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30 August 2020

Advancing Quality and Sustainable Higher Education

Academic institutions worldwide have been forced to adapt in the midst of the COVID -19 pandemic. The global pandemic has placed higher education institutions on an unfamiliar path to balance the continuity of learning and the safety of students and staff. Read more

Capacity of Africa’s Science Granting Councils in Research Management

Africa faces some of the world’s greatest development challenges and its research capacity is not yet sufficient to meet them. Improving research management within institutions is crucial, if research and innovation is to underpin social and economic development in Africa. Read more

Egerton University Rolls Out Online Lectures

Egerton University has embarked on upgrading its digital infrastructure to enable its over 50,000 students continue with their academic programs in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic. Read more

Entrepreneurship in a Pandemic Situation: Taking Opportunities and Realigning for the Future.

…Dialogue on entrepreneurship and opportunities for the future, is a key thrust and core to our primary stakeholders and partners alike. Read more

Final-Year Medical Students Ordered to Return to Class

Universities may be inching closer to a partial opening after Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Council (KMPDC) ordered final-year students to return to class and sit examinations, write Saada Hassan and Augustine Oduor for The Standard. Read more

Huawei Kenya Launches Online UniTech Talk Lecture Series on Latest Technologies

Huawei Kenya has launched their new initiative UniTech Talk a regular lecture series for University lecturers, students and tech enthusiasts to share the latest technologies, industry trends, development policies and insights. Read more

MKU, German Varsity Offer Scholarships to Post-Graduate Students

Mount Kenya University (MKU) in collaboration with a Liepzig University is offering students pursuing Masters degrees in Kenya and PhD graduates involved in research part-funding to support their projects. Read more

Only Two Varsities Have Met Covid-19 Class Rules

Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha (pictured) said Strathmore University and Mount Kenya University (MKU) have instituted necessary changes, re-engineered their physical spaces and adopted blended teaching to allow resumption of learning. Read more

Universities Partial Reopening Starts as Medical Students Ordered to Class

In a circular to university deans of school of medicine, KMPDC Chief Executive Officer Daniel Yumbya wants urgent measures put in place to allow the students undertake mandatory clinical examinations. Read more

UoN and BASF Collaborate to Support COVID-19 Efforts

The University of Nairobi through the Department of Chemistry has collaborated with BASF, one of the world’s leading chemical companies, to produce a handwash that will be distributed for free in urgent need areas as part of the company’s global “Helping Hands” initiative. Read more

UoN Don Receives Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship

Prof. Iribe Mwangi, the Chairman, Department of Kiswahili and Prof. Mungai Mutonya of Washington University in St. Louis, have been awarded the prestigious Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship. Read more

Vice-Chancellor and Staff Charged with Embezzlement

Professor Mary Walingo, the vice-chancellor of Maasai Mara University in Kenya, and four other suspects were on 26 August arrested and arraigned before a senior magistrate in Nakuru, 170 km north-west of Nairobi, on allegations of embezzlement of funds amounting to US$1.6 million. Read more

Why Kenya’s Decision to Appoint ‘Corporate’ Chancellors Won’t Fix Universities

The choice of chancellors appointed to head universities is a good indicator of the direction in which the state seeks to steer its institutions. It can foster or erode autonomy and shared decision-making. Read more


31 July 2020

After Lockdown, University Takes Student Counselling Online

When teaching and learning activities moved online at the United States International University-Africa (USIU-Africa), so did student counselling services, which are continuing to reach out and support students through what is known as ‘teletherapy’. Read more

COVID-19 – Managing the Risk to Older University Staff Members

As higher education learning institutions in Kenya prepare to resume activities in September, they are also having to take into account the fact that increased vulnerability to COVID-19 may pose a challenge for some of their older staff members. Read more

Elimika Youth Programme Response to CoronaVirus (COVID-19) Pandemic…

At moments of distress, the call to renew hope in our nation, families, comrades and friends is critical. Read more

First    Public University Cleared to Open Next Month

After months of uncertainty and speculation, Chuka University is set to be the first public university in Kenya to open its doors to final-year students amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Read more

In Africa, An Open Internet Standards Course for Universities

Seventy university students from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Ethiopia, Kenya, and Ghana gained insights into open Internet standards. Read more

Kenya Follows an 8-4-4 System and Students Currently at the Tail End of Their Studies…

Kenya announces all national exams canceled as schools remain closed till 2021. Read more

Kenyan Schools to Remain Closed Until 2021

But colleges and universities are to reopen in September if they abide by strict guidelines. Read more

Law Students Approach Courts to Challenge Online Exams

Eighty law students of Kenya’s University of Nairobi have gone to court challenging the use of online learning platforms for classes and scheduled examinations in response to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. Read more

Marketisation has Failed as an Easy Antidote to HE Problems

Marketisation of higher education in Sub-Saharan Africa, a model that two decades ago was borrowed from Uganda’s Makerere University to save public universities from resource starvation, is no longer a quiet revolution but a ring of jingle bells announcing academic distress. Read more

Phased Reopening of Universities to Start in September

Kenya is to implement a phased reopening of universities from September under strict guidelines, ending a four-month closure occasioned by the coronavirus pandemic. Read more

…Town Hall Webinars on COVID-19 and Healthcare Related Issues

Strathmore University Medical Centre and Community Service Centre will host a series of town hall webinars from June-July 2020 focusing on COVID-19 healthcare-related issues. Read more

Why Kenya’s Decision to Appoint ‘Corporate’ Chancellors Won’t Fix Universities

The choice of chancellors appointed to head universities is a good indicator of the direction in which the state seeks to steer its institutions. Read more


30 June 2020

Decentralised Learning Offers a Silver Lining to COVID-19

Since the arrival of COVID-19 and the consequent closure of colleges and universities, learning is gradually moving online. Many higher institutions of learning in Kenya are doing whatever they can to build an online learning culture among students and faculty. Read more

Faculty from the School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Receive NRF Grant…

Two members of faculty from the School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences together with their collaborators have received grants from the National Research Fund (NRF) to advance their research. Read more

Government Cuts Universities Budget by 26%

Kenya has slashed funding to its public universities by US$400 million in the coming financial year which begins on 1 July as the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to bite the East African economy. Read more

Half a Million Miss Out on Sponsored University Slots

Over half a million learners in Kenya have missed out when it comes to securing the highly sought-after government-sponsored university slots in an admission cycle that has exposed areas of concern in the higher education sector. Read more

More Students opt to Enroll at Private Universities

For three years in a row, student enrolments have decreased in public universities while private universities enrolments have risen, according to a recent report from the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics. Read more

Sport Scholarship Students Suffer Under COVID-19 Lockdown

On 2 June Winnie Kosgei, a Kenyan marathon runner, helped to pioneer a new form of virtual race that allows athletes to compete against each other without having to be physically in the same area. Read more

Universities Cry Foul Over Government Funding Model

Kenyan public university administrators are pushing for a review of the model the government uses to fund the institutions to save them from a crippling financial crisis. Read more

Universities to Stay Closed for Now – Minister

Kenyan educational institutions including universities will remain closed until the COVID-19 pandemic is brought under control, according to Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha. Read more

University, Students in Standoff Over Online Exams

A decision by Kenya’s University of Nairobi (UON) to administer exams online to mitigate the impact of closure as a result of COVID-19 has resulted in a standoff between students and the university management. Read more

USIU-Africa’s Social Media Lab Hosts Webinar on Fake News on Social Media…

USIU-Africa’s Social Media Lab recently hosted a webinar tackling fake news on social media in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more


31 May 2020

Bleak Future for Graduates as Employers Get Picky

A survey shows that nearly half of Kenyan employers are dissatisfied with the skills level of university leavers joining the job market. This means that while thousands graduate each year, their qualifications are no guarantee of a job as employers opt for highly skilled employees who are in over-supply in the market and shun new graduates. Read more

Court Stops Universities from Cutting Staff Salaries

An employment court in Nairobi, Kenya, has barred two public universities from cutting workers’ salaries pending the hearing and determination of a case filed by the Universities Academic Staff Union (UASU). Read more

COVID-19 – Fueling a Crisis Already in the Making

Half a million university students in Kenya are among the approximately 220 million higher education students around the world whose learning has been disrupted by forced closures of universities occasioned by COVID-19. Read more

e-Learning in Public Universities – The Only Way is Forwards

The fact that most of our Kenyan public universities seem to have been caught unawares by the COVID-19 pandemic can be forgiven. What cannot be forgiven is their inability to quickly adapt . After all, it is in universities where people study complex doctrines of agile risk management and change strategies. Read more

Iran in Bid to Set Up Nanoscience Hub in Nairobi

Iran is bidding to set up a nanoscience and nanotechnology centre in Kenya, setting up Nairobi at the centre of global innovations. Read more

Helb Releases Sh7.6bn in Loans for Varsity Students

About 196,613 students currently admitted to public and private universities can now apply for Sh7.6 billion students loan, Higher Education Loans Board (Helb) has announced. Read more

Kenyans Urged to Embrace Virtual Learning

The UoN Vice Chancellor, Prof. Stephen Kiama who was one of the panelists expressed his hope of tertiary institutions fully adopting virtual learning, ‘We are using this time to see whether tertiary institutions can adopt virtual learning completely. Read more

Moving Online Huge Challenge for Kenya’s Higher Education

For over a decade Kenya has made moves towards e-learning for university students. This is all the more important now, as universities have closed indefinitely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more

Research Grant Allocations Restore Faith in Fledgling Agency

It is three years since the call for applications was made, but Kenya’s National Research Fund (NRF) has finally announced the recipients of its second round of research grants, giving the nascent agency a much-needed lifeline. Read more

University to Conduct Online Defence of Research Theses

Online learning during the COVID-19 lockdown has had its challenges for universities, but one institution is not giving up, announcing that the defence of masters and PhD research theses are to be conducted online. Read more

University Keeps the Ball Rolling

In the midst of this global pandemic, most organizations have sought different ways of business continuity. The University of Nairobi has been on the forefront in research in different capacities and online teaching and learning. Read more


30 April 2020

Extension Workers Trained on Improved Agronomic Practices, Gender and Weed Control

At least 40 extension workers drawn from different local governments in the state took part in the two-day theory and practical training sessions held at the Enugu State Cooperative College, Enugu. Read more

Refugee Students Lead Resistance to Virus in Their Camp

Kakuma Refugee Camp in north western Kenya often makes headlines for the wrong reasons. As one of the biggest refugee camps in the world, its population expands whenever a new conflict arises in troubled East Africa and refugees flee to the relative safety of neighbouring Kenya. Read more

School of Law Joins Global Campus of Human Rights

The Global Campus of Human Rights is an EU-funded global network of universities based on cooperation between the European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratisation (EIUC) and seven regional programmes. Read more

University Examinations – A Question of Means

While some African universities are forging ahead with end-of-semester exams using alternative online methods, others are still considering their options. At the root of the issue are resources and preparedness. Read more

Universities Face Multiple Challenges in Wake of COVID-19 Closures

Kenya’s shuttered universities face the twin challenge of rolling out online learning for thousands of students and finding money to pay salaries and meet their financial obligations at a time when major revenue streams are shut. Read more

University of Law Ranked Number One for Law Acceptances by UCAS

UCAS have announced a record number of undergraduate law students accepted places at the University of Law for its 2019 intake. Read more

UoN’s Science Park Innovates Ventilator with Partners

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Science & Technology Park, University of Nairobi (UoN) is collaborating with a team at University of Cambridge (CAM) to develop an oxygen concentrator and ventilator. Read more

WHO, WTO to Jointly Work on COVID-19

COVID-19 has rapidly progressed to become a global pandemic, causing unprecedented, far-reaching impact on the health, social and economic well-being of communities around the world. Read more


31 March 2020

21 Kenyan Graduates Who Studied in Uganda Directed to Repeat High School

Twenty-one (21) university graduates in Kenya have been directed to repeat secondary school for prerequisite qualifications before joining the only bar school in Kenya according to local media. Read more

Contact Learning in Universities Suspended, Students Sent Home

Face-to-face learning in all universities in Kenya will be suspended over the coronavirus disease from 20 March until further notice. Read more

COVID-19: Immune System Plays Key Role in Recovery

Dr. Loice Anyango, a senior lecturer in the Department of Clinical Medicine and Therapeutics at the University of Nairobi and Head of Infectious Disease Unit at Kenyatta National Hospital alludes the recovery from the disease to ones immune system. Read more

Dr. Franz Kogelmann, the Managing Director, Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence, University of Bayreuth (Germany) Pays a Courtesy Call to the Office of the Vice-Chancellor

Moi University was selected by the University of Bayreuth as one of four (4) African Cluster Centres of Excellence in African Studies to be funded by the German Federal Government. Read more

Rioting University of Nairobi Students Torch Hostels

University of Nairobi students in Kenya went on the rampage last Monday evening, setting fire to an abandoned hostel, to protest the death of a fellow student. Read more

School of Science and Technology Hosts the Annual Hackathon and Innovation Day

The School of Science and Technology held its fifth annual Hackathon and Innovation day with the theme being ‘Bridging the gap between the Talent and Industry. Read more

Students Worry About Delays to Their Studies

Following the suspension of contact classes in Kenya, some universities have made provision for remote teaching and learning to ensure that students complete the remaining semester as scheduled, but students have expressed concern about potential delays to their studies. Read more

The Office of Gender Equity and Protection Conducts Sexual Harassment Training for Staff, Students and Faculty

A training was held for the faculty and staff members of the School of Science and Technology, School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and the School of Communication, Cinematic and Creative Arts, in order to create awareness of the University’s Sexual Harassment Policy… Read more

University of Nairobi Lecturer Accused of Leaking Law Exams

The University of Nairobi in Kenya has set up a committee to investigate claims that a law lecturer leaked end of semester examinations to a third-year student who shared them with a section of his classmates. Read more

Varsities Face Salaries Crisis Amid Covid-19

Universities are staring at a salary crisis as the learning lockdown continues due to the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe. Read more


29 February 2020

Arap Moi – Higher Education Champion Who Suppressed Dissent

At the time Moi succeeded Jomo Kenyatta in 1978, the University of Nairobi was the only fully-fledged university in the country, with its two constituent colleges Kenyatta University College and Egerton College, and with a total enrolment of 7,000 students. Read more

COVID-19 – Kenya, Ghana and South Africa Students Stay Put

While nations around the world, including Algeria and some of its North African neighbours, have moved to evacuate their citizens from the Chinese city of Wuhan, the epicentre of the deadly coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, students from other African regions remain trapped in universities with no immediate evacuation plans. Read more

Kenya University’s Rape Memo Sparks Anger

A top Kenyan university has apologised after blaming “reckless” female students for becoming victims of rape. Read more

Going Green: Inter-University Engineering Students Symposium

Engineering students have been challenged to come up with solutions to climate change and exchange ideas with leading innovators in the world, Israel. Read more

Sensitization Workshop for Moi University Incubation Team and University Management

The sensitization workshop for Moi University Business Incubation team is underway… Read more

State Visit Sheds Little Light on Stalled University Project

Hopes that this week’s visit to Kenya by German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier would provide some insight into progress towards the establishment of the long-awaited East African-German University of Applied Sciences (EA-GUAS) remain largely unfulfilled. Read more

Struggling University Seeks Commercial Loan to Boost Finances

Kenyatta University, Kenya’s biggest institution by student numbers, has turned to commercial lenders to fund its operations, exposing the worsening financial condition of the country’s public universities. Read more

 Universities Urged to Lead in Sustainable Youth-Centered Projects

There are 6 Million jobless youth in the villages in Kenya and according to the trends this number will double in a few years.  Governments, private sector and universities are all grappling with the issue of the rising number of youth unemployment/ graduate unemployment in different parts of the globe. Read more

UoN to Establish a Disability Centre

“It is high time that the University of Nairobi institutionalizes its approach on how to cater to the needs of Persons living with disability (PWDs) through a disability centre. The centre  will be a first point of contact for PWDs… Read more

UoN to Launch an International Research Project on Diaspora Humanitarianism…

The University of Nairobi, the Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS), the Rift Valley Institute (RVI), and Rako Research and Communication Centre based in Hargeisa, Somaliland, will launch a collaborative research project on… Read more

UoN Ranked 7th in Africa 2020

University of Nairobi has been ranked 7 among the top 10 universities in Africa in 2020 by the African Exponent. Read more

31 January 2020

Agroforestry Improves Lives of Poor Farmers in Kenya

Scientists from World Agroforestry (ICRAF) have found modest, yet statistically significant, improvements in the livelihoods of farmers involved with an agroforestry-development program in Kenya. Read more

Cartels Cash in on Gaps ‘to Sell Marks to Students’

Extortion rings within university administration, vengeance by disaffected lecturers, combined with dishonesty by crooked students to cover up for their sloth have given rise to cases of learners failing to graduate in Kenya. Read more

Ecofriendly Wastewater Treatment Using Automated Solar Powered Electrolysis Cells

Brian Omaanya an undergraduate student at the Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering is soaring high with an eco-friendly waste water treatment innovation. Read more

Elimika Empowering Youth Leaders

Young people have been challenged to work on their soft skills such as emotional intelligence and personal development even as they endeavour to seek opportunities in the market place. Read more

GIS Lab to be Set Up

GIS offers a powerful decision-making toolkit that can be used in educational administration, educational policy and teaching… To keep up with these technologies, the University of Nairobi is in talks with Esri Eastern Africa to set up a GIS Laboratory at the Wangari Maathai Institute. Read more

Lecturers Retirement Age Dispute Moves to Court

The row over university lecturers’ retirement age has now moved to the Labour court, with workers accusing their employers of double speak on the matter. Read more

Transforming Core Skills in University Curricula

There can be a disconnect between how students are taught in universities and the skills they will need in the workplace and in wider roles in society. Read more

Uasu Seeks to Join UoN VC Case to Ensure Fairness

The Universities Academic Staff Union (Uasu) has applied to join the case on the leadership dispute at the University of Nairobi. Read more

Universities and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

“The Fourth Industrial Revolution is going to yield new products and services for universities. It is expected to raise standards of living,” says Prof. Ernest Aryeetey, Secretary-General, African Research Universities Alliance (ARUA). “The Revolution will change the way we do things including research and teaching.” Read more

Universities Get More Funding, But Fee Hike Still Possible

Kenya’s government has raised its funding to public universities for the next financial year by 33%, marking the biggest increment in the past five years, but they are by no means out of the woods. Read more

VC Kiama Promises to Reform Student Services

University of Nairobi Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Stephen Gitahi Kiama, has cautioned first years against wasting their time while in campus. He challenged them to use their time wisely while in campus. Read more 

31 December 2019

Commission to Regulate Journals Published by Universities

Kenya’s Commission for University Education (CUE) is developing criteria according to which it will evaluate academic journals produced by universities, in what it says is a step towards regulating publications and ensuring their quality. Read more

Government Invests Heavily in Technical Training to Woo More Youth

The Government through the Ministry of Education has reiterated its commitment towards ensuring quality education in technical and vocation training institutes across the country to attract more learners and make it labour market-responsive. Read more

H.E. Dr. Ruto Hails Mak Over New Leadership Institute

The Deputy President of Kenya, H.E. Dr. William Samoei Ruto, has lauded Makerere University for championing the setting up of Leadership Institute named after him that will inspire students to become great leaders. Read more

IT Students Get Glimpse into the Tech World Through Engagements with Industry Leaders

The IT Club recently visited IBM Kenya offices where they underwent training on various facets of the ICT sector. Read more

KNUT Members in the Cold in TSC’s New Promotions

Teachers across the country have received a major reprieve after their employer, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC), dropped a controversial requirement that those holding administrative positions must have a master’s degree for secondary and an undergraduate degree for primary schools. Read more

Mount Kenya University Bids Farewell to its Founding VC Prof. Stanley Waudo

Mount Kenya University (MKU) has bid farewell to its founding Vice chancellor Prof. Stanley Waudo after serving at the institution for the last 11 years. Read more

Sex for Grades Rife in Universities – ActionAid Study

One in two female students and one in four male students in Kenyan institutions of higher learning are sexually harassed, according to a study by ActionAid Kenya. Read more

University of Reading Announce new Life Science Programmes

The University of Reading have announced a number of exciting new Life Science programmes which are available for September 2020 entry. Read more

30 November 2019

Government Budget Cuts Force Change in Universities’ Model

Government cuts to budgets have meant that, instead of focusing on key roles of teaching and research, African universities have followed a neoliberal model based largely on income generation. Read more

Kenyans Rage Against Police Brutality After Beating Video

Four policemen can be seen hitting him with a stick and stamping on his head, before he is led away during a protest at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. Read more

Moi University Becomes UNESCO Chair on Enterprise Management and Sustainability

Moi University is proud to have been selected to be the UNESCO Chair on Enterprise Management and Sustainability. Read more

Scientists train farmers Cassava Weed Management

Dr Alfred Dixon, IITA Director for Development & Delivery described the toolkit as an innovation that combines a set of agronomic recommendations and plant protection products to control weeds and increase the productivity of cassava. Read more

Student Loans Body Threatens to Name and Shame Defaulters

Kenya’s Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) has vowed to publish the names and pictures of up to 85,000 former university students, dating back to 1975, who have defaulted on their loan repayment. Read more

The University of Nairobi joined Action Aid Kenya 

The University of Nairobi joined Action Aid Kenya and UN women in the launch of a campaign against Sexual harassment in Higher learning institutions. Read more

Uncertain Future for Lucrative Parallel Degree Programme

The University of Nairobi, Kenya’s second largest by student numbers, is struggling to keep the once lucrative parallel degree programme afloat as it continues to suffer from dwindling admission numbers. Read more

Universities and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The rate, depth and breadth of the likely transformations promise to be breath-taking and disruptive to all industries everywhere, especially for their production systems, management as well as governance. Read more

USIU-Africa Hosts Academic Symposium to Celebrate 50 Years of Academic Excellence

The USIU-Africa community took part in an Academic Symposium which celebrated 50 years of Academic Excellence at USIU-Africa. Read more

USIU-Africa Hosts Model African Union Mock Debate

USIU-Africa hosted the Model African Union mock debate at the Auditorium. Themed “The Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA0:… Read more

Visit by Delegation from Helwan University, Egypt

The visitors from Helwan University, Egypt, arrived Moi University, on the 4th of November 2019 received by Prof. Charles Lagat (Director, International Programmes, Linkages & Alumni),… Read more

31 October 2019

Needy Students Receive Kshs. 25 M Scholarships from Rattansi Trust

Selected needy students from private and public universities and the Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) received a big boost towards their education after Rattansi Education Trust donated Kshs. 25 million towards their education. Read more

Over 900 Delegates Expected at Research Week 2019

This year’s edition of the Research Week kicked off today, October 22, 2019 with the four out of 13 conferences commencing their activities. Read more

Tax Authority Freezes University Accounts Over Arrears

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has frozen the accounts of 11 public universities over KES9.7 billion (US$93 million) in tax arrears in a move likely to cripple the operations of the public learning institutions, some which have been struggling financially. Read more

The Power of the Purse Threatens Academic Freedom in Kenya’s Universities

Academic freedom is the right enjoyed by university teachers to teach, research and write in their areas of expertise without fear of retribution by institutional powers or political authorities. Read more

UON to Forge Research Partnership with China-Africa Institute

The University of Nairobi and the China-Africa Institute, China, have entered into discussions on possible areas of collaboration. Read more

University Hostel Plan Part of Bid to Woo Foreign Students

The University of Nairobi – Kenya’s second largest by student numbers – is seeking fresh funds to build new student hostels targeted at international learners. Read more

30 September 2019

22 UoN Students Flagged off to France for an Exchange program

22 University of Nairobi students are among 60 Kenyan students that are going to France as the first cohort through a program under the MoU that was signed between the government of Kenya and France to enhance mobility. Read more

Government Probes Irregular University Procurement Deals

Several public universities in Kenya are locked in a probe over US$30 million in questionable supplies as the country battles rising cases of financial impropriety in the institutions. Read more

International HE Partnership Cracks Drought Debt Problem

Researchers from the University of Greenwich in the United Kingdom in partnership with the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) have created a first of its kind credit scheme to cushion smallholder farmers in Kenya’s dryland areas from frequent droughts. Read more

New Student Hostels to be Funded Through Green Bond

Kenya has given the go-ahead to global private equity fund Helios to raise a US$500 million green bond to fund the construction of hundreds of student hostels. Read more

UoN Celebrates CARTA for Staff Development Initiatives

The University of Nairobi has appreciated the efforts made by CARTA in helping both academic and administrative staff in their career development endevours. Read more

31 August 2019

Court Blocks University Merger Plan, Calls for Consultation

A court has stopped the planned merger of some state universities in Kenya, sending the government back to the drawing board over its controversial proposal to reform the education sector. Read more

Institutions Partner to Offer Future-Ready Programmes

Riara University in Kenya has signed a memorandum of understanding with global IT training brand NIIT to offer future-ready programmes in digital marketing and big data analysis to the Kenyan market. Read more

Over 100 PhDs Face Review in Single University

Kenya’s Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) has defended as “meritoriously earned” its doctoral degrees awarded over the past year – despite a recent report by the regulator highlighting inadequate supervision and other irregularities which has thrown the validity of up to 118 PhDs into doubt. Read more

Universities Meet to Lay Ground for New Curriculum

As the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) takes root at the basic level in Kenya, deans of education faculties has met to discuss the space for universities in the ongoing education reforms as they gear up to train teachers who will receive the products of CBC…. Read more 

University of Nairobi is Working on Artificial Intelligence Lab

University of Nairobi is in talks with UBtech, a leading Artificial Intelligence robotics company from China on the possibility of building Artificial Intelligence, AI Lab. Read more

Universities on Collision Course with Government over Reforms

University administrators in Kenya have rejected a series of drastic proposals by the education cabinet secretary which, if effected, would change the face of the university sector. Read more

31 July 2019

Garissa University Attack: Tanzanian and Kenyans Get Long Sentences

A court in Kenya has sentenced a militant Islamist to life in prison for his role in the 2015 Garissa University College attack, which left 148 people dead. Read more

JKUAT Graduates Risk Losing PhD Degrees

Hundreds of PhD graduates from Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and Technology are at risk of having their degrees recalled after a government investigation revealed glaring anomalies in the processes leading to graduation. Read more

Mergers, Overhauls and Job Cuts on the Cards in New Reforms

Job cuts and the overhaul of university courses are in the offing as the Kenyan government rolls out radical reforms which anticipate the mergers of some universities and campuses to leave the country with fewer institutions that are better staffed and has adequate facilities. Read more

Technological Innovations – A key to Reaching Students

African universities need to “run faster in innovating technologies to compete globally”, according to Professor Crispus Kiamba, former permanent secretary in the Ministry of Higher Education. Read more

Trinity College President Shares Insights on Entrepreneurship

The President and Provost, Dr. Patrick Prendergast, who is a Professor of Engineering at Trinity College Dublin urged students to explore the daily challenges of their campus life and turn the ideas into business opportunities. Read more

University of Nairobi Council Rejects VC’s Bid for Second Term

The University of Nairobi Council on Wednesday rejected a bid by incumbent Vice-Chancellor Professor Peter Mbithi for a second term in office, and has resolved to send him on terminal leave with effect from 6 July. Read more

University Graduates Showcase Abundant Innovation Talent

The recent Nairobi Innovation Week saw government officials, diplomats and representatives from UN agencies committing their support to tech innovators and start-up entrepreneurs as a way to create employment and business opportunities for graduates in Kenya. Read more

USIU-Africa Takes Home Top Awards at the 7 Day Film Festival

Two productions by USIU-Africa’s Cinematic Arts’ Department have won the top prizes during this year’s edition of the 7 Day Film Festival. Read more

30 June 2019

Cal Poly Choral Conductor and Students to Travel to Kenya in July

Scott Glysson, Cal Poly director of choral activities, will travel to Kenya from July 1-8 to lead a choral conducting workshop in Nairobi at the invitation of the Kenyan government and Kenyatta University. Read more

Garissa University Attack: Three Convicted over Kenya Massacre

Rashid Charles Mberesero, Mohamed Ali Abikar and Hassan Edin Hassan were found guilty of conspiracy to commit the attack in which four gunmen killed 148 people, mainly students. Read more

How Jkuat Flouted Rules in Award of 118 PhDs

Fresh details have emerged on the 118 doctorate degrees that were awarded by Jomo Kenyatta University last week. Read more

Magoha Says Varsity Mergers will Ensure Quality Education

Hundreds of jobs will be lost when non-performing public universities are closed, but the exercise will be done in a civilised manner. Read more

UoN to Establish Institute for Blue Economy and Ocean Studies

Plans are underway to establish the University of Nairobi Institute for Blue Economy and Ocean Studies (UoN-IBEOS). Read more

31 May 2019

Expanding the Food Basket: Edible Insects as an Alternative

Prof. Judith Kimiywe of the department of Food Nutrition and Dietetics has been awarded a grant of Euro 279,926 by the Flemish Interuniversity Council (VLIR) to carry out a collaborative research titled Insects for Nutrition and Health: Development and Evaluation of Insect-based Complementary Foods for Children in Kenya. Read more

Kisii University Shuts Down Satellite Campuses

Kisii University has shut down some of its satellite campuses and merged others that were not viable. Education Cabinet Secretary Prof George Magoha has praised the move by the institution. Read more

Mechanism to Accredit Academic Journals in the Pipeline

Kenya’s Commission for University Education (CUE) has proposed the establishment of a mechanism for accrediting academic journals, with a view to encouraging more publications by Kenyan scholars in high-quality academic journals. Read more

Reprieve for Universities in US$50 Million Pension Arrears

Kenya’s public universities have been given six years to clear pension deductions owed to the country’s workers’ retirement funds or face massive penalties and auctions. Read more

Why HE Internationalisation Matters in Africa

In recognition of its many benefits, Kenyan universities are actively working towards mainstreaming internationalisation in their institutional strategies and education programmes, according to education experts at the recent National Education Conference held at Aga Khan University in Nairobi. Read more

30 April 2019

‘Academic Writers’ Set to Lose Lucrative Global Market

Recent measures taken by the United Kingdom government to stamp out the use of essay mills by its students come as a blow to thousands of Kenyan university students and graduates who rely on contract academic writing as a major source of income. Read more

Business Management Courses, Requirements and Universities Offering in Kenya

Business management courses have become quite rampant and competitive in Kenya as a result of the existing competition in the market. Most firms are looking for candidates that have majored in the course and also, emerged the best! As they say, for an organization to achieve a competitive advantage, it ought to ensure that it attracts and retains the best talents in the market! Read more

Kenyans should drop obsession with degrees, says Education CS George Magoha

According to Magoha, the obsession with degrees by the modern youth was the reason many of them are currently unemployed. According to the CS, both parents and students should re-explore their options when it came to education since most courses offered in Kenyan tertiary institutions did not offer too much value. Read more

Monitoring and Evaluation Course Requirements and Universities Offering in Kenya

Traditionally, project monitoring and evaluation has been thought of as an activity for the NGOs. The success rate and accountability witnessed within the NGO sector necessitated other public and private sector organizations to rethink their strategies by incorporating monitoring and evaluation. Read more

Students Interact with Industry at the AIESEC Week

University of Nairobi AIESEC students are marking the 2019 AIESEC Week where they are engaging various industry players on issues ranging from solving societal challenges to offering solutions to SDG goals. The event runs from April 24-26, 2019 at the University of Nairobi Towers. Read more

Universities – On the Brink of Financial Insolvency

It is crunch time for universities in Kenya: for the last three years, the sector has been reeling under a financial crisis of unprecedented proportions, raising questions about its long-term sustainability. Read more

Varsity Receives Recognition at DIAR Awards

The University of Nairobi received an award at the 2nd edition of National Diversity and Inclusion Awards & Recognition (DIAR) 2019 Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony in the ‘Inclusive Universities’ category.  Read more

31 March 2019

University Academic Workforce Shows Little Ethnic Diversity

Ethnic patterns in the academic workforce of the public universities in Kenya indicate that most jobs are currently occupied by members of only five major tribes in a country of 43 ethnic groups, according to data from the Commission for University Education (CUE). Read more

Why Uhuru was Right to Move Amina to Sports Ministry

President Uhuru Kenyatta has moved Education Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed to the Sports docket and replaced her with Kenya National Examinations Council chairman George Magoha. This decision has been welcomed by citizens, who say Prof Magoha is better suited to run the ministry. Read more

28 February 2019

26 Universities Face Probe over Unapproved Courses

Kenya is investigating 26 universities for offering unapproved courses after revelations by the sector regulator that have rekindled concerns over the country’s higher education quality. Read more

Institute of Higher Education Research and Leadership Development

The Institute of Higher Education Research and Leadership Development was launched in January 2019 and is mandated to institutionalize and undertake development of leadership and research in African Higher Education Institutions. Read more

Kenya Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST Kenya) to Start Admission

The University of Nairobi, Kenyan Government through Konza Technopolis Development Authority (KoTDA) and Korean Advanced Institute of Sciences and technology (KAIST) have been in partnership to establish a consortium of KAIST in Kenya. Read more

Moses Kuria Grants ‘Mitumba’ Seller a Scholarship to London School of Economics

Felistas is currently hustling her way by selling second-hand clothes at Gatundu Market. He was speaking during a meeting with over 400 unemployed graduates in Gatundu South. Read more

Red Tape Stalls Regional German Applied Sciences University

Kenya risks losing its chance to host the East African-German University of Applied Sciences as bureaucratic delays continue to hold up the signing of a draft agreement between the two countries. Read more

UoN Researchers to Undertake Air Quality Monitoring in Nairobi

The University of Nairobi in partnership with GEOHealth Hub will undertake air quality monitoring and impacts on the health of the people in Nairobi. Read more

31 January 2019

Are University Students being Targeted by Jihadist Groups?

As details emerge about those involved in this month’s terror attack on an office and hotel complex in Nairobi, questions are being raised about the susceptibility of students and university graduates to recruitment by militant networks, such as Somali-based jihadist group al-Shabaab, which has claimed responsibility for the attack. Read more

Failure to Disburse Funds for Free Learning Hurting Schools

The latest revelation that public schools have not received free learning funds, three weeks after reopening, is disheartening. Last year, the Ministry of Education promised school heads that the money would be deposited in their school accounts by December 2018. Unfortunately, the promise was not fulfilled and schools are facing severe financial crisis. Read more

How to Calculate Cluster Points for University Intake in Kenya

Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service, popularly known as KUCCPS recently unveiled a precise formula to help students compute their score cluster points. Read more

Moi University Wins Award at the National Gender and Disability Mainstreaming Awards 2018

Moi University won 1st runners up in the category ‘Gender and Disability mainstreaming in Academia’. This was in recognition of its outstanding efforts in mainstreaming Gender and Disability in its policies and programmes. Read more

Opening of KU Language and Culture Center

Prof. Shem Migot-Adholla,  Kenyatta University Chairman of Council receives the ceremonial key to the  International Language and Cultural Centre from Mr. Peter Okwanyo, Secretary Administration , University Education and Research representing the Ministry of Education, State Department for University Education and Research. Read more

UoN Special Needs Graduates Celebrated

“This is a great achievement not only for you but also for the University,” affirmed Ms Phaustine Khaoya, Acting Registrar, office of the Dean of Students on behalf of  the Dean of students, Father Wamugunda. Read more

University of Nairobi and Meru County Develop a Roadmap to Manage Aflatoxin Risk

In a two-day high-level strategy workshop that was held at the University of Nairobi towers, Meru County Government, University of Nairobi and other stakeholders engaged in a rigorous writing session; a bill that would legislate the management of aflatoxin in their food. Read more

USIU-Africa Launches the First Ever Scorecard

USIU-Africa launched the University Scorecard on Tuesday, 18 December, 2018 during the end of year staff party which was attended by employees, members of the Board of Trustees and the visiting team from University of Dhaka Read more.

31 December 2018

CAES Honours Three Professors for Distinguished Service to Mak

Three professors in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (CAES), Makerere University were on Friday, 14th December 2018 honored for their distinguished service offered to Makerere University after serving in leadership positions for many years. Read more

Conference Seeks Effective Approach to Work Integrated Learning

United States International University-Africa (USIU-Africa), Linking Industry With Academia (LIWA), Cresco Skills Development (CRESCO) and Southern African Society for Cooperative Education (SASCE) held the Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Conference in Kenya. Read more

DP Ruto Receives PhD, President Uhuru Grace Graduation Ceremony

The 60th University of Nairobi graduation has gone into the books of history as one where a siting Deputy President in Kenya received a Doctoral Degree. Read more

Government Sets the Stage for Higher Tuition Fees

The country’s Cabinet Secretary for Education Amina Mohamed said the government can no longer afford to increase funding to state universities and institutions, which should come up with long-term plans for bridge financing. Read more

Integrated Research Field Course in Kenya: 4 AMU Researchers Partake

The second edition of two-week long integrated research field course was held at University of Eldoret in Kenya from 14th to 24th November, 2018. Around 52 Master students that include 20 from host Kenya, 20 of KU Leuven, Belgium and 12 ETH Zurich, Switzerland partook in it. Read more

Postgraduate Numbers Fall in New Universities Crisis

The number of Kenyans seeking postgraduate education fell by over 50% last year, and a further decline is expected this year. While the reasons are unclear, the situation presents the country with a fresh challenge in its economic ambitions. Read more

Shocking Reflections of Freaking University Students’ Drugs, Sex Life

“I have been addicted to Marijuana since I was in class Seven”, says Bill, an undergraduate student at the University of Nairobi. For those fresh out of high school, university life is the ultimate utopia. A chance to finally be free from the suffocating iron grip your parents maintain at all times. Read more

Smart Machines and Human Expertise, Challenges for Higher Education

Google finds answers for your queries, Amazon know your preferences, Facebook not only knows your friends but also can help you find the perfect partner. These platforms seem to know what we are thinking almost before we do. Our world has taken on a digital smartness through AI, data, natural language processing, automation, and robots that, although nearly invisible, impact much of what we do. Read more

Trends that Shaped Higher Education in 2018

For the first time in the history of university student politics, an unusual quiet preceded election in public institutions this year. As the amended 2016 Universities Act that provided for electing student leaders through electoral colleges came into force, there was considerable deviation from the notorious heated campaigns of past years. Read more

VC Speaks on Diaspora Contribution at Sustainable Blue Economy Conference

The Sustainable Blue Economy Conference was held in Nairobi, and brought together the global community of governments, organizations, businesses and the private sector, as well as to individual experts from around the globe. Read more

30 November 2018

Anti-Corruption Drive – What about the Universities?

Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta’s war on corruption has seen the arrest and prosecution of high-profile civil servants from current and past regimes, but have universities been overlooked in his campaign? Some academics and stakeholders think so. Read more

ODeL Campus Discuss Online Education with Tsinghua University

Under the blended mode of learning, students will be using technology to access learning materials from both Kenyan and Chinese professors. Read more

Students Sleep in Shifts as Room Shortage Hits Varsity

The University of Nairobi can only accommodate 10,000 students on an on-campus basis against its student enrollment of 85,000 across the country. This is a shortfall of 75,000 students who seek alternative accommodation in private rentals or live with parents, relatives and friends. Read more

The Cabinet Secretary- Ministry of Education, Ambassador (Dr.) Amina Mohamed Officially Opens the Science and Research Symposium at the Blue Economy Conference

The Sustainable Blue Economy Conference officially kicked off at the Kenyatta International Convention Center and the University of Nairobi. Participants from around the globe are in Nairobi from November 26 to 28, 2018 to learn and exchange ideas on harnessing the potential of oceans, seas, lakes and rivers to improve people’s lives. Read more

Why 2018 was Hard for Public Universities

Every time you fight for your rights and have a peaceful demonstration, security forces are unleashed on you. Your roommate has reduced the only study table in your room to a make-up table. Read more

UCA Announces New Partnership with Riara University in Nairobi, Kenya

The University of Central Arkansas has announced a new international partnership with Riara University in Nairobi, Kenya. The agreement will facilitate student and faculty exchange and joint research projects between UCA and RU faculty. Read more

University Reels from US$5.8m Loss as Campuses Shut

Kenya’s Kenyatta University is reeling from the loss of its US$5.8 million investment in satellite campuses in Rwanda and Tanzania, after their respective governments shut the campuses down recently over claims that they had not complied with new regulations. Read more

31 October 2018

Kenya National Qualifications Authority Clash with TSC on Proposal to Lower College Entry Grade to D.

Kenya National Qualifications Authority said the teachers’ employer was misleading Kenyans on the proposed low grade TSC had rejected the lower college entry mark arguing it would flood the market with poor quality teachers – TSC also argued Kenya already had thousands of unemployed teachers and lowering grade would make situation worse. Read more

Methodist Clergy Call for Sacking of KEMU Chancellor

The saga surrounding the Kenya Methodist University and the Methodist Church took a new twist when a section of bishops and members blamed poor leadership and mismanagement for the problems bedeviling the university and the entire church. Read more

New Accreditation System Sets Down HE Standards

In a move to standardise qualifications, the Kenya National Qualifications Authority has created a new system for the accreditation of student qualifications and has defined entry grades for both degrees and diplomas, according to newly gazetted regulations. Read more

30 September 2018

Law School Initiative that Benefits Students and the Public at One Go

Judy Nguru-Walla, lecturer and Coordinator, Public Legal Clinics at Mount Kenya University’s Parklands Law Campus sheds light on the institution’s free legal aid service. Read more

Universities Need Public and Private Support to Excel in Research, Don Advises

Universities need adequate support from both the public and private sector to overcome the challenges that come with industrialization and commercialization of suitable research outputs. Read more

31 August 2018

Ministry to Support TU-K in Skills Training

Education Cabinet Secretary Amb. Dr. Amina Mohamed has said Government is focusing efforts in technical-based learning institutions in seeing to it that graduates are properly prepared for the industry. Read more

MKU Ranked Among Top 10 in Research Funding

The University of Nairobi is the most funded to initiate research projects for various academic disciplines, a study has revealed. Read more

Moi University installs Integrated Online Graduate Mentorship and Supervision System

Moi University has installed the Integrated Online Graduate Mentorship and Supervision System (i-OGMSS), an online technology that will revolutionize the way graduate students and their lecturers interact during the course of their studies. Read more

Regional Conference on Science and Religion

Christian and Scientific Association of Kenya (CSAK), an Association that fosters dialogue between science and religion that is hosted by Mount Kenya University (MKU) has conducted a two-day regional conference themed Interaction of Science and Religion in Africa. Read more

30 June 2018

Arizona State University Seeks Collaboration with Moi University

Academics from the School of Social Transformation of Arizona State University (ASU), USA, led by Prof. Elizabeth Swadener paid a courtesy call to the Vice Chancellor.  Read more

Camels have Developed Resistance to a Drug Used to Treat Surra, a Common and Often Deadly Disease

Triquin drug has been in the market for over 20 years, Kenya Biotechnology Research Institute director Judith Chemuliti said. Read more

Sharing Books Online Kills Creativity, It’s Outright Theft

Looters and Grabbers was itself looted, not off the shelf but grabbed online, and shared widely on PDF, which means zero royalties to the author of the work. Read more

Unprepared Graduates are Raising our Costs, say Employers

Kenyan employers are warning of surging business costs arising from the hiring of new under-prepared university graduates even as the country grapples with an oversupply of university leavers. Read more

31 May 2018

Committee likely to end self-sponsored degree plan

It is expected that in less than a month a committee appointed by Education Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed will recommend the dissolution of Module II programmes in local public universities, taking on board recommendations from the inter-ministerial task force she appointed two weeks ago that has been looking into delivery of services in institutions of higher learning, writes Muiru Ngugi for Daily Nation. Read more

Best Cheap Quality Smartphones for Campus students in Kenya (Budget Ones)

Looking for a Cheap smartphone in Kenya that meets all the students needs? This post guides you on what look for when shopping for the best smartphone that comes at a budget price for university and college students. Read more

List of private universities in Kenya 2018

There are over 30 private universities in Kenya which work to enhance the provision of quality education to the students of Kenya. Moreover, Kenya has shown a huge growth in the education sector from the last two decades. This article will provide you detailed information about the most popular private universities in Kenya. Read more

30 April 2018

Universities Are in a Mess, Says Education CS Amina

University education is in a mess and must be fixed to restore normal learning and improve quality, Education Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohammed has said. In a blow-by-blow analysis of universities teaching and learning, Mohammed yesterday revealed that higher education standards had fallen, with students graduating not ready to compete in the job market. Read more

Amina Mohammed Instructs Striking Lecturers to Resume Duty

Education Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohammed has instructed all striking dons to resume duties without delay. This was after an initiative to form a special team which will work on a counter collective bargaining agreement (CBA). Read more

Tough Times for Universities as Funds Dry Up, Admissions Drop

Details of how majority of universities are struggling financially can be laid bare today as they prepare to admit the second lot of students under strict reforms introduced two years ago by then Education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi. Read more

Why Universities Should Promote Research at All Academic Levels

Universities in sub-Saharan Africa have been undergoing a crisis of identity. Initially established by the colonial administration as centers to train mid-level professionals and thereafter given the task of building local meritocratic bureaucracy for newly independent states, pursuit of new knowledge has never been the forte of these institutions. Read more  

African Innovators Sought Ahead of Africa Innovation Summit II

The Africa Innovation Summit (AIS II), which will take place from 6-8 June 2018 in Kigali, Rwanda, under the esteemed patronage of His Excellences President Paul Kagame and Pedro Pires (ex-President of Cabo Verde), announced a call for applications to innovators across Africa whose solutions have the potential to solve the continent’s challenges. The AIS Read more

African Universities Join Forces to Expand the Continent’s Pediatric Workforce

Since 2008, the University of Cape Town has trained 151 pediatricians, pediatric sub-specialists, and pediatric nurses from across Africa through the African Pediatric Fellowship Program (APFP). The addition of the University of Witwatersrand (Wits) and the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UZKN) to the APFP training network will enable 150 more pediatric specialists to be trained in the next three years, doubling the number of doctors and nurses trained to date. Read more

Ashden Awards Announces Shortlist for the Sustainable Energy Pioneers of 2018

Twelve cutting-edge organizations working on the frontline of sustainable energy in the fields of health, cities and buildings, finance, energy access, mobility and powering business have been shortlisted for the 2018 International Ashden Awards. Read more

New Moi University VC’s Tough Message to Staff

Recently appointed Moi University Vice-Chancellor (VC) Prof. Isaac Kosgey has challenged staff at the university to offer the best of their service in order to reclaim its lost glory. Read more

Moi University to Host 13th International Society of Oral Literature

Moi University in collaboration with Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) has won the bid to host the 13th International Society of Oral Literature in Africa (ISOLA) Conference in July 2020. Read more

University Lecturers Should be Paid According to Hours Worked – Parents

The Kenya National Parents Association is now calling for the overhaul of the manner in which lecturers at public universities in the country are paid. Read more

The Sixth African Higher Education Week and RUFORUM Biennial Conference

The Biennial Conference is RUFORUM’s most comprehensive meeting for the diversity of stakeholders in both agriculture and higher education sectors. It is especially dedicated to graduate students and their supervisors, grantees in RUFORUM member universities and alumni. It is a platform for peer review, quality control, mentorship, networking and shared learning.

30 December 2017

Country Deports 30 for Selling Drugs in Universities

Kenya has deported 30 people involved in drug trafficking within universities, following investigations launched in April into drug cartels. Read more

Female Students ‘Too Scared’ To Report Sexual Harassment

I didn’t know how to report the case and I was too scared to share my story with anyone for fear of being suspended or expelled from the university. Read more

Government Releases Sh3 Billion in Research Grants For Higher Education Researchers

The Government has released Sh3 billion in research grants for 411 higher education researchers. Read more

Students Unhappy Over 30% Fee Hike

Kenya is set to increase fees for state-sponsored students in public universities by 30% from next year, following recommendations by the University Fund. Read more

30 October 2017

Authorities Tighten Rules for Foreign Student Admissions

Concerned by criminal and terror networks, Kenyan authorities are tightening up regulations relating to the entry of foreign students. Read more

Prof. Mbithi Challenges ESDA to Open Membership to More Universities

The Vice-Chancellor, University of Nairobi, and the Chairman Education for Sustainable development in Africa (ESDA) has called on the consortium to enhance inclusivity across the continent by considering opening ESDA membership to other universities, including those in francophone countries of Africa. Read more

President Awards Charter to Garissa University

President Uhuru Kenyatta last week granted a charter to Garissa University, making the higher institution of learning that was previously a constituent college of Moi University a fully-fledged university. Read more

Rule on Diplomas Unfair

The suspension of the university credit transfer system for diploma holders is a retrogressive decision that seeks to punish rather than encourage academic enterprise. Read more

School Of Business Launches Executive Development Programmes

The University of Nairobi, School of Business, has launched a series of Executive Development Programmes. The programmes aim at equipping executive managers with practical leadership skills to help them steer their organizations to greater levels of success. Read more

Should I Disregard Company Rules And Hire This Young Woman?

Hiring process should be preceded by discussing and agreeing on the role profile, which clearly stipulates the education qualification, experience and attributes required from the potential job holder, based on the complexity and level of the role. Read more

The Rising Threat to Academic Integrity

A student at Mount Kenya University, lost a case in the High Court in which she was challenging her suspension from the university over exam cheating. Read more

Varsity Trains Staff On Customer Care and Service

The University of Nairobi non-teaching staff have been trained on critical aspects of customer care and service. Read more

15 October 2017

80-Year Old Historian And Author Not Planning To Give Up Pen Soon

At 80 years, many men slow down to less strenuous activities and choose to spend more time with their grandchildren, telling grandpa tales. Not so for Mutu wa Gethoi, who turned 80 in June. He plans to launch his latest book, Elders of the Mace. Read more

Court Suspends Foreign Travel Restriction On Lecturers

The High Court has temporarily stopped the government’s travel restriction imposed on university lecturers. Read more

Don’t Be Shy, Jump On Board…

Until recently, engineering was considered a prestigious course reserved for academically outstanding male students. This was perpetuated by the belief that men perform better in technical professions. Read more

Lecturers Issue Strike Notice to 31 Universities

University lecturers have issued a 21-day strike notice to the government. Read more

Technical Education Gets Boost As 60 Colleges Put Up

The government has completed the construction of 60 technical colleges, Vocational Training Principal Secretary Dinah Mwinzi has said. Read more

UoN and SOS Training Institute to Partner

In the spirit of emphasizing the importance of vocational training, the University of Nairobi will be partnering with SOS Children’s Villages through various initiatives, but notably along vocational training. Read more

Uon Launches Entrepreneurship Course Targeting Women

The University of Nairobi, Africa Women Studies Centre, has launched a three-day entrepreneurship course that aims at impacting women with practical ideas on entrepreneurship. Read more

Uon To Enhance The ESDA Programme

The University of Nairobi (UoN) plans to enhance the Education for Sustainable Development in Africa (ESDA) programme at the institution. Read more

30 September 2017

Case Opposing Term Limits On Varsity Student Leaders Dismissed

New laws that impose term limits on university student leaders has been dismissed by the High Court. Read more

Degree Clean-Up Laudable

A decision by Makerere University to recall law degrees it conferred in the past decade on the grounds that some of them could have been forged is a bold and unprecedented crackdown on a wave of academic fraud that has been sweeping through institutions of higher learning in the region. Read more

How We Did It: Entrepreneurs Tell Their Stories At Innovation Center

The New Economic Venture Accelerator NEVA has organized a series of talks at the Innovation and Incubation Center. Renowned entrepreneurs offered advice on how they began their ventures, and how they avoided the pitfalls that come with building a business from the ground. Read more

Prof. Ayiro attends GUNi-UNESCO International Conference on SDGs

Acting Vice Chancellor Prof. Laban Ayiro  addresses the Global University Network for Innovation (GUNi) international conference in Barcelona, Spain. The conference is on Sustainable Development Goals: Actors and Implementation. Read more

She’s On Her Way To Earning A Phd In Biomathematics

Mathematical modelling and computer simulation techniques are used to discover and gain insight into the dynamics of tumour development, growth and spread. Read more

Student Caretaker Committee Undergo Training

The new leaders were taken through a one-day sensitization workshop on the operations of the University. The training was held at the KCB Leadership Centre. Read more

Uon And Jagiellonian University Discuss Cooperation

The University of Nairobi and Jagiellonian University, Poland, have entered into discussions on the possibility of engaging in scientific and educational cooperation through the Erasmus programme. Read more

Uon Boss Mbithi Calls For Innovation

Institutions of higher learning have been challenged to embrace innovation in order to increase their revenues. Read more

UoN Press at 20th Nairobi International Book Fair

The University of Nairobi Press is participating at the 20th edition of the Nairobi International Book Fair, at the Sarit Centre, Nairobi. Read more

Uon Records Excellent Results At Nairobi Trade Fair

The University of Nairobi (UoN) has been crowned first in the best university stand, the stand that best interprets the show theme in the education and or research category and the best stand in research and development at the Nairobi International Trade Fair 2017. Read more

15 September 2017

Degree Clean-Up Laudable

A decision by Makerere University to recall law degrees it conferred in the past decade on the grounds that some of them could have been forged is a bold and unprecedented crackdown on a wave of academic fraud that has been sweeping through institutions of higher learning in the region. Read more

Education Key to China-Kenya Ties

This year, 150 excellent Kenyan young men and women have won Chinese scholarship programmes. These scholarships go a long way in deepening the strong bonds of friendship and long-standing trade ties. Read more

Foreign Firms to Plug Universities’ Infrastructure Gap

Foreign financial institutions and private equity funds are lining up millions of dollars to invest in Kenya’s higher education, potentially helping to narrow the damaging infrastructure gap facing the sector. Read more

How Varsity Positions Are Killing Research

Too often, risk of research oblivion is real and promotions might delay, or be derailed. Read more

Local Universities Begin Biometric Registration of Students

It will now be easier to identify students in universities after a number of the institutions rolled out a biometric registration of the learners this month. Read more

Only 72,000 Admitted to Public and Private Universities to Benefit from the Sh3.2 Billion

Only 72,000 students who sat last year’s KCSE will be considered for loans this year. Read more

Private Universities Reject State-Sponsored Learners

Private universities have turned away many government-sponsored students, citing poor funding. Read more

Purge on Varsities, Degrees Is Welcome

Kenya’s higher education expanded exponentially since the mid 1990s, driven by higher demand by high school qualifiers and the working class seeking to upgrade their professional skills. Read more

University of Nairobi Trails Africa Peers in Research, Lecturer Numbers

The University of Nairobi has moved one position up to be ranked the 11th best university in Africa even as it trails peers in research, female student enrolment and lecturer-student ratio. Read more

Why Universities Choose to Sit Back as Others Build State

Universities must claim their rightful place in production of good citizenship. Read more

31 August 2017

After Elections, What Can Higher Education Expect?

With Kenyan elections done and dusted, the focus is now shifting to how President Uhuru Kenyatta and other elected officials will implement their ambitious election promises in relation to higher education and science, technology and innovation. Read more

Court Orders Graduation of University Students Caught up in Leadership Row

A court has ordered the graduation ceremony of 500 students of Great Lakes University of Kisumu (GLUK) to go on as planned after a leadership dispute left their fate hanging in the balance. Read more

Crisis Looms at Varsities amid Threat of Another Strike

A crisis looms in higher education once again after university lecturers issued a one-week notice to the government to implement their salary increase or face another round of industrial action from next month. Read more

Higher Student Loan Demands Push HELB into Panic Mode

The Higher Education Loans Board (Helb) is facing an uphill task to meet its financial obligations as institutions of higher learning begin their new academic year. Read more

Mount Kenya University Hails 36 Former Students Who Won Elective Seats in General Election

Mount Kenya University has congratulated its former students who won various elective seats in the General Election. Read more

Private Universities Struggle to Make Ends Meet

Even after the Kenyan government last year permitted the enrolment of state-sponsored students in private universities, many of these institutions continue to grapple with financial deficits as a result of low student numbers, poorly planned and rapid expansion, as well as weak financial and management accounting systems. Read more

Salary for Public University Workers to Delay

Some public universities workers may not get their August salaries amid claims that Government has yet to release capitation money. Read more

UASU Losing Its Voice with Every Chant of ‘Solidarity Forever

The University’s Academic Staff Union (UASU) has given notice of a strike over refusal by the government to honour a past Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). Read more

15 August 2017

Kenyans Expect Free Education Whether Raila or Uhuru Wins

Kenyans are expecting free education irrespective of which party wins. Read more

Kenyan Varsities Must Adopt Modern System to Replace Annoying Practices

In spite of putting up a few ultramodern high-rise buildings on their main campuses, our universities have not fundamentally changed much since the 1960s. Read more

Kenyatta University Selling Property on Arusha Campus

Kenyatta University is selling off some of its property on Arusha campus, signaling the start of plans to shut down the institutions’ premises. Read more

Moi University’s Dream of 6000-Seater Amphitheater Turning into Reality

The journey for Moi University to realize its ambitious dream to construct a 6000-seater Amphitheatre, the biggest in the region, has taken off, following the award of the tender to an architectural contractor to design the plan. Read more

Ouko to Probe KU for Company Opened in Kigali

Parliament’s Public Investments Committee (PIC) has directed the Auditor-General to ascertain ownership of a company opened by Kenyatta University to run its Kigali, Rwanda Campus. Read more

Parliament Moves against Student Fee Defaulters

Kenya’s university students who default on fees face a bleak future after parliament recommended that a public university list those students and past students in arrears with credit reference bureaus. Read more

School of Medicine Celebrates 50th Anniversary in Style

The University Of Nairobi’s School of Medicine, celebrated 50 years since inception in style. Read more

The University QMS Certification Process

The University of Nairobi has received the ISO9001:2015 certification from KEBS, the Certification Body, marking a milestone for the Quality Management System (QMS). Read more

We Endorse a Candidate Who Will ‘Heal’ Our Universities

In both symbolic and material terms, the presidency is largely powerful and whoever wins will most likely influence the texture and poise of university education for the next five years.Read more

15 July 2017

Dons Term New SRC Evaluation Report as Unfair

Vice-chancellors of public universities have demanded an urgent meeting with Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) over a job evaluation report that has attracted protest from academic staff. Read more

Equity Bank’s Scholarship Programme Hits Sh10 Billion

The current total value of the scholarships to date stands at nearly Kshs 10 billion (USD 100 million). This caters for tuition, air tickets and related expenses while at the respective universities for the entire period of studies. Read more

Lecturers’ Strike Set to End As Sh5.2m Is Released

Striking university workers are set to resume duty after the Education ministry on Tuesday released the second and final tranche of Sh5.2 billion for their Sh10 billion collective bargaining agreement. Read more

Matiang’i Strikes Again, Orders 2 Universities to Shut Campuses

Education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i has ordered two leading public universities in Kenya to close their campuses in Rwanda and Tanzania. Read more

Mishra Sponsors 19 Students to Pursue Teaching Courses

Kesses Jubilee parliamentary candidate Dr Swarup Mishra Kiprop has sponsored 19 students to pursue certificate and diploma teaching courses at Tambach Teachers college. Read more

Science Scheme Expected To Spur Innovation

Innovative youths now have a reason to smile, following the launch of the Young Scientists Kenya (YSK) programme by the government in collaboration with the Irish embassy. Read more

SRC Report Reveals ‘Anomalies’ Among Varsities’ Staff

An evaluation report by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) has revealed the pay and grading differences among employees of universities. Read more

Success of Kibabii University Credited to Jubilee Regime

President Kenyatta listed Kibabii University in Bungoma , which has already received a Charter, as another successful initiative of his Government. Read more

Tanzania Bars Two Kenyan Varsities over Standards

Two Kenyan universities have been barred from admitting students to their Tanzania campuses this year over failure to comply with the country’s standards and regulations. Read more

Thousands of Ghost Workers Earning at Universities

Thousands of ghost workers are earning salaries in public universities, an audit report has revealed. Read more

Universities to be Closed For Elections

All public universities will be closed ahead of the August 8 general polls. Read more

Uon Students to Start Using Biometric Identification Cards

Students at the University of Nairobi (UoN) will soon start using biometric identification cards, for security, purposes. Read more

30 June 2017

Ball State University Professors Visit Moi University

Moi University Ag. Vice Chancellor Prof. Laban Ayiro  signing a MoU with Ball State University Dean, Teachers college Prof. John E. Jacobson on Wednesday June 28, 2017 in his office Main Campus. Read more

Innovation Center Holds Successful Workshop on Design Thinking

The School of Science and Technology in conjunction up with the Mekatilili Program and Foondi Workshops hosted a Design and Internet of Things Workshop at the Innovation and Incubation Center. Read more

Moi University, AGBA Sign MoU to Host International Conference

Moi University has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the US-based Academy for Global Business Advancement (AGBA) to host its forthcoming 14th Annual World Congress. Read more

New Guidelines Set High Publishing Bar for Academics

Kenya’s Commission for University Education has issued stringent new guidelines for the appointment and promotion of academic staff in a system that gives heavy emphasis to publication in reputable, peer-reviewed journals and discourages publication in so-called predatory journals. While the move is intended to raise academic standards, it has also raised concerns about the hurdles to publication facing many Kenyan academics. Read more

Rotary Club Support 5 UoN Students with Scholarships

The Rotary Club of Nairobi has awarded five University of Nairobi (UoN) students from the School of Business with scholarships to the tune of Kshs, 175,000. Read more

Pangea Board Members Elect Prof. Njeru as President

Prof. Enos Njeru, the Principal of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS), has been elected as President of Partnership for Africa’s Next Generation of Academics (PANGeA). Read more

The Baby Friendly Community Initiative – A Pilot Study In Koibatek, Baringo County, Kenya

Programs promoting optimal infant and young child nutrition could prevent a fifth of under five deaths in countries with high mortality. Effective strategies to improve infant and young child feeding practices are needed. Read more

UoN Is the Most Social Learning Institution

The University of Nairobi (UoN) has been crowned the ‘most social learning institution’ category in the OLX Social Media Awards 2017. Read more

Usiu-Africa Prepares for Re-Affirmation of Accreditation

USIU-Africa is currently undertaking an institutional self-study exercise in preparation for the re-affirmation visit by WASC Senior Colleges and University Commission (WSCUC) in 2018. Read more

USIU-Africa Students and Faculty Participate in the Summer Edition of Oxford Consortium Workshop Series

The workshop was organized to better understand humanitarian law and ethical systems of international refugee policy and deepen the connections of policy to people via service and fieldwork in a refugee camp. During the workshop, Dr. Mwambari delivered a lecture on “Lived Experiences of Internally Displaced Persons, Refugees and Migrants after Conflicts”. Read more

15 June 2017

18 Students Join Ranks of Peer Counselors

The Peer Educators and Counselors Club (PECC) held a graduation ceremony for 18 students. The annual ceremony concludes two and a half semesters of training – a journey that this time round began in during the Fall 2016 semester. Read more

34th Graduation Ceremony to be Held on Friday 30th June 2017

Moi University wishes to inform candidates who qualified for the conferment of various degrees and award of diplomas during the 2016/2017 academic year that the 34th Graduation Ceremony will take place on Friday 30th June 2017 at the Main Campus, Graduation Pavilion. Read more

A Successful Launch of UoN School of Law Alumni Chapter

The President of the Judiciary, Chief Justice David Maraga, urged lawyers in the country to embrace integrity and good work ethics. Read more

Administration Department Organises for Staff Team Building

The members of staff from the Administration Department of the University of Nairobi were given a treat at Lake Elementaita in Gilgil for team building bonding activities. Read more

Agency Issues New Charges for Technical, Vocational Institutes

Fees in technical and vocational institutes is expected to rise following the gazettement of new charges by the regulator. Read more

Carnegie African Diaspora Fellow Returns to Finish Information Systems Security Curriculum

Associate Professor of Computer Science Dr. Charlie Obimbo from the University of Guelph, in the Canadian city of Ontario, has returned to USIU-Africa for a second time as a Carnegie Africa Diaspora Fellowship Program Fellow. Read more

Don-Turned-Presidential Hopeful Vows to Redeem HE

A Kenyan professor aspiring to become president in the country’s upcoming general election says, if elected, he will give priority to higher education and redeem the image of the Kenyan system. Read more

First Criminology and Criminal Justice Conference to be Held this Thursday

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences will this week host the region’s first Criminology and Criminal Justice Conference from June 15-16 in the auditorium. Read more

HE Budget Emphasises Shift to STEM Education and Training

The 2017-18 budget allocation to higher education and training sectors points to a government committed to a stronger focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics in order to boost industrialisation. Read more

Increase Helb and Seal Loopholes to Ensure Poor Get It

Most people believe that university students live in opulence. They think students receive huge sums of money from the Higher Education Loans Board (Helb) that is enough for their fees, accommodation, maintenance and leisure. Read more

Intel Developer Program to Host Artificial Intelligence Workshop at USIU-Africa

The School of Science and Technology in conjunction with the Intel Student Developer Program and the IT Club of USIU-Africa are set to host an Artificial Intelligence workshop on Saturday, June 10 at the Innovation and Incubation Center. Read more

Kenya Commits Sh800 Million to Setting up Scholarship Fund

Kenya is among four African countries that have committed some Sh800 million to setting up a scholarship fund for doctoral training in science, engineering and technology. Read more

Leadership Crisis in Varsities Worrying

Education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i has decried leadership crisis in Kenyan universities manifested in financial fraud, ethnic mobilisation and falling academic standards. Read more

Moi University Enactus Team Emerges the National Champion 2017

Moi University Enactus team has emerged the champion after beating 33 other universities in the recently held Enactus Kenya National Business and Entrepreneurship Exposition competitions. Read more

Need for Change in Higher Education

Institutions of higher learning are being challenged to solidify their positions as home to some of the world’s top scholars, researchers and experts in diverse fields. Read more

Police Bust Academic Document Forgery Den, Criminal Hit Squad

Police have in two separate incidents busted gangs of criminals that have aided students forge academic documents and waylay students at night with crude weapons. Read more

President Lays Foundation for Construction of Koitalel Samoei University

President Uhuru Kenyatta laid the foundation stone for the construction of Koitalel Samoei University College. The university college located in Nandi Hills is a constituent college of the University of Nairobi (UoN). Read more

Scheme to Make Transfer within EAC Varsities Possible

East African students will be able to transfer to any university in the region following the approval of a framework to guide the process. Read more

Selected Schools to Act as Centres to Promote Sciences

Two schools per county are set to be transformed into model centres for promotion of science related subjects across the country. Read more

Students Celebrate World Environmental Day

United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) and National Youth Green Growth Secretariat (NY2GS) of Kenya partnered with the USIU-Africa Environmental Society (ENSO) club to host university students from Nairobi to usher in the World Environmental Day 2017 themed “Connecting People to Nature”. Read more

Survey Highlights ‘Skewed’ Arts, Science Programmes

A survey of science courses in Kenyan universities has revealed a “high tendency” towards the development of programmes that attract more student numbers, resulting in a “skewed” development overlooking science, technology, engineering and mathematics courses – all with potential implications for the implementation of the country’s industrialisation blueprint, Vision 2030. Read more

Take Pride in Moi University, Prof Ayiro Urges Students, Staff

Moi University Acting (Ag.) Vice Chancellor (VC) Prof. Laban Ayiro has urged students and staff to take pride in the institution as their own, saying it is an internationally acclaimed academic giant with unique programmes and many opportunities. Read more

Uhuru Honours Nandi Hero Koitalel Arap Samoei

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Monday launched the construction of a university to honour one of Kenya’s popular freedom fighters, Koitalel arap Samoei in Nandi County. Read more

University Education in Kenya Must Open Up – It’s Far Too Rigid

According to Gina Yashere, a brilliant British comedian of Nigerian descent, in African families a child has four career choices: doctor, lawyer, engineer or disgrace to the family. Read more

15 May 2017

Liberal Arts Education – Africa’s Antidote Against Exploitation

Our system takes an 18-year-old and thrusts him or her into law school, finance, journalism, and medicine before they develop oral and written communication and critical skills. Read more

Public Varsities Set to Lose Billions over Admissions

Universities across the country are set to miss out on billions of shillings they generate from privately sponsored students after all the available places were taken up by the 88,626. Read more

What Do We Want With Our University Education?

It has become fashionable today in Kenya to speak about university education in a very unflattering language. Read more

Why Universities Should Promote Sports

In October last year, something very exciting took place at Kenyatta University. The institution was recognised as the number one sports university in the region and proudly took its place among the leading institutions that have promoted and supported students in sports besides other academic pursuits. Read more

30 April 2017

14 Students Receive Scholarship from Mitsubishi Corporation

The selected students, drawn from the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies and the School of Biological Sciences (BSc degree in Environmental Conservation and Natural Resources Management), come from needy backgrounds and have recorded excellent performance in their respective courses. Read more

Kenyatta Universityin Collaboration with The Association of African Universities (AAU), Holds Training Workshop on University-Industry Linkages

KU hosts the 2017 workshop on facilitating university-industry linkages for African Universities organised by Association of African Universities. Read more

Central Mps Tell Off Sossion in Academic Row with Matiang’i

Mount Kenya region parliamentarians have told the Kenya National Union of Teachers secretary-general Wilson Sossion to keep off academic scrutiny matters. Read more

Erosion of Quality in Kenyan Varsities: Is it the Cause of Poor Global Ranking?

Recently in Naivasha, during an induction forum for newly appointed university council members for 22 public universities, Matiang’i named irregularities that have bedevilled university education. Read more

Government Admits Record Number of Students as Parallel Programme Killed

The government will fund university and college education for 116718 students who sat last year for Kenya certificate of secondary education examination. Read more

Students Receive Insight on Life and Career Choices

Discover your purpose,’ ‘build your skills,’ ‘make the right choices,’ ‘seize opportunities,’ ‘have a plan’ – these are some of the many tips students received at the Skills Hunt Summit which was held at the University of Nairobi. Read more

Three African Centres of Excellence Launched

Kenya has launched three African Centres of Excellence in universities with support from the World Bank. Read more

Universities Face Seachange over Diplomas and Doctorates

Kenyan universities will be allowed to offer both degrees and diplomas following a policy reversal that has thrown institutions a major lifeline in a tight regulatory environment. And in another dramatic policy reversal, the government has announced that the requirement that only academics with doctorates are eligible to be lecturers was counterproductive and hurting the sector. Read more

Universities Forge New Partnership with Industry

Kenyan universities, in conjunction with leading industry stakeholders, have launched a digital sustainability platform in an effort to curb the growing skills gap, according to top-ranking officials. Read more

UoN Team to Develop National Master Plan for Science and Technology Parks

The University of Nairobi (UoN) through its subsidiary University of Nairobi Enterprises Services (UNES) has been awarded a contract to develop the National Master Plan for Science and Technology Parks in Kenya and designs for technology parks for Konza and Dedan Kimathi University of Technology and Science. Read more

UoN Scholar Writes Book on Cancer Treatment

Prof. Nicholas Abinya, a scholar and researcher at the Department of Clinical Medicine and Therapeutics, College of Health Sciences (CHS), has authored a book on drugs treatment for cancer. Read more

Why University Senates Failed to Stop the Decay in Institutions of Higher Learning As a graduate student, the mention of ‘university senate’ elicited impressions of sagacious academic leadership. It evoked images of spirited deliberations, democratic ideals and a collegiate approach to university governance. Once, when one of my university teachers became a ‘senator’, I discerned that senators, or those members of academic staff who attended senate, occupied a privileged status in the university. Read more

15 March 2017

Ongoing Lecturer Strike Keeps Students in Limbo

Teaching and learning is yet to resume at public universities across the country as the unions representing the teaching staff had not, by late last week, reached an agreement with the government over salaries, keeping the studies of thousands of students in 33 institutions on hold. Read more

CS Matiang’i Urges Students to Avail Loans to Study

The Ministry of Education has disbursed Sh1.3 billion for training students in technical institutions. Read more

Education and Politics Go Hand-In-Hand

Education is the process of facilitating learning by acquiring knowledge, skills and values. Public education in Kenya is based on the 8–4–4 system. It entails eight years of primary education, four in secondary school and four more in college or university. Read more

Fake Certificates: New Gadget to Catch Cheats, Fast

A Strathmore University graduate has developed an IT system that can be used to verify academic certificates to curb rampant cheating by job seekers. Read more

Half a Loaf Is Better Than None: Lecturers Finally Take Sh10bn

University Academic Staff Union secretary general Constantine Wasonga said the association reached the decision to save the higher education sector from collapse and to end students’ suffering. Read more

Higher Education Capture by the Elite Hurting Quality of Learning and Grade

The government’s own instigated audit on universities has exposed a foul-smelling can of worms that nearly choked Education. Read more

Lecturers to Decide Accepting Sh4.8 Billion State Offer to End Strike

Lectures have said they will only call off their strike if the state confirms that the Sh4.8 billion offered to them is on top of the initial Sh10 billion. Read more

Lessons from End of Lecturers’ Strike

All the parties – lecturers union, university managers and the government – have demonstrated that where there is will, there is a way. Read more

To Beat the Best, We Must Separate Research and Teaching Universities

Universities have recently received bad press. The Commission for University Education (CUE), an outfit that had been dormant for years, arose from slumber and released a report that ‘suddenly’ found out that a number of university courses were either unapproved or unaccredited. Read more

Weak Education System Needs Fixing

Reports in the media revealing that nearly half of teachers trainees in different colleges who sat the Kenya National Examinations Council (Knec) exam last year failed has further unveiled the rot that had almost consumed the education system. Read more

15 February 2017

3 Universities Face Closure as Government Tightens on Malpractices

The Commission for University Education (CUE) and Education Ministry are mulling over shutting down three universities by not renewing their licenses. Read more

Abide By Rules or Face Closure, Varsities Told

Universities have been handed six months to comply with new requirements or face severe sanctions, which include possible closure. Read more

Fake Degrees Declaration Huge Step Backwards For Education

The declaration of fake degrees offered in Kenyan universities has disappointed parents even more than the graduates. Read more

Government Sponsored Students Find a Home at MKU

The year 2016 will go down in record as the first time that the government of Kenya took a bold attempt to enable more students attain university education. It is in the implementation of this program that a group of 1,126 students joined Mount Kenya University. Read more

I Can’t Negotiate With Lecturers over Pay

Education Cabinet Secretary has denied talks that he is involved in talks aimed at ending the lecturers’ strike. He stayed away from the talks because he does not desire to interfere with due process. Read more

Is Your University Degree Fake? CS Matiang’i Is After You!

You have every reason to worry if your university degree is fake or attained on questionable grounds. Read more

Kenyan Private Universities Join Top 200 in Africa Best Institutions in Africa in 2017

Private universities in Kenya are among the top 200 best institutions in Africa in 2017, according to a report by uniRank, a web-based higher educational ranking organisation. Read more

Ministry’s Pursuit to Cleanse Varsities from Rot to Continue

Education Cabinet Secretary said the government will stop at nothing in its bid to clear the rot in local universities. Read more

Only Monkeys ‘Studying’ In Universities, Uasu Says As Strike Bites

Negotiations to end the lecturers’ strike collapsed last week after the government declined to accept demands. Read more

Postgraduate Students Also to Blame for Poor Completion Rates

In an audit of universities recently released by Education Cabinet Secretary, a number of “irregularities” with regard to certification, examination, duration of courses and admissions were exposed. Read more

Reduced Budget Puts Damper on Student Funding Plans

Plans by Kenya’s Higher Education Loans Board, or HELB, to implement the differentiated unit cost funding model biased towards science and technology programmes and introduce loans to students abroad seem destined to falter after the government moved to reduce the budget allocation to the board by US$90 million for the upcoming 2017-18 financial year. Read more

Revamp of Varsity Education to Start as New Team Formed

A joint working group has been constituted to monitor the implementation of the audit report on state of higher learning that was released. Read more

Time to Clear Rot in Running of Universities

University education is at a crossroads and radical measures must be taken to clean up the mess and restore sanity to the sector. Read more

University Audit a Big Step Forward

The recent university audit by the Commission for University Education (CUE) is a step in the right direction. Read more

University Audit Reveals Litany of Problems

Kenyan universities have been given 30 days to outline corrective measures to address a litany of misdemeanours ranging from flouting of admission criteria to ‘rampant’ abuse of executive degree programmes, the offering of unaccredited programmes as well as the failure to follow rules for student-to-staff ratios. Read more

Universities Flouting Admission Rules, CUE Report States

A report by the higher education regulator accuses universities of failing to adhere to admission criteria. Read more

Universities Told Not to Increase Allowances

Universities have been asked not to increase house allowance for their staff and instead focus on raising their salaries in a bid to end their month-long strike. Read more

31 January 2017

By Blocking Professionals from Approving Universities, MPs Restored Autonomy

By blocking professional bodies from approving and accrediting university courses, the National Assembly has shown uncharacteristic acuity and set the tempo for reforms in the management of our institutions of higher learning. Read more

Courses to Determine Lecturers’ Pay

University lecturers’ salaries will be based on the course taught as a new funding formula for the institutions takes effect in the new financial year that starts in July. Read more

Government to Audit Private and Public Universities

The way in which universities in the country conduct their business is set to change drastically as the government embarks on an audit of both public and private institutions of higher learning starting Monday. Read more

Helb Directed To Spend Entire Sh900 Million from Government on Student Loans

The Higher Education Loans Board (Helb) has been directed to spend the entire Sh900 million it received from the government on loans to college students. Read more

Joy As Turkana Varsity Is Gazetted

Residents of Turkana County have a reason to smile after the region’s only public university was gazetted as a constituent college of Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology. Read more

Matiang’i Calls For Dialogue to End Lecturers Strike

Lecturers have vowed to continue with their strike, ignoring an appeal by Education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i to suspend it for dialogue. Read more

Matiang’i Directs CUE to Implement Credit Transfer Programme

Education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i has directed the Commission for University Education (CUE) to start implementing a university credit transfer programme. Read more

Ministry Uses Money to Woo More Students to Study Science, Math

Students pursuing science courses in universities will from July receive more funding than those taking humanities. Read more

Prison Term Gives Father Chance to Pursue Degree

When he sat his Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examination at Kodiaga Prison in Kisumu, Mr Aggrey Ondego’s mind was more on the certificate than the grade. Read more

Reduced KCSE Qualifiers Chance for Universities to Change Tack

Debate has been raging over the future of the private universities and the parallel degree programmes in public universities following the drop in the number of last year’s Form Four candidates who met the entry requirement. Read more

Staff Strike Paralyses Public Universities

Learning was paralysed in Kenyan public universities after unions representing both the institutions’ teaching and non-teaching staff announced a nationwide strike over salaries. Read more

TUM Ordered To Pay Ex-VC Mwatelah over Unlawful Sacking

Technical University of Mombasa has been ordered to compensate former Vice Chancellor Josphat Mwatelah for unfair dismissal. Read more

Universities’ Future Lies In Innovation

Discussions on the role of higher education in Kenya tend to hark back to quality assurance. Seeking to improve quality is important. But the larger issue is whether the education system meets contemporary economic and social needs. Read more

15 November 2016

Clean Up Higher Education

Moi University’s announcement that it is shutting down two campuses is a clear sign of a deeper malaise in the country’s university education system. Read more

Employment Will Never Make You Rich

Today, our country is soaring with universities and other institutions of higher learning more than any other time in history. Read more

Forum of Varsity Chancellors to Spur Education

University chancellors have formed a forum that will help the national government actualise national goals in education. Read more

Higher Grades Proposed for Trainee Teachers

The entry grade for people wishing to join the teaching profession will be raised if proposals by the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development are adopted. Read more

Kisii University Suspends 40 Students for Leading Strike

Kisii University has suspended 40 students for engaging in protests that led to closure of the institution two weeks ago. Read more

Moi University’s Kericho, Nakuru Campuses to be Closed

Moi University has announced the closure of its Kericho and Nakuru campuses, citing lack of students. Read more

Talks on Status of Higher Education in Kenya Set

 Kenya is set to hold a conference on the status of the country’s university education starting tomorrow. The four-day conference, organised by the Commission for University Education (CUE), is expected to provide a platform to address key issues in higher education. Read more

USIU Unveils State-Of-The-Art Student Centre

United States International University-Africa has unveiled a state-of-the-art student facility designed to concentrate student services and recreational facilities under one roof. Read more

Universities Warned Not to Admit Unqualified Politicians

Education Cabinet Secretary has cautioned universities against admitting unqualified students, especially politicians who he said are keen to acquire certificates ahead of the next general election. Read more

We Need Sanity in Higher Education

The closing of 11 university campuses offering questionable degree programmes is a timely intervention to clear the mess in higher education. Read more

World Bank Shines Torch on Helb Cash and High Expenses

The Higher Education Loans Board (Helb) is spending more time and money on administrative costs at the expense of issuing loans to students joining universities. Read more

31 October 2016

State Probes Public Varsities over Poor Cash Handling Claims

The Government has launched ‘special investigations’ into the financial accounts of some of the public universities. Read more

State Sets Aside Sh500 Million for HELB Loans to Vocational Training Students

Deputy President announced that the government has set aside Sh500 million for loans to students selected to join the various technical training institutes (TTIs) across the country. Read more

Teachers Attaining Higher Qualification Won’t Be Automatically Promoted

Teachers pursuing higher education have been taken aback after their union leaders agreed to their employer’s demand that higher qualification should not be a basis for promotion. Read more

Uhuru Urges Varsity Students Abroad to Apply for HELB Loans

President Uhuru Kenyatta has urged Kenyan students studying in foreign universities to apply for loans at the Higher Education Loans Board. Read more

Universities Open Doors to Business Opportunities

In what seems to be a growing trend in Kenya, public universities are actively seeking investments in a range of sectors including manufacturing, real estate and agriculture. Read more

UoN and DAAD Review Partnership

The University of Nairobi and German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) have reviewed their partnership that has existed over 40 years. Read more

UoN Joins League of Top World Research Universities

The University of Nairobi is officially admitted to the World Universities Network (WUN). This was after an assessment by the Global Universities Network. Read more

UoN to Partner with Debre Markos University

The University of Nairobi will collaborate with Ethiopia’s Debre Markos University in the areas of teaching, research, staff and student exchange programs. Read more

UoN and Hokkaido University to Collaborate

University of Nairobi and Hokkaido University have commenced discussions on collaboration majorly on student exchange. Read more

What Varsities Should be Doing

The deterioration of employment prospects for the youth is expected to be worse in developing countries, where official unemployment figures understate the severity of youth labour market challenges. Moreover, the informal sector, which creates about 90 per cent of the new jobs, does not pay young people enough to get themselves out of poverty. Read more

Youth Challenged to Know and Exercise Their Civil Rights

The University of Nairobi’s Youth Alliance for Leadership and Development in Africa (YALDA) organized a one day conference themed, ‘Empowering the youth on civil rights through education, advocacy and leadership’. Read more

30 September 2016

Agency to Probe Funds Misuse at Universities

The national government has ordered a special investigation into financial mismanagement at several public universities. Read more

Court Orders Prof Thairu to Resign as CUE Chairman in 10 Days

A Nairobi court has ordered Commission for University Education chairman Henry Thairu to resign from his position in 10 days. Read more

Eight Colleges Set to Receive Charters

Eight colleges are set to become fully-fledged universities. Read more

Ethnic Universities Are Untenable, Unacceptable

Two governors and several MPs yesterday stormed Moi University to stop newly appointed acting vice chancellor Laban Ayiro from taking over. Read more

HELB Tightens Noose on Diaspora Defaulters

The Higher Education Loans Board has set its sights on defaulters living abroad after the debt collectors it hired two financial years ago helped recover Sh455 million. Read more

Matayos MP Castigates Kalenjin Leaders over Moi University VC Debacle

Matayos MP has described as an act of bad faith, the plot by a section of leaders from the Kalenjin community to reject the acting Moi University vice chancellor. Read more

Our Universities Have Been Reduced to Tribal Fiefdoms

It is unfortunate that some people consider Prof Laban Ayiro unfit to be vice chancellor — acting or otherwise — of Moi University in Eldoret. Read more

Politicians Storming Moi University Was Not a Right Move

The university is a national institution and cannot be run like a village baraza. Read more

State-Financed Varsity Students Get Sh1.6bn

HELB has released Sh1.6 billion to 101,938 government-sponsored continuing students in public universities. Read more

Tight Security at Moi University to Lock Out Politicians from Attending Graduation

The decision was reached following threats by the North Rift politicians to disrupt the event because of a row involving the appointment of Laban Ayiro as the acting vice chancellor. Read more

USIU Fees Cause Uproar

Parents of students admitted to the United States International University (USIU)-Africa under the government-sponsored programme are up in arms for what they claim are high additional fees charged by the university. Read more

Varsities Have to Brand to Survive the Tough Times

The recently concluded conference on the State of Higher Education in Kenya held at Kenyatta University was, perhaps, the most significant event in higher education this year. Read more

Varsity Students to Demonstrate about Delayed Loans

University students have threatened to march to Anniversary Towers on Tuesday to demand audience with the Higher Education Loans Board (Helb) over delayed disbursement of this semester’s allocations. Read more

15 September 2016

Ex-Police Boss Kimaiyo among Students to Graduate with PhDs from UoN

Former Inspector General of Police among the 57 PhD students expected to graduate from the University of Nairobi. Read more

Funding Crisis Puts University Quality at Risk

Kenyan universities are facing a fresh financial crisis following revelations contained in a recent national audit that they are operating at a deficit of over US$100 million, with serious consequences for education quality. Read more

Group Calls for Probe into Academic Qualifications of Nyeri Deputy Governor

A human rights group has written to the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) seeking investigations of the academic qualifications of Nyeri Deputy Governor and the citizenship of a county executive. Read more

HELB Fines Are Unfair to Unemployed Graduates

While Kenyans are still excited about reduced interests rates, the Higher Education Loans Board continues to fine unemployed youth Sh5,000 a month on top of the agreed interest rate for failing to clear their loans after university studies. Read more

HELB Launches Electronic Loan Management Programme

The Higher Education Loans Board (Helb) has launched an electronic financial literacy programme aimed at helping university students efficiently manage their loans. Read more

Jobs That Didn’t Exist 10 Years Ago

Nothing is permanent except change, so goes the saying. And change has been the constant in the careers arena over the years, with some jobs emerging every day while others fade into extinction. Read more

Part-Time Lecturers on Way out In Bid to Boost Quality

Part-time lecturers will soon be locked out of universities as the higher education regulator moves in to ensure that those teaching in the institutions meet minimum requirements. Read more

Report Highlights Dire Shortage of Professors and PhDs

A crisis is looming in Kenyan universities over the shortage of professors, low numbers of qualified lecturers and low numbers of PhD students in both public and private universities, according to a recent report. Read more

University of Nairobi Ranked the Best in East Africa

The University of Nairobi has been named the best institution in Kenya and East Africa, in the latest ranking by Webometrics. Read more

31 August 2016

120 Kenyan Students to Leave for China for Higher Education

A ceremony was held at the Chinese Embassy in Kenya bid farewell to 120 Kenyan students who have received scholarships to study in China. Read more

3,800 Moi University Staff Stare at Job Losses

More than 3,800 casual workers at Moi University’s main campus are likely to lose their jobs if their employer adopts a plan to outsource cleaning and catering services. Read more

Crisis in Kenya Universities Due to Shortage of Professors

A new report indicates many students from local universities even graduate without having a personal interaction with a professor. Read more

Defaulting Could Deny Your Child HELB Funds

Students seeking financial aid from the Higher Education Loans Board and whose parents are defaulters will only access the money once their parents start to repay their loans. Read more

Education CS Orders VCs to File Varsity Data

Education Cabinet Secretary has directed vice-chancellors to file quarterly reports to chancellors on the performance of their universities. Read more

Edulink International College Inks Deal With University of Northampton to Offer UK Degrees Locally

Kenyans with a thirst for an international qualification can now access more options after Commission for University Education granted a go ahead to University of Northampton to offer degree courses in collaboration with Edulink International College. Read more

Equity Group Sponsors 64 Students to Top US Universities

Equity Group has sponsored 64 students to top universities in the United States such as Harvard, Yale, Stanford and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as it pushes to develop top talent under its leadership programme. Read more

Experts Converge in Nairobi on Status of University Education

Education experts converged at Kenyatta University for a first conference on status of education in the country. Read more

Future of Innovation in Varsities Lies In Cooperation with Business

The increasing demand for university education in Africa and the huge intersecting challenges remain unparalleled, giving new impetus to the search for solutions. Read more

HELB Raises Minimum Varsity Cash Allocation to Sh40, 000

The Higher Education Loans Board (Helb) has raised its credit allocation per student by up to Sh10, 000 amid rising costs in university life. Read more

MKU Starts Partnership with US Universities

Mount Kenya University (MKU) has entered into partnership with two leading universities in the United States that will enable the institutions to share facilities and have exchange programmes for students. Read more

Mombasa County Enters Partnership with Malaysian Varsity

The Mombasa County has entered into a partnership with a Malaysian university in a deal that will have students from the county wishing to study at the institution pay less fees. Read more

Only Five Varsities Have Complied With Cohesion Law

Only five out of 33 public universities have complied with law on national cohesion. Read more

President Uhuru Kenyatta Urges University Students to Shun Tribalism

President Uhuru Kenyatta has urged university students to shun tribalism and work together as Kenyans to achieve their dreams. Read more

Private Universities to Admit State-Funded Students

Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta has given the go-ahead to the admission of 10,000 state-funded students at private universities. Read more

PS Had Interest in Tender, Says Suspended Don

Former Technical University of Mombasa (TUM) Vice-Chancellor claimed he was suspended months after declining Higher Education Principal Secretary directive that he influence the award of multi-million shilling tenders. Read more

Remove Politics from Education to End Ethnicity at Universities

Many readers were rightly shocked by media reports that most of Kenya’s universities fail the ethnic diversity test. Read more

 Stop Fighting, Teach Instead, Matiang’i Tells Lecturers

Education CS Fred Matiang’i has expressed concern that public universities staff were wasting valuable time fighting instead of teaching and conducting research. Read more

Students Won’t Be Admitted For Courses They Didn’t Choose – Placement Service

Students will not be placed in courses they did not choose, the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service has said. Read more

Universities Accused of Introducing Unnecessary Courses to Make Money

Report by university education regulator indicates institutions have adopted new way to make money by having courses that are not market-driven. Read more

Universities Facing Serious Financial Crisis

Kenya’s universities are facing a serious financial crisis, operating on a Sh9 billion deficit, which undermines their ability to offer quality education and training and conduct research. Read more

We Can Admit 20,000 Students, Private Universities Now Declare

Private universities have declared a capacity of 20,000 to absorb 10,000 government sponsored students set to join the institutions next month. Read more

31 July 2016

Kenyatta University Staff Stage Match, Call for Disbandment of University Council

For the second day running, Kenyatta University staff members staged a match against the university council calling for its immediate disbandment and reconstitution to ensure transparent and fare appointment of the university vice chancellor. Read more

Public University Lecturers Issue Strike Notice

The newly elected Universities Academic Staff Union (UASU) National Secretary General says the UASU members are likely to down tools by September 2016 if the government fails to implement what they had bargained for. Read more

University of Nairobi’s Cyber-Attack Contained

The attacker demanded a ransom of Sh700, 000 with threats of worse consequences if the institution did not yield to his demands. Read more

US$20 Million for University’s Confucius Centre Upgrade

The government of China is investing a massive US$20 million in the University of Nairobi’s Confucius Institute, one of the big education projects by the Chinese in Africa. Read more

Varsity Students Protest as Lecturers down Tools over Pay Dispute

The tutors say they have not been paid from as long as 2013 and some are owed up to Sh2 million in arrears by the institution. Read more

You May Soon Need Helb Nod to Marry

It might soon be a requirement to produce a loans board compliance certificate before one can tie the knot. Read more

15 July 2016

Enactus Entrepreneurship Programme Targets 5,000 Students

Enactus Kenya, an organization that promotes entrepreneurship among youth, targets to empower 5,000 students in Kenya. Read more

French Give US$30 Million Credit for University Growth

The French Development Agency, or AFD, has given a US$30 million concessional credit line to commercial banks in Kenya to finance new and ongoing university infrastructure investment initiatives in strategic faculties. Read more

KUCCPS Gives 74,046 Students Nod for Higher Education

The number of students sponsored by the government to pursue various courses in post-secondary institutions of learning will sharply shoot up when the government unveils funding framework for students in private universities. Read more

Matiang’i Orders Reinstatement of Sacked UoN Deputy VC

Education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i has ordered the University of Nairobi (UoN) council to immediately reinstate sacked Deputy Vice-Chancellor. Read more

Mps Seek To Push Back Degree Condition To 2022

MPs have ganged up to delay the requirement that they hold a degree to run for office. Read more

State Plan to Push Up Cost of University Education

The cost of university education is expected to rise after the government introduces the Differentiated Unit Cost (DUC) financing model, which will see students pursuing science, medicine, engineering and related programmes in public universities paying more for their education. Read more

USIU VC, Manu Chandaria Lead Students in Demo against Land Grabbing

The USIU-A community held demonstrations on Wednesday against a private developer’s attempt to grab the university’s land. Read more

30 June 2016

Biometric Registration Will Streamline Higher Education

Cabinet Secretary for Education copied the media a rather innocent letter sent to the Commission for University Education (CUE), which will radically change the education system. Read more

Moi University’s Jairo Moses’ Supporters Prove the Strength of Comrades Power

It was business unusual for Moi university administration officials after a memo calling for the suspension of the academics director, under unclear circumstances. Read more

Students Shun Garissa University in September Intake

Students set to join universities in September have shunned Garissa University College, dealing a blow to government efforts to revive the institution a year after a deadly terrorist attack there. Read more

Universities Mull over Sh3b French Facility

Local public and private universities have received with mixed reactions a $30 million (Sh3.03 billion) low-interest credit facility that the French government has availed for lending to higher institutions of learning to develop and expand infrastructure. Read more

Uon to Build a Sh2bn State-Of-The-Art Confucius Institute, After Signing Deal

The University of Nairobi has signed an agreement with the Executive Bureau of International Economic Cooperation, Ministry of Commerce, Beijing, China, on the construction of a Sh2 billion state-of-the-art Confucius Institute Building at the institution. Read more

15 June 2016

Board to Eliminate Internship Loans for Students

Internship loans to undergraduate students will be phased out in the next two years. Read more

Confusion at Moi University as Retired Vice Chancellor ‘Returns’

The row between staff and management at Moi University on Monday took a dramatic twist when outgoing Vice-Chancellor made an about-turn and took back his position. Read more

Diploma ‘Disease’ Is Stunting Development

Nothing demonstrates the depth and breadth of colonialism in modern Africa than formal academic education and the privileges that accrue to the few who pursue it to the highest level. Read more

HF Foundation Developing Occupational Standards for Technicians

Housing finance has steered the building and construction industry in developing a new set of building and construction occupational standards. Read more

Kaimosi College Declines to Relocate to New Land

The fate of the 114-year-old Kaimosi Teachers Training College hangs in the balance due to its tussle over land with a university. Read more

Kenya’s R&D Seeks Higher Education Laurels

Expanding sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) initiatives and promoting research and development (R&D) collaboration between the academic and business communities, in particular, could narrow the skills gap and improve student outcomes. Read more

Like All Public Entities, Varsities Must Have Financial Transparency

For a long time, university finances have been treated with needless opacity, like military budgets. Read more

Poor Course Choices to Blame for University Dropouts

Kisii professor has outlined poor course choices as the main reason to increased rate of university dropouts. Read more

Varsity Seeks Support towards Nairobi Innovation Week

In preparation for the Nairobi Innovation Week 2016, the University of Nairobi is seeking support from various stakeholders. Read more

Who Knows These Kenyan Universities?

Kenya has 22 public universities, 14 chartered private universities and 12 universities with Letter of Interim Authority (LIA). Read more

Zetech Varsity Vice Chancellor Urges State to Set Up Talent Academies in Counties

Zetech University vice chancellor is rooting for the establishment of talent academies in all counties. Read more

15 May 2016

Commission Has Set the Bar Too High For Master’s Degree Students

The requirement that master’s students should publish a paper in a refereed journal before they can graduate is setting the standard for a master’s degree far too high. Read more

It Is Time to Rescue the Academe from These Careerist ‘Professors’

There is a justifiable concern that unless our universities get serious, the title “professor” will lose the aura and nobility it ought to have. Read more

Kenyan and Chinese Universities Confirm Deal to Train Oil Experts

China University of Petroleum has entered into a partnership with Mount Kenya University (MKU) on training of experts in the oil industry. Read more

Science Degree Students to Pay Higher Fees in New Varsity Plan

University students will soon be charged fees according to the nature of the degrees they pursue. Read more

Spike in University Enrolment Brings New Challenges

Kenya’s total university student enrolment rose 22.8% last year, marked by increased female enrolment and driven by massive infrastructure development, the introduction of new courses and the opening of more satellite campuses. Read more

TUM VC Josphat Mwatelah Sacked Over Abuse of Office Questions

Education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i has finally sacked embattled Technical University of Mombasa (TUM) Vice-Chancellor Josphat Mwatelah. Read more

Why Graduate Students Must Publish Their Work in Journals

It is in the interest of our universities to be involved in all these efforts to make higher education worthy. Read more

30 April 2016

CBK Launches Six-Month Training for University Students

The Central Bank of Kenya on Tuesday April 19, launched a six-month Internship Program dubbed (CBKIP) that seeks to develop youth between 21 to 29 years. Read more

Find Out How University Students Are Blowing Away HELB Fund

There is a concern over the rise in misuse of HELB loans among students across Kenyan universities. Read more

Focus on Job Market Oriented Courses, Varsities Told

Universities and middle level colleges have been challenged to put more emphasis on courses that are in line with the current job market demand. Read more

Gov’t Sets Up Professional Programmes Accreditation Committee

The government has set up a standing committee to harmonise the accreditation of professional and technical programmes in institutions of higher learning. Read more

It’s Careless to Blame Student Leaders for Rot in University

The only university whose chancellor is President Uhuru Kenyatta was closed due to student unrest. Read more

Kenyatta University Has Built for the Future

The university has gone from an artsy, social-cultural specialising institution, and is now bulking up on science and business, which is the direction in which the world is moving. Read more

Kisii University, an Island of Tranquility

Misunderstandings between university administrations and students, according to students, has been sighted as the major cause of the conflicts. Read more

Ministry of Education Will Not Intervene In University Strikes

The education cabinet secretary, has stated that public universities have competent councils and senates that can handle the disagreements in their institutions. Read more

Moi University to Sue Council over Course Rule

Moi University has threatened to sue the Council of Legal Education after being directed not to offer law courses, sparking a fresh row. Read more

MPs Want Task Force Formed to Probe Universities’ Unrest

A section no Members of Parliament now want the government to form a task force to investigate the rising cases of unrest in public universities. Read more

Multi-Million-Dollar Hostel Project for Five Universities

Kenya has kicked off a multi-million-dollar push to develop student hostels in five public universities by tapping into private funds, with the ultimate goal being to drive up enrolments. Read more

Our Operations in Rwanda Are Legal

Recently, the Kenyan parliament launched investigations into operations of two Kenyan public universities holding campuses in Rwanda and Tanzania. Read more

Quality of Education in Varsities and Colleges Needs Urgent Review

In the wake of the ongoing debate on the reform of Kenya’s school curriculum, this may be the appropriate time to address the factors contributing to the declining quality of education in institutions of higher learning. Read more

Team Found to End Rows over University Course

A committee was set up to harmonise the accreditation of professional and technical programmes in institutions of higher learning. Read more

Uninformed Selection, Parental Pressure Leads to Poor Career Choice

His father is a magistrate and his sister an advocate, so Brian Chweya was naturally motivated to study law. Read more

University Expansion Plans Put on Hold

The Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board (MPDB) and the Commission for University Education (CUE) have denied Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (Mmust) a licence to start a medical school this year. Read more

UON Defies Student Calls to Re-Open

The University of Nairobi vice-chancellor, has issued a directive confirming that the institution remains closed following students’ unrest. Read more

UoN to Re-Open After Unrest Forced Closure

The University of Nairobi is set to re-open after it was closed following students unrest in the wake of contested SONU elections. Read more

Varsity Staff Go on Strike to Demand Hardship Allowances

Staff at Laikipia University in Nyahururu have gone on strike to protest the failure by the management to pay them hardship allowances. Read more

15 April 2016

Engineering Students ‘in Limbo’ With No Board

The government’s failure to appoint new members to the Engineers Board of Kenya seven months after its term expired has hurt universities and colleges offering engineering courses. Read more

Exam Board Dissolved and Senior Officers Arrested

The Kenya National Examinations Council’s board was dissolved on 24 March over the irregularities that marred national examinations in 2015. Read more

Kenya Marks Garissa university Massacre Anniversary

Kenyans on Saturday commemorated the first anniversary of a terrorist attack that killed 148 people, mostly students, at a university in Garissa. Read more

MKU Introduces New Graduate Courses Relevant for the Labour Market

Mount Kenya University has introduced new graduate courses in line with the university’s five year strategic plan.Read more

KCB Partners with University to Assist in Admission of Students

University of Nairobi (UoN) has entered into partnership with a bank to ease the admission of self-sponsored students. Read more

Private Universities Might Enroll State-Funded Students

The Government is exploring ways in which private universities can enrol State-funded students. Read more

Technical Grads Get Jobs ‘Faster’ Than Degree Holders

Graduates from technical and vocational institutions have higher chances of getting employed than university graduates. Read more

University Bosses Agree on New Tuition Fee Model

Kenya’s public universities have agreed on a new tuition fee model that will see students pay fees based on the courses they undertake. Read more

University of Nairobi Suspends 139 More Students Over Chaos

The University of Nairobi (UoN) has suspended 139 more students just a day after the varsity suspended 62 others over the recent chaos in the institution following a disputed student union’s election. Read more

UoN Students Blame Administration for Woes

Suspended University of Nairobi (UoN) students claim impending examinations and failure by Vice-Chancellor to rein in the notorious gangs that have gained a foothold in the students halls of residence are the main reasons that triggered the two–day strike. Read more

Varsity Chaos in Second Day as Students Defy Vacate Order

The university, located in Nyahururu, was closed down indefinitely after students went on the rampage to protest what they claimed was a move by the institution to offer courses not recognised by the Commission for University Education (CUE). Read more

1 April 2016

Dons Laud State Directive on Opening Campuses

University lecturers have welcomed the government’s recent move stopping the opening of additional university campuses and satellite colleges. Read more

Ex-Kenyatta University VC Olive Mugenda Turns Down Ksh 100M Retirement Package

Former Kenyatta University Vice Chancellor Prof. Olive Mugenda has declined a Ksh 100 million send off package awarded to her by the institution as appreciation for her exemplary performance as she retires. Read more

JKUAT Nakuru Campus Students Go on A Rampage

Learning was Tuesday paralysed at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and Technology (JKUAT) Nakuru CBD campus after students went on a rampage. Read more

Kenya Has Miles to Travel Before Becoming Global Innovation Force

Kenya has established itself as an important regional player on the continent. The turn of the century marked an economic revival that has been accompanied by a rise in citizens’ expectations. Read more

Kenyatta University Win inaugural Nyeri Sevens

Kenyatta University won the inaugural Nyeri Sevens rugby tournament after beating their arch-rivals Kenya Methodist University (Kemu) in a thrilling game at Kabiruini showground. Read more

Kenyatta University Vice Chancellor Prof. Olive Mugenda ‘Retires’ From Service

Kenyatta University Vice Chancellor Prof. Olive Mugenda retires from office today (Friday, March 18th, 2016) after serving for 10 years, but a fresh row has erupted between her and the University Academic Staff Union over the send off gift that the university’s Senate Council is intending to award her. Read more

MPs Probe Kenyan Varsities’ Campuses In Rwanda, Tanzania

A parliamentary watchdog has launched investigations into how two Kenyan public universities invested millions of shillings to set up campuses in Rwanda and Tanzania. Read more

Our Varsities Call for a Total Overhaul

Education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i’s in-tray has been piling by the day with rot and institutional failure at the key education agencies. Read more

Student Loans Agency in Urgent Funding, Recovery Drive

Kenya’s Higher Education Loans Board, the agency that disburses student loans on behalf of the government – has launched a fresh drive to attract millions of dollars in long-term funds and recover more than US$120 million in loans. Read more

Universities Grow but Skills Pool Shrinks

Despite the rapid expansion of Kenyan higher education in the last two decades, universities have failed to produce employable graduates and there is a shrinking supply of skilled labour. Read more

Varsity Students Stage Play, Wash Rooms to Raise Money for Orphans

Maseno University Christian Union students staged a play and went around cleaning fellow students’ rooms the whole weekend in order to raise money for orphans. Read more

We Should Give Higher Education Priority and Give it More Funding

The main problem isn’t that the number of public universities has gone up or that the number of students joining public universities has increased. Read more

15 March 2016

7 Funny Time Wasters You Will Find In Campus

Findings from a recent study revealed that university students do not sleep and your guess is right; it is not for all the good reasons. Read more

African Virtual University to Launch New Portal for Mass Learning

The continent’s pioneer E-learning institution of higher education, African Virtual University (AVU) will launch a new online portal to deliver Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) targeted at increasing training opportunities in various fields. Read more

Agency Seeks Universities to Set Up Konza Campuses

Kenya’s KES595.8 billion (US$5.8 billion) Silicon Valley, Konza, is seeking local and international universities to set up campuses on its vast land. Read more

Better School Results Pile Pressure on University Places

Kenyan universities face a heavy burden this year as they prepare to enroll the highest ever number of students to qualify for university, following improved performance in the 2015 school-leaving examinations. Read more

Degree is Good but Technical Skills are Needed

The mismatch between skills needed in the job market and what some of our universities and colleges are offering is of great concern. Read more

Government Bans Opening of More Satellite Campuses

Many satellite campuses in Kenya are said to have watered down the quality of higher education in the country. Read more

JKUAT Admin Warns Rioting Students Who Stole Poisonous Lab Rabbits

JKUAT students went on strike following the death of a comrade allegedly in the care of the university hospital. In the midst of the chaos – where students engaged police in running battles – some bright guys though the best place to loot was the lab. Read more

Kebs Pushes for University Standards to be Mandatory

Kenya Bureau of Standards (Kebs) has raised alarm over the slow uptake of the ISO 9001:2015 series of standards by universities despite heavy sensitisation. Read more

Kenyan Varsity Lines Up Events to Mark 1st Anniversary Since Terror Attack

Garissa University College in northeast Kenya said Monday it has organized a series of events to mark the first anniversary since the Al-Shaabab militia attack on April 2, 2015 that resulted in the killing of 148 students. Read more

Matiang’i Asks Universities to Take Role in School Curriculum Review

Universities have been urged to play a leading role in the ongoing review of the school curriculum. Read more

Matiangi Enlists Students in War on Corruption

After ordering that no more satellite higher learning campuses will not be registered, Education CS Fred Matiangi has now devised a way on how his Ministry will be monitoring funds allocated to public schools. Read more

MKU Opens Virtual Varsity Call Centre

Mount Kenya University’s Virtual Varsity has unveiled a new, ultra-modern call centre to improve services to students, guardians and parent. Read more

Moi University Students Protest Absence of Lecturers

Students of Moi University, Eldoret, rioted on against the two-month absence of lecturers over a salary dispute. Read more

Non-Payment of Lecturers Shows Depth of Rot in Universities

If there is a problem that epitomises just how low the university system in Kenya has sunk, it undoubtedly must be the non-payment of salaries of part-time lecturers. Read more

We Will Re-Align University Courses To Kenya’s Needs

Education Cabinet Secretary launched the first baseline survey of engineering departments. Read more

29 February 2016

Machakos Varsity Closed After Students Burn Offices

Machakos University College was closed indefinitely after arsonists burnt offices and vital procurement documents to protest against botched polls. Read more

Matiang’i Upgrades Eight Technical Institutes to National Polytechnics

The Ministry of Education on Thursday upgraded eight technical training institutes to national polytechnics, bringing the number to 10 in the country. Read more

Student Loans Agency Targets Driving Licences To Recover Cash

Kenyans who have defaulted on their loans from the Higher Education Loans Board will not be allowed to renew their driving licences this year. Read more

Universities Cautioned Over Setting Up Campuses Outside Kenya

The Commission for University Education (CUE) has cautioned public universities over setting up campuses in foreign countries, saying they will have to justify their reasons. Read more

Universities Must Tighten Belts After 3.5% Subsidy Rise

Kenya’s public universities are set for another rough year after a government decision to raise subsidies by a measly 3.5% for the coming year. Read more

University Regulations Curtailing Education Growth

University education stakeholders want the Commission for University Education (CUE) to involve them actively in the amendment of University Regulations 2014. Read more

Varsity Seeks Partnership With Prisons to Offer Degree Courses to Inmates

Prisoners in Kenya could soon graduate with degrees as the Presbyterian Church of East Africa seeks to partner with the prisons department to introduce higher education in all the prisons. Read more

Varsity Sets Up Mentorship Project

A second year construction management student at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (Jkuat) says, through the Brighter Future Programme, made choices for her future that she would not have made if she was not part of the club. Read more

15 February 2016

Chuka University Closed Indefinitely Over Student Unrest

Chuka University in Tharaka-Nithi County has been closed indefinitely after students staged a protest over the disputed students’ elections. Read more

HELB Disburses Funds to 47,000 Students

The Higher Education Loans Board (Helb) has finally released money for 47,000 first year university students. Read more

Kenya Green Universities Network Launched to Promote Sustainability Practices in Higher Education Institutions

With 70 public and private universities in Kenya, there is great potential to promote sustainability both through education and practice. Read more

Limited Resources Should Not Compromise Academic Excellence

First Lady has asked stakeholders in education to ensure challenges of limited resources do not compromise academic excellence. Read more

Pursue Medical and Education Courses, Urges Matiang’i

Education Cabinet Secretary has decried the small number of people pursuing education and medical degrees, saying the country needs more. Read more

Student Survivor of Garissa College Massacre Speaks Out

The Garissa assault was one of the most serious worldwide on universities and the deadliest in Kenya since the 1998 bombings of United States’ embassies. Read more

Universities Can Do Better

Every institution worth its salt strives to excel in its core business and any external recognition is the icing on the cake. Read more

Universities Launch Movement to Mitigate Climate Change

Kenyan universities have launched an environmental movement that will focus on climate change mitigation in a bid to achieve global development targets set last year. Read more

Universities Can Do Better

Every institution worth its salt strives to excel in its core business and any external recognition is the icing on the cake. Read more

Uon Website among the Most Searched

An international website that ranks and reviews organisation has listed the University of Nairobi website among the most searched and visited in Kenya. Read more

January 2016

Court reinstates Prof. Olive Mugenda as Kenyatta University VC

The Labour Relations Court has reversed earlier orders sending Kenyatta University Vice Chancellor Prof. Olive Mugenda on terminal leave pending hearing of a case challenging her ouster filed by activist Okiya Omtatah. Read more

Commission for University Education Is To Blame

Between January and December 2015, the Commission for University Education (CUE) in its first satellite campus accreditation exercise, inspected a total of 56 campuses in Nairobi, Lodwar, Western, Nyanza and Rift Valley. Read more

Crackdown on Campuses a Positive Step

The Commission for University Education (CUE) ordered the closure of university campuses that did not meet the operational standards set out for institutions of higher learning. Read more

Disband Universities’ Regulatory Agency (CUE)

University in Kenya since 2012 has deteriorated completely to the extent that having a degree in Kenya has become like taking a soda in a road side kiosk. Read more

Education Team Must Do More Than Just Close Universities

Between January and December 2015, the Commission for University Education (CUE) in its first satellite campus accreditation exercise inspected a total of 56 campuses in Nairobi, Lodwar, Western, Nyanza and Rift Valley. Read more

Garissa College, Site of 2015 Terror Massacre, Reopens

Garissa University College in northeast Kenya has reopened, nine months after 147 students were killed in a brutal assault by Somalia-based al-Qaeda linked al-Shabaab Islamist militants. Read more

HELB Should Stop Deceiving Students

The Higher Education Loans Board has tremendously contributed towards assisting students from families engulfed in destitution to acquire higher education. Read more

Kenyatta University Students, Staff Asked To Remain Calm

Kenyatta University Chancellor has called for patience among staff and students during the ongoing leadership transition at the institution. Read more

Making Higher Education Affordable to the Majority Is Key to Kenya’s Growth

Any country that aspires to transform the living standards of its people must emphasise a sound educational system. Read more

Medical Schools to Be Accredited Afresh – Board

This is a joint venture with the medical and dentists councils from Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi. We have already finalised schedule and programme. Read more

Private Universities Seek State-Funded Students Share

Private universities in Kenya are pushing to be allowed to admit state-funded students, in a bid to help ease an admissions crisis in public institutions. Read more

Professionals Raise Concern over Mushrooming Campuses in Counties

A body with representatives from all public universities in Kenya has expressed concern over mushrooming universities and middle level colleges in the country, at the expense of quality education. Read more

Quality of Higher Learning Going Down

Something is terribly going wrong with our education system as nothing Kenyans say is being taken seriously. Read more

Twelve Campuses Set For Closure Given One Year to Clean Up Act

Students at 12 university campuses that were facing closure for failing to adhere to regulations and standards got a reprieve Wednesday after the regulator and Education ministry agreed to give their institutions 12 months to comply. Read more

University Councils Are ‘Illegal’ and Will Be Disbanded

Kenya’s Ministry of Education, Science and Technology is disbanding the councils of all public universities and their constituent colleges after a court ruled that the councils, as currently constituted, are in breach of the Universities Act and the country’s constitution. Read more

University Education Must Be Reformed

The tug of war between some universities and the Commission for University Education (CUE) serves as a pointer to the probability that our higher education needs urgent reforms and streamlining. Read more

UoN emerges 6th in Africa

The University of Nairobi has been ranked 6th in Africa and number 697 in the world in the just released Webometrics Ranking. Read more

Varsity Faults Council’s Power on Accreditation

The Council of Legal Education (CLE) has no powers to conduct inspections in Universities, Moi University has claimed. Read more

WB To Give Moi University Sh600 Million

The World Bank will give Moi University Eldoret a Sh600 million grant to develop a centre of excellence for textiles and renewable energy. The money will mostly be used for research and implementation of programmes. Read more

December 2015

Bridging Skills Gap in Kenya’s Education Sector

This month has seen many universities in Kenya churn out graduates into the job market. After four years of undergraduate training, these students are highly expectant to join the market and reward themselves for a four-year job well done. Read more

Dons’ Shortage, Tribalism Blotting Varsity Education

Public institutions of higher learning in Kenya are inundated with challenges that incapacitate them from realising core mandate of delivering quality education and research. Read more

Education CS Matiang’i Set To Meet University Heads

Education Cabinet Secretary will meet management of public universities, the first in a series of meetings with education stakeholders. Read more

Find Creative Ways to Raise Cash for Varsities’ Expansion: Kibaki

Public universities should find innovative ways of raising funds for expansion, former President said. Read more

Relief As New Pact Saves Students in Region from Extra University Charges

Students in public universities that are members of the Northern Corridor will not be subjected to extra charges in any of the countries starting January. Read more

Universities Defy Order to Stop Diploma Courses

The directive against universities teaching diploma and certificate courses was first issued by Cabinet Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology in 2014. Read more

University Students to Pay Quality Control Fee

The Commission for University Education has introduced a quality control charge for every student, a move that will see an increase in fees. Read more

We Must Save the Quality of Our University Education, and the Time to Do That Is Now

Urgent measures are needed to enhance support to our institutions of higher learning and forestall a further slide into tribalism, nepotism, greed, and poor quality of learning and research. Read more

Why religious organisations must be active in school system

Institutions of learning such as universities and even schools have great significance in any society. It is here that the society of the future is formed. Read more

Yes, It Is Time to Audit University Education

The country needs to take an audit of the growth of universities and address the critical issues of quality and relevance. Read more

Yikes! This Tragicomedy In Kenyan Universities Is Horrible!

It took just one week for Kenyan universities to fall from their high horse of sham higher education to where they rightfully should be; the gutter. Read more

November 2015

Alarm Raised Over Shortage of Lecturers in Varsities The Ministry of Education has raised the alarm over the shortage of university lecturers in the country. Read more

Conflict and Crash Crunch Hit the University of Nairobi Controversy stalked the appointment of vice-chancellor of the University of Nairobi, and has followed him ever since. Read more

Creating Tertiary Education Opportunities for Refugees in Dadaab and Kakuma Strathmore University, through @iLabAfrica Research Centre, signed a memorandum of understanding with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Read more

Does An MBA Make A Person A Better Worker Or Is It Just Hype? There was a time when the Master of Business Administration was held in high esteem, with its holders (referred to as MBAs) having an edge when it came to career advancement. Read more

Dons Taking Sides in Vice-Chancellor’s Row University of Nairobi lecturers have waded in to a row pitting Vice-Chancellor and his deputy. Read more

Government to Reform Education System to Meet Market Needs President has announced plans to reform the Kenya’s education system to make it relevant to market needs. Read more

It Will Be Difficult For University Education to Recover From Wave of Commercialisation As government support to higher education declined and perceptions of the university degree as the surest ticket to social and economic privilege gained merit, universities in Kenya made money. Read more

It’s Time Africa Addressed Her Education Woes The Fees Must Fall student protests in South Africa have highlighted the many challenges facing university education in Africa. Read more

Moi University, Toyota  Signs MOU on Fertilizer Moi University and Toyota Tsusho Fertiliser Africa Limited (TTFA) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to partner in a joint trial of locally manufactured fertilizer in the University farm. Read more

Mugenda Named Best CEO For ‘Transforming KU Image’ The Institute of Certified Public Secretaries of Kenya (ICPSK) has named Kenyatta University Vice Chancellor the CEO of the Year following her “exemplary leadership.” Read more

Pope Francis to Celebrate Holy Mass At Uon His Holiness Pope Francis will celebrate Holy Mass at the University of Nairobi (UoN) grounds. Read more

Rising Cases of Sexual Abuse Frustrate Education In Mombasa The red light has been raised over the increase of sexual abuse and violence among school-going children in Mombasa. Read more

Strathmore University Celebrates the Year of the Family The family unit is central to society and the church; the challenges facing the family unit worldwide are dire. Read more

Thousands of Students Fall Victim to Accreditation Spat Some six weeks after being sent home by universities, more than 4,000 students remain excluded from their studies amid a bitter war over course accreditation between the Engineers Board of Kenya and the Commission for University Education. Read more

Varsity Launches REHAU Home gas Project The fight against global warming has received a boost following the launch of REHAU Home gas project at JKUAT. Read more

October 2015

Crises Over Degree Recognition, Fee Hike, Student Loans Nothing seems to be working. It’s tragedy after tragedy for me,” said Ngila, the son of a peasant farmer from eastern Kenya who relies on the stipend from the Higher Education Loans Board. Read more

CUE, Professional Bodies to Meet Over Varsity Education Crisis The Ministry of Education has stepped in to address the higher education sector crisis by inviting professional bodies and the Commission for University Education (CUE) for a meeting. Read more

Cutthroat Competition Not Helping Universities The higher education sector has been quite vibrant with the number of universities increasing tremendously. Read more

High Student Enrolment has Led to Shortage of Facilities and Services Squalid living quarters, crowding in lecture halls and a shortage of extra-curricular facilities make it difficult for many  university students to be the best they can be. Read more

Is this PhD a Curse or a Blessing? In the four years I have been studying for my PhD, I have been amazed at the expressions of respect and vigorous handshakes I receive from numerous men. One notable aspect about the men is that they are 55 and above. Read more

Kenya’s University System Needs Radical Surgery to Deliver Quality Education Barely had the country dealt with the news of the crisis over engineering courses in universities than it was confronted with another crisis. Read more

Outdated University Technology is Harming Learning and Research As the government focuses all its attention on providing laptops to primary schools, similar attention and effort should be spared to address ICT gaps in our public universities. Read more

President Rejects Students Loan Bill President Kenyatta has rejected a law by the National Assembly that would have compelled the Higher Education Loans Board to fund all government-sponsored undergraduate students. Read more

Proposed Law Relaxes Foreign Varsity Rules Foreign universities will be able to roll out their programmes without having to partner with local institutions, if a new Bill is passed. Read more

Reforms to Vocational Education to be Completed Soon Reforms aimed at streamlining Kenya’s technical and vocational education and training, or TVET, could be fully implemented by the end of this year with the creation of a funding board. Read more

Remove Sub-Standard Courses at Universities The massive expansion of universities has created opportunities for many people to pursue higher education and improve their lot. Read more

Suspension of Courses Puts Varsity Regulator on the Spot The Commission for University Education (CUE) is on the spot over the recent suspension of degree courses by professional bodies. Read more

The Trouble with Our Varsities and How to Sort Them Among Kenya’s development challenges, none are more pressing than its social and economic travails. Read more

Urgent Reforms Needed to Save Kenya’s University Education It is disheartening to read about and even witness the deteriorating standards of Kenyan university education. Read more

We Can no Longer Ignore Paucity of Quality in Education Our Varsities Offer Recent events in our public and private universities have demonstrated the institutions can no longer ignore the growing crisis of professional standards and worrying decline in the quality of academic programmes they offer. Read more

Why it is Important to Define the Roles of Professional Bodies and Universities The closure of several law schools by the Council of Legal Education comes at a time when important questions are being asked on the quality of our university education. Read more

Why Our Education System Won’t Deliver Vision 2030 Agenda The World Bank released a damning report about the quality of graduates being churned out by local universities and colleges, which is not a surprise to those who have been following the emerging trends of higher education in the last few years. Read more

World Bank Raises Concern on Quality of Kenya’s Graduates The World Bank has raised concerns on the quality of graduates being produced by universities and colleges in Kenya. Read more

September 2015

Agony of Students Stranded in Russia More than 40 Kenyan students on government scholarships at various universities in Russia are stranded after the Ministry of Education withheld financial aid. Read more

A Tricky Balancing Act for Varsity as Cash Crisis Bites With the university having a monthly wage bill of Sh750 million and receiving only Sh438 million from the Treasury, the 59-year-old institution is left to raise the balance of Sh312 million from other sources. Read more

Days When Education Was a Status Symbol Long Gone At the university in the 1980s, our lecturer in research methods gave the class literature on development and people’s incomes. Read more

IBM’s Sh6bn Plan to Train Tech Students Takes Off Through a partnership with Kenya Education Network (KENET), the technology firm will beam out courses from a vetted curriculum on a universal cloud system in more than 50 universities in the country. Read more

Police Arrest 10 University of Nairobi Students Protesting Over Helb Loans At least 10 University of Nairobi students have been arrested after hundreds of them went on the rampage. Read more

Turkana Opens First University This is Kenya’s first university to be established in the vast, resource-rich area of north Kenya. The university established the campus in 2011, as a teaching centre for teachers. Read more

Turning Universities Into Glorified High Schools The profession of engineering in Kenya needs urgent action by policy makers to ensure fairness to all stakeholders. Read more

Universities Versus Engineering Board Row Escalates A standoff between the Engineers Board of Kenya and universities has escalated after the board refused to accredit a new list of 35 engineering courses submitted by universities for approval. Read more

August 2015

Campuses Promised Police Officers to Boost Anti-terror Security Police officers will be deployed on request to Kenyan universities to boost security and guard against possible future attacks by religious extremists. Read more

Do you Have Money? Then Buy a Degree Could the escalating and incessant demand for degrees as a prerequisite for jobs and elected office without foolproof regulatory framework be unwittingly providing platform for entrepreneurship in fake academic papers? Read more

First-Year University Students Asked to Apply for Helb Students who are set to join universities and colleges in September can now apply for government study loans. Read more

Garissa Residents, Activists Protest Over Poor Standards of Education Hundreds of Garissa residents and civil society activists on Thursday took to the street to protest over an education crisis in the county. Read more

Hostel Shortage Worsens in Kitui County A serious shortage of hostels has hit college students in Kitui County, prompting them to seek accommodation in small rental rooms behind far-flung shopping centres. Read more

Ingenuity, Creativity a Must to Tackle Unemployment We have become a society of copy pasting and nothing demonstrates this better than the products from our higher learning institutions. We are churning out a crop of graduates who have perfected the art of copy pasting. Read more

It is Time to End This Farce of Vetting Courses in Universities and Colleges For a while now, it has been reported that the fate of thousands of students pursuing engineering courses is uncertain because the Engineers Board of Kenya (ERB), which is charged with offering practising certificates, has disowned degrees from some universities. Read more

Nasty Battle for Control of UoN Billions Goes to Varsity Council The bare-knuckled battle for the control of the University of Nairobi’s billions and personnel management has been escalated to the university’s council. Read more

President Tips Universities President Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday asked private universities to remain dedicated to increasing access to affordable higher education. Read more

They Were Given Wings and Are Now Flying High in Top American Multinationals Tears of joy flowed freely when villagers from Bartolimo in Kabartonjo, Baringo County, gathered to bid farewell to one of their sons who was headed to the United States for higher education. Read more

Three Universities to Build Laptops in Innovation Drive Three of Kenya’s public universities have ventured into manufacturing laptops, perhaps highlighting the growing level of innovation in East Africa’s biggest economy. Read more

Varsities Become Hackers’ New Happy Hunting Grounds Kenyan universities have become prime targets for hackers who sell off financial records and other important data to rival institutions of higher learning. Read more

Varsities Warned Over ‘Needless’ Expansion Education Cabinet Secretary has warned universities against hurried and unnecessary expansion. Read more


July 2015

Call to Train Youth on Entrepreneurial Skills The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco) wants the government to partner with institutions of higher learning in management of Youth and Women Enterprise funds. Read more

Choose Courses That Can Give You Prospects of a Job on Graduation Information technology, oil and gas, mining, structural engineering and manufacturing are some of the emerging sectors that those wishing to pursue higher education should consider if they want to be guaranteed employment once they graduate. Read more

Garissa Varsity Students Free To Join Other Moi Campuses The over 600 former Garissa University College students who were absorbed at the Moi University main campus in Eldoret will be allowed to choose any of the university’s campuses in various parts of the country to continue with their learning programmes after they complete this academic year. Read more

Give Us Guns to Protect Universities, Lecturers Say In a proposal with potentially far-reaching consequences to the security and education sectors in the country, lecturers have demanded to be permitted by the law to carry firearms within university precincts. Read more

Investing in Education is Investing in People For the founder and chairman of Mount Kenya University – East and Central Africa’s largest private institution of higher learning – quality education is the engine that will propel Africa’s economic growth. Read more

It’s Time We Recognised Nursing and Midwifery Nursing and midwifery are honourable professions that are yearning for better recognition locally and regionally. Nurses and midwives make up the largest workforce in the healthcare system. Read more

Loan to Improve Technical and Vocational Training Kenya plans to revitalise post-secondary technical and vocational institutions aimed at imparting engineering, science and technical skills to thousands more young people. Read more

Recruit Staff Fairly, Ruto Tells Varsities Deputy President William Ruto has urged institutions of higher learning to develop policies that will ensure that their workforce reflects the face of the country. Read more

Technical Education Drive Hits Snag Expansion of technical and vocational education has suffered a setback after more than 30,000 candidates turned down opportunities to join institutions offering the courses. Read more

US$1 Billion Universities Research Kitty Coming Soon Kenya plans to set up a US$1 billion National Research Fund to strengthen research in universities, with an eye to boosting innovation to push the country to become a middle-income economy by 2030. Read more

Want to be a Recognised Engineer? Be Careful Which Varsity You Join The fate of thousands of students pursuing engineering courses or who have graduated hangs in the balance after the professional body charged with offering practicing certificates made a fresh push to disown degrees from some universities. Read more


June 2015

German Scholarships for 300 Garissa Massacre Survivors Just months after a terror attack killed 148 people at Garissa University College in northeast Kenya, 300 of its surviving students have been awarded scholarships to complete their studies by the German Academic Exchange Service, DAAD. Read more

US Firm to Build Student Hostels in US$11 Million Project Kenyatta University – Kenya’s largest institution by student numbers – has teamed up with New York-based private equity firm Integras to build hostels with a total of 10,000 beds. The US$11 million project is to be executed under a public-private partnership. Read more

The Crisis in Our Universities Starts from Sub-standard Teaching in Lecture Rooms The recent notice of closure of university satellite campuses in the centre of Nairobi is a pointer that the Commission for University Education (CUE) is waking to the reality that higher education in Kenya is going rogue. Read more

Varsity Set to Sign Sh5bn Contract Under Public Private Partnership The first major infrastructural project under the Public Private Partnership since the framework was entrenched into law two years ago will be signed Friday. Read more

20,000 Told to Apply Afresh for University More than 20,000 students who qualified for university education last year have been told to submit new applications for their preferred courses. Read more

College Fights Law Barring Varsity Ties A middle-level college fears it may have to close down over a regulation that bars it from collaborating with a public university on academic programmes. Read more

Long Walk to Decolonising the Mind Literature is like an elephant and we, as interpreters, can only touch the various parts. We can only keep discovering it. Read more

Good Action on ‘Varsity’ The speed with which the Commission for University Education has moved to shut down a new institution that was found not to have followed the laid-down registration procedure is commendable. Read more


MAY 2015

Kenyan Confucius Institute Held Up as Model for Africa The Confucius Institute at the University of Nairobi has been chosen as a model for the non-profit organization in Africa after being recognized for its consistently high standard of education over the past 11 years. Read more

Kenya Must Take New Look at Education Paradigm shift is a must if country is to realize its industrial dream. In the mid-1980s, Kenya realized there was not enough employment for the growing number of young people. This was particularly disconcerting when graduates filled the streets looking for elusive white-collar jobs. Read more

Minding the Skills Gap Chinese firm wants to leave training legacy in Kenya. A senior executive from China Road and Bridge Corporation, which is building a key railway project in Kenya, has promised to strengthen skill training among the company’s Kenyan employees and leave the country with a group of highly qualified and skilled workers once the project is completed. Read more

New Rules on Masters, Moonlighting and Lecturer PhDs Masters students in Kenya face difficult times under new regulations by the Commission for University Education that require them to complete their courses in two years. And those who choose to become lecturers will only be able to do so after obtaining a doctorate. Read more

Row over Ownership, Status Hits Top Private University Controversy has hit one of Kenya’s oldest and leading private institutions, the United States International University – Africa, over who exactly owns the university and whether it is a non-profit or business entity. Read more

Kenya Embraces Research Chairs Programme to Drive R&D Kenya has embraced the University Research Chairs – or URC – programme, a model that has already been adopted by countries such as Canada and South Africa. Read more

Universities Ordered to Stop Non-Degree Courses Kenya’s Commission for University Education, or CUE, has directed universities to cease teaching diploma and certificate courses by July, and also to end collaboration with middle-level colleges in delivering non-degree courses. As a result, universities stand to lose large amounts of fee income. Read more

Viewed Without Bias, Public University Graduates are Highly Employable Two big myths inform public discourse on university education policy in Kenya today. The first is that the proliferation of students entering universities has reduced the quality of the average student admitted. Read more

Nairobi-Based College Moves to Court to Challenge New Varsity Rules A Nairobi-based college has moved to court to challenge the new regulations barring tertiary institutions from offering programmes in collaboration with universities. Read more

Colleges, Varsities to Break Degrees Links Colleges will no longer offer degrees in collaboration with universities, a regulator has said. The Commission for University Education said the two institutions have until next month to end the partnership. Read more


April 2015

Nadhif Jama: ‘College Closure Unfortunate’ The Governor of Garissa County has described as “unfortunate” the closure of Garissa University College. Read more

Survey to Boost Varsities After a gloomy period following the slaughter of more than 140 students of Garissa University College by terrorists, there is some exciting news for the education sector — the results of a survey carried out on which universities’ graduates are most favoured by employers. Read more

Universities Should Enhance Their Security Colleges and universities are unique environments that require security solutions based on complex and often changing factors. Read more

Rules Make it Illegal to Alter Fees It is now illegal for public schools to ask parents to pay higher fees than that approved by the Cabinet Secretary for Education. Read more

Rethink the Purpose of Higher Education Education in Kenya seems more interested in churning out graduates without caring whether there are jobs for them. Read more

Terror Scare Kills 1 in Nairobi University‏ Stampede One student died and more than a hundred others were injured on Sunday in a Nairobi University stampede triggered by a terror scare. It is unfortunate that one of the students had succumbed to injuries received after jumping out of their hostels. Read more

Churches Accuse Muslim Scholars of Inaction Over Attack In the wake of the attack on Garissa University College by Islamist al-Shabaab militants on 2 April, in which 148 people were massacred, churches in Kenya have accused Muslim scholars and clergy of not doing enough to condemn the insurgency or counter radicalisation. Read more

AfDB Scholarship Scheme to Train Lecturers in Sciences A new scholarship scheme funded by the African Development Bank is under way, aimed at training more lecturers and boosting teaching in the fields of science, engineering and technology in Kenya’s new universities. Read more


March 2015

Technology Sweeping Universities Opens Opportunities A technology wave is sweeping Kenyan higher education, changing the ways universities are run. Read more

Number of Available Varsity Courses to Be Out Candidates who sat the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exams last year will from this week know the number of courses available for selection. Read more

Standoff Looms Over Degree Courses Deals A crisis is looming in institutions of higher learning as colleges collaborating with universities in offering degree courses continue to admit students in spite of the June deadline issued by the government for them to stop. Read more

University of Eldoret VC: Altered Exam Results Cancelled The University of Eldoret cancelled the results of some 163 students after their marks were irregularly altered before last year’s graduation. Read more

1,000 ‘Overqualified’ Applicants to Miss Elgeyo-Marakwet County Jobs More than 1,000 university graduates have applied for jobs reserved for Form Four leavers in the Elgeyo-Marakwet County government. Read more

Deadline for Varsities to Submit Admission Capacity Ends Universities and colleges that have not informed the national placement agency of their student capacity have only Friday to do so. The Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Services needs the figures for the admission of students in the 2015/2016 academic year. Read more

Don’t Interfere With University Recruitment Processes The manner in which some of the unions representing staff of the University of Nairobi have dealt with the recruitment of senior officials is a matter of concern. Read more

Study Reveals Causes of Unrest in Varsities Power blackouts in universities have been cited as one of the leading causes of strikes and unrest in the institutions of higher learning. Read more



Loans Agency Tightens Noose on Graduates Seeking Jobs University graduates in Kenya may be required to seek clearance from the government’s student loan agency before they can secure a job. Read more

Minister Cautions Varsities on Degrees Education Cabinet Secretary has urged universities to tighten their ethical standards following revelations that people are buying certificates. Read more

Universities Key to Transformation of the Kenyan Society A new ranking of world universities is out, thanks to a Spanish firm Webometrics. Those who have attained top positions are basking in the glory while those at the bottom of the table are plotting how they will better their performances. Read more

Academics Will Have to Take the Lead in The Revitalisation of Our Education Academics in Kenya don’t enjoy sufficient credibility among citizens for a number of reasons. Read more

How Universities and Colleges Sell Diplomas and Clean Up Degrees The rot in higher learning institutions that engage in academic malpractices can now be revealed. From selling certificates to “cleaning” of degrees, the institutions are riddled with corruption and greed. Read more

Crack Down on Rogue Colleges Fleecing Public Access to higher education remains a challenge to many school leavers. Not all those who qualify for university admission get places, forcing them to seek alternatives. But the government-sponsored middle-level colleges that used to offer alternative pathways, have progressively been converted into universities and the few remaining are overwhelmed by demand. Read more


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