promote indigenous knowledge that impacts public health, scholars have said. Read more

15 April 2016

NGO Expands Tertiary Education to Remote Refugee Camp

An innovative non-governmental organisation is breaking some of the toughest barriers to attaining a university education imaginable. Read more

Rwanda Takes Long View to Invest in African Science

Rwanda has chosen to invest on both fronts and several initiatives testify to this, from the Quantum Leap Africa Research Centre. Read more

UR’s College of Agric wins EAC Inter–University Debate Competition

College of Agriculture & Veterinary Medicine (UR-CAVM) emerged winners of the concluded Inter- University Debate Competition on East African Community integration. Read more

15 March 2016

University of Kigali Opens Musanze Campus

There is need for the education sector to understand local needs and deliver quality education that responds to those needs for sustainable development. Read more

Science, Innovation Key to Sustainable Prosperity

President Paul Kagame has called on African nations to scale up investments in research to increase impact of science in development. Read more

Rwandan Masters Students Graduate from US Varsity

Rwanda’s partnership and close ties with world leading universities has in recent years contributed to the growth of a pool of professionals in the country. Read more

29 February 2016

How Do We Improve the Quality of Our Graduates?

As student in a sea of many weak areas to be tackled by the stakeholders in our education industry, there are three important key areas that would likely trigger a higher standard of the graduates’ quality. Read more

Rethinking College Degrees and Workplace Performance Appraisal

There has been a concerned murmur reported in the media about “unmarketable” university degrees by some students, worried that they will not get jobs with the courses they have been pursuing. Read more

Smart Jobs Needed to Match Smart Rwanda

Most Rwandan graduates are unemployed because they are selective with jobs. Read more

Teachers’ Platform: Are Universities Giving Us A Raw Deal?

The main purpose of higher learning institutions, primarily universities, is to have a two-pronged approach in the search of knowledge to develop the highest degree of creative thought and to contribute to the solutions to concrete needs of society. Read more

January 2016

Gicumbi Varsity Pledges Quality Following Upgrade

Officials from Gicumbi-based University of Technology and Arts of Byumba (UTAB) have pledged to offer quality education that will not only be driven by the labour market, but also the country’s development aspirations. Read more

ULK Gisenyi Staff and Students Briefed On Heroism

As Rwandans get ready to mark the 21st National Heroes Day, different personalities are moving around the country to share with people views on what heroism is all about. Read more

ULK Polytechnic Institute in Partnership with CMU-Rwanda Organizes a Presentation On New Protection In Power Networks

ULK Polytechnic Institute students and administrative cadres met with a delegation from Carnegie Mellon University – Rwanda campus. The meeting was held on the topics of New Protection in Power Networks. Read more

UR Has Potential to Become a Global University

Three years ago, public universities merged to form the University of Rwanda (UR). With this merger, a single entity was born to address the key challenges that affected the quality of higher education, and to subsequently contribute to national development. Read more

UTB Graduates Tipped On Jobs

University graduates in the country have been urged to put into practice the acquired knowledge and skills to create their own jobs. Read more

December 2015

Education Sector Qualification Frameworks to Be Harmonised

The Ministry of Education is seeking to consolidate the four sector qualification frameworks into a single entity called the Rwanda National Qualification Framework (RNQF). Read more

Is Your University, Course Accredited?

The Ministry of Education took a spontaneous decision to ban some courses taught at three universities in Rwanda. The suspended courses included bachelor of nursing, bachelor of pharmacy, bachelor of medical laboratory science and bachelor of public health. Read more

Thomson Reuters Conducts a One Day Research Capacity Building Workshop at ULK

Conducting Research is a prerequisite responsibility within higher learning institutions. As its mission states; Kigali Independent University ULK aims to educate, teach, conduct research and serve the community. Read more

November 2015

Founder and President of Ulk Launches a Three Year Hospital Project Founder and President of ULK, launched a three year project of construction of ULK Hospital as well as the School of Medicine. Read more

Higher Learning Institutions Challenged To Promote Entrepreneurship among Students Institutions of higher learning have a big role to play in instilling an entrepreneur culture among youth. Read more

Prof. Lyambabaje Takes Over Inter University Council Leadership Former Commerce Minister has taken over as the new executive secretary of the Inter University Council of East Africa (IUCEA). Read more

Turkey in Africa: A Humanitarian Approach When it comes to education, Turkey provides around one thousand scholarships every year for students from Africa. There are currently over five thousand African students in higher education in Turkey. Read more

ULK Ranks #1 In World University Rankings For Rwandan Universities According to 4icu ranking metrics, Kigali Independent University ULK is the #1 university in Rwanda (Public as well as Private universities). Read more

Why Rwanda’s Move to English? The world has witnessed substantial positive changes in Rwanda over the past few years, with many more on the horizon. Read more

October 2015

Higher Education Needs to Become More Relevant Universities should not only offer courses that are relevant to the job market but those courses should also qualify to be university courses. Read more

International Campus Hit by Temporary Closure Order Plans by one of Kenya’s fastest growing private universities to become a regional higher education powerhouse are running into headwinds after the government of Rwanda last month ordered the closure of Mount Kenya University or MKU, Kigali campus. Read more

Learning from Germany & Singapore Takes More than Aping Education Practices On September 30, The New Times (Rwanda) reported that the East African Community (EAC) resolved to benchmark education practices from Singapore and Germany. On the same day, Uganda’s The Observer published a treatise by Ugandan sage, about the genesis and meaning of Ubuntu as a philosophy. Read more

Rwanda Could be an Academic Hub for EAC The Mahatma Gandhi University (MGU) has also set up a world class campus in Kabuga, in addition to the existing campus which is presently operational in the heart of Kigali City. Read more

Tracing the Birth of University of Rwanda You might want to know that UR, called National University of Rwanda then, was born in Butare at a time when the word ‘university’ was just a tale to the ears of the Rwandan community. Read more

Who’s to Blame for the Lack of Employment After Graduation? The government is doing everything to have more job creators than seekers, as well as create a pool of graduates that can grab the available jobs before they fly off to foreign countries. Read more

September 2015

Biotechnology Lab to Enhance Research A new biotechnology laboratory has been opened at University of Rwanda’s Huye campus to help enhance research in agriculture and health. Read more

EAC Seeks to Learn Higher Education Practices From Germany, Singapore As the East African Community (EAC) moves to enhance its higher education system, it is looking to borrow a leaf from countries such as Germany and Singapore that have excelled in linking academia to the world of work. Read more

Education Loan: Why Should Employers Be Held to Account? Whatever employers and lawyers want, this is a historical moment in education. If your judgment begins with scepticism, your ruling will equally be minus. Read more

Lawmakers Approve Bill on Varsity Study Loan Financing A proposed law that seeks to govern students’ bursaries and loans in post-secondary education and thus ease recovery process. Read more

Rwanda Military Academy Starts Degree Programme Rwanda Military Academy, Gako, has launched a four-year bachelor’s degree in Social and Military Science cadet course. Read more

Why Girls Should Embrace Sciences The full participation of women in science and technology at the leadership level is crucial for realization of Rwanda’s Development Vision 2020. Read more

August 2015

35 Rwandans Win Chinese Scholarships The Chinese government has awarded scholarships to 35 Rwandan students to pursue studies in various disciplines at various levels of higher education in China. Read more

Did HEC Act in Haste to Suspend Varsities? As things are, Higher Education Council (HEC) was informed of the decision to open Musanze Campus way back in December 2014, and University of Kigali (UoK) management had invested huge sums of money on this branch. HEC should audit before suspending a campus. Read more

Pass English or Repeat: How Best Can Universities Deal with Proficiency Tests? Recently, the University of Rwanda College of Science and Technology blocked 156 students from proceeding to the next level for one reason. Read more

Private Universities Warned on Unauthorised Operations The Ministry of Education has warned that private universities in the country that start new academic programmes and open campuses before being accredited will be closed. Read more

University of Rwanda Has Restructured to Meet International Standards Despite impressive numbers of graduates, there are concerns by a section of employers on their quality and relevance to the job market. Read more


July 2015

Are Our University Graduates Universally Competitive? The simplest way to define higher education institutes/universities in Rwanda is that they offer degree certificates. Read more

Tertiary Institutions Should Focus on Research This is a serious burden that is weighing our economy down and making our country helplessly impoverished in skills and service; nonetheless, it has not been taken with a grain of salt. Read more

The Dilemma of a Fresh Graduate Thousands of students will be graduating from many universities in the country. These will join many more that have walked Kigali streets for years without finding a job. Read more

Why We Should Bridge the Gap between Research and Policy In the context of globalisation and the world’s complexities, the need for sharing knowledge between higher learning institutions and community has become increasingly evident in recent years. Read more


June 2015

Six Rwandans Depart for YALI Fellowship Six young Rwandan professionals left the country for the United States after they were selected to take part in the second session of the Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) Mandela Washington Fellowship. Read more

Fostering Entrepreneurship Among Rwandan Youth; More Questions Than Answers The University of Rwanda’s College of Business and Economics (UR-CEB) posed a question of key concern to the country: How do we foster youth entrepreneurship and innovation? Read more

University Students are Plagiarising? Say It ain’t so? A highly popular news story last week was about the plight of five university students under investigation by a disciplinary committee in one of our universities. The crime: plagiarism. Read more

African Academicians Called on to Drive Economic Growth Academicians, policymakers and partners in education should streamline ideas on how to enhance the quality of higher education in Africa and adapt the knowledge to the continent’s economic development in order to turn it into a knowledge-based economy. Read more


MAY 2015

How Bridge2Rwanda Has Shaped All-Round Academic Giants Bridge2Rwanda was formed in 2007 to help expand Rwanda’s global network of friends, encourage foreign direct investment, and to create opportunities for Rwandan students to study abroad. Read more

Education Ministry Should Streamline its Regulatory Mechanism A dispute has ensued between Institut Superieur Pedagogique de Gitwe (ISPG) and a group of former students who accuse it of providing them with knowledge that is substandard after the latter were supposedly found unfit for the labour market. Read more

Would You Do an Exam on Your Day of Worship? If tests or exams happened to fall on Saturday, while her fellow students went into the examination hall, she remained locked up in her hostel reading the Bible, before finally heading to church where she spent the rest of the day. Read more

Wrangles Pit ISPG Graduates Against School Administration Recent graduates from the ISPG (Institut Supérieur Pédagogique de Gitwe) Faculty of Biomedical Sciences have accused the college of not training them to the standards expected by the labour market. Read more


April 2015

Wanted: The University of Rwanda’s Worst Enemy Higher education in Rwanda has undergone major changes over the past five years. The most significant change saw the transformation of six independent public universities into colleges under the umbrella of the University of Rwanda (UR). Read more

UR’s Timely Response Commendable I am satisfied with the response by the University of Rwanda. I understand the challenges they are facing and appreciate what they are doing to solve it. Read more

New Dawn: Cabinet Approves Varsity Loan Scheme for Rollout The cabinet has opened the door to the implementation of the university loan scheme under the Development Bank of Rwanda (BRD) following its approval of the students funding mechanism. Read more


March 2015

Top French Tourism School to Open Campus in Kigali The hospitality sector is set to receive a boost once Vatel, an international tourism institute, establishes a campus in the country. The renowned institution for hotel and tourism management plans to establish its first ever Sub-Saharan Africa campus in Kigali. Read more

Turkish Universities in Hunt For Rwandan Students Turkish Universities are in a drive to attract more Rwandan students. This was disclosed on Saturday during an education fair organised by seven private universities from Turkey in Kigali. Read more

Tanzanian University Holds First Graduation in Kibungo The Open University of Tanzania (OUT) that opened its doors in Rwanda in 2012, Friday graduated its first lot of students at a ceremony held in Kibungo, Ngoma District. Read more

Quality Education: Varsities Should Follow Through on Their Promise Over the weekend senior lecturers and professors from public and private institutions of higher learning committed to improving the quality of education in the country by signing performance contracts, best known locally as Imihigo. Read more

Should University Education Be Free? It is far from impossible to have free university education, the cost of that would be very high and simply unsustainable. Read more

INES Graduates Tipped on Job Creation Graduates from Ruhengeri Institute of Higher Education (INES) have been urged to be innovative and create their own jobs instead of wasting time moving from one government office to another looking for employment. Read more

Rural Infrastructure Devt Will Attract Youth to Agric. In the age of Smartphones, fast fashion, and digital entertainment –how do we make agriculture appealing to young people and those with higher education? Read more



Senegalese Minister Tours UR, Calls for More Partnerships The quality of higher education on the continent will be enhanced if African countries strengthen partnerships that allow them to share the resources, visiting Senegalese minister for higher education and research notes. Read more



Higher Education Embraces Kiswahili to Boost Regional Integration Rwandan universities have embarked on an ambitious programme to teach Kiswahili to enable the country’s populace to tap regional integration. Read more


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