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15 February 2017

Medical Schools Add Female Genital Mutilation to Curricula

In a bid to curb the age-old practice, Egyptian medical students are to study female genital mutilation as part of their training in a country where more than 80% of mutilations are believed to be conducted by medical workers. Read more


31 January 2017

No Increase in University Tuition Fees

There will be no increase in tuition fees for both public and private Egyptian universities, Higher Education Minister Ashraf El-Sheehy said. Read more


15 November 2016

In The Arab World, an Academic Freedom Report Focuses on Egypt

A new report on academic freedom catalogs the use of travel bans in Egypt and says they are used to punish academics involved in political and human-rights activism. Read more

Opening the Operation of the New Devices in the Fetal Medicine Unit – Obstetrics and Gynecology Center

President of Mansoura University opened the operation of the new devices in the fetal medicine unit “Obstetrics and Gynecology center”, the training center for ultrasound, and in cooperation with Samsung for electronics. Read more

Organizing a Seminar to Encourage Ideas and Support Small and Medium Industries – Faculty of Engineering

Within the framework of Mansoura University’s ambitious strategy, president of Mansoura University met Eng. / Mahmoud Ahmed Kamal- vice executive manager for Egyptian industries union for governor relationships, the executive manager for companies’ management unit in the Egyptian industries union and the manager of industries support in the union. Read more

President of Mansoura University received the Kano’s Governor

A Nigerian delegation headed by governor of Kano, was received by president of Mansoura University to discuss the establishment of a new branch of Mansoura University in Nigeria. Read more

Private Universities Told to Ban ‘Insulting’ Research

Minister of Higher Education Ashraf al-Shihy has published a statement obliging private universities to review all research papers and thesis dissertations to ensure they do not include any “direct or indirect insult to societies or individuals belonging to any brotherly or friendly countries’. Read more

State Killings, Arrests and Travel Bans on Scholars

Thousands of students and hundreds of scholars remain in prison in Egypt, many for peacefully exercising their right to free expression. Read more

Wider Lessons from Vocational Education for Refugees

The worrisome level of unemployment among the Arab world’s youth is one of the biggest challenges facing the region. Read more


30 September 2016

Deep Generation Gap: Arab Professors vs. Students

At a conference in Algiers last spring, a middle-aged professor compared his generation to the students he teaches. Read more

Egypt, China Discuss Establishing Chinese University in New Administrative Capital

Minister of Higher Education met with Deputy Chinese Minister of Education, where they discussed the establishment of a Chinese university in the new administrative capital. Read more

Egypt Missing Targets on Research and Development

Egypt ranks among the world’s lowest-spending countries when it comes to research and development (R&D), with overall spending below that required by the Egyptian Constitution and well below Sustainable Development Goals. Read more

Mansoura University Calls the 2016/2017 Academic Year “Students’ Activities Year”

Prof. Ashraf Abdelbaset; vice-president for students’ affairs declared that the academic year 2016/2017 will be “Students’ Activities Year. Read more

Sisi Approves New Law Raising Fees for ‘Work-Abroad’ Permits

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has approved a legal amendment that will raise fees for Egyptians seeking government permission to work abroad. Read more


15 September 2016

Academics Slam Political Appointments to Key Committees

Academics have criticised the recent appointment of Egyptian government ministers and parliamentarians to key university committees by the Supreme Council of Universities, a state-run body responsible for higher education policy and overseeing institutions. Read more


31 July 2016

Six Islamists suspended amid crackdown on academics

Egypt’s main state-run Cairo University has suspended – for alleged corruption – six professors linked to the now-outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, as a crackdown on Islamist academics persists. Read more

Universities Worsen High Youth Unemployment

Egypt’s universities have failed to provide graduates with high-level, job market-related skills to fill more than 600,000 vacancies in the private sector, contributing to high levels of educated youth unemployment. Read more


30 June 2016

Egyptian Researchers Decry ‘Security Monitoring’

Many researchers believe they are losing more of the few academic freedoms they previously had. Read more

One of the Fastest Growing Universities in Egypt

Starting from our inauguration about 10 years ago, BUE has incorporated accreditation standards that comply 100 per cent with Britain’s Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) for Higher Education. Read more

Sisi Meets With PM, Higher Education Minister

During the meeting, Sheihi reviewed the national strategy for science, technology and innovation in Egypt until 2030. Read more

Universities to Forge Links with African Counterparts

Egypt plans to designate 2017 as a year of African cooperation in higher education, research and innovation. Read more


15 June 2016

15 Egyptian Universities among Top 100 in the Region

Fifteen Egyptian universities are among the leading 100 universities in the region, according to the rankings of the Quacquarelli Symonds (QS). Read more

Al-Azhar Students Granted Release Pending Trial

After more than two years in detention, the Cassation Court ordered the release of some students affiliated with Misr Al-Qawiya party’s student movement at Al-Azhar University. Read more

Medical School Mulls Teaching Humanities

The medical school at Egypt’s state-run Suez Canal University has unveiled a plan to teach humanities, including fine arts and philosophy, in an attempt to enhance communication between junior doctors and patients. Read more


15 May 2016

A Step towards Exposing Egyptian Universities to the Arts

Although Alwan Cairo University has an independent identity from the original organisation, they have the same goal: to expose the arts and cultural activities to university students and give them a chance to explore their talents. Read more

Partnership Protocols between Japan, Menoufia University

Within the framework of the partnership program launched by the Japanese government, Ambassador of Japan in Cairo Takahiro Kagawa will visit Menoufia University, accompanied with a scientific delegation, for inking a number of cooperation protocols in the headquarters of the university in Shebin al-Kom. Read more

Row over University’s Closure of Nuclear Centre

A decision by the state-run Cairo University to close a nuclear energy centre has sparked a controversy as Egypt is planning to build its first nuclear plant. Read more

University Students Expelled over Anti-President Slogans

Egypt’s state-run Beni-Suef University has expelled three students after they were found to have painted slogans on campus criticising the country’s president. Read more


30 April 2016

Faculty Unsure About Higher Education’s Future, Daily Egyptian Poll Finds

Seventy-eight percent of faculty said they are concerned about their job security according to a poll conducted by the Daily Egyptian. Read more

Training Twenty African Doctors on Hemodialysis in Urology and Nephrology Center in Mansoura University

Mansoura University represented by vice president for graduate studies and research affairs organized the ninth international Hemodialysis training course for African countries. Read more


15 April 2016

German Government Delegation Visits German University in Cairo

A German delegation of top government officials paid a visit to the German University in Cairo (GUC) where they viewed recent projects carried out at the university. Read more

Higher Education Min. Lays Foundation Stone for Alexandria University Building Higher Education Minister laid the foundation stone for the building of the University of Alexandria in the Chadian capital N’Djamena. Read more


1 April 2016

Academics Stand in Solidarity with Nazra for Feminist Studies

One-hundred and twenty-five academics announced their support for Nazra for Feminist Studies head Mozn Hassan after she was summoned for investigation and charged in the reopening of the 2011 ”NGOs foreign funds” case. Read more

Government Invites Firms to Apply to Create MOOCS

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has launched a tender for local firms to help establish MOOCs – massive open online courses – under the Ministry of Higher Education. Read more

Three Students Expelled Over Top Prosecutor’s Slaying

Egypt’s state-run Islamic seminary, Al-Azhar University, has expelled three students accused of involvement in last year’s assassination of the country’s chief prosecutor. Read more


15 March 2016

Egyptian Court Rules Universities Must Provide Students Free Medical Care

An Egyptian administrative court ordered Saturday all universities to provide students with medical care free of charge. Read more

Egyptian-South Korean Technology University Among Multi-Billion Dollar Agreements Reached

Egyptian President joined his South Korean counterpart in signing nine agreements on joint cooperation in several fields that would see upgrades and developments in various sectors across Egypt, including the setting up of an Egyptian-South Korean technology university. Read more


29 February 2016

A Battle Over Veils at Cairo University

Cairo University has expanded the ban it previously imposed on wearing veils, known in Arabic as the “niqab,” inside its campuses. Read more

Four New Universities to Be Established Soon: Minister

Higher Education Minister Ashraf al-Sheehy disclosed that four new state-owned universities will be established in the Sinai, Red Sea and Marsa Matrouh governorates. Read more

Rights Groups Condemn Revocation of Study Permit

Over 20 rights groups condemned a December decision by Cairo University to end a postgraduate scholarship abroad for a staff member months after she started pursuing her studies. Read more


15 February 2016

Cairo University Takes Aim at Unlawful ‘Teaching’ Centres

Cairo University, Egypt’s biggest state-run academic institution, has initiated an action plan against thriving but unlawful ‘teaching centres’ in its vicinity, accusing them of “undermining the educational process”. Read more

Security Intrusions Inside the University Risk Revolution

Remote earlier about security intrusions that can damage the country as well as the president. Read more

Seeking Soft Power, China Seeks Arab Higher-Education Collaboration

Seeking “soft power” in the Arab world, China is setting up some educational collaboration to invest in the Arab world’s scientific and technical workforce. Read more

The Murder of Giulio Is an Attack on Academic Freedom

The body of Giulio Regeni was discovered in a ditch in Cairo on 2 February, showing evidence of torture and a slow and horrific death. Read more


January 2015

A Professor in Mansoura University Proposing a Huge Project for Paper Production

Prof. Mahmoud Zahran proposed a project for high-quality paper production out of the Juncus plant. The Juncus is a very high salinity endurance plant that can be found in the deserts and beaches of Egypt. It grows naturally in vast areas of lands along the Egyptian coast. Read more

Anger after Student Union Election Results Cancelled

A recent decision by the Egyptian authorities to cancel the results of the nation’s long-delayed university student union election has drawn condemnation from students and academics. Read more

Cairo U President Receives Death Threats Following Niqab Ban

Cairo University President Gaber Nassar claims he is receiving death threats following the university’s decision to ban the Niqab (face veil) among teaching staff. Read more

Egypt Upholds Ban on Niqab in Universities

An Egyptian court has upheld a decision by Cairo University, Egypt’s oldest institute of higher education, to bar lecturers from wearing the niqab (Islamic face-veil) in class. Read more

Genetic Engineering, Nanotechnology a Priority: Deputy Minister

Genetic engineering and nanotechnology applications for the production of new and renewable energy should become a priority in scientific research, said Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Read more

Opening New Specialized Neurosurgery Clinics at Mansoura University

For developing the medical services at Mansoura University, President of Mansoura University opened eight Neurosurgery specialized clinics follow the Mansoura University Neurology Medical Center, which includes two important specialties: Neurology and Neurosurgery. Read more

Student Union to Meet Higher Education Minister to Resolve Crisis

A meeting was scheduled between the General Federation of Egypt’s Student Unions (SU) and Minister of Higher Education Ashraf Al-Shehy Sunday night in a bid to resolve the recent elections crisis, the federation said in an official statement. Read more

The National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education Accredits the Faculty of Engineering

The Council of the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education approved the accreditation of the Faculty of Engineering, Mansoura University raising the number of accredited faculties at Mansoura University to seven. Read more

The Twenty-Ninth Conference of Integrative Pediatrics at Mansoura University

Mansoura University held the Twenty-Ninth Conference of Pediatrics entitled “Integrative Pediatrics” at the University Children’s Hospital. Read more


December 2015

Egypt, U.S. sign 5-year University Partnership Program

Egyptian and U.S. officials launched on Tuesday a $57 million Higher Education Program (HEPP), a key component of the flagship of $250 million Higher Education Initiative (HEI) that the two countries announced.  Read more

Egypt’s Student Union Calls for Higher Education Minister Dismissal

The crisis between Egypt’s Student Union and the Higher Education Ministry has escalated since the union called for the dismissal of the higher education minister. Read more

Top Islamic University to Open First Branch Campus

Al-Azhar University – considered the ‘Oxford’ of the Islamic world – is to open its first branch campus outside home country, Egypt.  Read more


November 2015

Curbs on Candidacy in Long-Delayed Student Elections Egypt’s first student elections since 2012 are to be held – but with restrictions imposed on candidacy that are being seen as aimed at excluding ‘dissident’ students. Read more


October 2015

77 Niqab-Wearing Faculty Members to Sue Cairo University President Seventy-seven niqab-wearing faculty members from across Cairo University are preparing to file a law suit against the university president. Read more

Al-Azhar University to Intensify Security Precautions Al-Azhar University has boosted its security measures during the first week of the academic year 2015/2016. Read more

Ban on Niqab-Wearing Lecturers Sparks Academic Row A ban by Cairo University, Egypt’s biggest public higher education institution, on women lecturers wearing the full-face veil – the niqab – has sparked controversy among academics in this mostly Muslim country. Read more

Cairo University Bans Niqab-Wearing Faculty from Teaching Cairo University, Egypt’s oldest higher education institution, issued a ban that would bar lecturers or teaching assistants wearing the niqab (full face veil) from teaching, the university announced. Read more

New Higher Education Regulatory Body to Boost Autonomy Egypt is to establish a Higher Education Regulatory Funding Authority, or HERFA, in collaboration with the United Kingdom. The aim is to create an improved and more autonomous higher education system. Read more

Students Return to University After Protest Warnings This year’s return to university has been mired in controversy over students’ political activities, with a senior university head threatening to “cut off the heads” of students who organise demonstrations without prior permission. Read more


September 2015

Controversial Higher Education Minister Replaced Egypt’s controversial minister of higher education has been replaced in a cabinet change unveiled recently. Read more

Higher Education Ministry Confidentially Grants Exceptions to Judges, Officers’ Sons, Daughters Higher Education Minister received confidential authorization from the Supreme Council of Universities, stating that the children of judges, police and army officers were to be exempt from geographical allocations in universities. Read more

NCHR Concerned Over University Geographical Allocation Exemptions for Sons, Daughters of Senior Officials The National Council for Human Rights expressed extreme concern over a confidential authorization from the Supreme Council of Universities stating that the sons and daughters of judges, police and army officers were to be exempt from geographical allocations in universities. Read more

Pro-Morsi Students Call for Protests Despite Minister’s Warning University students loyal to former president Mohamed Morsi called for fresh protests against the incumbent government. Read more

Students, Academics Oppose New University Entry System Some academics and students have slammed as unfair a new admissions system for public universities in Egypt, based on where students live. Read more

Universities under Siege Egyptian students and professors will soon return to universities which are experiencing the lowest levels of academic freedom the country has ever known. Read more


August 2015

Authorities Mull Reform of Outdated Open Education Egypt’s higher education authorities have said they are studying the development of open education programmes in the nation’s universities after the 25-year-old system drew widespread criticism. Read more

Islamic Seminary Tightens Dorm Curbs Amid Opposition Egypt’s Al-Azhar University, a stronghold of Islamists, has toughened procedures for staying in state-subsidised dormitories in a move the Islamic seminary’s administration says is targeting “troublemakers” among students. Read more


July 2015

Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia Sign Declaration on Scientific Research A joint declaration between Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia, was signed in the Moroccan capital, Rabat, to strengthen the cooperation between the three countries in the field of scientific research, especially in the areas of energy, water, health, agriculture and food production. Read more

Higher Education Minister: Egypt Independent Coverage Incomplete It is with much interest that I am keeping track of the coverage your respectable newspaper and website are giving to the status of higher education and universities in Egypt. I also appreciate the keenness with which you are addressing the Egyptian university issue. Read more

Mass Violations Against University Students – Report Egyptian university students are suffering from a sharp rise in harsh actions taken against them by security forces and university administrations. Read more


MAY 2015

Top University Launches Anti-harassment Campaign Cairo University recently became the first academic institution in Egypt to launch an initiative against sexual harassment, amid an alleged rise in the offence on campuses across the country. Read more


April 2015

E-Learning University Launches New MOOCs Platform The Egyptian E-Learning University has launched an open initiative called Learn4All that will provide free learning opportunities for everyone. Read more


March 2015

Mahlab Forms Specialized Committee to Improve Educational Curricula The committee is tasked not only with revising curricula of pre-university and university grades and formulating a strategic vision in proportion to each stage of education but also with providing technical advice after consulting experts in the education field. Read more



Government Urged to Allow University Student Elections Students in Egypt are pushing the government to hold university student elections more than a year after their original due date, amid increasing on-campus restrictions. Read more



Court Upholds Decision to Ban Police from Entering Universities The supreme Administrative court upheld a decision to ban interior ministry personnel from entering university campuses for security purposes. Read more


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