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1 April 2016

500 Million Dollars Needed for Professional Education

The Mozambican Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher and Professional Education is seeking to raise 500 million US dollars to build, rehabilitate, expand and equip 39 institutions of technical and professional education throughout the country. Read more

Chinese Company Supports Mozambique’s Professional Education

The Chinese company Huawei Technologies on Monday granted 100,000 U.S. dollars to the Mozambican Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher and Professional Education, which is the budget required to complete the construction of a professional school in the central province of Sofala. Read more

Government to Create National Fund for Financing of Technical Vocational Training

Tthe Minister of Science, Technology, Higher Education and Technical Professional Training, has assured that the government will create a National Fund for the Financing of Technical Vocational Training. Read more

Nyusi Addresses Graduation Ceremony

Mozambican President declared that Mozambique needs well trained and persistent higher education graduates, with the necessary vision to face the challenges of development. Read more


January 2016

Top University to Launch Chinese Degree Course

Mozambique’s oldest and most prestigious higher education institution, Eduardo Mondlane University, will from this year introduce a degree course in Chinese, making Mozambique one of the first countries in the Southern African region to do so. Read more


July 2015

Grappling With a Plagiarism Problem in Universities Banishing academic dishonesty could help Mozambique nurture original thinkers who are economically efficient and socially suited to develop the country. Read more

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